Fear of the dark is quite common among very young children and even among older children. The baby night light is, therefore, an essential accessory from a certain age, because children’s imagination begins to develop. Generally, parents turn to the comforter or the baby dummy to reassure their toddlers.

But the baby night light will certainly better overcome this irrational fear that our babies can feel when they are alone in their room. The child will be able to count on this small source of light to distinguish the objects and forms which surround it, but not only, the parents will use it to avoid stepping on toys during the night and breaking their figure. Playing an essential role in your child’s sleep, it can also serve as a real decorative object.

Many baby night lights are available on the market, that’s why we thought that this little comparison of the best baby night lights will be very useful for you to make your choice.

The best baby night light projectors in comparison

In my search I found a market full of different models, most have a music player, which makes me very cool since I can place lullabies for babies and with this my little one sleeps wonderfully.

All these devices are simple to operate, so you will not have problems in learning to use them and if you have doubts about where to start looking, in this comparison you will find great options.

1. Baby night Light projector by LBELL

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With this star projector you will convert the roof of your children’s room into a night sky, it has LED light and works with AAA batteries, so you will have a perfect portable model.

2. SOAIY Colour Changing Baby light projector

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This SOAIY brand projector is the best and coolest you will find in this list because it allows you to connect any audio device such as the iPod and you can also adjust the brightness.

3. Summer Infant light projector Hippo

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If you want a nice friend to accompany your child at night, this hippopotamus will be very useful, since it also has a screen that emits lights, auto-off system and integrated speaker.

4. Baby night light projector by Esonstyle

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If you want an image projector of excellent quality and at an incredible price, this may be the winning option. It will be perfect not only for the room but for the game room since it has soft lights.

5. Baby Night Light projector – by Babymoov

BABYMOOV Projecting Night Light
  • Projection of a multicolour starry sky on the ceiling
  • Seven relaxing sounds
  • Three sounds level
  • Three operating modes: Nightlight, lullaby, nightlight plus lullaby
  • Music stops after 30 minutes

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The Babymoov baby light projector is both simple and practical. To start, we know that with Babymoov the products are of quality. In addition, this baby night light works on the sector but also with batteries if you go on a trip. Its projection is a starry sky. It has the lullaby function and you can choose between bird songs or nursery rhymes for example.

6. Light projector Ocean Wave by EUMIWE

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This projector will be perfect if you look for a model that offers relaxation since its lighting resembles the waves of the sea and has sounds that will help you sleep. With remote control for greater comfort.

7. Pabobo Star Projector with Music

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This is the seventh night light from our top of the best baby night lights. Here too we have chosen an already recognized brand: Pabobo. Its timer turns off the star after 45 minutes so that it does not stay on all night and save electricity. This star has the same advantages as the Babymoov above.

8. TOMY First Years Baby Night Light Projector

TOMY First Years Starlight Dream Show Baby Night Light Projector | Gentle Baby Soother Nursery Night...
  • Soothing baby toy - first years starlight dream show displays a brightly coloured light show designed to soothe and lull babies to...
  • Perfect for a good night sleep - projects teddies, stars, moons and clouds to help your baby peacefully fall asleep and have sweet...
  • Gentle baby music toy - choose between pictures only or pictures and sounds for 5 or 10 minutes. includes three soft lullabies and...

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Another very interesting baby night light at a very attractive price. Night light from the brand Tomy. In pretty star shape, it has many advantages to become your child’s favourite object. Very compact format it is cordless which allows to carry it everywhere with you. Very practical you can either hang it on the baby bed thanks to a strap supplied with it or place it on a bedside table or a piece of furniture. It more than projecting colourful images on the ceiling or the wall of the room, it has 3 melodies that will accompany your child in his sleep. Built-in timer (5 and 10 minutes), it will turn off automatically or manually with the on / off button on the pilot. It works with 4 LR06 batteries which give it 10 hours of autonomy.

9. Philips Disney Cars Children’s Night Light and Projector

Philips Disney Cars Children's Night Light and Projector - 1 x 0.1 W Integrated LED
  • Creates a magical ambiance
  • Extra image wheels included
  • High quality LED light
  • Warm white light
  • Battery operated - 3 x AA batteries not included

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What is baby night light projector?

As you already know, a night light is a lamp with a very low brightness produced in order to reassure the baby at the time of falling asleep without keeping him awake. Thus the child will be able to face his fear of the dark little by little at his own rhythm while growing up.

The baby night light projector has multiple functions. The first will, therefore, be to “watch” by lighting as a normal night light would do. The second function will be to project images on the wall or the ceiling.

baby night light projector

Advantages of having a baby night light

The baby night light is a practical, effective and inexpensive accessory to reassure and calm children when they sleep. By keeping the light near them, the children feel confident in their rooms, ready to face the night. It is also an essential element for parents to ensure that their garments sleep smoothly. Find here the main strengths of the baby night light:

  • Reassure and comfort an infant: the installation of a night light will install a familiar environment and give a feeling of security to the baby. Discreet and warm, the small light will ensure the well-being and serenity of your offspring.
  • Allow your child to fall asleepat the time of the lullaby or story. Low light is ideal for the falling asleep phase because it creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that promotes peaceful sleep.
  • Move safely in the dark: Whether for children of walking age or for parents, an LED night light helps to mark the way to move safely. No risk of bumping into the wall or stepping on a toy!
Baby light projector demo

Different types of baby night lights

The functions offered by the baby night lights are numerous, which generates a long list of models for sale on the market. All of these models, even if they are all good, may not match your search. So, before you decide, here is the list of baby night lights to reassure the baby.


