Tracking the baby’s weight is one of the parent’s most important concerns. This helps ensure the baby’s growth and health. Note that during the first three months, the baby’s growth can range from 800 g to 1 kg per month. Having a baby scale at home allows parents to monitor the weight of the baby in peace. In this way, parents will always be on the lookout for any kind of change regarding their little one. At any time of the day, you can check the baby’s weight.

Do you want to buy a baby scale? For new parents, purchasing such equipment is complicated. This is why we have prepared a complete buying guide for baby scale. So in this article, you will find everything you need to know about this device: selection criteria, usage tips, price range, maintenance tips, etc.

What is the best scale for babies?

baby scales

Like every mother concerned about the integral well-being of your baby, you should seriously consider keeping a record of her development and the weight-to-height relationship using measuring instruments such as measuring tapes and scales as support.

Information on the growth of your baby is available in specialized publications and direct consultation with the treating doctor. Having all this at hand you can buy a scale that meets your expectations.

Finding the best one on the market will depend on many variants, such as the quality of your materials, their ergonomic design, the precision of your measurements and your budget. Cheap or not, this will be a paid investment in the health and normal evolution of your baby, so it is well worth it.

1. Todeco Baby Scale With Music

For the maximum comfort of your baby

Todeco - Baby Scale, Electric Baby Scale - Size: 65.4 x 33.2 x 11.6 cm - Maximum load: 44 lbs -...
  • TARE FEATURE AND DATA RECORD: The Tare-Feature allows you to exclude the weight of a diaper or other textiles while measuring the...
  • SMART FUNCTIONS: The scale provides not only an overload indicator and a low power indicator, but precise handy weighing with a...
  • ACCURATE READING: Maximum weight up to 20kg/44lbs, with an accuracy of +/- 10 grams. It displays weight in kilograms or pounds. In...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The electronic scale is easy to clean by a wet cloth or a damp sponge; this scale is ideal for weighing baby...
  • POWER SAVING: This digital electronic scale has an automatic power-saving shutdown after 60 seconds, or you can turn it off...

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If you have a generous budget, we recommend this model that stands out in the comparison. In addition to the benefits of precision in the weight, it has soft music to keep your baby calm while resting on his pad tray. Its large backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read. Bring a tape measure and a table with regular growth values.

2. Miniland Scaly Up Evolutive Weighing Scale

Progressive measurements while growing

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You will be surprised by the design of this battery weight measurement system for infants and children, with the support of up to 50 kg. It comes with a removable tray to recline the smallest ones during the registry, and one with a flat form for the majors, showing the results in its digital screen. Stores previous values. Easy to clean and light.

3. Baby scale Chicco

Firm grip for precise values

Chicco Digital Baby Scale, White | Newborns & Babies (30g - 20kg), Electronic Baby Weighing Scale,...
  • FOLLOWS THE GROWTH OF THE BABY: Ergonomic and compact, the Chicco digital baby scale helps you follow the growth of your baby from...
  • PRECISE: Accurate digital precision weighing, detecting even small weight variations, with a scale division of 10 g
  • LCD DISPLAY: The digital scale for newborns and babies allows easy and immediate weight reading thanks to the large LCD display
  • STABILISER: The electronic baby scale is equipped with a sophisticated system that stabilises the baby's weight even when the...
  • FUNCTIONS: Practical memorisation of the last weighing and tare function that allows the use of a towel during the measurement....

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For a record of the evolution of the weight from birth, nothing like this model of the renowned Chicco brand, which has the perfect shape to comfortably hold the baby and without risks, thanks to its antivibration system. Your readings are reviewed on the LCD screen, where you can also see previous results. It allows weighing children up to 20 Kg.

4. Baby weight Scale Beurer BY80

Weight detection system

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale | Digital baby weighing scale with large LCD screen | Curved platform for...
  • EASY TO USE Checking your baby's weight is child's play - thanks to the curved weighing surface and the hold function, you get...
  • COMFORTABLE USE Thanks to the Tara weighing function, you can cover the weighing surface with a blanket and then measure your...
  • CLEAR DISPLAY The easy-to-read, 75 x 30 mm LCD display shows the measurements in 23 mm digits, the unit can be converted to...
  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT For accurate measurement of the weight, 5 g increments are displayed, the scale has a maximum load capacity...
  • PRACTICAL USE The digital baby scale is easy to clean, with anti-slip and abrasion-resistant rubber feet for a firm stand, 2xAA...

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If taking the baby’s weight becomes a complicated task due to its uneasiness and sudden movements, you can count on the BY-80 electric scale. Its base is anti-slip and has an automatic record of retention to weigh little restless. Your tray is curved to put the child to bed, observing your current or previous reading on the LCD screen.

5. Electronic baby scale Mebby

Functionality at a low cost

Mebby Baby and Child Digital Scales with Removable Tray
  • Sophisticated software allows you to weigh your baby or child accurately even if he/she is moving around
  • Italian designed to keep track of your baby or child's growth
  • Supplied with a soft white mat
  • Memory function allows you to check the difference between baby's current weight and the previous weight stored in the memory
  • Easy removable tray for when your infant grows; it then becomes a useful and traditional style scale

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This simple model will facilitate the control and registration of weight in babies from birth, with a maximum limit of 20 Kg. Bring a special button to record the average value if the child moves. Like the other presentations, it is made of resistant plastic. Recommended to those who are looking for an economic system but that fulfils its function.

