During this time with such varied temperatures and with the start of the school year, it is normal for many children to catch a cold, get sick and have mucus. The best way to leave baby’s nose clean is to use a baby nasal aspirator. These remove the visible and internal mucus from the little ones and allow them to breathe easily.

Mucus is a defence mechanism of the human organism. They clean the airways of germs and prevent them from proliferating. That is why it is normal that although the baby is not sick, many times it has snot.

Although mucus has an important protection mission, when it is excessive it is important to eliminate it. They make the child feel uncomfortable and have trouble breathing. Also, if the mucus spreads they can cause otitis, so it is important to eliminate them as soon as possible.

The best baby nasal aspirators in comparison

You could already see that there are electric, manual and even driven by the suction capacity of their super parents. In turn, the human suction have easily adjustable intensity and can get even the most complicated and stubborn mucus, while the electric ones leave all the work to the current but do not have as much suction power.

Next, we bring you a comparative list with the best nasal cleansers so you can see the strengths of each and you can buy the one that best suits you baby.

1. SEGMINISMART baby nasal aspirator

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RabbitStorm baby nasal aspirator has efficient suction, easy to use and easy to clean. This nasal aspirator for babies is able to remove mucus quickly. It has a soft silicone mouthpiece to avoid irritation and discomfort in the child’s nose.

2. Baby Nasal Aspirator – Bichiro

Bichiro Baby Nasal Aspirator, Electric Nose Cleaner & Ear Wax Remover with 3 Reusable Snot Sucker...
  • ♔Clean Out the Nasal: This electric nasal aspirator provides enough suction to remove the mucous from baby tiny noses, easily...
  • ♔Gentle and Efficient: Equipped with two exchangeable soft silicone nasal tips and one ear tip, will always fit your baby's nose...
  • ♔Easy to Clean: This aspirator is easy to take apart to clean and reassemble. Sterilize the detachable parts in hot water.Not...
  • ♔Handy to Use: The electric snot sucker is lightweight and compact design fits in the palm of your hand, and is controlled by...
  • ♔What you get: 3 different suction nozzles, 2 nasal nozzles, 1 ear nozzles, 1 tweezers, 10 Tweezers tip, a storage box. A best...

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This baby nasal aspirator is a comfortable model with a soft silicone tip that does not damage the nostrils and allows a comfortable and adjustable suction so that your baby can return to feel good and sleep peacefully.

This product ensures that your baby can breathe well in 30 seconds and also has no filters, so it is easier to use, mount and wash. It is a fairly inexpensive nasal aspirator that really relieves your baby’s nasal congestion and helps him feel better.

3. WADEO Baby Nasal Aspirator

WADEO Baby Nasal Aspirator Electric Nasal Aspirator Newborn USB Charging LCD Screen with 3 Suction...
  • ღ【Safety & Hygine Ensured】 Made of high-quality silicone and ABS, the baby aspirator tip is soft and safe enough to directly...
  • ღ【3-Levels Suction】Compared with manual suction, the baby nasal aspirator has 3 adjustable suction levels, just press to...
  • ღ【3 Suckers to Choose】 The baby nose cleaner comes with 2 sizes of nasal suckers for new borns aged 0-2 and childern over 2...
  • ღ【Rechargeble & Clear LCD Screen】The baby nose sucker can be recharged with the attached USB cable. With an LCD display, you...
  • ღ【Easy to Clean】The baby nose unblocker can easily be taken apart for cleaning and reassembly. It is recommended to clean...

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It is an electric nasal aspirator that generates enough suction to remove the most complicated mucus without damaging your baby’s sinuses. It is easy to use since you only have to press a button and insert the device into the infant’s nose to start doing all the work.

It is lightweight and compact in design, with removable components that can be washed and sterilized as often as necessary, waterproof electrical parts to avoid damaging the system and even comes with a stainless steel nail clipper and a magnifying glass to see better on the nose of your baby and take better care of your health.

It is a comfortable, convenient and silent model, perfect for your baby to return to sleep without problems.

