It is a rather popular toy that has its place in many families: the jumperoo, first known as the baby jumper, has become widely available with this famous model from Fisher-Price, but should not be confused with the famous baby walker.

The baby jumper does not present the many dangers that are recognized by the baby walker, in particular, because it is not on wheels. There is, therefore, no risk of the child falling down the stairs, throwing himself against a wall, or catching an object usually out of reach (as often happens in a baby walker). The jumperoo can be considered as an awakening activity but its use must remain measured so as not to harm the child’s development.

Best baby jumpers in comparison

A baby jumper must have secure support that allows the child to swing and jump without it falling, so the quality of the materials is a very important factor to consider.

Choosing the best jumper for your baby, that adapts to your size and has a good level of security, you will guarantee hours of fun while stimulating the growth of your muscles.

1. Baby Jumper Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo

Improve baby’s growing senses and boost his gross motor skills. These are the two axes around which the Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo is designed. Inspired mainly by the theme of the jungle, this toy usable up to a weight of about 11.3 kg offers your child many possibilities of discovery. He will have the pleasure of having fun in the company of a lion-roller, a rattling alligator, a tapping elephant, a pearl bar, a hippopotamus, two very sweet monkeys, d ” a butterfly-shaped teether or a mirror.

In all, 12 activities and toys, including music, lights and stimulating sounds, will allow him to develop his skills (gross motor skills, sensory ability, curiosity) independently.

Equipped with a solid frame with steel feet, the Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest jumper allows the child to jump safely, without any risk of injury. Flexible spring covers have also been provided to protect his little fingers. This toy is suitable for prolonged use and therefore relies on the ergonomic design of its 360 ° rotating seat, covered with a machine washable cushion.

To ensure a good level of comfort for the very young, provision has also been made for adjusting the height of the device on three different levels. This allows the baby jumper to adapt to the baby as it grows. However, depending on the child’s morphology, the size settings may not be suitable.

2. Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Baby Jumper

Baby plunges into the marine world with this Jumperoo Nemo sea of activities, on which we find all the important characters from the famous cartoon. Offering a pleasant design in soft and warm colours, this baby jumper also offers a comfortable seat in which the toddler feels comfortable, and that he can rotate in all directions.

Abacus, light keys, sound buttons, toy filled with marbles: these are 13 sound and tactile activities that make up this toy, two of which detach completely to become nomad toys and slip into a small bag for outdoor activity. This baby jumper also benefits from an adjustable height on three levels, to evolve at the same time as a baby up to 11 kg.

The customer reviews on this baby jumper are rather positive as for the quality of the product (manufactured mainly in plastic) but all the same, raise the price rather high for its reduced duration of use and its bulky aspect. This baby jumper nevertheless keeps its promises to babies who seem to love the many characters to touch and catch.

3. Minnie Peekaboo Activity Baby Jumper

Designed on the theme of Minnie Mouse, the Minnie Peekaboo baby jumper has received a lot of positive feedback and is among the best sellers in its category. Easy to assemble, this toy is mainly intended for little girls aged between 6 months and a year and is intended to help them move, walk, run, but above all to develop in them the desire to discover.

Composed of more than twelve toys and interesting activities, this awakening area has a seat covered with a machine washable cushion, and capable of turning in all directions. The design of the Minnie Peekaboo Jumper has been designed so that the child can easily reach all the toys. Your little one will enjoy exploring the multitude of elements that form this electronic toy station with lights and sounds inspired by Minnie.

It is essentially a heart-shaped mirror for self-discovery, a ball with coloured beads that turn, a leaf stem for tactile awakening or even d-shaped links ‘rings where you can add other toys purchased separately. Everything has been planned so that toddlers will enjoy spending time in this irresistibly fun activity jumper. Extra flat when folded in a few gestures, the Minnie Peekaboo activity jumper can be stored and transported without difficulty. We also appreciate it for its four height adjustment positions and its two-volume options.

