If you think that your children are ready to start eating solid food, we invite you to read our article that will help you to choose the best baby spoon.

We all know the difficulty that our babies have when it comes time to introduce them to solid food, there may be babies that have a hard time, since they are used to suck for several months, so we will have to start introducing into their feeding routines small foreign objects such as spoons and forks, which the baby may reject. All this can make it difficult for us to feed daily, every change needs adaptation time, so do not despair if it constantly drops food, stains everything or refuses to eat.

Comparison of the best baby spoons

The best will be the one that facilitates learning so that weaning is not so frustrating. As there are many options in the market, pay attention to the qualities they must gather in order to choose not only the cheapest but the best.

Your material is important and therefore we must select one that is soft, resistant and does not generate bite injuries. If they come with an anti-slip system much better because they will have perfect handling of the piece. The design is another aspect that is worth reviewing. What is recommended by experienced moms is that they are wide, without edges and easy to clean.

Most likely, the baby wants to take food with his hands and therefore many include shapes and colours that draw your attention for proper use. Take into account whether it will be to supply the food at home or outside of it, because you can find many options.

Although it is a children’s product, age also means an element to consider. Some are useful from six months and others from the year. However, there are brands that work perfectly from very young until they become all experts.

1. Olababy -Bendable baby spoon

Olababy 100% Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon for Baby Led Weaning 2pack
  • Encourages baby to learn self-feeding
  • Flexible material to scoop food at any angle
  • Spoon base allows for hygienic, upright placement on any surface
  • Ergonomically designed for baby's hands
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings,...

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They are great for your baby to learn to eat and have fun at the same time. Made in good quality silicone for easy handling and to protect the gums.

2.Beaba first baby spoon

BÉABA - Baby Spoons - Silicone weaning spoon - Set of 4 - 1st stage - Rainbow
  • SUPER FLEX SILICONE TIP: specially designed for the transition from bottle to spoon
  • HANDLE LENGTH: adapted to all types of pots
  • LONG, ERGONOMIQUE HANDLE: designed for an adult's hand
  • SOFT SPOON: no risk of gum damage

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In a simple and practical design, you can offer your baby a spoon with good grip to learn to eat your porridge alone. Your material is free of BPA.

3. Bamboo – bamboo and silicone baby spoon

bamboo bamboo ® Baby Weaning Spoons Set of 5 | Bamboo with Soft Silicone Tips | Ergonomic Easy Grip...
  • 🏆 Premium Baby Weaning Spoons: Our baby weaning spoons set of 2 provides the perfect solution for hassle-free feeding during...
  • 🎋 Bamboo with Soft Silicone Tips: The spoons feature bamboo handles with soft silicone tips, ensuring a gentle and safe feeding...
  • 🥄 Ergonomic Easy Grip Handles: The spoons are designed with ergonomic handles for easy grip and comfortable feeding for both...
  • 🌿 BPA-Free and Safe: Our weaning spoons are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby.
  • ✅ Convenient Set of 5 Spoons: Each pack includes 5 spoons, providing an ideal quantity for your baby's feeding needs.

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It gives a good relation between quality and price. There are 5 spoons to safely feed the baby in its first months of life. They are dismantled for easy hygiene.

4. Philips AVENT SCF714/00 Baby Spoon, Fork and Knife Set

Philips AVENT SCF714/00 Toddler Fork, Knife and Spoon Set
  • The anti-slip handles allow small hands to grip easily
  • Ideal for self-feeding, or for mum and dad to help out
  • The story-telling designs will encourage your child to eat
  • Colourful and fun; designed with a leading child psychologist and nutritionist
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA-free

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They are the cheapest of our recommendations and still maintain the quality you expect from a product that your little one will use.

It is one of the forks that adjusts to the stages of your child’s growth; they are deep, they take adequate amounts for the little ones, they are also easy to hold and promote self-feeding.

They are dishwasher safe, BPA free and with a cheerful and educational design. The set does its job and is backed by a brand with a long history in baby products.

5. Feeding bottle spoon

No products found.

Ideal for the first step in spoon-feeding. It has the capacity to place 90 ML of food so you will have to recharge it gradually. It is anti-spill, comfortable and hygienic.

