5 Best Cot Mobile to Stimulate Your Baby

The first stages of childhood growth are the most important in terms of learning and cognitive development of the individual. Early stimulation involves the use of audiovisual resources that contribute to these processes. We present the best baby mobile that will help you calm and concentrate your bab, while allowing you to rest better.

These mobiles are fundamental allies to boost concentration, the visual analysis of colors and shapes as well as the sounds they emit. Taking into account all these aspects of importance in the growth of the child, it only remains to know what is the alternative that offers all these qualities combined.

Aware of the interest to be up to date with the latest proposals in the children’s market, we present this comparison where you can see the main options aimed at stimulation, rest and interaction of the smallest of the house.

What is the best cot mobile?

Your baby watches his mobile in the cot, forgetting the reason for the previous crying. These resources entertain and calm your baby, but they have a value added beyond the game. It is an ideal instrument to strengthen your attention and stimulate the visual and auditory skills, to identify colours, shapes and sounds.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask ourselves what we should see before buying this product.

  • Wind or mechanical operation: it indicates the way it moves, whether it is directed by the wind or if it is motorized.
  • Direction of the movement: if they allow movement of its components in a circle, in reverse or from top to bottom.
  • Type of mobile and cradle: there are different designs and colors, but you have to know if the cradle requires that it be aerial or pedestal type.
  • Musical mobiles: those of battery reproduce a tune of prolonged form and those of rope for a limited time.

1. Baby Music mobile 3 in 1 Fisher Price

The voice of the parents always present

Fisher Price DFP12 3-in-1 Soothe and Play Seahorse Mobile, Baby Cot...
182 Reviews
Fisher Price DFP12 3-in-1 Soothe and Play Seahorse Mobile, Baby Cot...
  • 3 ways to play!
  • Easy crib attachment
  • Music, rattle sounds and motion give baby’s senses A...
  • Look up! Overhead mobile action encourages eye tracking

For those who like a simple baby mobile but with all the quality that Fisher-Price products offer, this is the ideal option. It is small and consists of three flat cloth dolls that represent animals in an adorable design that rotate to the rhythm of a musical bird that changes its tone by pressing a button on its wing. It is perfect for a baby shower gift, both for girls and boys.

It can be disassembled to make it portable in the stroller of the baby and its figures can be taken for a walk or travel accompanying as toys at all times, helping to create the habit of sleeping during its first months of growth. Unlike other models, it does not have built-in lights. It uses 3 AA batteries and can be considered as the cheapest in the list, but it is very functional and fulfils its purpose.

2. SHILOH Baby Cot Mobile Music Box Stroller 

Non-conventional music

SHILOH Baby Crib Mobile Coslpper Stroller Toy with Musical Box &...
153 Reviews
SHILOH Baby Crib Mobile Coslpper Stroller Toy with Musical Box &...
  • SHILOH baby musical crib mobile is adopted...
  • Create activity toys that will inspire your child’s...
  • SHILOH battery-operated musical mobile can play music...
  • One package= Plush canopy toys +60 songs musical box +...

This design mobile in pastel colours made plush security fabric, is accompanied by four bears hanging on each letter that make up the word “Love”. Its musical box can play up to 60 non-traditional songs, an aspect that highlights the criticism of those who have acquired this product.

It has a system for adjusting volume and speed of movement as well as selector of musical themes, to go between the previous tune or the following one. Use a base adaptable to the head of the cradle, which works as a mast where the phone hangs. The upper part of it is shaped like an umbrella, with multi-colored stars and hearts that complement its visual appeal.

Their movements are soft and delicate, so as not to overwhelm the baby. It uses 2 AA batteries for its operation. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Highly recommended.

3. Baby Mobile with lights and sounds effect Chicco

Know when the baby needs it

Chicco Baby Toy Mobile Double Projection First Dreams Blue Collection...
310 Reviews
Chicco Baby Toy Mobile Double Projection First Dreams Blue Collection...
  • Innovative system of double projection
  • Becomes a practical projector from the cot
  • Infrared remote control
  • Available in two versions, 0 months+

The mobile of the traditional Chicco brand offers a visual and sound show. It has a projection system of stars and planets, in the fabric of the carousel itself and the ceiling of the baby’s room, which fixes the child’s attention in both points, developing their sense of concentration and visual attention.

It works by remote control to be activated remotely in different rooms of the home. It comes with a useful sound sensor, which in Standby function is activated as soon as it detects the crying of the child. Its design is attractive and focused on the theme of the cosmos. It has three effects of lights and sounds and is installed by wedging it with a pressure nut to one side of the cradle.

It uses 2 type C batteries and is easy to install. It has fewer sounds than other options, but its projector is the main attraction of this product.