4. Fisher-Price Spacesaver Jumperoo Rainforest Friends

It is more expensive than our other favourites, but both in its manufacturing quality and in its many features, the baby jumper represents an excellent option for stimulating baby growth up to a weight of 11.3 kg and a size maximum of 81 cm. Perfectly unisex, this toy offers toddlers a play area animated by music and lights inspired by the jungle.

In a comfortable seat that the babies can discover and have fun thanks to the activities and toys that make up the rainforest jumperoo, and specially designed to not only stimulate their physical development but also to encourage them to be curious during his hops. He will spend pleasant moments exploring the animals, leaves and other sound and light activities that make up this pleasant play area.

This baby jumper is comfortable and you are guaranteed that the child will feel perfectly at ease during long hours of use. Moreover, for a perfect adaptation to its size, four heights are adjustable as desired. Another significant advantage: the sound volume is adjustable. The Fisher-Price spacesaver jumperoo finishes convincing with its simplified storage by its feet foldable in two stages three movements.

5. Jolly Baby Jumper with stand

The Jolly baby jumper with Stand is a very secure hanging jumper. Instead of fixing it to the door or to a branch, you can install it anywhere thanks to its own support. It, therefore, presents itself as a swing in its own right, because it is supplied with 4 feet as support. In addition to making it more practical, this equipment enhances the safety of the child. Whether it bounces or jumps, there is no risk of it falling or injuring itself, as the seat will be perfectly balanced. Especially since the seat is designed to adapt to the size of the child and will serve as a second skin that will hold it in the best possible way.

This baby jumper is suitable for children from 3 months and can be used until their 3 years, but it depends of course on the size of the baby. As it is an exerciser, it has several elastic straps which will serve to give momentum to your baby and protect him from a possible fall.

6. Baby jumper NewBorn Store Graco Bumper Jumper

If you want a jumper that you can place at the door of any room in the home and help strengthen the baby’s core muscles while jumping, this model will be perfect. It has a spring reinforced with a safety rope that will keep the baby out of danger.

7. Activi centre 3 in 1 Skip Hop

Of the most complete that you will find in the comparison, since not only will it be like a jumper, but your baby will have a whole centre of activities that will make you have a great time. It has different toys, sounds and also becomes a small table that you can continue using.

8. Bright Starts Baby Door Jumper – Bounce ‘n Spring

This Bright Starts Bounce’N Spring baby jumper is highly regarded for its ease of installation. As it is a hanging model, you can easily install it at the door or any other hanging place. In terms of security, you can count on the elastic straps it has. The support is provided by large harnesses and a bar from which descend two other straps attached to the end of the seat. With this accessory, your child can have fun jumping while enjoying the best possible protection. Especially since the seat of this baby jumper is high enough to hold it well.

The Bright Starts Bounce’N Spring also takes advantage of its many accessories compared to other hanging baby jumpers. While discovering his surroundings by moving little by little on this accessory, the child will be able to catch certain toys supplied with the model. You will find for example a mirror, a teether and two plush toys with which your baby can play. The removable back cushion it offers is one of the accessories that should not be overlooked, as it brings more comfort to your toddler. So whether he can stand or not, this baby jumper can help him develop his physical skills.

What is a baby jumper?

To take part in the awakening of the child and to strengthen its overall motor skills, this is, in summary, the principle of Jumperoo, which is none other than the most famous of baby jumpers. This baby walker-like toy – but with the rollers on and off – provides toddlers with a secure environment in which they can move and jump while exploring the various possibilities offered by integrated activities. These come alive around various themes (jungle, cartoon characters and many more).