6. Skip Hop stainless steel baby spoon and fork

Skip Hop Zoo-tensil Owl
  • Signature Skip Hop Zoo characters
  • Perfect chunky size for growing toddlers
  • Stainless-steel heads
  • Soft sides for easy grips
  • Dishwasher safe

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Once you have completed the initial training and with the first teeth outside, you can offer this cover set so that you can experience the intake of soups, fruits and solid foods on your own.

baby spoon

Types of baby spoons

In the market there are many models with different shapes and functions, however, among the wide variety there are certain characteristics that make them group into three main types and that also adjust to your child’s age:

Beginner Spoon

The main characteristic of this is that since it is not so deep, the bite it will take will not be so large, so it will be appropriate for baby babies. Also, the material used for its manufacture is ultra-light and does not have as many details on the handle.

Long handle baby spoon

When you start to have contact with the instrument and slightly seek independence at mealtime, you need a spoon with a longer handle that allows you to feed it more comfortably.

This phase is located approximately around eight months when infants already know the procedure of opening and closing their mouth to digest while they sometimes start to take the spoon, although in most cases it is to play a little, it is totally normal and even favourable for the next stage.

Self-feeding baby spoon

Already the older ones are clear about what the spoon is for, and now they take it to eat alone. This model is already slightly heavier and capable of collecting more food.

The little ones improve with practice and the passage of time and they will not take long to differentiate between a fork and a spoon and they will feel more comfortable with one or the other depending on what they are going to eat.

Heat detection spoons

They are innovative models with sensors that will notify parents how hot the baby’s food is just by showing a colour variation on the tip.

In addition to the above, another advantage they have is that the handle is soft and comfortable, for both children and parents, and the end is soft when in contact with babies’ delicate gums.

As for the design, they are striking pieces with which your child will enjoy eating, in most cases, they are suitable for the dishwasher, it is also super safe as it is made free of harmful components such as, BPA, BPS or PVC.

baby is using spoon

What to keep in mind when choosing a baby spoon?

Although baby spoons don’t have the sophistication of other baby equipment, they still have their own crucial features that should make bottle-feeding a pleasant experience for the baby and the parents.

Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing your baby’s spoons:

Spoon size

Always choose the ideal spoon size for your baby. If it is too small, feeding may become a little too slow and dull for your baby. However, if it is too large, your baby may have difficulty using it.


The spoons that you will find on the market will be made of different materials.

Rubber and plastic spoons are among the best spoons for infants, but be sure to always check the FDA’s classification of the spoon, especially when it comes to BPA-free materials.

It is strongly recommended to choose spoons made of inert materials like silicone because they have no side effects or reactions on infants.

Also think about the material used to create the tip of the spoon.

Ease of washing

You can wash them with different types of dishes before sterilizing them.

Risk of suffocation

If so, make sure the removable part is securely attached.

Generally, it is advisable to choose whole or single spoons to avoid the risk of unnecessary suffocation. Removable components are mostly simple decorations that you don’t necessarily need.

Easy handling

For spoons that are too heavy or too complicated to handle, feeding becomes a painful task for the infant. Choose strands with a comfortable grip, with which the infant can learn to feed himself over time.

Although most people might be tempted to buy the cheapest and smartest spoon packaging available at the local store, you may want to reconsider these points.

As your baby develops his front teeth, he will constantly try to consume from the edges of the spoons. Although wear is not a significant issue, the parts that the baby ingests are worth considering.

Choose the best baby spoons that are strong against baby teeth and abrasive teeth, but do not hurt the baby.

It also works in conjunction with protecting the substances used in making baby spoons. These factors can lead to slightly more expensive teaspoons, but it won’t break the back of the spoon.

At what age is a baby able to eat alone?

With the fingers

Between 6 and 12 months, a baby learns to take small pieces of food with his fingers and bring them to his mouth. This is also how a child eats according to the principles of independent feeding from the age of 6 months.

When a baby takes food with his hands, he develops coordination and motor skills. It is also an opportunity for him to become more familiar with these foods by touching them, looking at them closely and bringing them closer to his nose to smell them.

With a baby spoon

If your baby tries to take away the spoon you use to feed him, give him another one. So, he can practice using a spoon and you can give him mouthfuls at the same time.

Around 10 months, a baby begins to take an interest in the spoon with which he is fed. He even wants to try to use it to eat by himself.

Eating with a spoon, however, is adifficult task that requires good coordination. Indeed, the child must put food there and bring the spoon to his mouth without dropping everything. Then, he must succeed in putting the spoon and its contents in his mouth.

During the child’s first attempts, it is normal for the spoon to reach his almost empty mouth. He will practice with the spoon at his own pace while learning from his parents, and he will continue to use his fingers for more efficiency.

The damage is normal and frequent. The use of the spoon requires training. Little by little, the child improves his eye-hand coordination and, around 2 years old, he can feed himself without doing too much damage.


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