5 Best Baby Play Mats Fun and Ideal for Your Baby

Have you wondered if there is something ideal for the development of perception, cognition and ability to grasp your son or daughter in the first months of life? According to experts in this area, having the best baby play mat can be essential to help your child’s primary development in this important stage of his life.

This baby gym is much more useful when it includes additional toys because it immediately becomes a small playground that will make your child learn by having fun with bright colours, lights and sounds that will help you to be more alert and attentive, improving your ability to concentrate.

There is nothing better than having peace of mind knowing that your child is not only entertained and is learning with toys that stimulate their cognitive development, but also, is in a place as safe and how your arms because it is a surface aimed at the comfort and care of your baby.

What is the best baby play mat?

When it comes to your children, of course you are going to want the best product. It is important for every parent to know that he is offering good quality and care to your little one especially in such an important and decisive stage for their growth as the first months of life.

To help you in this important purchase, we offer you more information regarding this tool that can not be missing in your home and that will surely be essential for you. To buy at the best price, we have consulted the highest quality models at a low price and we have created the best comparative list.

1. Baby play mat Disney Baby Mr. Ray Ocean Lights Activity Gym

Perfect for your baby from the first moment

Disney Baby Mr. Ray Ocean Lights Activity Gym &...
118 Reviews
Disney Baby Mr. Ray Ocean Lights Activity Gym &...
  • 20+ minutes of ocean-themed melodies
  • Multi-sensory toys based on favourite...
  • Play with the Dory finger puppet!

This model is designed for the use of children from 0 to 24 months. It is made of cloth and includes hanging plush toys designed to stimulate your muscles and brain, such as a bell, various hanging toys and a small mirror.

It is also adjustable and oversized, which provides comfort in the cushion and a variety of textures. Machine washable and easy to fold and carry!

2. Play Mat Skip Hop Baby Gym

As smooth as the clouds

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym
210 Reviews
Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym
  • Developmental activities include:...
  • Sheep plays "you are my sunshine"
  • Star features colourful led lights

It has classic design, easy to combine and unisex, so you can get it even before knowing the sex of your baby. It is quite light, so it will not be a problem when transporting.

It includes five heavenly hanging toys with colorful LED lights, music and other stimuli with which you can interact while being comfortable on your back or upside down.

3. Baby Gym Fisher-Price Activity Centre

One of the great favorites!

Fisher-Price BMH49 Kick and Play Piano Gym,...
541 Reviews
Fisher-Price BMH49 Kick and Play Piano Gym,...
  • Piano Gym allows your baby to kick up...
  • Features a portable piano and 5 activity...
  • 4 ways to play allow the toy gym to grow...

Thanks to a brand of quality and reputation that supports it and its good price, this model has positioned itself as one of the great favorites of the clientele. It incorporates a piano that the baby can play from 3 different positions.

In turn, the piano has two options: short-term or long-term music. Also, the piano lights are illuminated and turned off.

4. Baby Gym Ludi – Save Play Mat

There is a good quality price relation

Ludi 2805 Baby Play Mat
1 Reviews
Ludi 2805 Baby Play Mat
  • Baby play mat with 4 inflatable side...
  • Many stimulating accessories for baby: a...
  • 4 detachable accessories on the arch

It is quite affordable and safe because it has padded and high pillows to prevent the baby from getting out. This brand specializes in child care and has a history, so you know it is high quality.

It is a beautiful piece that can accompany your child in its growth, and that has pads and removable bow. It is lightweight, padded and with unisex motifs.

5. Activity Gym Play Mat with Ball Pit – Quickdraw

The most convenient price in the market

Grow With Me 3 in 1 Baby Activity Gym Play Mat &...
74 Reviews
Grow With Me 3 in 1 Baby Activity Gym Play Mat &...
  • Age range from 0 Months+
  • An activity gym and ball pit in one -...
  • 30 colourful balls store inside turtle's...

If you are looking for the least expensive of the market, this is the ideal and most economical, whose design includes marine motifs within the colorful play mat that stimulates the baby’s sensory development.

Includes stuffed animals like vibrating fish or other musical and with lights, plus a ball pit with 30 colourfull balls. It also has an easy storage folding design that is ideal for your trips.

What is a baby play mat?

This item is ideal for babies from the first months of life because it is padded mat that is a protective factor between your baby and the floor because it allows you to be comfortable while you are playing there or doing any activity lying or crawling.

This protection translates into tranquility for the mothers because they do not expose the small and vulnerable body of the child directly to the bacteria that can be found on the floor or to the hardness of the surface that can harm the child’s body or simply be very uncomfortable, not only because of the hardness but also because of the cold that normally concentrates on it.

Playmats for babies or gym can vary from the simplest to contain certain accessories that will enhance the experience of the child. For example, some that do justice to their name, include hanging toys of different shapes and colours, mirrors, stuffed animals and other things that may have music, a play of light or sounds with which children can interact directly through their look or both upper and lower extremities.