Usually usable from 6 – 9 months, or as soon as the child is able to support his head and to sit up alone, the Jumperoo invites to playful sessions of physical exercise. However, apart from the Jumperoo marketed by Fisher-Price, other Baby Jumper alternatives also exist. They mainly come from brands like Disney Baby, Baby Einstein or Bright Starts. That said, in addition to the movable models, you will also have the option of opting for jumpers that hang from the frame of a door.

baby jumper for boys

Reasons to buy a baby jumper

Due to its structure, the baby jumper allows the child to work on his motor skills in anticipation of learning to walk. Maintained vertically, it gradually gets used to a new position and will be able to stand easily, jump on its feet, or even move without risk. It is undeniably the ideal object to occupy and entertain your child at the same time. The jumper will also make him spend a substantial dose of energy, without tiring him too much, in order to prepare him for more restful and calmer nights.

Baby will have more self-confidence and be more independent. The baby jumper has undeniable advantages in addition to the considerations on motor skills and sense of balance. Over time, you will notice that baby will gain independence. And this will be felt both in terms of his movements and in terms of his behaviour in general. The device also greatly facilitates learning to walk.

In addition, the current trend of manufacturers tends towards the marketing of a range of baby jumpers more practical and less bulky. Generally, the use of a baby jumper is limited to the age of six months, which still leaves a fairly good margin of use. Indeed, it is at this age that he aspires to explore his environment. At an older age, he runs the risk of falling from the seat if he stretches too far to grab an object, for example. As he is also stronger, he will be more likely to push backwards out of the seat, which could end up injuring him. Around six months, the child learns to hold the sitting position alone. Therefore, there is no need for this seat to support him since the muscles of his trunk are strong enough for him to hold this position.

Types of baby jumpers

Among such variety, you can also choose the model that best suits your baby:

Stationary baby jumper

This type of jumper consists of a comfortable chair, which hangs through straps of a frame that does not move, so it will not provide another activity to the child that is not jumping.

Stationary jumper with activities

On the other hand, if you have a more curious baby and the jump is not enough to keep you entertained, you can get jumpers with accessories and different activities that will help you have fun when you have tired of jumping.

Baby jumper with door clamp

This type of jumper differs from the previous ones since it does not have a frame, but they are suspended from a door through a very secure anchoring system.

baby jumper for door

What to look for when choosing the best baby jumper?

This is a fairly repeated question among all of us who are parents: what should I look for to choose the best for my baby? And taking into account certain factors you can easily do it:

Weight Limit

This is an important factor if you want your child to use his jumper for some time because, depending on the model, these vary in the weight limit you are able to bear.


You should look for a jumper that has a soft seat, which is adjustable and also easy to wash.


It is important that you choose a model that has more than a strap to keep it suspended, as your baby will be safer this way.


A model that is adjustable will allow you to adapt the jumper as your little one grows.


This is one of those toys that you will not use all the time, so it should be easy to store and not take up too much space.

Firmness of the frame

In the same way it is important that you look for a jumper, in the case of models that are stationary, that have a firm and very resistant frame.

Adjustable and padded seat

Your little ones will be more comfortable in a seat that is padded since it will give them more comfort and if this can adjust to the height of the baby, it is even better.


As you already know, there are models of jumpers that have different toys to give more entertainment to the little ones.

Secure fit

Both the chair, the frame, and the straps of the jumper must secure the baby and suspend it firmly without you having to worry about accidents.

baby jumper for girl

When to buy baby jumper?

Before using the baby jumper make sure it is appropriate for your baby’s age. Make sure that at least your baby is able to hold his head perfectly. Generally, the baby can use a jumper from three months. Ideally, the baby should also be able to sit by himself and the chosen model should be able to support its weight. With the baby jumper, the push on the tip of the feet is strongly favoured since the child is placed in a standing position. 

If your suffers from any degenerative pathology, the best would be to seek the approval of a doctor. We know for example that the jumper is strongly advised against babies suffering from cerebral palsy.

For a toddler, standing too long can affect growth. Supported by a harness suspended at the hips, the baby develops the muscles of his legs. These, however, are not essential for walking, unlike the thigh and hip muscles. The core muscles contribute to the baby’s balance. It is safer to consider the baby jumper as a toy to be assigned a time limit and only under parental supervision.