Deciding which stroller to buy is no easy task. As parents, we know exactly how difficult it is to buy all the necessary products and accessories for your baby.

There are many different products and models and knowing how to choose correctly is a difficult task. Especially when they are expensive products and we do not know very well which is the best option.

But don’t worry, because on this website we are going to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can decide and buy the best value for money baby carriage adapted to your needs and budget.

The best strollers in comparison

We review and, with what we find, we elaborate a guide that, we are sure will be very useful. Here we select the ones that, we believe, are the 10 best:

1. Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller

With a simple easy-fold system, this stroller is comfortable and comfortable for your baby. It is easy to handle and assemble and provides great stability and manoeuvrability while pushing it.

It is a lightweight chair, weighs only 7 kg and is capable of supporting another 17 kg. It is a comfortable product and has a practical adjustable backrest to which you can change the position to provide greater safety and comfort to your baby.

If you compare it with other devices of similar range, this is rather economical, has rear and front wheels of different dimensions that give greater firmness and comes with a basket under the seat to store objects of purchase.

It is compatible with baby baskets, it has a canopy to protect from the sun and it is available in black and grey and it is black.

2. UPPAbaby Samantha Amethyst- Cruz Pushchair

Made with brakes of a robust profile, this stroller for boys and girls is safe, maintains balance and provides stability to your baby.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame, extendable parasol, cup holder and a large easily accessible basket for better storage.

It is a compact, lightweight product suitable for children up to three years old.

It comes with double wheels for better driving on smooth and regular terrain and, compared to others on the list is affordable and made with good materials.

Those who already have it are of the opinion that it is a good product that fulfills its function. It is an option that you should not stop considering.

3. Baby Jogger City Mini 4 wheels stroller

The stroller of this manufacturer has a fast folding system with a single hand very useful when you must have your baby charged.

It is a light and compact device with solid wheels of 8.5 inches, ideal to provide more softness to your baby on the ride. It also has a hand parking brake, which offers greater safety.

This chair has a weight of 7 kg and supports up to 23 kg load, has a 4 wheel design and double front-wheel suspension that gives you more ease and rhythm to push, is compatible with baskets or chairs of group O and, among other advantages, has a reclining seat.

Its cost is still reasonable if you compare it with similar ones and you get it in the sand, black, grey, blue and red.

4. Quinny Zapp 3 wheels stroller

With skate wheels and front swivel wheels, this device is elegant, lightweight and suitable for children from 6 months to 15 kilograms.

Comes with comfortable hammock style seat. It also comes with a storage pocket and other accessories such as a folding and shoulder strap.

It is a durable product, made with good quality materials, whose dimensions facilitate folding and storage.

It is comfortable and simple and an excellent option to roll around the city and on regular grounds.

5. Britax Bob Revolution Pro

If you are one of those parents who maintain an exercise routine and you like to take your baby with you, the Bob Revolution model from the Britax USA brand is a great option for you.

It has advanced shock absorbers to protect and give more comfort to your baby, is equipped with three large wheels specially designed for running or walking on rugged terrain and is made with good materials.

It is a large, solid and heavy product, reaches about 11 kilograms and supports up to a maximum of 17 kilograms, the standard weight of a child not older than 4 years.

It is not cheap, but it is specialized and ideal for those parents who have an exercise routine, so they can move their baby with stability, comfort and without danger.

6. Recaro Easylife 4 wheels stroller

Made with an ergonomic and adjustable handle that allows you to drive with one hand, this stroller is easily foldable with one hand.

It is a light product, barely reaches a weight of 5 kilograms and supports up to 20 kilos; depending on the weight up to two years old children.

It has 4 double wheels of the same dimensions that facilitate the running on flat surfaces and have independent suspensions in the four axes that provide greater safety and stability.

It is the least expensive of our selection and you get it in red, fuchsia, yellow, grey, blue and apple green.

7. Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

Manufactured with rear suspension wheels that make it a stable and strong option, this device complies with the regulations of many means of transport for hand luggage. It is ultra-light, weighs only about 6.5 kg and supports up to 23 kg, ideal for babies 6 months and up.

It comes with adjustable handlebars according to your height and has a quick folding system with just one hand; It brings awning and is very easy to configure. Those who already have one say that it is a solid and quality device.

It has a low price and you get it in black, red, purple, navy blue and green. The best thing is that it comes with a bag to store, so to keep it, take it and bring it will be a piece of cake.

8. Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

This Quest Maclaren stroller, manufactured by the famous brand Maclaren, has its place in this ranking of the best strollers. It combines all the advantages of a stroller: light, practical, very easy to manoeuvre, ultra-functional, a real little jewel. With this stroller, transform yourself into a real pilot. We have overcome all obstacles with one hand thanks to the front swivel wheels and long handles which guarantee a firm grip. Thanks to these, our driving was flexible and light.

In addition, the child sits comfortably in a soft seat. Does he want a little nap? Simply recline the seat; the headrest and foot ensure a balanced hold for your little one.

The stroller also comes with accessories: shopping basket, front pocket, protective hood, rain cover to use according to the weather and your desires. Its various options have allowed us to protect the child from bad weather to provide him with optimal well-being in his stroller.

9. Cosatto Woosh Stroller – up to 25 kg

With a beautiful, aesthetic and functional design, this practical stroller is ideal for trips, is small like no other when folded and easily adapts for travel, as hand luggage, or in the compartment of an airplane. It is the ideal option for parents who are in constant movement.

It is equipped with 4 wheels with suspension and there is no need to block the front rotating wheel, even if it is rugged terrain.

Its price is considered the highest of the selection, however, it is a good product, resistant and durable. If you have how do not stop making this investment. Includes colour package and frame for the complete stroller.

10. Simple Parenting 2 in 1 Stroller

The Donna Love, from the manufacturer Simple Parenting is actually a vehicle seat that folds and unfolds to become a stroller. It can be said that it is the first car safety seat with a complete and integrated counter-motion mobility system.

It is a safe and practical solution for the mobility of your baby, and also your comfort, both inside and outside the car. It weighs 7 kilograms and supports up to 13 kg.

You can place it in car seat mode, in this case, it is suitable for travelling by car and for air travel. It is also placed in proximity mode and gear mode

It has a reasonable cost and you get it in red with black. includes reducer for removable newborn washable, hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and moisture absorbent.

What is a stroller?

It has existed since the end of the 18th century, that is to say, that it has proven itself and that since its invention, it has been perfected to make it more and more comfortable, solid, robust, practical and light. The stroller is a means of transport for young children consisting of a chassis supported by wheels in which a baby carriage, a carrycot or a fixed seat, depending on the model and the utility that we want to give it.

The stroller is ideal for walking with babies when they are small. Comfortably installed in its carrycot, it can take advantage of both sleeping and fidgeting. Modern strollers adapt to the growth of children and allow you to use them for many years while providing your child with the best use to help him discover the world.

Easy to drive, it allows the parent to push it without any effort. Nowadays, the frames are constructed with ultra-light materials which make the use of the stroller much more practical. It can be folded in a few seconds, transported easily by car and it has several adaptable accessories to protect your child from the cold and the rain.

3 wheels stroller

Benefits of using a stroller

Using a stroller gives you a number of benefits for both you and the baby. How do you know, carrying a baby in your arms constantly takes time to devote to other pending issues, so using a stroller can report the following advantages:

Easier for you

Pushing a stroller is always more comfortable than carrying your child in your arms, along with everything you need to carry to ride with, it is even more practical than holding the best quality baby carrier.

Soothing for the baby

A gentle ride, like a drive in the car, is a tried and true technique for soothing a baby, which in turn could mean more sleep for you.


They have a series of protectors and harnesses that guarantee the safety of your baby. A parasol that protects them from the sun’s rays and protection frames. You should also be careful when walking. Ensuring it well, avoiding hitting things and not placing hot drinks in the cup holder are always good safety measures.

You carry all your things

You can comfortably carry all the things you and the baby might need while walking such as a diaper bag, extra clothes, bottles, snacks, toys, and their personal items.

Do some light shopping

To go shopping you need to have both hands free a stroller makes your life easier because you can load the grocery bags and push the seat of your baby, even some bring space to place small objects not too heavy shopping.

You do exercise: After having your baby, getting back in shape is a real challenge. The child needs constant attention in a way that limits you to return to a training routine. Taking a walk provides a way to combine exercise with the time you spend with your child, but if you want, for example, jogging you should look for an option designed for such purposes.

Types of strollers

Here are those designed for a passenger. Includes light umbrella strollers, travel systems and heavy models.

Simple traditional strollers

Many of these you have almost since the baby is born until you start walking. They have reclining seats that give greater security to the baby, are usually very manoeuvrable, go great in parks, pavements, trails and busy streets. Some are compatible with car seats and their great advantage is that they are robust and easy to use. As against, we must say that they are usually heavy and are not suitable for children under 6 months.

