Sooner or later, your child will end up wanting to sit around the family table to share the meal like a grown-up. On this day, you can show him the advantages of his scalable high chair and its removable tray, but he will persist in showing you the armchairs on which the whole family is seated. In short, you will end up on the online looking for a chair booster seat until you probably come across this article.

What is the best feeding booster seat for children?

When buying, there are a number of factors that you should consider in order to take home the right product.

A good seat should be easy to clean, very portable, durable and you should ensure that it will adjust to your child’s growth, but you will squander a pasture.

In addition, you must verify that it is non-slip, both the seat and the bases, which will keep the child safe.

It is important that it has a rotating function, it must also be foldable and easy to store, that will make your job easier. You can make a comparison and look for these qualities.

Another thing to look at is the genre, even if it seems silly you should select a neutral one, so if you have several guys it will fit you all.

The cost is also important. If you find everything expected in a cheap model, so much the better, but do not sacrifice quality for money.

In this list we leave you a series of suggestions that maybe they can help you:

Munchkin Travel Child Booster Seat

Munchkin Baby Seat, Travel Booster Seat, Portable High Chair, Toddler Booster Seat & Baby Feeding...
  • MUNCHKIN BABY BOOSTER SEAT: Toddler booster chair and sit me up baby seat for the dining table, when eating out or for taking with...
  • FOLDABLE HIGH CHAIR SEAT TRANSFORMS INTO A BAG: The perfect baby seats for sitting up, 6 months plus, which folds down into a baby...
  • ADJUSTABLE SAFETY HARNESS: The stylish children's booster seat has a three-point harness, to fit children aged approx. 12-36...
  • STAYS IN PLACE ON THE CHAIR: Fits most standard dining chairs, with Xtra-Grip traction pads for a no-slip grip on chairs for...
  • DISCOVER THE MUNCHKIN FEEDING RANGE: Innovative baby sippy cups, baby weaning products and toddler bowls, plates and utensils -...

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This Munchkin model is an exceptional baby chair booster seat. Combining finesse and design, it is the standard yardstick of Munchkin, which shows here all its expertise in childcare accessories. Almost perfect from top to bottom, this little gem is a model to follow for the competition as it is well finished. Fortunately, such quality is available at an acceptable price. The brand has set itself the objective of offering a quality product at an attractive price. An attractive baby booster, therefore, and what is more, is for all budgets.

Badabulle adjustable chair booster seat

Badabulle Folding Height-Adjustable Baby Comfort Booster Seat, Grey
  • Universal: The Badabulle comfort booster seat fits all types of chairs; its seat is height-adjustable to three positions and its...
  • Compact: The Badabulle table booster measures just 20 cm thick once folded, and boasts a carrying handle so you can take it...
  • Maximum safety: The 3-point harness keeps baby secure during mealtimes
  • Ingenious: It has a removable tray so that it converts into a small armchair when baby grows
  • Practical: The cushions are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius

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Equipped with adjustable straps and harnesses, this seat of the brand Badabulle, can be attached to the table if you remove the retractable tray.

It is only a matter of ensuring that the kid with the mini safety belt and place it, with one more plate, next to the table with the rest.

OXO Adjustable chair booster seat

OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps (Taupe)
  • Boosts tots from 15 months up to an ideal table height on any grown-up chair
  • Three sets of straps secure seat to chair and three point harness keeps tots securely in booster seat
  • Collapses quickly and easily for convenient travel and compact storage
  • Straps are easy to adjust and can be removed when your tot becomes a big kid (3+ years)
  • Backrest supports toddlers in any position on any type of dining chair

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If you are in the search for a safe chair, so that your boy is secure, this is the right one thanks to his three-point harness.

In addition, it comes with a non-slip base to avoid annoying slips. It is not toxic, it is made without BPA and, in addition, it is easy to transport.

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Lime
  • Wide seat with adjustable harness and securing straps
  • Easy to open or fold and to carry with either a shoulder strap or handle
  • Suitable from 6 months to approximately 3 years (15 kg)
  • Anti-slip

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With its impeccable design and reliable security system, the Chicco Pocket Snack is a model of choice if you are looking for a quality booster. It also stands out for its manufacturing quality, making it a product made to last. In addition, this accessory is suitable for children from 6 to 36 months since it is scalable. Indeed, this booster is adjustable to 3 heights just like its removable tray. Only the ink on the Chicco label, which tends to thin when in contact with moisture, darkens the painting, but other than that, we are clearly at the top of the basket.

