As winter approaches, it is necessary to protect the various equipment and outdoor furniture such as garden furniture, the pool, and in particular the barbecue, knowing that this material often requires a significant investment. Whatever the type of grill used: gas, electric or charcoal barbecue there is nothing more effective than a good BBQ cover. The use of this accessory has many advantages if only to ensure the longevity of the barbecue. Here are some important tips for choosing the right tarp without making a mistake.

What is the best barbecue cover?

Finding the best barbecue cover may seem complicated and, to help you get started, I’ll briefly explain those things you have to look for to make sure you find the best of all, that protects from the rain, dust, sun, snow and ice, pollen and more.

In the case of covers, the first thing you have to check is the material, which can be polyester, which is very easy to clean and dry, it is super light and also serves for any type of weather. Then you have vinyl, which stands out for being very resistant to water, although you must choose something of 12 gauge at least. Otherwise, they are easily damaged.

The last one is canvas, a super resistant material that offers a lot of protection. In fact, it is used in shoes, tents and even in boat sails because of its durability. Apart from that, it is quite cheap and can have resistance to fire and water.

Other things you should look for include an internal liner resistant to dust and mildew, preferably made of PVC, nylon or polyester; the durability since any cover must be able to be used for a long time without breaking and must resist discolouration, protect against dirt and even should be a bit heavy to be wind resistant.

At the same time, in case the cover is not so heavy and you think to use it in a garden or terrace with too much wind, there are also usually covers with easy fastening straps. Finally, make sure that it has good ventilation so it does not trap moisture and oxidize the surface of your BBQ.

Take a look at my comparative list of the best in the market.

Weber deluxe barbecue cover

Weber Premium Grill Cover for Ø 57cm Charcoal Grills, breathable UV- & water-resistant, Protection...
  • Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun
  • The lightweight yet durable Grill Cover is easy to pull on and off of your barbecue
  • Its fastening straps keep it from blowing into your neighbour’s garden
  • Its water-resistant material helps to maintain a clean, sleek surface

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Designed for the Weber Performer GBS, this protective cover resists water and sunlight, so it is recommended for outdoor use.

Texas Grill Covers premium BBQ cover

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The best thing about this model is that it is a complete package that includes a pair of tongs and a barbecue brush. It also resists UV rays, bumps, rain, and more.

Campingaz universal BBQ cover

Campingaz Barbecue Universal Cover with Draw String for Secure Fit - Grey, 2X-Large/153 x 63 x 102...
  • Durable and waterproof barbecue covers for Campingaz 3 and 4 Series BBQs
  • Ties and cord locks for secure fitting
  • Resistant to sun, rain and cold

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This is a good brand case that you can use to protect your electric, coal or gas barbecue since it is universal.

BBQ cover BGC-06 of SOLEDI

SOLEDI Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover Rain Proof Barbecue Outdoor Cooking Party Protection
  • ►DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY: Made of good and thick material- Water resistant, weather resistant, rip resistant, anti-wind,...
  • ►WIDELY COMPATIBILITY: Measure is about 54’’x25’’x46’’, general size for most barbecue grills like theses brands:...
  • ►EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Just take the cover out of the package and adjustable tie through the built-in plastic grommet to ensure...
  • ►ASY TO PLACE AND REMOVE: Breathable and foldable fabric makes this cover very easy to place and remove in seconds, package...
  • ►WARRANTY AND SERVICE: Please be advised that SOLEDI has 12 Months Warranty, 60 Days Money Back Guarantee and 24 hours customer...

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Cover that thanks to its waterproof Oxford 600D fabric is perfect for water and humid environments, as well as for places with high wind, sun or even sand. Easy to clean.

Thunder Gray barbecue cover by Bosmere

Bosmere Protector 6000 | Wagon Barbecue BBQ Cover | L 124cm W 61cm H 91cm | 100% Waterproof, UV...
  • Bosmere Protector 6000 furniture covers are made from durable UV-resistant Oxford fabric to resist fading in periods of strong...
  • Bosguard water repellent coating means water runs right off the cover, ensuring a quick dry and no damage to your furniture
  • Brass Eyelets and Heavy Duty Bungee Ties come included with the cover – use these to secure your cover to your garden furniture...
  • Bosmere’s durable covers can protect your garden against all manner of weather conditions and threats to your garden furniture...
  • To keep your Bosmere furniture cover clean and intact, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. To prevent water pooling on the cover,...

