Taking safety measures is an obligation for parents, especially if they have young children who still need to be monitored all the time. However, we cannot always supervise our children, we must, therefore, give ourselves the means to preserve the security of our descendants. Barriers such as baby safety gate support parents in their obligation, this kind of product with simple operating principles address their primary concerns.

The best safety gates in comparison

There is a wide variety of gates in the offer. To help you we have done a test with the main qualities of the safety gates and with them, we elaborated this brief list of suggestions where are those that, we consider, are the best ones:

1. Stop Stair gate Hauck

Made of metal materials, the Hauck safety gate is installed under pressure and without screws. It is ideal for doors and stairs.

It is an affordable product, which comes with an extension available and complies with the safety standards for these devices.

It has a manual closing mechanism and opening with one hand. Those who have already bought it praise its robustness and quality.

2. Rolling safety gate Summer Infant

The child safety roller shutter is installed to the wall with the use of tools and is ideal for the kitchen or stairs.

It comes with a resistant almost invisible locker and locking lever that is operated in a simple way so that you do not do any tricks when trying to cross it. It is a retractable product.

It is not cheap, but those who have it say it is solid and stable.

3. BabyDan large baby safety gate

With dimensions exceeding 70 cm and strong materials, this modular gate is suitable for use in stairs, corridors, attics, doors and chimneys.

It is a heavy gate, high quality, durable and comes in sections. You can use them together or separately.

It has no low price, but in the opinion of those who already bought it, it is firm and secure. It is worth the expense.

4. Dreambaby Xtra-Wide safety gate

Equipped with automatic closing, this gate is adjusted with pressure, that is to say, that you can place it without drilling or screwing. It is suitable for the entrance of the kitchen, corridors and rooms. It comes with double locking for safety and is very easy to assemble.

Its price is according to its qualities and characteristics, it is not a bargain, but it will be worth every pound that you give for it.

5. BabyDan wood safety gate

Made of birch wood, this fence to protect children from the stairs is extendable, has a one-handed opening system and fits directly to the wall.

It is an economic product, comes with flexible but very reliable closure and is not equipped with a bar for you to pass over, it is safer in case you take your hands busy.

6. Lindam Sure Shut Safety Gate

This model is the least expensive of our list, it is high and even contains children over one year old. It is easy to install and has a double protection system.

The white lacquered metal gate is perfectly adapted to door frames, corridors and staircases. Open in both directions and those who already have affirmed that it is solid and resistant.

7. BabyDan Avantgarde True Pressure Fit Safety Gate

Want the best for baby safety? This Baby Dan baby safety gate keeps your babies from 3 to 24 months safe from falls on the stairs, or too adventurous expeditions in the house. Thanks to snap fasteners, the Baby Dan baby safety gate easily attaches to your walls, and thus prevents the baby from entering stairs or certain rooms in the house.

For parents who are the most on the safety side, it should be noted that the baby safety gate complies with existing safety standards (EN1930: 2011).
Made of natural wood and with silver metal, this gate will perfectly match your interior decor. Wood gives it a very chic side that goes very well with any type of decoration.

Nothing is simpler to install the Baby Dan baby gate. All the tools necessary for installation are supplied with the product, which greatly facilitates assembly. So, once the delivery is made, you will just have to proceed with the installation.

Advantages of baby safety gate

Monitoring all the movements of a child requires the full attention of the mother for the whole day. However, caring for a baby shouldn’t seem like such an annoying chore if the right solution is found by installing the right tools.

Safety gates can limit the baby’s access to at-risk rooms in the house at any time: the kitchen, the engine room or the rooms containing stairs. By exploiting the advantages of safety gates, it not only contributes to limiting domestic accidents but also to the baby’s entertainment.

baby safety gate

Types of safety gates

The type of safety gate must be dictated by the security needs it has to satisfy. Different types of baby gates also mean that there is a gate for each person with different tastes or preferences. Since the market is flooded with many door products, manufacturers have to lower the prices of those gates to keep up with the competition, which is an advantage for consumers. Therefore, it is important to note that the type of safety gate you choose will also determine the amount of money that will be spent on these security devices. Here are some of the most common types of baby safety gates available:

Pressure safety gates

As the name implies, they are held in place by allowing the gate to press between two opposite or vertical walls. Installation is basically easy and does not require any tools. These types of safety gates are more suitable for places where falling is not a danger such as the bottom of the stairs, between two rooms but not at the top of the stairs. There are two main types of pressure mounted gates and they are, pressure mounted pass-through safety gates and pressure mounted portable gates.

