If you sit for several hours a day at the office, at home, or just in a car, chances are you’ve had pain in your lower back or lower back at least once. It is possible to avoid these pains simply by modifying your lifestyle slightly. A back support cushion is a simple and effective way to relieve mild to moderate low back pain. You can choose between different models to use when you are at the office, in the car, etc.

What is the best back support cushion?

It depends on your need. There are people who use them when travelling by train or plane to make the journey more comfortable. Others need them because they are patients with mobility problems and place them in a wheelchair. The important thing is that the one you select helps effectively correct your body posture, which in the end will be what produces the discomfort or not.

When you examine models, whether in a physical store or on Amazon, among the features that you should look at are the fill, the upholstery, the use you will give it and the shape.

In the first case, you will not find the typical down of the pillows, because more than softness, firmness is a must in these lumbar cushions. It is necessary that they have a filling of foam of good quality that supports the weight of the back without sinking.

The coverage can be of the fabric of your preference, in stamp and texture. If you suffer from heat, you could consider a breathable fabric. If you plan to leave it fixed in a chair at home or take it to use it in any seat, it could also change your decision when buying. The difference between a fixed and a portable one may lie in size and shape. However, it is good that it is orthopaedic and ergonomic so that it adapts better to the body and gives it the support it requires.

If you still find it complicated but want to get one, here is this comparison with best lumbar backups for you. All are at a good price and very effective.

Sabeatex Wedge Pillow

Florsol Sabeatex The Amazing Wedge for your Living- or Bed Room, Reading Pillow for Relaxed Sitting....
  • APPLICATION> Optimal relief of the back musculature. Excellent for reading, or watching TV. Ideal for people who need to spend a...
  • COMFORTABLE> Traditional cushions lose their shape over time! Thanks to the outstanding design and the special ergonomic wedge...
  • UNIVERSAL> Versatile application possibilities, e.g. as positioning pillow during pregnancy, in nursing and rehab. This pillow...
  • DETAILS> High quality flexible PU soft foam. Lightweight and easy to transport. Very beautiful and modern cushion cover....
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This large cushion is perfect to have at home, on a sofa to watch TV or to lie on the bed to read a good book. The manufacturer also recommends it for patients with mobility problems to relieve back strain.

Its shape is ergonomic, wedge-shaped and it’s filling guarantees lasting support, it does not lose shape with the passing of the hours. It is made of high-quality PU flexible foam. Although it is large, it is very light and easy to transport. The cover is very beautiful, comes in a variety of colours to choose from and is also washable.

Lumbar support cushion – Home or Office use

𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐑 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐* Lumbar Support Pillow -Ergonomic Memory Foam for Back...
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  • 𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐔-𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐄 𝐀𝐃𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐒 𝐓𝐎 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊: Everyone’s posture is...
  • 𝟐𝐗 𝐂𝐎𝐎𝐋𝐄𝐑 𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋: Though they’re commonly used, acrylic covers retain sweat. Our breathable...
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Highly recommended for those who need comfort and support in the office, this backrest can be perfectly adjusted to the chair because it has a triple adjustable strap. It has a universal curved design that adapts to any back and any chair. It comes filled with high-quality Memory Foam for orthopaedic support.

Its cover is 3D mesh, washable, 100% hypoallergenic and breathable. It is reliable to use for children and adults. It is also eco-friendly and does not give off any chemical odour.

Medipaq visco-elastic foam cushion

Medipaq Memory Foam Seat Cushion - 1x Memory Foam Cushion to Improve Posture - Seat Cushion for...
  • COMFORT: With its contoured ergonomic shape, this office chair seat cushion conforms to the shape of the user, providing...
  • POSTURE IMPROVEMENT: Our computer chair seat cushion helps to maintain proper spinal alignment and back pain during prolonged...
  • PAIN RELIEF: This memory foam car seat cushion can help alleviate lower back pain and reduce discomfort while sitting for an...
  • DURABILITY: This memory foam chair cushion uses the latest 3rd generation 4lb density visco-elastic material guaranteed to keep...
  • ADAPTABLE: Our 41 x 41 x 9.5 cm memory foam cushions for chairs are a unique 2-in-1 design that can be used as a seat or back...