Chair Booster Seat – Summer Infant

Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Booster Seat | Removable & Dishwasher-Safe Tray, Secure Chair Straps,...
  • Feeding seat and booster in one. Material - Plastic
  • 3-point restraint system with chair straps to secure booster to chair
  • Under seat storage, perfect for storing cutlery, wipes, and all your feeding essentials
  • Ultra compact fold for storage and portability
  • One-hand, easy carry handle

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Your kids, no matter how small, will have a space on the table like the whole family thanks to this folding high chair.

One of its great advantages is that it is very stable, the kid will feel comfortable and safe. It is very portable, ideal for you to take on any trip.

Prince Lionheart – chair booster seat

Prince Lionheart boosterPOD Chocolate Base (Dust Brown)
  • Soft, cushiony seat ensures child's comfort, rigid base for added stability
  • Separate straps allow attachment to a dining chair whilst comfortably securing the child
  • Stylish, smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Waterproof, portable and slip-resistant
  • Durable and great for indoor or outdoor use

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Fixed to the chairs by straps, this seat is recommended if your kid is eating alone.

It has the capacity to support up to 22 kg of weight and is ideal for a table because the boy will eat with the rest of the clan. It is easy to clean and made of durable plastic.

Phil and Teds Lobster Highchair

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Made with Eco leather seat this highchair is ideal for both home and if you want to put in the car, your child will be one more and will be safe and stable.

It has a movable and folding tray and its great advantage is that it is adjustable height. Grow with your baby.

What is chair booster seat?

You will find chair booster seat models online or even in your favourite stores. But before making the right choice, take the time to know the benefits of using a chair booster seat.

Parents’ lives are certainly the most exciting. We often face the evolution of our little ones. Every day we face changes to new behaviours, etc. Whatever happens, we can’t stop our baby from growing up. At some point, he will have to realize little by little what is going on around him. From the age of 18, he may, for example, start to want to share his meal with the family. That said, he might want to eat on the same table as the parents. According to various advices, it is not even necessary to wait until his child claims his desire to go to the table, as soon as he eats food and that he can sit properly, that said, with his back straight, he must l ‘install on a chair. This is where the use of a chair booster seat comes in. Remember that it is still a child. It is even more fragile and to protect it, a chair booster seat is more practical. It will allow you to adapt any chair to the size and age of your child.

A chair booster seat is:

  • Equipment usable on any type of chair
  • Usable in different situations: travel, restaurants, etc.
  • Transportable equipment
  • Equipment already with a small storage space
  • Easy to install
  • A product ensuring the safety of your child

Basically, the chair booster seat can go anywhere. You won’t only need it when you stay at home. During your family picnic, you can perfectly use it to put your child at ease with everyone. In addition, the models are now diversified. Either way, this material is very easy to use. Its installation is quite quick, without forgetting the fact that it can already have a storage space where you could classify certain objects essential for you and your baby during your travels. It is also transportable and very light. You can easily store it in your car, it does not take up much space.

Let us simply note that choosing a better booster is not simple enough. To make your child comfortable and safe, you will need to buy a booster adapted to their needs. If it is already larger, for example, if it is more than 15 kg, choose a more robust model. Anyway, it is always better to opt for a booster seat with backrest.

chair booster seats

Why buy a booster seat with backrest?

  • To keep your child safe. It could slip while playing.
  • It is not the booster’s role to guide your baby’s upper body.
  • If your child falls asleep, it will be easier.
  • The child’s head is well supported.

Before using a chair booster seat, to avoid unpleasant surprises and to ensure quick and easy installation, you will also need to know certain regulations:

  • Avoid opting for a chair booster seat without a belt
  • Always stay near your child, even if he is quiet
  • Install the booster on a stable chair
  • Do not leave your child alone on the booster when you store the table
  • During installation, follow the instructions given in the instructions for use and after each meal, store the booster seat properly.
  • The most important thing is to always choose a model that suits the size and morphology of your child.

Different types of chair booster seats

Wooden chair booster seats

This type of chair booster has the advantage of presenting an elegant design. Indeed, the wood brings a touch of originality and authenticity to the accessory. Wooden chair booster seats are generally foldable and sturdy. They are fixed with straps and the seat can be padded to bring more comfort to the baby.