Those types are designed for use in high traffic areas of the home. They come with a practical gate that opens both ways, making them comfortable for easy access or passage from one room to another.

The pressure-mounted portable gates are designed to be easily transportable and have two sliding panels that implement a safety closing mechanism. With no gates, accessibility is usually a problem even for adults, since you have to lower it or jump over it when you want to pass.

Hardware mounted safety gates

Unlike pressure mounted gates, which are not ideal for use at the top of stairs due to the risk of tripping and falling, pressure mounted safety gates are perfect for safely securing the top of stairs. To install these gates, you definitely need some kind of hardware to install these gates on a wall or door frame safely and sturdy. But you should also be careful to make sure that the material you are mounting the gate on is reliable enough to hold it in place securely. A bad practice, for example, would be to mount the gate in a cast, as this would provide a false sense of security. Always make sure to mount the gate on a strong and reliable material,

Fireplace safety gate

These safety gates can be used both inside and outside the house. They come with a series of panels that can be interlocked to create a safe and spacious enclosed play area for your baby or pet. Some of them come with extensions that help increase the enclosed play area for your child. When these gates are not used as a playground, they can be used very comfortably to enclose dangerous places like fireplaces thanks to their extra-wide dimensions. Being autonomous, they do not need to be held by walls or doors.

Retractable Safety Gate

Retractable safety gates are usually constructed of strong, flexible mesh material with a stylish design that fits perfectly with most interior decoration. When fully opened, the mesh panel disappears completely into the housing, leaving no tripping hazard on the way. Closing open space is also very easy as all you have to do is pull the mesh panel until it completely encloses the gate or opening you want to secure.

Things to keep in mind when buying baby safety gate

Buying safety gate for your children is not just about looking for something that blocks doors and stairs. It is necessary, in those cases, that you take into account several aspects and evaluate each situation carefully so that your purchase is the most appropriate.

You must remember that the safety of your little one is always the main thing and you must have control of all the possible risks that you face, that is why you should pay special attention to the following aspects:

Design of your house

Before making your purchase, it is essential that you evaluate all your residence first to identify which are the most susceptible and most risky areas. In this review, you will have to decide which area you will block and which one does not need this forecast.

With this guide, you will know with greater certainty of how many gates you will need at home. It is important that you take a look at the top and bottom of the stairs, the corridors and the baby rooms. Any area that is out of your sight is a potential danger.

What you need it for?

If you put gates in different areas of the house, most likely you will need different types and functions. Maybe you can find some universal that will work for all cases. It is also necessary that you ask yourself a lot of things, for example, if you will need a locking bar or one with a door for passage, in those cases, you must also be clear about the frequency of entry and exit to the room.

You should also ask yourself if you will restrict access to a particular area or if the child will be locked in that area.

Similarly, it is appropriate to know if, by your routine of activities, you should walk frequently in that area, if you have to be moving the gates every two times and if you usually walk through that part of the house with your hands full. With knowledge of these details, you should know which exactly suits you best.


You can not do anything if you take home the most competitive gate, at the end of the day, you do not fit with the size of the areas where you want to place it, so measuring each space before buying is an unavoidable task because with this information you will know what they are the most convenient options.

Select a blind gate, without having clear the dimensions of the place where you will place it is a useless expense.