4. Tiny Love baby night music box

For different stages of growth

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile
1,693 Reviews
Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile
  • Three in one Magical Night Mobile that grows with baby...
  • Musical mobile projector that projects images on the...
  • Mobile converts to music box with ceiling projection...
  • 30 minutes of continuous music of three different...

The ideal of this product is the functionality at different times of the development of the baby. Created for girls by its design in pink and fuchsia, it has six very striking hanging dolls. Its screwable base is easily installed on the side rail of the crib, either metal or wood bars.

Among its functions is to emit white sounds, for babies in stage of 0-3 months, which according to studies resemble what was heard in the womb.

From 5 months onwards, it is recommended to remove the base so that the baby can use it as a musical box that he will learn to activate on his own. And from the year you can take it while walking, using the handle that brings incorporated.

It has 18 pleasant tones to the ear and uses 3 batteries type C. It is of great resistance for the materials that has been manufactured and easy to clean.

5. Baby Sing and Soothe Mobile Vtech

VTech Baby Sing and Soothe Mobile - Pink
51 Reviews
VTech Baby Sing and Soothe Mobile - Pink
  • Fully safety tested
  • Beautiful mobile in unique sprouting bean design
  • Gentle spinning motion to soothe baby. Dangling animals...
  • 3 modes with 10, 15 and 20 minute timer settings

VTech brings to our list this economical model of mobile with a projector of small coloured stars in the baby’s room, with the possibility of disassembling it to take advantage of its night light. It has a remote control and as a distinctive attraction among other products, the ability to record the voice of parents to provide a greater sense of security when they are absent.

You can play up to 30 minutes of continuous tones. Made of plastic with dolls and different figures in multicolored fabric, it rotates at a moderate speed.

It comes with support to install it in cradles with bars. Its buttons are easy to reach so that the child learns to activate their melodies. It has a timer to adjust its time of use in 10, 20 and 30 minutes. It works with 4 AAA batteries. It is simple and fulfils its function and is very well valued among its buyers.

Simple and functional

What is a baby mobile?

It is a circuit that has dolls and baby toys suspended in the air that rotate smoothly and include relaxing sounds and plays of lights.

The mobile is designed to relax the child, stimulate him and reassure him. It can be used to help sleeping, for a pleasant wake-up time or to entertain you while lying down.

Benefits of a mobile for the development of the baby

Stimulation of the senses

Visual perception is the first thing that develops with a child’s mobile. Distinguish objects, their colors and shapes. But if we also bring a device with textures and sounds we will also motivate other cognitive areas such as hearing and touch.

Motor skills

Feeling attracted by the dolls invites them to expand and coordinate their movements to achieve them. In this interaction the baby can press buttons or feel the stuffed stuffed animal.

Calm and relaxation

A soft, natural music and a dim light at night helps to create a safe, protected and relaxing environment for nights without crying.


Our baby will be familiar from very early with shapes, patterns, colours, animals and objects that will awaken your imagination and expand your contact with the world. This is an excellent tool to expose you to new things.

What to look for when buying a cot mobile?

Types of mobiles for babies

  • Roof: It is the oldest model. It consists of a hanging device hanging from a long strip that connects to the ceiling of the room. This requires that we drill the roof and then have to seal the hole if we are going to remove it.
  • Cradle: It is the most popular currently. In this style, the mobile hangs from a cured tube that starts at one end of the crib and brings toys closer to the baby.


  • By the wind: They are light and flow naturally with the impulse of the breeze. They require being near a window or using an electric fan.
  • Mechanics: It has a motor that turns them at the press of a button. Their problem is that they require batteries.

Directions of movement

It can include two axes of rotation, one on the right and one that turns to the left.

You can also find formats that can change the direction and even mechanically close the dolls with a folding pendant.

Toy types

They are usually stuffed plush toys which may vary is the style and theme of each mobile.

Types of cradle

It is important to know the shapes of the edges and guardrails to ensure the compatibility of the cradle with the support leg. There are models that can fit any shape and others that are only for rounded cribs or square rails.

Baby room

Many parents decide to combine the type of toy and color of the mobile with the decoration of the room.


  • Of thread: You will need to wind a thread to unfold the music that will sound for a short time
  • Battery: The melodies are played with an on / off button.


They are made of safe and natural products without manufacturing with dangerous chemicals.

Baby’s point of view

When buying a model, place it on your head this is the most important angle. From there you should appreciate the shapes colors and lights.

Where to hang the mobile?

The obvious answer is about the crib, but you should consider leaving room to lift and change the baby.

Additional characteristics

They can come with lights, be removable, operate remotely or shine in the dark.


This includes the certainty that it will not fall on our child.

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