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Especially suitable for those who spend many hours driving, it is a cushion filled with 3-generation memory foam and 4 pounds of density, which is able to maintain its shape for up to 20 years.

It adapts very well to the chairs of cars and can be placed on the back or in the seat itself to give greater comfort to the legs.

Its design immediately improves the position of who uses it when sitting. It is available in different fabrics and colours to satisfy your tastes. There are some in 3D breathable mesh, very good to prevent heat. It is worth mentioning that all these versions are washable covers.

Support cushion for lower back Bael Wellbeing

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It is an excellent choice for any seat and as its dimensions are small it is very portable. Therefore, it is perfect to take it in the car and use it in the office or to travel by train or plane. The gel filling with innovative memory effect that adapts without problems to the back, providing support without causing injuries.

It is hypoallergenic and its cover is breathable and non-slip. In addition, it has an elastic strap to adjust it to the chair and not feel the uncomfortable feeling that slides. Makes any seat take an orthopaedic design to improve posture.

CosyLuxe – Back Support

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The breathable non-slip mesh cover keeps this lumbar cushion in place. Perfect for those who do not want to fight against the support that changes position only. Even so, it brings a strap of adjustment for greater security of the backrest to a fixed position. It adapts in less than 30 seconds perfectly to both the body and the chair where you use it.

It is a very good alternative for office chairs, the car seat and can be used daily. It contains a Memory Foam padding that is not hard. It is soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to give reasonable support to the back.

Most of these lumbar backs have washable covers to keep them neat. That way they can last much longer. When using them always try to drop your lower back on the support because that will allow you to correct the bad position you usually adopted when sitting.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Support Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Cushion - Ergonomic Memory Foam Back Rest Cushion with Dual...
  • Don't Deal With Unsupportive Chairs, Upgrade Instead: Made with pure memory foam, our lumbar pillow uses your body heat to adjust...
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  • Fits a Variety of Chairs: The dual adjustable straps ensure the back support pillow stays where you want it. The included strap...

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Back Support Cushion uk

What is a lumbar support cushion?

A lumbar cushion is an ergonomic orthopaedic pillow specially designed for the lower back. This cushion is able to relieve lower back pain such as sprains, strains, hernias, worn discs, sciatica or trauma aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting. A cushion of this type should adhere as much as possible to the shape of your lower back to provide the necessary stability. The lumbar support cushion has a curved shape to perfectly t the contours of your spine.

Thanks to this fact, your back muscles in the lumbar region remain tight, which leads to an accumulation of pain in the lower back. Most of the time, when people sit very long, the spine bends outward rather than inward. This causes tension especially when you are working. Excessive pressure is placed on the lumbar spine and surrounding tissue, which ultimately causes back pain. There are different types of lumbar cushions available in the market, which relieve the pain of people with back problems. The models differ in their thickness and their softness and it is obviously recommended to try to understand which is the most comfortable and the most functional.

Reading pillows that will give you perfect comfort

Different types of back support cushion

There are 3 kinds of back cushions. These lumbar support cushions are a practical alternative to more sophisticated and more expensive medical equipment. They also save you from paying for often long and expensive therapies.

Back support cushion for office chair

These cushions are designed to help you maintain good sitting posture at the office and at home. They provide support for the lower back and help reduce tension. The best supports for the office have ergonomics that adapt to all forms of chairs and are composed of dense and malleable foam that marries all body types.

For the car

These cushions accompany you during your car trips. Although many cars have comfortable seats, they may not appeal to everyone. This is why an appropriate lumbar support cushion for your automobile can help you eliminate back pain and other problems when you drive for long hours. It is also the perfect support for drivers and truckers.

For the bed

Unknowingly, poor prolonged sleep posture can cause or worsen neck pain and back pain. Many people suffer from these problems due to poorly adapted bedding. If you suffer from back pain while sleeping, there are lumbar supports suitable for sleeping. These supports can also be helpful if you are recovering from an injury.

Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion

Benefits of back support cushions

There are a number of aspects in the cushions that help us prevent or treat injuries, which we summarize below:

They avoid the stooping

At the time of work or in any situation where you must remain for a long time sitting in a chair, the back must be kept completely straight to prevent the natural stooping from causing pain or injuries to the spine.


Most cushions adapt to any seat, even in the car. Your measurements are standard to avoid having problems after the purchase. In case you include belts, you most likely have the option to adjust.

Save money

It will always be better to prevent than to regret. If you have a lumbar support cushion you will surely save expenses for consultations and treatments, which arise when it is too late and an injury is detected.


Fortunately, in the market, you will get different brands, models and design with different prices. It is not an expensive product so there will always be an option for each case.

Easy to carry

Since they are small and light you will not have problems taking them from one place to another.

Who can use the lumbar support cushion?

From numerous studies were conducted on the effects of prolonged sitting on the health of the spine. There is a lot of interesting research and results. In the professional environment, for example, bad postures are synonymous with lack of motivation and productivity. Aware of these problems, many companies have gone ahead and have obtained ergonomic accessories for staff comfort.

Lumbar cushions have many benefits for the following people:

  • People who work while seated. When we work in front of a computer screen, for example, our neck and shoulders may lean forward, which can cause back strain and discomfort. Standard chairs do not offer an ergonomic backrest. So when we sit, our lumbar region does not find good support. By using a back support cushion on the back of your office chair, your lower spine can take on a more natural curve and force your torso to straighten. You thus adopt a correct sitting posture and you avoid arching of the back.
  • People with reduced mobility. People forced to use wheelchairs can also benefit from these cushions. These people cannot stand and walk to relieve their back pain. Simply placing a lumbar support cushion at the base of the wheelchair also allows them to reduce lumbar tension.
  • Drivers and pilots. Like people who work in a seated position, drivers and pilots will also benefit from better comfort thanks to this type of pillow.
  • People who relieve the back while sleeping. In addition to the lumbar cushions for sitting, there are also lumbar cushions for the bed. These cushions provide targeted support when sleeping on your side, on your back or on your stomach.
lumber support cushion

What should I consider when choosing a back support cushion?

Backrest height

It is important that you know the size of the backrest that your cushion will have for you to achieve maximum comfort during its use.


It refers to some features that have cushions and is linked to the different positions that you can adapt with it. This way your back will enjoy a good rest.

Horizontal movement

This quality allows the backrest to move horizontally and can shield the movements of the upper body.


This is an important aspect because the lumbar cushions must be firm to support the back and with frequent use, they cannot be softened because they will lose their action and perhaps you could complicate the ailment. That is why the foam must be of very good quality so that the firmness is not broken under any conditions. Those models that come with adjustable straps to wrap a chair or car seat, is a good complementary option that you can also take into account.


You can leave this aspect to your tastes or preferences. You can find a wide variety of fabrics, designs and textures. The important part will always be the internal part. The most advisable thing is to look for a high resistance fabric to avoid future expenses because of patches or linings.


Fortunately, there are multipurpose cushions that you can adapt to any seat. In case you buy the ones for a specific use, for example, car cushion or chair cushion, do not alter its location because you could compromise its durability.


Some are shaped like cushions and others are wedge-shaped, like cylindrical ones. Take into account the recommendation of the doctor or the manufacturer that exhibits in the package so you can make a good selection.

Quality and firmness

If your back support cushion does not manage to deform with the use and constant trajín you will be in front of a good product. It is important that when choosing the quality prevail so that your investment is not affected and you do not have to face the search for a new option.


In addition to a perfect combination with your furniture, you can also have a cushion with antiperspirant fabric, which will help to avoid excess heat or sweat during use.


Cover fabrics with 3D technology are those that have been positioned in the market because they provide high strength and do not offer any risk of breakage or stretching, common situations in the use of this type of product.


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