Strollers with a single combination

They are also called modular. They adapt to the needs of the growing child, some are compatible with vehicle seats, but maybe you should buy it separately. They usually have reversible and reclining seats and its great advantage is that, if you recline flat, you can use it from birth. It’s expensive and you’ll probably have to buy adapters and seats separately.

Umbrella strollers

They are very light, often have curved handles like an umbrella and are very easy to fold. They are perfect for travelling and walking around the city with the baby. Their great advantage is that they are light and reclining, but they have the disadvantage that they lack suspension, so it is uncomfortable for the baby in extended times, besides offering limited manoeuvrability.

Travel buggies

It consists of a car seat for children, a car seat base for your vehicle and a stroller. They are excellent for trips because they allow the sleeping baby to move without disturbing him. Some recline flat and are a good option to travel. The disadvantage is that they tend to be bulky and cumbersome.

  • Convertible car seat in stroller: This novelty is basically a two in one. It is a vehicle seat with a frame for a stroller, the frame moves towards the base to place the seat in the car and you only have to put it in position so that you have a stroller. Its advantage is that it is car seat and stroller at the same time, as a disadvantage we could note that it has characteristics that are not intuitive and that, in addition, is usually heavy, not appropriate, for example, for mothers with cesarean section.
  • Car seat stroller: It is an adaptable frame and compatible with the car seat, it is lightweight, compact and economical, as a disadvantage it is useful to note that, usually, babies do not use this modality after they are one year old.
city tour stroller

Twin and special strollers

If you have twins or two little ones that take little time, what you need in a double stroller.

  • Twin strollers: It has two seats attached to a single frame or a unit that looks like two strollers bolted together. They are very similar to the individual and are easy to manoeuvre if the two children you are wearing match in size and weight. They tend to have reclining seats, but they are a disadvantage if the children you transport are of different weight, in addition, they do not always coincide with the sizes of the doors, elevators and emergency exits.
  • Tandem strollers: They have one seat behind the other, they are the same width as the individual cars. Generally, the back seat is reclining, but not the front one. They are usually configured to place the children facing one another and some are even designed with a higher seat so that the child who is behind has a stadium-like field of vision with respect to the child in front. The tandems can come even triple. Its advantage is that they fit in any door, but given its orientation, it is usually heavy and directing it can be very difficult.
  • Jogging strollers: They are designed with three wheels, have a handbrake, parking brake and larger tires, are used for running, but only for that, the non-rotating front wheels hinder manoeuvrability in other circumstances.

How to choose the best stroller?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing a stroller. You have to analyze the place and frequency with which you will use it to choose the one that is most convenient for you. At the time of purchase, you must analyze all these details.

Number of wheels

Need to impose yourself in the urban jungle? The 4 wheel stroller is made for you. Are you looking for a real junior 4×4 to drive on wet sand and pebbles? Prefer the 3 wheel stroller with suspensions to absorb shocks.

4 wheels stroller

It is generally used for children from 6 months to 3 years old. The carrycot of a trio or duo 4-wheel stroller can be used as a pram for your newborn.

Whether a cane stroller or a combined stroller, the 4-wheel stroller is suitable for urban walks. Lighter (7 to 13 kg) and less wide than a 3-wheel stroller, it folds easily to fit in the trunk of a city car. Smart: the reversible seat allows you to keep a tender eye on your offspring during the ride.

A piece of advice for survival in an urban environment: prefer an elevated or height-adjustable 4-wheel stroller to prevent babies from getting their noses in the exhaust pipes!

3 wheel stroller

Are you a fan of family walks? A true all-terrain vehicle, the 3-wheeled stroller easily travels country roads and other rocky slopes. Its large wheels (sometimes inflatable) and suspensions absorb shocks on uneven passages. Young parents also love it for its aesthetic design with sporty lines (it is also the favourite stroller of joggers).

For urban use, prefer a stroller with 3 small rubber swivel wheels for more manoeuvrability. A 3-wheeled stroller with handlebars and brakes ensures safety and driving comfort. In terms of space, the foldable 3-wheel stroller remains the most practical option. Some baby strollers have a foldable 1-hand system: ideal when babies refuse to leave your arms!

umbrella stroller

Easy for use

Here you have to analyze if it is easy to assemble if it is not a very complicated and heavy device and if you can easily store it. Remember that if you use it every day you should use it easily and without complications.

