Because a baby’s skin is thin, fragile, and less resistant to harmful substances, special products should be used as part of your baby’s skincare routine. This includes baby shampoo, which is milder than adult varieties. Recently, the report that the chemicals in many shampoos can be harmful being harmful to babies has sparked a debate about which products are best for babies. The key to keeping your baby’s skin healthy is choosing products with the softest possible ingredients.

Best baby shampoo comparison

Like any other product intended for use in our small, there are many shampoos and there is a wide variety among which you can choose that will adapt to your needs.

When choosing a shampoo for newborn babies or babies that grow, it is best to opt for the natural, ecological and that is free of strong chemicals, as this will ensure that the little one will not have skin irritations or allergies.

All parents want the best for our babies, so, to help you choose, I have put together a comparison with options that I have loved.

1. Natural Sensation Chicco Bath and Shampoo Gel

A shampoo of the Chicco brand that will be perfect for the smallest babies, this because it is extremely soft, does not cause irritations and its formula contains natural ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera that keep the skin hydrated and without irritations.

2. Natessance Vanilla Strawberry Organic Hair and Body Shower Gel for kids

Nowadays, it is quite possible to take care of kids body and hair with just one product. For soft skin and a shiny mane, Natessance has developed the Kids heir and body shower gel. It is a shower gel formulated with 100% natural ingredients. 

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Burt’s Baby Shampoo

With this shampoo, you can take good care of the hair and skin of your little one, as it is a natural product and free of strong chemicals that can irritate and cause allergies. It is formulated to be used on babies with more delicate skin.

4. Aveeno Baby Wash Aveeno Shampoo

If you are looking for a cheap shampoo of excellent quality for babies prone to irritations, with this you can wash your hair and your whole body in a safe way, as it is approved by pediatricians due to its formulation free of parabens and other chemicals.

5. Mama Bear Baby Wash gel & Shampoo

To accompany children during their bath, the brand Mama Bear has designed this set of cleaning gel and shampoo. These washing products are suitable for daily use. It has been specially formulated to gently cleanse babies’ sensitive skin from head to toe. Its formula with neutral pH has been carefully studied, the shampoo does not sting the eyes. In addition, it gives off a pleasant apple scent when used. Compact in size, this set of Mama Bear washing products has no problem slipping into luggage when you’re on the go.

6. Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavander Shampoo

We all want the best and safest for our children and this shampoo is ideal because it does not contain chemicals, petroleum products, PEG, parabens, silicones, GMO ingredients, or synthetic perfume.

Its formula is made of natural products such as lavender and is free of toxins.

7. Mustela baby shampoo

An ideal shampoo for babies who have very fine and delicate hair that you want to protect, it is easy to rinse and has chamomile extract, so your formula will take care of the scalp of the little ones very well.

8. Johnson’s Baby baby shampoo

The shampoo is well known for its great care with the skin of babies, which, in addition, will be perfect if you are looking for one that is cheap and very hygienic. It is very safe to use in small and you will not have to worry because it does not sting your eyes.

9. Weleda Kids – Happy Orange Shampoo and Body Wash

This 2 in 1 shampoo by Weleda is specially formulated for the daily grooming of children from 3 years old. It gently cleanses fragile hair and children’s skin. With a washing base based on natural ingredients, without irritants, this 2 in 1 washing product does not sting the eyes and does not cause any allergic reaction. Enriched with sesame oil of organic quality, it hydrates the skin and preserves its natural balance. These carefully selected natural substances nourish the hair of little ones. The efficiency of Weleda 2 in 1 shampoo has been tested under dermatological control.

What is baby shampoo?

Many parents, especially first-timers, do not take the time to choose a shampoo that is only for babies, this is because they do not know the benefits that can provide the child’s hair and the danger that exists in using shampoos that are very strong. Baby shampoo is a gentle shampoo, designed especially for the delicate skin of babies and that does not cause irritation like other products.

Reasons to use baby shampoo

Sometimes it seems incredible how many things a baby needs, right? Actually, the more children you have, the fewer things you use because with experience you realize that many of them are not necessary, but do babies really need a special shampoo? The answer is yes!

Most adult shampoos contain ingredients that are great for our adult hair, but less so for the little ones in the house.

Baby’s skin is more sensitive and prone to drying than adult skin, so these products can end up irritating baby’s skin.

And since babies don’t have a problem with body odor, they don’t need to use a product formulated to create a good smell for adults, in addition to keeping them clean.

You won’t need a big amount of shampoo every time you wash your baby, so you can rest easy because, although baby shampoos are somewhat more expensive, the bottle will last much longer and it won’t be a big hit for you. family economy. But there will be a big difference for your baby’s skin!

How to choose the best baby shampoo?

To choose the best shampoo, you should keep in mind the following factors:

Pre-existing skin conditions

If your baby has a skin problem, allergies or is easily irritated, you should consider this before making the purchase. Look for natural and organic options as they will be the best.

Alcohol free

Alcohol is usually present in adult products, this makes them dry faster in our scalp, but, can be very aggressive for babies’ skin, so it is best to avoid it and look for a shampoo that does not contain it.

PH neutral

It is important to choose a shampoo with neutral PH since it can otherwise cause dryness and irritation in the baby’s skin.


Many shampoos to obtain their rich fragrances use chemicals that are very strong, which is not suitable for the skin of the baby, so it is better to opt for an organic shampoo that has natural scents or one without fragrance.

Type of scalp and baby skin

It is important that you know what type of skin your baby has, in this way you will choose an appropriate shampoo, whether this skin is oily, very dry, sensitive or with allergies.


You should choose shampoo formulas that are natural, that do not contain chemicals, parabens, free of synthetic and without sulfates.


Many of these products can be used to wash the hair and the rest of the body of the baby, in this way you will save money and it will be a safe product to use.


Another important factor is the package. Today it is possible to find baby shampoo of 200, 400 or 750 ml. So keep in mind the amount of bath you usually give your child and how much is used in each application.

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How to wash baby hair?

Baby hair is fragile, and most of the time we find in its first months of life the famous scabs of milk. How to wash it, how often, what baby shampoo to use, and how to remove the scabs of milk. find out everything about caring for baby hair.

Baby hair is fragile, and most of the time we find in its first months of life the famous scabs of milk. How to wash it, how often, what baby shampoo to use, and how to remove the scabs of milk. find out everything about caring for baby hair.


Above all, do not wash his hair every day, it is useless and what is more, it will damage his scalp and hair! Every 3 days is the ideal frequency! Even if he has scabs of milk. To wash them, put a few drops of special baby shampoo or baby body and hair wash gel on a washcloth and wash your hair with a gentle massage. Once in the bath, take a small container and rinse his head by running a trickle of clear water neither too hot nor too cold.


When your little one has finished his bath. Do not rub his head to dry his hair. Simply dab with a terry towel. Remember, his head, his scalp and his hair is fragile.


Once baby’s hair is washed and dried, take a small soft bristle brush for babies and style it gently.


Whether for the sun or in very cold weather, remember to always cover your baby’s head: cap in summer and hat in winter. The sun and the cold can damage and sensitize the baby’s hair.