5 Best Booster Seats for Children that Your Boy Will Eat at the Table

Last weekend we went camping with the neighbors. My husband had a great time fishing and Ivan, my little one, enjoyed a lot of contact with nature.

The only downside that I can put to the trip is that, at lunchtime, my boy did not have as much fun as other times.

The tables were very high and my boy did not reach the edge, also is in that stage of rebellion and made a mess every time I tried to sit on my legs and feed him.

Come on, he’s a big guy and he wants his place at the table, like the others! So after the hassle of feeding him on the trip, I will look for the best child booster seat I can find in the market.

This accessory will be useful to me, even at home. An economic model that fits my requirements is just what I need.

What is the best feeding booster seat for children?

When buying, there are a number of factors that you should consider in order to take home the right product.

A good seat should be easy to clean, very portable, durable and you should ensure that it will adjust to your child’s growth, but you will squander a pasture.

In addition, you must verify that it is non-slip, both the seat and the bases, which will keep the child safe.

It is important that it has a rotating function, it must also be foldable and easy to store, that will make your job easier. You can make a comparison and look for these qualities.

Another thing to look at is the genre, even if it seems silly you should select a neutral one, so if you have several guys it will fit you all.

The cost is also important. If you find everything expected in a cheap model, so much the better, but do not sacrifice quality for money.

In this list we leave you a series of suggestions that, maybe they can help you:

1. Chicco adjustable booster seat

Comfortable and resistant

Chicco Mode Riser with 3 Levels 2 kg Beige (Pois)
  • Adjustable in 3 heights
  • Padded backrest and seat
  • Super compact and portable

Equipped with adjustable straps and harnesses, this seat of the brand Chicco, can be attached to the table if you remove the retractable tray.

It is only a matter of ensuring that the kid with the mini safety belt and place it, with one more plate, next to the table with the rest.

2. OXO Adjustable booster seat

Functional and compact

OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps (Taupe)
18 Reviews
OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps (Taupe)
  • Boosts tots from 15 months up to an...
  • Three sets of straps secure seat to...
  • Collapses quickly and easily for...

If you are in the search for a safe chair, so that your boy is secure, this is the right one thanks to his three-point harness.

In addition, it comes with a non-slip base to avoid annoying slips. It is not toxic, it is made without BPA and, in addition, it is easy to transport.

3. Booster Seat – Summer Infant

Practical and light

Summer Infant Sit 'n Style Booster Seat
399 Reviews
Summer Infant Sit 'n Style Booster Seat
  • Feeding seat and booster in one....
  • 3-point restraint system with chair...
  • Under seat storage, perfect for storing...

Your kids, no matter how small, will have a space on the table like the whole family thanks to this folding high chair.

One of its great advantages is that it is very stable, the kid will feel comfortable and safe. It is very portable, ideal for you to take on any trip.

4. Prince Lionheart – booster seat

Simple and comfortable

Prince Lionheart boosterPOD Chocolate Base (Dust...
33 Reviews
Prince Lionheart boosterPOD Chocolate Base (Dust...
  • Soft, cushiony seat ensures child's...
  • Separate straps allow attachment to a...
  • Stylish, smooth, easy to clean surface

Fixed to the chairs by straps, this seat is recommended if your kid is eating alone.

It has the capacity to support up to 22 kg of weight and is ideal for a table because the boy will eat with the rest of the clan. It is easy to clean and made of durable plastic.

5. Phil and Teds Lobster Highchair

With five height positions

Phil and Teds Lobster Highchair Black
84 Reviews
Phil and Teds Lobster Highchair Black
  • Maximum load 15kg.
  • Table thickness: 20-95mm.
  • Age range: 6m to 3yrs.

Made with Eco leather seat this highchair is ideal for both home and if you want to put in the car, your child will be one more and will be safe and stable.

It has movable and folding tray and its great advantage is that it is adjustable height. Grow with your baby.

Benefits of using feeding booster seats

Child safety systems are convenient tools to maintain the integrity of children and the peace of mind of parents. While you drive your car you should have booster seats so that the kids can travel comfortably and with greater protection.

This goes beyond any fashion or personal decision, since there are countries where the laws have established the obligatory nature of the use of this resource. It is recommended to apply these special seats in children under 8 years of age, adjusting to the variations of weight and height, typical of each stage of growth.

It fits your child

You will find the ideal model according to the dimensions of the child.

It is safe

You will keep your child protected at all times.


It is possible to buy a model adjusted to your budget.

It is a requirement of law

Comply with current regulations avoiding penalties.

What should you consider when choosing a booster seat for babies?

The ability to adapt these seats, both in the child and in the car, is an aspect that will demarcate it from the rest. Its daily use will have to be simple and quick assembly and disassembly.

You must choose a seat designed for your child’s age, size and special physical needs when installing it in the car.

In addition, you must meet the following characteristics to make it as fit as possible:

Adjustable back

The backs of these seats should allow the adjustment of the support inclination angle. Babies require a firm hold on their back to prevent sudden movements of their head.

Strap for the chair

Chairs can be installed by passing the car safety belt through internal grooves of the elevator structure or by using a retaining harness, which hooks to existing brackets between the vehicle’s furniture.

Strap for children

The cross belt is ideal for newborns and up to 4 years old. After this stage you can secure the child with a waist strap. This method is applied in group 2-3 chairs, that is, when the child reaches 15 kilos.


Its weight should be light enough to keep in the trunk of your car and to load it without inconvenience.

Easy to clean

The plastic structures are easier to clean. Fabrics tend to vary according to their quality, so you will need detergents and special methods to keep it in perfect condition.

Easy to use

Locating the child and adjusting the straps that hold him or her are the two basic procedures that he will perform on a daily basis. Establishing this habit without major variations will be perfect for you.

Ease of configuration

A quick installation and with a clear and simple instruction manual will guarantee a stable performance.


Read the vehicle owner’s manual to make sure it is adaptable to the selected model.

Baby support, positioning and comfort

Padded seats, surfaces elaborated in soft fabrics and adjustable structures, are convenient to travel with comfort.

Safety and quality

Many products are backed by associations and international entities specialized in security, guaranteeing their quality and efficiency.

Removable tray

Some models include additional trays to feed the child at the stops. Avoid using them while driving.

Adjustable seat

Determine the advantage of buying seats with rear-facing, forward, booster, or fixed seating according to the child’s age.

Environmentally friendly

The use of recycled and renewable materials for the production of these seats is booming with the awakening of conservationist consciousness. You will find presentations aimed at this valuable cause.