Easy for configuration

If you are going to use it frequently, it needs to be an easy-to-assemble stroller. You do not have to have a PhD to build a stroller, but the least you expect is that you can do it intuitively and that the manual is only an aid in case of emergency and not a lifesaver. It is important to consider the degree of difficulty, how long it will take and if you will need additional tools.


Here it is useful to analyze the behavior of the stroller on difficult terrain, in curves, corners, when turning and on a wide variety of surfaces so you know how to handle it and in which terrain its use is more appropriate, also the qualities of its frame and the weight it supports for greater safety of your baby.


Sometimes it is a common mistake to think that quality is associated with price and that the more expensive the better, this is not necessarily the case. Many mid-range products are as good as the most expensive and for a lower price. Here the important thing is to analyze how robust and solid the equipment is, the characteristics of its materials and the durability.


Here you must verify that your stroller has the basic safety features; harnesses, parking brakes and protectors for your baby. If after this the device offers you more protection options, so much the better.


At this point, you should consider two factors. The weight of the stroller and the weight it supports. The first feature will help you know how easy it is to carry it and if you can carry it in your hand when your baby is not using it. The second one lets you know how old that car is compatible with your baby.


In this case, you should be aware of whether the stroller you chose is compatible with the seat of your car, ie if they can function as support for the car seat or if they do not work together. It is useful to have this detail clear so you do not have to double spend and if the stroller will also use it in conjunction with a child car seat then it is advisable to buy this first and then a stroller that is compatible with it.

Five-point harness

A five-point harness is the safest option and comes with most strollers. Secure your baby at or above the shoulders, at the waist and between the legs, and prevent it from slipping or falling if the stroller moves, or try to get out when you’re not looking. Look for buckles that are easy to operate for you, but not for them. The straps must be adjustable they must be firmly anchored.

Folding mechanisms

If you have your baby in one hand, and with the other, you hold the car, then folding will be a blessing for you. The best strollers fold into compact positions in a matter of seconds, but not all are one-handed, others fold with the use of both hands and are also simple, those that are held upright when folded are very useful for Place in the closet or in the corridors without being traversed.


It is essential to protect your baby from sunlight and bad weather. Reversible awnings protect babies from both front and back, ventilation, either through mesh panels or the fabric used in the canopy, is also important to keep your child cool and comfortable. Some awnings have a plastic window or transparent mesh on the top so you can watch the baby while they are walking. You can also buy a separate rain or wind protector for most strollers if it is not included. Some offer insect networks, too. Others offer additional umbrellas that are attached to the car.


The term covers many possibilities. It can mean a single stroller that can be converted into a double with an additional second seat, or those that have a seat, presumably for a younger child, and a standing platform and bench seat for an older child. Other types of convertibles may have the option of a second seat that can be installed on top of the bank. They also include reconfigurable models that can, although sold as a stroller, be used in an astonishing number of combinations, including two stroller seats forward or backwards, a stroller seat and a car seat, two car seats; etc.

stroller with shock absorbers

Wheels and Shock Absorbers

Larger wheels are good for uneven terrain. Look for strollers with a lockable swivel wheel that adapts to various types of terrain, the tires if they are air provide a smoother ride. If you want something easy to manoeuvre and push avoid the small plastic wheels. Many strollers have some type of suspension or shock absorbers near the mechanisms of the wheel.


In this case, you have to consider two factors. The easy storage of the stroller and the ability to store things in it. For example, a spacious storage basket under the chair makes life easier and carry the purchases, they must be resistant and bear weight without falling to the ground.


Good brakes are an essential safety tool. Most strollers have parking brakes that are activated by the feet. Some have one-touch or one-touch brakes that activate with a single tap of your foot on a bar at the back of the frame, while others have a pedal above each rear wheel. Some newer models have a single manually operated lever that activates both rear-wheel brakes.


Some strollers have protective leg covers, footmuff made of a fabric that can be attached to the stroller, this is especially useful if you live in a place with high temperatures, some are designed to be used when the seat is reclined and almost never come with the chair. If you buy it separately, make sure it is compatible and does not interfere with harnesses.


They can be padded or not. They can be extended or inclined to accommodate people of different heights. Some models have reversible handles that can swing over the top of the stroller and lock in position, changing the direction your baby is looking, those with umbrellas, for example, usually have two separate handles that make them less manoeuvrable.

Fabric and upholstery

There is a wide range of fabrics and colours, so you will have no problem finding something that suits your style, some manufacturers make strollers of soft fabrics and offer layers to keep the baby comfortable if the weather changes. It is useful to look for a washable and easy to clean fabric, a removable cover would be ideal.


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