If you live in a house where dust accumulation is a common and constant problem, what you need is to have the best bagless vacuum cleaner available in the market.

These devices usually finish quickly and easily with all traces of dust, and, best of all, they do not accumulate dirt in a bag, but are equipped with practical emptying systems that maintain hygiene at its highest point.

Before getting one of this equipment it is important that you think about how you will use it and how much money you can afford to spend on it so that you can choose what you really need.

What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner?

When choosing a good bagless vacuum cleaner, it is important that you make a test of the qualities of the different models available and establish comparisons between them to know which offers the best performance.

To choose, you need to know the characteristics that should stand out in these devices. That is why it is useful to have a guide. We review the available offer and here we leave you a list of those that, we consider, are the best 5:

1. Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Compact and lightweight design

This bagless vacuum cleaner is designed with specialized technology that offers high cleaning performance, with low maintenance. In addition, its dimensions facilitate its use, provide greater manoeuvrability and best of all, it fits almost anywhere.

It has filters that can be washed and a sensor that detects when they should be cleaned. Another advantage of their filters is that they are manufactured with an advanced technology that allows the air emitted by the device to be cleaner than the one in the room.

The users of this bagless vacuum cleaner , claim that it is light, very low noise compared to other similar and with a deposit that is very easy to empty and clean.

It has no low price, however, its users believe that the comfort and power of this device are worth the investment. It is available in the market, in garnet and comes with various accessories, including a brush for parquet, nozzles for joints and for upholstery.

2. Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic RO3753

Ergonomic and easy to store

With a simple, comfortable and hygienic draining system, the Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaner is efficient, easy to use and offers excellent cleaning results on hard floors.

It is a team equipped with a series of brushes, nozzles and accessories that make it more comfortable and ergonomic, allowing it to reach the most distant and narrow places.

According to the opinion of those who have already purchased it, it has a great suction capacity, is of good quality, makes little noise and is lighter than other similar equipment.

It has high performance, and still reduces energy consumption by almost 50%. It also has two levels of filtration for greater dust reduction and is easy to store.

You get it in a black model with orange and at an affordable cost.

3. Dyson DC33c Originless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Expel cleaner air

Designed with special cyclone technology, this bagless vacuum cleaner captures particles up to 0.5 microns, pollen, mould, bacteria, offers improved filtration and expels cleaner air, a quality that makes it the ideal device for allergy sufferers.

The Dyson brand offers you this device that is equipped with an easy and hygienic draining system, has washable filters and offers a good suction system.

The DC33c Origin model is compact and silent. It is made with a technology that moves around obstacles, helps the user to follow and offers greater stability.

It comes with various accessories for different types of floors and surfaces that make cleaning more comfortable. It’s not cheap, but if the price is not a problem for you, then this is an option to consider.

4. Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner Polti Forzaspira C110

Powerful and economic

The Polti bagless vacuum cleaner is the most economical of our selection. It is compact, manageable and offers good suction and has a cable that works automatically.

With a four-phase cyclonic filtering system, this equipment is made up of Hepa filters that guarantee greater dust absorption. It is equipped with a no-touch system for cleaning the tank without touching it.

The device includes several accessories that facilitate cleaning in the most uncomfortable places and you can place it almost anywhere with your parking system.

If you already decided to buy and your budget is limited, this may be a good option.

5. Taurus Pulsar Eco Turbo

Practical and low consumption

If you are looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner for the home that is efficient, convenient, practical and easy to use, this model can be an option to take into account. It comes, in addition, with several accessories that will greatly facilitate the work.

The Taurus team has great energy efficiency, its EcoSystem engine provides very good performance at low electricity consumption.

It is a bagless vacuum cleaner that works with Hepa filtration that guarantees greater cleaning. It is compact and lightweight, very maneuverable, even on stairs. It has a regulator to adjust the suction according to the type of floor, upholstery, carpets, carpets or curtains.

This model Eco Turbo has a system of simple emptying with which you can get rid of dirt quickly and hygienically. Just press a button and you’re done!

It is one of the least expensive of our selection and you get it in a modern design of black with orange.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are many models of vacuum cleaners available for you to choose the one you like or agree. Over the years, the manufacturers diversified the styles of vacuum cleaners according to the needs of the users. The most popular are:

  • Vertical Vacuum Cleaners: They are the oldest and most traditional line of vacuum cleaners, they are usually noisy and heavy, however, they are also more economical than those that do not have a bag and offer a wider cleaning strip. They are easy to store and good for upholstery.
  • Tank Vacuum Cleaners: These are equipped with a kind of tank that accompanies the vacuum cleaner and to which it is connected by the connection of the vacuum cleaner. They are bulkier and, often, more difficult to store, however, they are usually better than vertical ones to pass under furniture, for floors and stairs, among others. They tend to be quieter and lighter.
  • Palo vacuum cleaners: Also called broom vacuum cleaners, these type of equipment have high bodies and handles and their greater suction power is concentrated to the head. They are usually battery powered and are very comfortable and light if you need to quickly clean up some mess. They are not very good at carpets, they are noisy and have typically small capacity. They stand out by picking up surface sand.
  • Manual Vacuums: These are miniature electric models that come with cable or without cable. They are practical for short-pile carpets or for bare floors. They are often used for quick and light cleaning such as removing pet hairs or vacuuming the inside of the car. As a disadvantage, it must be said that they are not very powerful.
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: They are circular, made with high technology. These clean the dirt while you relax, basically work alone in clear rooms and small areas. It can work manually if you press a button and place it in the area you want to clean. Some of the newer models can even be controlled by an application on your smartphone. However, its operation is limited and does not compare with vertical and deposit.
  • Central Vacuum Cleaners: Also called centralized vacuum cleaners consist of a few shots that are installed in different parts of the house, the hose is connected and you can start sucking whenever you like. They are easy to use, dirt chambers are emptied infrequently and are usually relatively quiet. In counterpart, they turn out to be very expensive facilities that require the placement of a professional; Managing your hoses is often inconvenient and often takes up too much storage space.

What to consider when you buying bagless vacuum cleaner?

If you already decided to have one of these type of equipment at home, it is useful to take into account a series of factors when purchasing it. You always have to be aware of:

  • Check features: It is a fundamental detail that you take into account the most outstanding features of the device. A vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush cleans carpets better, if it also has a switch that deactivates the brush, this can protect the finish of bare floors and prevent waste from dispersing. It is vital that you consider those models with height adjustment, suction control, for curtains and other delicate fabrics.
  • Bagless: Bagless vacuum cleaners save a huge expense on the purchase of bags, but also require more filters that must be periodically cleaned or replaced, in the case of HEPA filters. Dust and clutter of emptying buckets can be a concern if you suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • Try it: Even if you’re going to order it online, ideally go to a store first and try the vacuum cleaners you’re considering. Take a look at its features, push, pull, lift, rotate. Check if the price of the product online matches that of the stores.
  • Noise level: It is important that you check this. None is completely silent, but some are louder than others, especially in echoed rooms.
  • Cleaning tools and accessories: Most vacuum cleaners come with basic tools that should be sufficient for a large part of the cleaning work: a crevice tool for joints or joints, a small upholstery brush and a round brush to remove dust. For example, a driven socket cleans carpets more thoroughly than a simple suction inlet, also edge cleaners are useful as they can pick up debris throughout the area of ​​the cleaning head.
  • Animal/pet care: Some vacuum cleaners have functions that take into account the special care of pets and the houses where they live. Depending on the suction power and the function of some special accessories you can eliminate unwanted fur from your dogs or cats and even catch the bad smells for a cleaner and even healthier environment for your pet.
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