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Made especially for the garden and outdoors, this good cover promises protection against elements such as rain, UV radiation, dust, dirt and much more.

Protective cover for a barbecue of Ultranatura

Ultranatura protective cover for large grills/weatherproof garden grill cover – waterproof...
  • Cover for grills in the garden and on the patio – waterproof, weather resistant, perfect for storing your grill over winter or...
  • The large cover is suitable for very large, long grills as well as wider gas grills or smokers – its hand strap, drawstring and...
  • This high quality protective cover keeps the grill looking like new for longer and is also weather resistant – interlock seams...
  • The subtle, natural colouration, i.e. delicate white with brown contrasting bottom edge will let your grill disappear nicely, even...
  • Dimensions: 180 x 66 x 130/115 cm – Top quality made of extra strong polyester fabric (thickness 600D) with waterproof PVC...

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To cover your barbecue during the winter, when a sudden rain falls or just to protect it from dust. It dries quickly and protects against all elements.

Napoleon BBQ Cover

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This high-quality cover is intended for the Travel Q by NAPOLEON. The dimensions are 76 cm x 53 cm x 103 cm. The case is made of durable polyester and weighs 590 g. The material is UV resistant, so this hood will make your owner happy for a long time. On the upper side, the NAPOLEON logo adorns the grill cover.

CHAR-BROIL Black weatherproof cover for gas grill

Char-Broil 140 565 - Universal 3-4 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill Cover, Black
  • Designed to Fit - Char-Broil 3 & 4 burner gas grills
  • 7x stronger Rip-stop Fabric - means this cover it is extremely durable and weather-resistant.
  • UV Protection - Produced with 600D x 300D polyester and PE coating with UV inhibitors to resist fading.
  • Side-closure straps - securely fastens the cover to the grill.

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The BBQ cover is optimally adapted to 3 & 4 burner gas grills of the brand CHAR-BROI. The case is made of 600D x 300D polyester. Additionally applied UV inhibitors reliably prevent the noble black from fading over time due to sunlight. The special structure of the material ensures extreme robustness. Laterally attached straps fix the cover reliably on the grill.

Suitability: If you are the proud owner of a CHAR-BROI gas grill and store your high-quality grill outdoors, you should buy this grill cover. This purchase is not cheap, but you will not regret it. The high-quality material and careful workmanship ensure that rain and dirt have no chance. So your grill is ready for use immediately and you save a lot of annoying cleaning work.

TEXAS GRILL COVERS Cover for Weber gas grill

Texas Grill Covers 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills including Brush...
  • THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR YOUR BELOVED GRILL - For grill masters the world over, their grill is precious. Outdoor grills need...
  • FIND YOUR GRILL JUST AS YOU LEFT IT - Genesis Weber I 300 Series (Not Compatible with Genesis II) provides full cover. This grill...
  • WEATHER PROOF - With thick fabric and reinforced stitching to prevent rips can stand up to any of the elements thrown at it. Rain,...
  • GRILL BRUSH AND BARBECUE TONGS INCLUDED - Barbecuing in the back yard has never been this easy. We bring you a set you can really...
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings,...

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This BBQ cover of the TEXAS GRILL COVERS brand is optimally adapted to the dimensions of the Genesis gas grills from the grill specialist WBER. Durable vinyl proves to be extremely durable even after prolonged use. In addition, the material is equipped with UV inhibitors, so that direct sunlight can not cause any damage.

Suitability: If you protect your high-quality WEBER Grill with this high-quality cover against rain and pollution, the grilling will make you even more joy in the future. The annoying cleaning before lighting is eliminated and soon attracts the irresistible smell of fresh steaks and crispy sausages.

