Baby food storage containers are useful for storing your baby’s food, it is a fact nowadays feeding is a very important subject and many parents opt for “homemade”.

In fact, by preparing your child’s meals, you perfectly control the balance of his diet, the baby food storage containers are therefore the solution to your problem: They facilitate the organization of meals and their particularities offer many possibilities.

You can prepare meals for the week, freeze them and also reheat them directly in their contents. Baby food storage containers can also be used to store milk for your baby.

Comparison of the best baby food storage containers

It is always useful to take into account your purposes and make a comparison between what is available to find a good article in the offer and that is also cheap.

I always recommend you to look at those that are approved by the FDA, they are safer. If you want extra help, here is a short list.

1. Wean Green glass container set

Made with a tempered glass base, this set of containers with lid is ideal for keeping the baby’s food fresh. It is not toxic.

2. Babymoov conservation packaging

Made with transparent material and sealable lids, this set of packaging is very practical and easy to clean. Ideal for transporting baby’s food.

3. Mould for freezing baby food NUK

Suitable for putting baby food and other foods in the freezer. This soft silicone container can keep the food for months.

4. Baby food containers Philips Avent

Ideal for breast milk, these containers are resistant, non-toxic and simple to use. You can refrigerate anything in them.

5. Set of 4 freezer containers OXO TOT

With a completely hermetic system, these small conservation moulds will keep the baby’s food for months. Manufactured without BPA.

6. Baby Food Bag – The Small Human Company

Made to place and freeze sauces, food and baby food, these reusable bags are a multifunctional tool that will save you problems.

7. Mumi & Bubi freezer containers

Designed mould type and ideal to freeze baby food, this container can serve to freeze any food. It comes without PVC.

8. Garden Fresh Nuby set Food Bowls

To help you take a new step in baby feeding Nuby brings you this little dish, very simple, resistant and suitable for microwaves.

9. WeeSprout reusable food bag

They are ideal for storing organic food and baby foods. They are recyclable and easy to use. This makes them a fairly durable resource.

10. Elacra Baby Food Storage Containers

The Elacra baby food storage containers will undoubtedly make your life easier, it is simple, practical and non-stick. Suitable for freezing food.

Types of baby food containers

In the market, you will find a wide range. They vary in sizes, colours, brand, materials and are made to contain the portion that the baby needs, these are:

Freezer trays

Ideal for storing frozen food portions for up to six months. They are similar to the trays used for ice cubes but larger. They are very useful in terms of storage.


These, undoubtedly, are the most popular, however, since it will contain your baby’s food, it is useful when buying to make sure that it comes free of BPA and without lead. The great advantage of plastic containers is that they hold the rhythm of the children, they are resistant as few and practically unbreakable and very durable. They are easy to clean and usually come with airtight lids, some even serve to place them in the freezer.


They are very good and, without a doubt, they are the most recommended to obtain really fresh food, however, it is a freshness that, at most, will last you three days with good refrigeration. The great “but” of these containers is that, because they are glass, they break easily.

Food bags

These are definitely the most practical option, they occupy little space in the freezer or in the refrigerator and are a real solution to your problems. In the offer, you will find them in the reusable or disposable form. Disposable versions can become a real environmental problem, the reusable ones are a real nuisance for cleaning.

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How to choose a baby food storage container?

Before taking one home, it is important that you take into account a series of details that will make your choice the most appropriate for your purposes.


I have already mentioned the different types of containers, of these you must choose a type to store and feed your baby after weaning, the best are the plastic and glass, however, the latter require your supervision because they are easily breakable. The bags of food are also quite practical for the kids.


I have also explained the variety of materials, in this case, the important thing is that you make sure to select something that has no harmful components: BPA, lead, phthalate and PVC.


In order not to waste food and ensure that the child eats it all, it is advisable to go for a container of curved lines where everything can be consumed without the accumulation of food remains in the corners. It should be a comfortable and easy way to grab for the little one.


There are containers for each stage of growth of the child that contains the portion you need at that moment, you must make sure to choose the correct one.


As a mom you do not have time to fight against a container, what I always advise is something that is suitable for dishwashers or, in any case, simple cleaning.

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How to properly store baby foood?

Milk, water, fresh products, frozen products. It is important to be very careful when storing baby food. For this reason, here are some practical tips for everyday use. Obviously, these tips are valid for the rest of the family as well.

The right temperature

It is important that fresh food or even opened milk bottles are kept at the right temperature, i.e. between 0 and 4 ° (If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to place a thermometer in your fridge to check the temperature. In general, the coldest part is at the bottom. Attention, in general, the temperature in the fridge door is higher).

24h baby food pouches

As you must use the baby food pouches within 24 hours when you open it, it is preferable that you take at least during the first months of the small packages of pouches. Once is opened, it should be stored by placing it in the refrigerator.

48h for small pots

Especially at the start of diversification (or if you have a small eater), the baby will not necessarily finish its small pots. You can obviously keep them in the fridge but you will have to finish them within 48 hours. Ditto for the homemade soup, you can keep it for 48 hours. After this time, avoid giving it to the baby.

Rules for frozen products

Organized, you have frozen in advance the small dishes that you concocted for your baby. Regarding frozen products, it is important once again to respect a few simple rules: be careful to respect the cold chain, never refreeze a thawed product and finally the last but not least, consume thawed products within 24 hours.

Optimal storage in the freezer

Bread and baguette: 1 month
Pie base, cake batter, pastries: 2 months
Mince: 2 to 3 months
Cake (cut into individual pieces): 3 months
Grated cheese and butter: 3 months
Fish: 3 to 4 months
Leftovers, soup, sauce: 3 to 4 months
Chicken fillet: 6 months
Pork, lamb or beef: 6 to 8 months
Fruits and vegetables: 10 to 12 months