Just the fright of the first slip to know that we need the best shower mat in our house. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my first fall in which I took points under my eyebrow after I slammed my face against the door.

But I learned my lesson and now I want to share my experience with this ideal product to prevent accidents and that will facilitate the fast and soapy baths without anguish or danger.

What is the best shower mat?

To have a good shower mat, it is essential that the product adapts to both the bathtub and our feet. For this, the brand is not as important as paying attention to the details.

With this comparison, I hope you can buy a good mat that will save you from many shower problems.

You must know that the market can be full of options but the best mat will be the one that feels comfortable, does not move and stays clean with less effort.

To maintain themselves, most require that they need to be wrapped after each use. However, the style of these is usually very well taken care of so it is not a problem to leave them on a shelf all day.

1. Simple Deluxe Antibacterial Bath Mat

Maximum security

With 199 pacifiers of strong suction, it is impossible to slip again. Its elongated design covers enough for a bath of three people simultaneously. It is made of non-toxic vinyl and without BPA.

2. Anti-slip floor mat for Nuomizi bathtub

Dries fast

It is an economical version of the previous model and impresses how well thought it is. Its holes allow drainage without accumulating waste. Made of eco-friendly PVC, it is easy to clean and resistant.

3. Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat from Casa pura

Modern aesthetics

It is not unreasonable to think of wood when it provides maximum runoff and duration. In addition, the material is antibacterial in nature and gives a great feeling inside and outside the shower.

4. MDesign soft bath mat from MetroDecor


This soft carpet gives the softest feeling I’ve tasted. Its crystal rock design is very delicate. It is washable by hand but if it drips after each bath is not necessary.

5. Shower mat from Salinka

Drainage with holes

The base filled with suction cups provides a fixed fit to any tub, even if it is rough. It is the cheapest of all and is made of natural rubber so it does not store wastewater.

6. daxin66 Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Shower Mat

Dirt filter

Its texture resembles artificial grass. It manages to catch hairs, dirt and excess soap that can damage delicate floors. I found it quite useful to facilitate pet bathing in indoor spaces.

Why use a shower mat?

In addition to its anti-slip function, these mats have a very versatile use. One of them is to get around the bacteria from old and mouldy floors or dirty drains, keeping our bathroom healthy.

In addition, they help to maintain the heat when in winter the fibreglass or porcelain of the soil becomes very cold.

They improve contact with irregular surfaces and are safe for children.

How to choose a good shower mat?

If you still do not know what to look for these are the main features that your new shower mat should cover:


When your rubber is fixed to the surface of the tub your baths will go great without slips. This is partially important for older adults or people who like showers with lots of foam.


A padded and soft touch is much better for our feet if we want to give ourselves a really relaxing bath. This feeling is only achieved by a robust and smooth mat.


Although this product can be machine washable the truth is that it is better that water can be absorbed and drained naturally without accumulating chemical or dirty waste.


It never hurts to give an aesthetic touch to renew and complete the decoration of our bathroom. Choosing a good shower mat can even make you appear to be walking on exotic rocks.

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