As your little one grows he needs your help to go over stages. A baby sippy cup often makes the transition process easier by saying goodbye to the baby bottles, forever. These should be left behind between the first and two years of age.

Why leave the bottle? Most paediatricians recommend it to avoid dental problems later. And of course, you can’t spend your life feeding on a teat.

In fact, it is recommended the use of a trainer cup so that your child can drink water from before the first year. This way you avoid using a bottle and your child develop faster, in this sense. Everything is part of teaching and achieving good eating habits.

If you have reached that crucial moment and need to buy a sippy cup, this list with the most wanted will help you decide.

What is the best baby sippy cup?

When visiting the market we will find many cups with a mouthpiece, choosing the one that best suits your baby’s needs becomes a complicated task when you are bombarded with information and do not know much about the subject.

It is important that you choose the right product, that it is safe and efficient for your child, our intention is to guide you at the moment of purchase and that through our help you can choose the perfect nozzle glass.

To achieve this we invite you to consider these factors, the most relevant when choosing a transitional cup:

  • Manufacturing materials
  • The type of mouthpiece that each model offers you
  • The anti-drip system
  • Security
  • Ease of cleaning

It will not be necessary to take into account the manufacturer brand, the cost and design. Today we bring you a small comparative list, the definitive shopping guide to help you choose the best product. Ready? Let us begin!

Philips Avent trainer cup with straw

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This is a 100% spill-proof straw cup from Philips Avent. But it is not just a cup with a straw. It is designed for the child to drink smoothly from any position. This is possible because the bottom of the straw is curved so that the liquid easily arrives.

This non-slip model is easy to grip. Therefore, the child can run around and jump with the glass in hand or leave it lying on the floor without putting everything lost. It does not matter that the glass takes impacts because nothing drains. Its integrated anti-drip valve prevents spills and the lid closes, hiding the straw, so parents make sure that nothing gets wet when carried in the bag or in the stroller basket.

With its 300 ml capacity, the child will have water to drink throughout the day and if you want to give him milk at night before going to sleep, all you have to do is adopt a thread with a Philips Avent. Meanwhile, parents can take it apart and give it a good dishwasher wash to make it perfect for the next day.

With the Philips Avent straw cup, the child will have a healthy oral development because it exercises and strengthens the muscles of the mouth. Of course, at first, it may be a bit difficult to sip, but soon they will adapt to it and take the trick.

Sippy Cup Philips Avent mouthpiece SCF551 / 03

Philips Avent Easy Sip Spout Cup with Handle, 200 ml - Blue/Green - SCF551/15
  • One-piece silicone spout for easy assembly
  • Compatible with Philips AVENT bottles
  • Soft silicone spout for easy drinking
  • Rippled container shape for steady grip
  • All parts are dishwasher safe for convenience

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It is a great sippy cup, the cheapest model of our selection. Provided with a reserve capacity of 200 ml.

Equipped with anti-spill valve, two side handles and a silicone mouthpiece without BPA, soft to the touch and easy to use. Its use is recommended for children older than 6 months.

Sippy Cap – Thinkbaby

Thinkbaby Sippy Cups for Toddlers 9 to 36 months - No BPA – 9oz / 266ml - Orange
  • Anti-Spill No Leaks - The Thinkbaby Sippy Cup's super soft medical grade silicone spout with it's unique cross cut top means no...
  • Easy Transition - Suitable for toddlers transitioning from a Thinkbaby Baby Bottle. The removable handles make it a great option...
  • Safe For Your Child - The Thinkbaby Sippy Cup and all plastic components are made from polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene (Number...
  • Thinkbaby Bottle Accessories - We recommend using the matching Thinkbaby Neoprene Thermal Bottle Sleeve. These soft covers protect...
  • Easy Clean Up - Use hand washing or top rack of the dishwasher. ATC Green Kiwi is the only authorised seller of the Thinkbaby and...

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It is a nice cup of mouthpiece that you can buy in pink and orange. It has a capacity of 266 ml and its use is recommended for children from 9 to 36 months of age.