If you already know the measures and the areas to block, the following are the considerations on the suitable material for the gates. The ideal is that the style combines with your home, does not clash or cause damage

  • Metal: This is the material par excellence preferred by mothers, do not bend or flex with the pushes. They are usually of steel or aluminium, they go with almost all the styles and are light, although, sometimes, the one of steel perhaps it is difficult to open for the weight, which can also make it difficult to transport. The disadvantage with children is that they can hit or injure themselves if they try to climb it.
  • Made of wood: This is one of the most popular options. It has good weight, although it is not immovable, it is strong enough so that children do not try to climb it or knock it down. Some users also consider that the wood goes better with the decorations, they come in a variety of styles and are quite solid. Its disadvantage is that if you have pets it is likely that your dog or cat likes chewing or scratching, which can cause discomfort to children and even injuries. If you do not have pets, this option will come in handy.
  • Plastic: This is perhaps the most standard option of all, it is light but robust and very sought after. It comes in a variety of colours that can be used to combine with the house or to make fun scenarios for your children. They are silent and portable, although they are not recommended outdoors because the sun would end up damaging them.
  • Mesh or fabric: They tend to be almost always mounted under pressure, are easy to wash and, by its structure, children do not seek to climb to leave, however, they are easy to tear down and are not advised in situations where a real restriction applies. Also, if it is not installed correctly, the child could still leave. With these, it is necessary an accurate measure that guarantees safe adjustments

Easy to open

If you will be constantly going around with children carrying and your hands busy you will need something that is not cumbersome to open, but safe enough so that your children will not be able to open it. Here you will find two modalities.

Those that open with one hand, these are either pushed or have small locks that will allow you to open easily but it is not easy for children. On the other hand, you will also find pedal operation models, ideal if you have your hands full but can be dangerous for your children.

Wide step

The ideal is that you decide on a door through which you can go without discomfort and you can move to your leisure because you must cross it often, in these cases your best option is not only to open quickly and easily but also you can enter without problems.

If you carry, for example, a baby in one arm and a load of clothes in the other, you should have a door that will facilitate your work and avoid back and head pain.

Automatic closing door

They are ideal if you have pets and they will also save you more than a headache when you must go quickly to check your children or for any other emergency.

Also, if you are constantly entering and leaving the area, it is best to have a system in which you do not have to worry about the child following you behind because the door has been left open.


A heavy safety gate is not necessarily the most effective. You can have a light, solid and resistant that fulfils its function fully. In fact, if you travel constantly or between your plans is to move the gate to another area, a very heavy option will not be convenient.


If you only think to use this option during the first years of your children, it is opportune that you consider a folding model that later, as the children grow a little, you can easily fold it and store it in a closet.

This quality will indicate if your gate is not safe or when it has ceased to be. It works in two ways: with a screen that tells you when access is blocked and with an alarm that will warn you if it is not properly closed. Both are good, but noise can disturb children, especially if they are asleep.


A safety gate for a restless child must measure at least three more four of the child’s height. Some can measure up to one meter. However, if a child is heavier than 15 kg or taller than 90 centimetres, these gates are no longer so reliable to restrict their access to other areas of the house.

Installation tips

For this type of product, the manufacturers provide good installation guides, however I advise you to take your measurements carefully and follow the instructions in the instructions.

If you install your stair safety gate on a white wall or you fear that the fixings will damage the walls over time, you can insert wall protection pads between the wall and the gate, these are silicone discs which will absorb shocks and slips.

Make sure that there are no sharp elements or splinters (if it is a wooden gate) by passing your hand over the bars or the structure of the gate, it should not be baby hurts while it is for his safety.

Also test the solidity of the fixing, to be sure that your little one cannot make it unclip or drop it by leaning on the bars or the frame of the small safety gate, by trying to climb it or by shaking it, this is especially valid for the safety gate models without drilling.

If you want your child to be unable to throw their toys through the bars, you can always install a protective net, usually intended for stairs or balconies (the length of which you will of course adapt).


We have come to the conclusion of our buying guide and hope to have covered all the important things parents need to know about the best baby safety gates on the market today. If you have wonderful babies at home to take care of them, it is a good feeling to know that your baby is safe, whether you are present or not.

Of course, all parents would like to see their wonderful babies grow and play in a safe and harm-free environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, a parent who is serious about the safety of their young children should invest in a safety gate to provide a safe play area for the baby and ensure their safety at all times.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not, as there are baby gates for people on any budget. You shouldn’t make excuses for not having a baby gate in your house if you have playful babies at home.