4. Nosy – Nobu Baby Nasal Aspirator

NOSY Baby Nasal Aspirator - Baby Nose Cleaner for Sinus Congestion, Cold and Flu - Safe, Gentle,...
  • ✅ EASY TO USE | NOSY Baby Nasal Aspirator creates suction to remove loose or hard mucus safely from your baby's nose. It has a...
  • ✅ KEEP YOUR BABY COMFORTABLE | Babies can't clear their noses, Nasal Aspirators provide a way for parents to clear a baby's...
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN | Our Baby Nose Cleaner is very easy to clean as well after use. To clean the Nasal Aspirator mix up some warm...
  • ✅ 100% SAFE AND SECURE | Nothing is more important than the health of our infants which is the reason our item is completely...
  • ✅ RISK-FREE PURCHASE | We always do our Best to Satisfy our Customers with our Product Quality. And for any reason! If you're...

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The Nosy – Nobu Baby brand brings us a nasal aspirator with a double protective filter for greater hygiene that helps prevent parents from getting sick from their babies’ secretions. In addition, because the suction is regulated directly by the father or mother, it is 100% appropriate for newborn children.

It is very easy to clean and even comes with two replaceable soft silicone nozzles to replace them when necessary. It is a low price and good quality product that will ensure that your baby is healthy and can breathe again without hurting your delicate nose.

5. Beaba Baby Nasal Aspirator

Béaba - Minidoo - Baby Nasal Aspirator - Manual Baby Nose Cleaner - Adapts to your child’s age -...
  • MANUAL BABY NASAL ASPIRATOR : Adapts to your child's growth month after month thanks to the different tips.
  • 0-3 MONTHS TIP : Newborn tip, adapted shape, removable, quiet, sterilisable
  • +3 MONTHS TIP : For normal and thick secretions
  • POWERED BY YOUR BREATH : The suction force can be adjusted to the child's level of nasal congestion
  • FILTER : No risk secretions entering your mouth, no risk of contamination, hygienic

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The Beaba Minidoo is at the top of our list in terms of price. It is the least expensive product but also offers excellent suction because it is a human suction aspirator. It is ideal for newborn babies and to remove those thicker and hidden secretions.

Its system is removable, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the entire device. At the same time, it has a filter that avoids the risk of mucus reaching the mouth of the father or mother, preventing adults from getting sick as well.

It is completely silent, comfortable and sterilizable to ensure the hygiene and health of your baby.

6. Nosiboo Pro – Nasal Aspirator

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It may not be the least expensive product on this list, but it is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated, effective and comfortable for parents. Despite being electric, it has a strong suction (safe for babies and approved by doctors), it is recommended by specialist otolaryngologists and paediatricians and can be adjusted depending on the age of the infant who will use it.

It is ideal to maintain decongesting sinuses, prevent and overcome respiratory diseases or allergic conditions and is available in pink, blue or green colours. In turn, its power is supplied by an electrical outlet and includes the suction device, the flexible tube, the power cable and an additional nozzle.

It is definitely an excellent nasal aspirator that will guarantee that your baby can breathe well again and that he can sleep without any problem.

When to use baby nasal aspirator?

When babies accumulate secretions, in addition to having difficulty getting oxygen to their lungs, they also have trouble eating. This is something to keep in mind, especially in infants who are too young and need to feed more frequently.

When these symptoms appear, it is recommended to use the baby nasal aspirator before eating, at bedtime and in case the baby manifests discomfort during the day.

It should always be remembered that the use of the baby nasal aspirator has to be symptomatic and not routine since its use is only recommended when there is a fairly large accumulation of mucus. Applying it preventively is not safe for the child’s health.

Another product that will be very useful when the little ones in the house get sick are digital and infrared thermometers for babies, children and adults. We recommend having one in the home to deal with colds correctly.

How to use baby nasal aspirator?