It is provided with side handles to give your little one a good grip and an external cover to protect the mouthpiece and keep it clean.

Chicco Baby Soft Cup

Chicco 6823700000 Soft Cup with Spout 6 Months and Up Watermelon
  • Brand: Chicco
  • Manufacturer reference: 6823700000
  • Colour: Watermelon Red
  • Product Advantages: Ergonomic handle
  • Compatible nipples

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It is an economical transition vessel for your baby. This model has a reserve capacity of 150 ml and a super soft mouthpiece that can be used by children over 6 months.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Its purple design is ideal for boys and girls. It is provided with an anti-spill system and an external cover.

Pack of 4 baby cups Tiny Angel

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It is a set of baby cups, super versatile as these caps are able to adapt to a wide variety of cups and bottles.

They are made of silicone without BPA, they are durable, easy to clean, stretch and do not drip. Its use is indicated for babies 9 months and older.

The set includes 4 caps in bright colours: pink, orange, purple and red.

2 in 1 glass adapted to OXO growth

Oxo Mini 6151200T1DE Tippy Cup with Handles 200 ml, Raspberry Red
  • Mug can be adapted to the growth and development of your child.
  • Leak-proof valve allows pressure equalisation for comfortable drinking and prevents leakage
  • Soft, non-slip, removable handles and top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC free
  • Contents visible through transparent cup

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This cup presents an innovative design as it comes with two covers, one with a mouthpiece to help your baby during the transition period and another cover with the openings of a regular cup, to accompany it during its growth.

The cup has a capacity of 200 ml. It is provided with two lateral, removable and non-slip handles and a measurement system marked on the transparent container.

Munchkin Miracle – 360 Degree Trainer Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 6+ Month 7oz Baby Sippy Cups (2-Pack). Free Flow Beaker for Toddlers. Trainer...
  • MUNCHKIN 360 CUP SET: 2x 7oz/207ml toddler sippy cups with handles, in blue and green colours. Each baby cup with magic no-spill...
  • 360 EDGE NON SPILL CUP: Each leak-free Munchkin sippy cup, for toddlers and babies over 6 months, has a one-way valve with 360°...
  • FIRST CUP WITH HANDLES: The Munchkin cup set features our popular anti spill Miracle design. With easy to hold handles they're a...
  • EASY TO CLEAN BEAKER: Our Munchkin straw cups, sipping cups and bottles are top shelf dishwasher safe and are great gifts for a...
  • PART OF THE MUNCHKIN BABY WEANING RANGE: Innovative baby sippy cups, toddler feeding accessories, baby weaning sets and kids cups...

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The American brand Munchkin was founded in Los Angeles, California in the early 1990s. Innovative, modern and reliable: these are the products of this renowned company specialized in baby care. His Miracle 360º model deserves the Oscar for the best cup.

It is the first Munchkin patented children’s glass that thinks of both children and their parents. Eliminate spills 100% with a valve that closes hermetically after drinking and takes care of the health of the teeth thanks to the technology without spout, facilitating the change to a traditional cup or glass. Being able to drink from any part of the edge, as in a normal container, helps the proper development of the muscles of the mouth. And because it has no spout, straw, or extra parts, the Miracle 360 ​​° Spill Cup is easy to use and even easy to clean.

The Miracle 360º is available in striking colours and 3 capacities designed to adapt to the child’s growth: the 207 ml one, with handles; that of 296, without handles; and the 414 ml one, also without handles and with a non-slip rubber so that it does not slip from your hands.

Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup

Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup 9oz, 2pk, Blue/Green, SCF782/55
  • Dentists recommend this cup's lip-activated spoutless technology
  • Allows for healthy oral development and easy transition to grown up drinking
  • Drink from 360-degrees all around the rim, just like an open cup!
  • Mess Free - Liquid only flows when the child's lip is pressed down on the rim. Valve shuts when no pressure applied.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe

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Another good cup with mouthpiece and two handles that will allow the child to make an easy transition to a normal cup. It allows drinking all over the edge and has a non-drip valve and has a lid to improve hygiene. It is made of BPA-free material as in the previous case.

