Footmuff Romer Britax is undoubtedly my favourite model, with its super nice designs and all its assets. The price is justified given the strengths and qualities of this product, even if Clevamama universal footmuff is(I think) the best quality/price ratio of this selection with an unbeatable price.

Continue reading and you can see my selection of the best footmuffs among more than 100 models currently available on the market!

What is the best footmuff?

Among the recommendations to choose the best, I can suggest you check if it is compatible with the brand of your stroller, in addition to the security system that allows using. Also, know the materials and how to combine them with your buggy so you can achieve an integrated look.

Also, evaluate the type of harness and the holes in the bag to determine if they match. Some are difficult to match and you may have to buy one specifically. Therefore, it is best to look for those labelled as universal.

Size is another important aspect to consider and that is why you should examine the dimensions of the foot cover. Although most have the ability to use until two years of age, there are small ones that you can lose in a short time.

I hope that this comparison with the most recommended in terms of shelter for a shopping is very useful to acquire a cheap and good quality.

Footmuff Costanzo Enrico

Neutral unisex style

This delicate baby bag for shopping is considered universal because it is adaptable to various trolleys. It has a classic and elegant design which highlights a delicate fabric and beige embroidery. Its interior is lined in polar fabric like the base of the footmuff. It is ideal for use from newborn to three years. By its tonality, it can be used for both boys and girls.

Hauck 2 Way Footmuff

Practical and modern design


    Because it is convertible, it positions it as one of the most functional. You can adapt it to your baby carrier or car seat. In winter it is very used as a bag and in summer as a cover. This cotton bag also has waterproof fabric to make it resistant and easy to clean. It closes with zippers and is adaptable to products of various brands. It comes in 16 beautiful patterns, selectable for boys or girls.

    Baby Footmuff Deuba

    The best antiallergic material

    This option is elaborated with soft polar microfiber, which allows offering a warm temperature to the baby. With zippers, you easily remove the area of ​​the cover, and thus easily wash in a machine. Its fabrics allow you to isolate the cold easily and its breathable fabrics have the ability to disperse sweat and body heat. When you disassemble it you can use it as a mat. You can get it in 9 delicate and tender designs.

    Römer Britax

    Stay very soft and pleasant

    It is  footmuff for a stroller that will be very useful for your baby to walk in winter. The characteristics of the fabric with which it was made are warm. Inside it is soft and shiny, while its exterior is strong and resistant. It fits most strollers. You can choose among its 11 colours and combine it with other baby accessories.

    Clevamama Universal Footmuff

    Adjustable to any model

    It is a fascinating winter footmuff because you can use it like a sack, blanket or mattress. Bring opening to adjust the harnesses of any car or baby carrier. Its manufacturer ensures that it is waterproof, breathable and very warm at the same time. It is removable so you can do a good cleaning. There are four incredible and combinable unisex models. Its fabric has 99% cotton, which guarantees softness and comfort.

    Remember that a chair bag is an excellent alternative to wrap your child without the need to resort to layers of clothing or use a blanket to keep warm and warm.

    Although the colour and the pattern of the cover are probably the least important characteristics to consider, it is convenient to find a chair bag that you like and combine with the other pieces. Consider a tone that matches your cart or chair. Neutrals are the best because you can use them for a second child regardless of their sex.

    What is footmuff?

    The footmuff is a great product for sheltering the child in the winter months. So you can get an idea, the footmuff is a bag similar to the baby sleeping bags but with a shape adapted to the stroller.

    There are 3 basic models of footmuffs:

    Models for pram

    The pram is the first pushchair you are going to use. Although the pram includes a foot cover, you need one for the specific pram. These footmuffs are rectangular and with the appropriate measures so that they can fit perfectly in the pram.

    Models for baby car seat group 0+

    Group 0+ is used to travel in the car. The footmuffs for the baby carrier are with a rounded shape. They include rubber bands to adjust it to the car seat and openings so you can remove the harness from group 0+ and fasten the little one without problems. Most models usually include a matching hood.

    Models for the stroller

    This is the most used type of footmuff. This is the one that you are going to use the most. It is usually used for about 2 years. The stroller footmuffs are specially designed for this pushchair. They fit well with some rubber bands. They also include openings to allow removing the belt. 

    Years ago, blankets were used to cover children when they were in the stroller. The blankets were a great nuisance because they slipped and when you least expected, you were dragging her along the ground, leaving the child unguarded. With the footmuff, this will never happen to you!

    How to choose universal footmuff?

    Find a series of criteria to help you make the right choice.

    Footmuff or a sleeping bag? 

    Sometimes sleeping bags and footmuff are confused. Theoretically, the first one is a sleeping bag for infants while the second is designed for walks outdoors, including easily adapting to a stroller. Nevertheless, these two products tend to be more and more similar, manufacturers taking inspiration from each other’s innovations.

    What size of footmuff? 

    Check that the footmuff you are looking for is suitable for your child’s size. Better to keep some margin so that it can move easily. A taller footmuff will last longer, but it’s best not to let your baby float too much.

    Check the quality of the lining.

     To protect your baby from the cold, make sure your footmuff has a warm, quality interior like polar or lambskin. Manufacturers offer different solutions according to your needs and your budget.

    Get a removable liner. 

    To use the stroller at mid-season while allowing baby to stay protected, make sure the liner can be removed easily.

    Choose a waterproof coating. 

    If the rain does not scare you and you walk out with your baby frequently, whatever the weather, prefer a fully waterproof and properly insulated footmuff.

    Make sure the footmuff has slots.

     They will allow the passage of harnesses to install it on the stroller or, if necessary, on a car seat.

    Match the design of the stroller

    Ideally, choose a footmuff that matches your stroller. For example, if you have a stroller with a classic style you can choose a one from the brand Zamboo. If your buggy has a modern design, you can choose a universal footmuff with daring colours and designs, such as those of the Deuba brand.

    Favour the easily washable footmuffs.

     Most models are machine washable.

    Which universal footmuff to choose?

    The selection below shows the top 5 sellers universal footmuffs for strollers.