Using a nasal aspirator for babies is quite simple, but you always have to learn the proper way to do it to make sure you get the most out of these devices. Regardless of the type you decide to buy, the dynamics of use is the same and here we explain it to you:

  • Put your baby on his back and use a saline solution to weaken the secretions to make it easier to aspirate. This is really useful if your baby or infant is producing thick mucus.
  • Squeeze the aspirator pump and insert it slowly and gently into the baby’s nose. Then you must release the pump slowly and see how the nasal cleanser sucks the secretions effectively.
  • Once you have stopped pressing the pump, remove the cleaner from your baby’s nose and clean it with a little pressure so that the excess mucus comes out.
  • Repeat all the steps until your baby’s nose is clean and healthy and he can breathe well.
  • If you still don’t know how to use nasal aspirator read this guide.

Different types of baby nasal aspirators

  • Rubber pump: are the most popular since, in addition to being easy to use and inexpensive, hospitals usually give them to first-time mothers. However, this type of nasal aspirators does not aspire as much mucus as others and is not easy to clean, so they really are designed only for one or two uses.
  • Human suction: These have two tips. One is inserted in the baby’s nostril and the other goes to the mouth of the father or mother to suck the mucus. But quiet, the secretions will not reach your mouth, but first, go through a filter (preferably replaceable) and will be contained in a tube that you can then clean deep. The good thing about this model is that it allows you to regulate the strength of the suction and remove even the thickest and most remote snot without hurting your little or small nose.
  • Electrical: These do not involve squeezing or sucking anything. You just have to turn it on and gently insert it into your baby’s nose so that the appliance takes care of the rest. However, they already come with a suction force that can not be modified, so they are more effective for sucking less thick mucus and less complicated In turn, some come with direct power to the outlet and others work with batteries. Keep this in mind before choosing this model.
mucus aspirator

How to choose baby nasal aspirator?

Babies are like adults when they have a cold. They need to clear nasal secretions as many times a day. And before the age of about three, they will not be able to take care of it alone. The nasal aspirator solves this problem. They must be used several times on the baby in case of congestion, otherwise, his breathing will be very difficult. This situation is a serious risk to the baby’s health. Some babies can breathe through their mouths, but it’s not healthy either. We are made to breathe only through the nose.

You should know that baby flies, in addition to decluttering the baby’s nose to help him breathe well again, helps prevent colds and limit the risk of infections. These devices are therefore very useful in winter. On the market, they come in various formats. Each is made to blow your baby’s nose in the first place but also meet specific needs. To properly choose a baby fly, several criteria can, therefore, be established:


This is the main point since the primary thing is not to hurt the delicate nostrils of your baby. In this sense, the models with silicone tips should be comfortable and soft so as not to harm your baby, while there are models that do not need to be introduced in the nose and, therefore, there is no possibility of causing damage to their health.

Another important aspect is to be able to clean it thoroughly to avoid the growth of fungi, bacteria or even mould. If the nasal aspirator that you have can not be cleaned well, it is better that you discard it already and go out and buy a better one.


There are several simple ways to clean a baby’s nose such as using saline and cotton wool, or even steam, but in case of a real infectious disease, using a fly baby remains the most effective. Among all existing models, it is essential to choose one whose effectiveness will be highlighted in the comments of buyers of this model. If you see a majority of negative comments about a baby fly, run away! The stake is too important to risk to buy a baby fly having received dozens of negative opinions.


You will suck the nasal secretions of your baby which contain a lot of bacteria and germs, so it is absolutely necessary to opt for a model of baby fly that can be washed in every corner to avoid the development of an infectious ground for your whole -small. This hygiene must be your battleground to ensure that your baby heals quickly and no longer has a blocked nose.

Ease of use

You will quickly see that blowing your nose is not easy, and putting a mouthpiece in his nose can become hell if things go on forever. To avoid making the blowing session last too long, it is important to choose a practical baby fly model that will shorten this unpleasant situation for a toddler. Here, electric baby flies will quickly take over from their manual counterparts.


Not all different baby flies have the same price, and while electric models are the most effective for unclogging a baby’s nose, they are also the most expensive. So take a tour of all the models presented within our site and you will find an efficient model adapted to your budget for sure.


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