It is easy to clean in the dishwasher and it is almost impossible to spill liquid even if it falls on the floor. 

What is a sippy cup?

The goal of the sippy cup is to gradually bring the child to drink from the cup with confidence. It can be used as soon as the baby can sit down and take hold of a cylindrical object with handles. 

There are multi-accessory models that can be used from 3 months with a bottle-type start. A teat fits on the cup with its handle rim. It is no longer quite a bottle and not yet a cup, but it familiarizes the child with his future cup. 

Most of the learning and trainer cups are 3 in 1. A cup with 3 essential accessories: the pierced duck-like spout, the adapter for drinking from the glass without spilling everything, then the cup alone.

Different types of sippy cups


They are the most used, lightest and have a less expensive price than others made of different materials. However, you should prefer those that indicate being free of Bisphenol A (BPA). This is a chemical that is used to harden plastic and keep bacteria that contaminate food away. However, it is believed that it could have side effects on the endocrine function when you are very exposed to it, so it is better to avoid it.

Stainless steel

If you are not bothered by noise when falling, this version is a good alternative. It does not generate chemical problems related to plastic and it is also much more durable. Cleaning is easy and serves as thermal protection for milk or liquids that require refrigeration.


Although you won’t have to worry about BPA in this case either, the glass cups are heavier and riskier, breaking more easily. However, most of them have silicone sleeves that prevent them from slipping off the hands and protect them a little from falls that are not too high.


It is another of the most used materials for sippy cups. It is almost always present on mouthpieces, straws, and handles. Since the material is soft and soft, your baby may be very tempted to nibble on each of these parts. Scratching his gums, of course, teething is in process. So the downside that these cups can have is just that, that maybe you should look for spare parts or buy a completely new cup after time with it. It will be a jumble of bites.

sippy cup

What to look for when choosing a baby sippy cup?

When you shopping, don’t forget this list of must-haves in a training cup.


There are cups that do not bring them, others that bring one or those that come with two. Since you are in a period of trial and error, you can try to see which one pleases the little one. Some prefer them with both, others with one and there are even those who lean towards the one without handles, due to its similarity to the bottle. It is a matter of testing.

BPA free

As we explained before, this substance present in some plastic containers has several questions about its effects on humans. So it is best to look at the packaging where it says the glass is BPA free. The most opaque vessels are usually freer from BPA than those with transparent plastic.

Another fact is to verify the number of times that plastic has been recycled. You can see that at the bottom of the container. Avoid those who say 7 PCs because they are not of good quality or very healthy.

Wide bottom

When the lower part of the cup is wider and with a larger diameter, there is less risk of it turning over and spilling. It will be even easier for the baby to place it on any surface.

Detachable parts

If everything falls apart, the cleaning process is simpler. Also, if any part is damaged, you can surely find a spare to replace it, without having to buy a new cup.

Keep the sippy cup clean

Like everything that will enter your baby’s mouth, it is imperative to make sure that the cups are as clean as possible. They are exposed to a large number of bacteria daily, especially if you send them with your children to daycare. The tiny holes in the valves and tips provide convenient places for mould growth if not washed properly.

The best way to combat the build-up of unpleasant particles is to rinse the cup as soon as your child has finished using it. That way, the leftover liquid won’t have time to dry. You can even soak the cup and lid in hot, soapy water for ten to fifteen minutes before washing them, just to make sure the dried residue has a chance to come off.

In many cases, the inner valves on these cups are difficult to remove, making your job even more difficult. But if they can be disassembled, be sure to disassemble all of the components, including straws, plugs and rubber rings, to remove any debris.

It is also a good idea to pour your child’s sippy cups in the dishwasher occasionally, as the high temperature helps disinfect them and remove germs hiding in the nooks and crannies access. If you want to go further, you can dip the cups in boiling water or use a bottle sterilizer to kill the remaining bacteria.

Sippy cups are designed to keep liquids inside, so drying them thoroughly can be a chore, but it’s a vital step because the humidity is a great breeding ground for mould. Make sure never to reassemble the cups until all components are completely dry, and place them on a drying rack rather than a towel to allow maximum airflow.