They come in the form of more general lamps. However, their light is not more aggressive and respects the sleep of babies.

Baby night light projection ceiling

This is the Nightlight Rolls! They offer to diffuse small lights on the ceiling to help baby reach the land of dreams.


The musical night lights enrich baby emotionally and intellectually. As a bonus, they help him go back to sleep gently in the event of nocturnal anxiety.

Baby girl night light

Pink in colour or even in the shape of a small unicorn (for example) these night lights are specifically dedicated to little girls. They can be projection, but also musical.

baby night light projector

Baby boy night light

Like little girls, boys also have the right to their night lights. They are generally blue or green and can also offer a ceiling projection or a musical background.


It is a small night light in the shape of a turtle and which releases its soft light. As a bonus, it usually offers a soothing sound to help baby go back to sleep.

Cloud night light

The cloud night light, as its name suggests, is designed as a small cloud. It lights up pleasantly thanks to its white LEDs. A design that may appeal to baby.

Nomadic baby night light

It is a cordless night light that uses batteries. It is therefore easily transportable if you happen to have to travel with a baby.


The star night light projects an aquatic atmosphere on the ceiling. As a bonus, it offers a musical atmosphere linked to the sea in order to soothe the baby.

Baby wall light

There are two kinds of wall lights. Those that plug directly into the outlet are at ground level, but also those that take the place of a wall lamp. The latter are rather pretty and are placed out of the reach of children. In addition, they are more pleasant than a lamp thanks to their soft light which does not interfere with sleep.

Baby rabbit night light

All cute with their rabbit design, these night lights are among the cheapest on the market.

sea turtle baby night light

What you should look for when choosing a baby night light projector?

In order to ensure you find the baby night light that best suits your needs, you need to refer to several criteria – just as we have selected our products for this comparison page. In this buying guide, we present the characteristics that seem to us the most important when acquiring such a product. The first thing to look at is the design to suit your tastes and match the decoration of your baby’s room. You should also be interested in the brightness it offers, whether it is its power or its colour. Then, take an interest in the power source: battery operation, battery operation, or plugging into an electrical outlet. Finally, you should not overlook its additional functionality.


Ergonomics and design are 2 determining factors in choosing a baby night light. The latter must be pleasant to look at and handle. In addition, the material must adapt to the person. So you will certainly not buy the same night light for a girl as for a boy. Likewise, a baby night light will not be the same as for a 3-year-old child, a teenager, or an adult. Depending on expectations, you can opt for a particular colour, size and shape: round, square, oval, or of your favourite animal. Depending on your needs, it is also useful to take care of the weight and volume of the object. If you travel regularly, a light, compact and autonomous portable pilot is certainly a better choice than a bulky pilot to connect on an electrical outlet.

Power source

Among other important characteristics, we can also cite the power source of your device: either plugged into the mains, or operating with a battery, or equipped with an electric battery to change. Each type of operation has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a model that you need to plug into a power outlet is more economical and you don’t have to monitor its charge level. However, you should be careful to keep it out of your child’s reach. They could touch it and risk injuring themselves with the electrical outlet. On the contrary, a nomadic model battery-powered is practical and you can take it everywhere with you. However, always pay attention to the battery level.

Colour of the light

Colours such as blue can stimulate baby’s attention and make it more difficult for them to sleep, while colours such as orange and red can calm them down since they resemble dusk and bedtime.


Many of these projectors have a timer that makes them turn off in a certain time, this way you will save light and money.

Type of bulb

It is important that you consider the type of bulb since there are lamps that do not allow to change them once they burn.


At the time of purchase, you must take into account the brightness. Above all, take an interest in the light intensity of the pilot light according to your needs. For example, a weak and soft light will undoubtedly be preferable if it aims at helping your child to fall asleep whereas it is better that it is more intense if you want your child to be reassured if he wakes up during the night. On some models is even possible to adjust this intensity depending on the situation and the moment. In addition to the amplitude of the light emitted, remember to check the colour of the lighting. Even if all the lighting colours are possible, we advise you to opt for a neutral and soft colouring, which is more soothing. Note that almost the majority of baby night lights on the market are made up of LED lamps because they consume little energy and are completely safe.

Additional features

Some products have their own specificities. It is therefore important to study the elements and resources that distinguish baby night lights from each other.

The most recent models incorporate light effects, music, or lullabies to facilitate falling asleep. You can also adopt a night light for children which automatically switches off after a certain time, or aprogrammable night light to configure the standby and start-up in advance. Finally, some editions have a system capable of detecting your child’s movements or crying to re-ignite mechanically.