6 Best Baby Light Projectors for Good Rest

Bedtime is one of the most difficult things to have a little one and as a new mother I had no idea what I could do to sleep all night, this was until I discovered the best baby light projector and go that things they’ve changed.

This lamp creates a perfect atmosphere in your bedroom, which allows my baby to relax and be able to sleep peacefully for hours, in addition to waking up much more calm and this makes me also able to rest.

What is the best baby light projector?

In my search I found a market full of different models, most have a music player, which makes me very cool since I can place lullabies for babies and with this my little one sleeps wonderfully.

All these devices are simple to operate, so you will not have problems in learning to use them and if you have doubts about where to start looking, in this comparison you will find great options.

1. Baby Light projector by LBELL

With strap to hang it

【NEWEST】Star Light Projector LBELL Rotating Baby Night Lighting...
283 Reviews
【NEWEST】Star Light Projector LBELL Rotating Baby Night Lighting...
  • ❤【USB & BATTERIES POWERED】: You can power it via...
  • ❤【INCREDIBLE GIFT FOR KIDS】: This great night...

With this star projector you will convert the roof of your children’s room into a night sky, it has LED light and works with AAA batteries, so you will have a perfect portable model.

5. SOAIY Colour Changing Baby light projector

Polar aurora lighting

[Upgraded Version] SOAIY Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp with...
368 Reviews
[Upgraded Version] SOAIY Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp with...
  • [Upgrade] 4 Working time optional, 1/2/4 hours, turn on...
  • [Upgrade] The brightness of light could be adjusted...
  • [Upgrade] Rotate or no for your choice;Speaker volume...

This SOAIY brand projector is the best and coolest you will find in this list because it allows you to connect any audio device such as the iPod and you can also adjust the brightness.

2. Summer Infant light projector Hippo

In the form of hippopotamus

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Hippo
100 Reviews
Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Hippo
  • 5 meditative songs and nature sounds
  • Calming starry sky shapes, moons and planets
  • Select from rhythmic light show or relaxing 3 colours
  • 15, 30, 45 minute auto shut-off

If you want a nice friend to accompany your child at night, this hippopotamus will be very useful, since it also has a screen that emits lights, auto-off system and integrated speaker.

6. Baby light projector by Esonstyle

It’s rechargeable

[UPDATE]Esonstyle Musical Night Light,360 Rotating Star Lamp Baby...
89 Reviews
[UPDATE]Esonstyle Musical Night Light,360 Rotating Star Lamp Baby...
  • Upgrade Version: Musical projector lamp with soft...
  • Soft Light Music: With insert 12 well-selected Light...
  • Truly Portable: Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable lithium...
  • Constructed with the removable white dome, you can make...

If you want an image projector of excellent quality and at an incredible price, this may be the winning option. It will be perfect not only for the room but for the game room since it has soft lights.

4. Light projector – by Babymoov

With lights and sounds

BABYMOOV Projecting Night Light
102 Reviews
BABYMOOV Projecting Night Light
  • Projection of a multicolour starry sky on the ceiling
  • Seven relaxing sounds
  • Three sounds level
  • Three operating modes: Nightlight, lullaby, nightlight...

This is a projector that has everything you need and for a fairly cheap price, with it, the smallest of the house can sleep like little angels thanks to its star lighting.

3. Light projector Ocean Wave by EUMIWE

7 lighting modes

UMIWE Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Lamp with...
772 Reviews
UMIWE Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Lamp with...
  • Touch Sensor & Remote Control: the latest projector...
  • 7 Colorful Light Modes: you can choose red, blue, green...
  • TF Card Readable: plays your favorite song while light...
  • Auto Off Timer: there are 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs for your...

This projector will be perfect if you look for a model that offers relaxation, since its lighting resembles the waves of the sea and has sounds that will help you sleep. With remote control for greater comfort.

Different types of night lights

When it comes to choosing a night lamp there are different types to choose from:

Night light plugged in

This type of light can be connected to the socket of the room and will already be illuminated, many current models have the function to turn off automatically.

Projection night light

These are the protagonists of the article, the lights that are responsible for projecting shapes and beautiful designs accompanied by pleasant sounds to sleep peacefully.

Padded night light

This type of light is very appropriate to sleep the smallest, comes in the form of an animal or plush doll that will be a great companion during the nights.

Portable night light

This type of light does not need to be connected to any source of energy, since they are rechargeable and you can place them anywhere in the room without problems.

Table lamps

This is the traditional type of nightlight and that surely you will also have used, they are quite useful and easy to handle.


You can use candles to light the room of the child, but remember that there is a lot of risk with them and that you should use them with great care.

What should you look for when choosing the best projector lamp?

To find the best model, you must keep the following characteristics in mind:

Location of the power source

Take into account where the outlet is located in the room in the case of models that require connecting, if it is too far from the bed or crib, you can choose portable models.

Color of the light

Colours such as blue can stimulate baby’s attention and make it more difficult for them to sleep, while colours such as orange and red can calm them down since they resemble dusk and bedtime.


Many of these projectors have a timer that makes them turn off in a certain time, this way you will save light and money.

Type of bulb

It is important that you consider the type of bulb since there are lamps that do not allow to change them once they burn.


Remember that the idea of ​​these lamps is not to illuminate the room of the child completely, but to leave a pleasant illumination that makes him sleep at ease.

Additional characteristics

You can look for models that have integrated MP3, that is multicoloured, that turns off automatically and endless options to choose from.