6. Terraillon Evolutive Baby Scales

Terraillon Baby Scales Digital Weighing Scales, Weight Stabilization, Tare Function, Detachable...
  • Your baby's weight perfect companion: Evolutionary baby weighing scales to monitor the growth of your newborn baby, Precision and...
  • Accurate measuring of the weight even when baby wiggles thanks to the automatic freeze function, Tare function for the...
  • Curved plastic platform for baby's comfort and safety, Perfect stability thanks to four large feet, Heavy-duty, easy-to-clean...
  • Easy to store and transport: removable tray and transport bag included, Lightweight (less than 2kg), Optimal readability: backlit...
  • Contents: 1 Terraillon Evolutive baby scales, White, Material: plastic / glass, Weight: 1,8 kg, Dimensions (WxDxH): 50 x 30,5 x 6...

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It is important that you check the baby’s weight every month. This will give you an idea of ​​its growth. To do this, you will, therefore, need a specific device called a baby scale. We are going to see today, a model of the Terraillon brand. The brand’s baby scale has a concave surface where you can place your little one. As for the values, they are displayed on an LCD screen. You will have no trouble reading the figures as they are big enough.

In case you want to provide your child with great comfort by covering the surface of the scale with a towel or blanket, press the Tare button. Thus, the counter will be reset. Then put your child on it. Then you will get its true weight. Note that it is possible to choose the unit of weight with this device. In addition, if your baby moves during the weighing, activate the Hold command and then hold your child. It will then be the value obtained at this precise moment which will be the true weight of your child.

baby scale

How to use a baby scale

To be able to follow the growth of your baby, it is advisable to weigh it regularly. To do this, you can go directly to a health professional, especially a paediatrician or a midwife. But if you have a baby scale, you can do it directly at home. However, the use of this balance requires a minimum of know-how to ensure the safety of the baby but also to obtain precise data. In order to help you handle a baby scale easily, we have prepared a whole series of tips on what to do before, during and after using the scale.

Before taking action, it is advisable to sterilize the tray on which we will place the baby to ensure optimal hygiene. This operation should not be carried out by a child but by a responsible adult. To avoid any risk of incidents, the scale should be placed on a stable surface, ideally on a table or on the floor. The goal is to ensure optimal safety for the baby throughout the weighing.

Once the tray is well prepared, the baby must now be placed gently. Once on the scale platform, never leave it alone. If the scale has a tare function, you do not need to strip the baby. If this is not the case, you must remove your clothes quickly to know its precise weight. It is advisable to carefully monitor the weight curve of the infant. This will allow you to assess your baby’s growth.

After each use, it is best to store the baby scale in a safe place. Before storing it, for example, you can use a protective cover to maintain the appearance of the weighing platform. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is also advisable to reserve a backup battery. In case, you use a baby scale with a mains supply, you should never forget to unplug it after each use.

using baby scale

Advantages of using a baby scale

Among the benefits of having one at home for your baby are:

Progress: they allow to know the gain or loss of weight for the decision making and changes in the feeding. This factor is vital during special treatments or in babies born prematurely.

Convenience: there are many online tutorials and support material to know the correct evolution of the child as it grows. A scale helps you do this from the comfort of your home.

Saving money: constant medical visits have an impact on your pocket. In this sense, registering the weight at home reduces the need to go to the paediatrician. As long as there are no variations out of the ordinary.

Milk consumption: the scales serve as support to determine the amount of milk necessary to achieve efficient feeding. Increase or decrease the intake will depend on the recommended value according to the resulting weight.

Baby scale types

  • Manual: this type of baby scales have a manually adjustable scale system. They tend to be less precise because they require constant calibrations.
  • Digital: they are electronic measuring devices that offer accurate readings, with a degree of error between 3 and 10 grams in most cases.
  • Of table: those of this type are placed on a flat and firm surface, for readings of greater accuracy. They have trays to place the baby.
  • Pendants: they have a spring that activates the mechanism that marks the scale, and that can be stencilled on a stable base or pole. It is frequently used in newborn babies.

How to choose the correct baby scale?

Once you know how important it is to know the weight of your baby during its growth, it is only choosing the perfect scale to have at home. But among so many options how to select the best? Yes, it seems complicated but in reality, it is not if you pay attention to the following benefits that should be:

  • Retention button: ideal for recording weight, even if our naughty little child is uneasy. Determine the correct value between fluctuations caused by the movement of the baby.
  • Maximum weight allowed: some allow a maximum weight of 20 kg, which is beneficial to assess progress during growth, from birth until they reach that limit.
  • Special trays: the curved and padded designs of the trays are perfect for placidly placing newborns.
  • Unit of measurement: the precision in the values ​​thrown will depend on the unit of measurement that you manage. Many electronic scales currently support this configuration.
  • Accuracy: you should read carefully in the characteristics of the products the precision or degree of error determined when weighing. Quality tends to affect the fidelity of values.
  • Zero function: some devices can calculate the weight in babies with clothes and shoes.
  • Durability: the materials used in its manufacture will offer resistance and prolonged use.
  • Extras: music, anti-vibration systems, sending reports via online, among other novel features can be quite interesting and profitable.