CAMPINGGAZ Universal cover for charcoal grills

Campingaz Premium Barbecue Cover - 2X-Large, 107 x 153 x 63 cm
  • Premium Barbecue Cover XXL
  • PU coated polyester 300x300D
  • Water-resistant, breathable technology fabric protects from UV rays, moisture and heat
  • Ties and cord locks for secure fitting
  • For use with Campingaz 3 and 4 Series

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This universally applicable case has a dimension of 153 cm x 63 cm x 102 cm. The shell is made of breathable material. This has the advantage that no condensation can form on the metal parts of the grill under changing environmental conditions. Nevertheless, the grill is protected by this cover from contamination. With the elegant grey, this cover blends harmoniously into any environment. At the top, a CAMPINGGAZ logo adorns the grill cover.

Suitability: Not every manufacturer of grills offers as an accessory a suitable grill cover. If you store your charcoal grill in the open air and have not yet found a suitable cover for your grill, this universal cover by CAMPINGGAZ could be the solution to your problem. This cover is not only very durable and sturdy but can also be handled quite easily. This saves you valuable time and effort with minimal effort.

BBQ cover

Why use a BBQ cover?

The barbecue cover is an essential accessory to protect any outdoor cooking appliance from bad weather or simply from prying eyes! It allows you to keep your barbecue safe: rays of the sun of pollution rain and wind dust and other dirt snow and hail: especially if your barbecue is still wintering outside frost: even a stainless steel barbecue grill can be subject to degradation when it is often exposed to a too low temperature.extreme temperatures.

Before opting for a cheap barbecue cover, you must pay particular attention to certain characteristics, starting with the material with which it is made.

Which material to choose?

The effectiveness and longevity of a barbecue protective cover will essentially depend on its manufacturing material, of which here are the main models available on the market and on the Internet.

PVC or vinyl BBQ cover

Ideal for medium-sized planchas and barbecues, the PVC or vinyl protective cover comes in the form of a honeycomb. It has the advantage of being very light, easy to store and waterproof within certain limits. Indeed, a few drops of water can seep in the event of heavy rain. It is, therefore, a minimum protective accessory that does not keep for many years. Given these few drawbacks, its price remains affordable. If you want to buy such a model, a gas camping barbecue cover will be an excellent choice.

Polyester BBQ cover

If you are looking for a gas or electric barbecue cover for better protection against abrasion and shock, a model made of polyester will be perfect. Coated with polyurethane, this material is water repellent to not allow any drop of water to penetrate inside, unlike PVC. Among other things, it allows better air circulation, thus preventing the appearance of mould, deterioration of wooden structures, or even rust on certain untreated steel materials. On the maintenance side, a simple spray of water is enough without having to use other cleaning products.

Waxed BBQ cover

Highly recommended in cold regions and during winter periods, the tarp for barbecue in waxed canvas has an insulating property. It is resistant to impact and wear, waterproof and more protective than PVC, but it has the disadvantage of being too heavy. In all cases, such a protective cover guarantees a long service life and is easy to maintain.

PEVA cover

Slightly close to PVC, Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate or PEVA is a robust and more environmentally friendly material. It is in fact free of chlorine and easily recyclable. Among the models we presented above, this one is the most expensive, around 60 euros.

Choose the size of the barbecue cover

You don’t buy a barbecue tarp at random. In addition to the type of material, the size of your cooking appliance must also be taken into account. There are generally 6 sizes of barbecue cover on the market that should be remembered. Classic: 140x60x100 compact: 71x38x107 cm L: 122 x 61 x 105 cm XXL: 143x63x103cm XXL: 153 x 63 x 102 cm large barbecue cover: 171x62x106 cm.

Before choosing the cover best suited to your cooking appliance, you just need to refer to its size and opt for a slightly larger model so that it is not too tight. By doing so, you will be able to remove it more easily after use without risking tearing it.

BBQ accessories

The tarpaulin is unfortunately not the only accessory you will need for your bbq. To prepare your meals with family or with friends, provide a large barbecue grill as well as a suitable BBQ tool set.


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