These extra accessories are very good because, in the opinion of experts, can result in educational objects because they can help the baby to develop the ability to concentrate and help you learn to pay attention to a fixed goal or several, intervening in the child’s learning process from an early age. All this is very good in the early life stage of the little one.

This search may be a bit overwhelming while you find the ideal model of baby mat that your child needs because you will find many options that vary among themselves but not too much. They can change the materials, the colors, a little the design and even if they include accessories or not and what would be those accessories that can be from toys to a set of pillows.

Another complication that could be succinct during this search is that these carpets can be found in a variety of different names even if in the end they all have, normally, the same objective. One of the examples we can give you is that they often refer to these items as baby gym, baby play mats, baby mats, activity play mat, baby activity blanket, play mat, and the list can become even more extensive. The important thing is that you know that all these names refer to the same object that you are looking for your baby.

How to choose the best baby play mat?

Although the variety available on the market is great, all are treated the same: cushioned carpets for the comfort of your baby on the floor. In this sense, there are some things that you want to keep in mind about activity mats for babies.

The carpets of activities and gyms for baby are important for the development of your child in various stages and areas, as we have already advanced you before. But, in addition, they are of great use and tranquillity for the parents because it implies a safe place in which to place your baby even when it is out of your arms or from the cradle.


What determines this feature is if your carpet is padded or not, and if it is enough. Remember that the main objective of this product is to offer comfort to your child when lying down or in any position on the floor. A padded mat will be a good idea to increase the comfort of your baby, thinking about this you should avoid then the models that are very thin or that are made with very hard materials so you do not hurt your joints or your bones. It is, in fact, advisable to include a pillow of the head to increase the comfort of the child.


This should not move by itself or roll on the floor, much less if your baby is on it because it would represent a great danger. Look for models that do not slide no matter how smooth or polished the floor on which the blanket will be placed.


As it is an article that will be in contact with the baby and that is related to playful activities, it is best to opt for bright, vivid and vibrant colors that are striking. These are ideal for keeping your baby’s attention on them and for their entertainment.


This has to do with this baby gym can offer an important diversity of activities to your child while he is on it. This can only be offered by the accessories that are included in the carpet model you are choosing. The variety of activities or textures helps the child want to stay on the carpet and, in addition, it is proven that it can contribute to the development of the baby’s auditory, visual and tactile senses while playing.


This is very important because you have to remember that this rug is designed both in its configuration and the use that is going to give, as a space on which your baby will be able to move. This means that this carpet must have an adequate size to allow this. That is, if it is the same size as the child or very fair, it will not be good for the child to move and adopt other positions. Although we are suggesting that you choose a large model, there is also the factor of space in which you will place it. A carpet that is too large will be complicated to have in a small space.


It is good to keep this in mind because a game rug could not only be used on the surface of your home, but it can be ideal to transport the comfort of your child wherever you go. A folding and portable model makes it easier to carry different areas inside and outside your home. There are models that are rolled in a very simple way and are very light to transport on your own or in your car. There are even models that include a transport bag in the package.


We are talking about an object that will be in constant contact with the little ones. Remember that babies do not control their movements very well and could lick and pinch the carpet and this should not represent a greater risk. The best thing in these cases is to make sure that the mat is made with non-toxic materials, which are not questionable in terms of the health and well-being of the child. In fact, there are so many offers available in the market that there are even very good organic options of game mats for your peace of mind and your child’s safety.


We know that a damp cloth is not always the best cleaning routine for these objects that are in total contact with your child. Especially because we talk about which children in their first months of life will be in contact with him and his immune system may not be optimally developed. So, what you need is that your carpet can be placed without problems in the washing machine to undergo a deep cleaning without the material deteriorating in the short term and that is flexible but with enough resistance to take its original form.


In addition to the material of the carpet itself, remember that the baby will also be interacting with the accessories you have. This is about many toys and related objects that your child probably places in his mouth. Not because it’s a fun article for your child means that it should not be safe. Check that none of these are too small and put at risk the health and life of your children, should not be a threat to them or generate choking hazards.

Many sounds

If there is something that stimulates the baby a lot, it is the sounds, so having a set of sounds or musical effects on the baby gym mat will be ideal. Parents often sing to your children or make sounds to keep them attentive and distracted, but when they are tired or need to do some other activity, having automatic sounds can be very helpful. As well as it will help you to know that your child is active, the sounds are evidence of it.


There are many of these carpets that have certain textures that can be of great benefit to the body of your baby as long as they are not too marked until they become uncomfortable. It has even been proven that one of the simplest ways to stimulate your baby is through texture, so that some corrugated toys or a somewhat diffuse but smooth surface, could make a difference.


It has been discovered that the use of mirror games is a great way to encourage a baby to turn forward or backwards, and even to crawl from one side to the other. Therefore, it is not surprising that many models of baby play mats contain some mirrors and it is even recommended that they have them. They can even be detachable to place them anywhere else.

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