Foam chair booster seats

As their name suggests, this type of chair booster is made of foam. Lightness is their main advantage. They also provide more comfort than wooden models and cost much less. However, they are more fragile and can, therefore, be damaged more quickly.

Inflatable chair boosters

Designed on the same principle as inflatable furniture, this type of chair booster is very easy to transport. In fact, they occupy very little space and are very light when they are deflated. The inflation does not require a pump since it suffices to pull on a strap for the booster to deploy.

Table seats

Table seats are also part of the chair booster. They are distinguished by the fact of hanging on the edge of a table instead of being placed on a chair. They have the advantage of carrying the baby directly at the height of the table. However, you must have a perfectly stable table so that this type of accessory ensures maximum safety for your baby.

dining booster seat

How to choose chair booster seat?

Choosing the best chair booster seat is an essential step in the life of parents. That said, it should never be taken lightly. If you want to opt for a model suitable for you and your child, you will have to take into account certain criteria: comfort, functions, design, accessories as well as your budget. You will also need to choose the one that is suitable for your child (its size, weight, age, morphology and needs). Attached is a guide that will allow you to choose the best model for your baby.


Before making your choice, you will need to check the comfort. Be sure that the model you are going to choose has a comfortable seat as well as a backrest that will allow your child to feel comfortable when he eats his meal. Make sure the material cushion is soft and functional. Also, choose a model with a comfortable backrest. This will make your baby even more comfortable by your side. If you choose an uncomfortable chair booster seat, it could certainly be detrimental to your little one’s well-being.

If possible, opt for a model equipped with storage space. In general, this model is the most comfortable. Its cushion is always higher than that of a model without storage. Not to mention that it is easier to install on any type of chair.

Check the security system

Safety is an important point to take into account when choosing a chair booster for your child. Be aware that if the equipment security system is not very reassuring, you would risk injuring your baby. Like all children, your little one will eat while playing and having fun. At any time, he could turn around or make gestures that could cause him to fall. Fortunately, with a good crossover chair booster, there will be no problem.

When choosing a chair booster seat, take the time to check the attachment system: harness, straps, etc. If necessary, also request information from your supplier. Normally, he knows how the hardware works. If you are shopping on the net, don’t be afraid to ask other parents for advice in forums or look in blogs.

Basically, a booster ensuring a high level of safety must:

  • Respect the safety standard and must have a harness and a backrest
  • Have a wide seat suitable for the size of the baby
  • Guarantee better stability
  • Equipped with a backrest

Materials used for manufacturing

According to many reviews, online chair booster seat made of wood is the most practical, especially if it is for daily use. That means if you don’t need to move it once in a while. In the case you need it for your trips and your trips, the best is to opt for an inflatable or plastic model. The choice of manufacturing material, therefore, depends on your needs.

Note that a wooden or plastic chair booster seat is very easy to maintain. It does not need any special maintenance. On the other hand, a fabric model, on the other hand, needs regular maintenance. Do not clean properly after each meal. Indeed, if you do not have time for maintenance, choose a model that is easy to clean.

The price

Don’t neglect your budget. It would be impossible for you to shop all the stores in your city without having a specific budget. Be aware that the more your budget increases, the more you will have the chance to opt for an advanced model with various functions.

The price of a chair booster seat will depend on the quality of manufacture, the make of the model as well as the features. In any case, if you have a small budget, the best is to choose a classic model, but which still fulfils the qualities of a functional and secure booster.

In general, the price of a chair booster seat varies between £20 to £100. It all depends on the model, the options and the brand of manufacture.

The design

It is normal that when you visit a store, the first thing you look at is the design of the material. It’s a normal reaction. You will not be able to offer a model that does not seem attractive to your child. When you choose a booster, always choose the one that is the most aesthetic. Despite this, be certain that it has the functionality of a better chair booster seat: harness, backrest, etc.

You can perfectly choose models with additional accessories: shelf, storage, etc. It all depends on your needs and requirements.


Never forget that a good chair booster seat is not only one that is functional, comfortable and aesthetic, it must also suit the morphology of your child. Ask your seller. But in general, on each model, there are already indications showing the age and the suitable weight for the material.

Be aware that a child may need a chair booster seat from 6 months to 3 years of age. Over 4 years old, a child must no longer use a chair booster seat. It is already convenient for him to sit on the same chairs as adults.