5 Best Baby food makers that Make Healthy Food

When the little one has arrived at 6 months and they give you the green light to give him porridges, compotes, soups and purees, you realize that you will have to cook a lot during the day. It is very common that you wonder where to get the best baby food maker because, with a device like this, the process is usually faster.

It really becomes necessary, because the food prepared at home is healthier for children and so you have the security of what you are serving them. You must be careful with the ingredients to prevent allergies and other discomforts and, therefore, the home is what works best.

The baby food processor is perfect for this purpose. It is very easy to use, easy to clean and is so efficient that you will end up using it several times a day, every day.

You could have doubts … Another appliance in the kitchen? But, then why did I buy the blender? Let’s go! That they are not the same thing. With the baby food maker you can cook more food because it has several functions, besides just liquefying things.

Maybe you have already seen that there are many different models in the market, with different price and brand. If you have already decided to buy one, you will need some guidance to choose the most appropriate one.

What is the best baby food maker?

To prepare simple recipes quickly you have to evaluate the different versions of this device. It is essential to look for one that is of good quality and it would be great if it had a low price, right?

If you do not want to last an eternity looking model after model, we suggest you review this comparison that we have prepared with the 5 best baby food robots. In addition to having excellent benefits, all have an affordable price.

And for your peace of mind, all these teams have the positive opinion of many users who have tested with them and have successfully prepared tasty and nutritious meals for their children at home.

1. Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender

Ideal for each stage of development

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender, White
316 Reviews
Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender, White
  • Blends easily to a range of textures for...
  • No transfer between steaming and...
  • Automatic timer so can just set and...

It cooks very well with steam and beats the meals easily. You can puree or leave more palpable pieces when the baby already learns to chew. Its use is very simple with a knob that indicates when to cook or beat.

It has a water tank with a large opening for easy cleaning. It includes a book of recipes and a spatula to completely empty its contents.

2. Philips Avent Baby Food Steamer and Blender

Perfect for healthy meals

Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer and...
849 Reviews
Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer and...
  • An all-in-one solution to preparing baby...
  • Nutritious meals made easy: Steam and...
  • Powerful blending and steaming...

It has an express cutting system so that the superfine pieces cook faster. Its basket-shaped accessory with a capacity of 550ml better distributes the heat to the food to make cooking faster. It preserves all its nutrients and good flavour to educate the palate and the tastes of the baby. The jug has a total capacity of 1000ml.

3. Babymoov Nutribaby food processor

A 5 in 1 robot

BABYMOOV Nutribaby Multi-Function Baby Food...
8 Reviews
BABYMOOV Nutribaby Multi-Function Baby Food...
  • Bigger capacity on the market: Cooking...
  • Five functions, right from birth: Warms...
  • Two baskets to separate the food groups...

This is a good kitchen assistant not only to make baby’s meals but also to prepare dishes for the whole family. It is 5 devices in 1 because it can steam cook, beat, heat bottles, sterilize utensils and defrost foods.

It has 1500ml capacity for steam cooking and 700ml for the blender. It has an LCD screen and a button for each function.

4. Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker

Ultra compact and beautiful

Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker - Red
15 Reviews
Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker - Red
  • 4-in-1 food processor: Steam cooks,...
  • Quickly steams cook in 15 minutes:...
  • Manual cyclone-effect blade: For...

For small kitchens this four-in-one baby food maker is perfect. Steam in 15 minutes, crush, heat and thaw foods.

The capacity of its jar is 1100ml, it has a splashproof lid and a filter to strain the shakes. Include your spatula to empty it and a book of healthy recipes. It is easily transportable to make baby’s food if you go on a trip.

5. Miniland 5 in 1 Kitchen Robot

Easy and intuitive operation

Miniland Complete Multipurpose 5-in-1 Kitchen...
1 Reviews
Miniland Complete Multipurpose 5-in-1 Kitchen...
  • Very comfortable to move from place to...
  • It has 5 functions which include:...
  • Children's recipes, nutrition and...

Its price is quite economical and its size is reduced by what fits in any kitchen without complications. It fulfills 5 functions: sterilizes, heats bottles and jars, crushes, steams and defrosts.

Includes a convenient digital book of recipes for a children’s diet with 80 different ideas. It is easy to handle and intuitive. Add a bag to facilitate transportation to any place.

What is a baby food blender?

It is a very convenient household appliance that works as an assistant in the kitchen. The most modern models include a blender and steam cooking compartments that allow to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes for the child.

While you make the fruit juices you can cook vegetables, vegetables and soups for the purées and soups.

It is that the most complete of these processors steams, crushes, reheats, defrosts, vacuum packs and sterilizes any utensil of the baby.

What are the advantages of using a baby food robot?

We have already mentioned several of its benefits but there is more! You must know them so that you can get the most out of the machine when you have it at home. Look carefully:

Prepare everything faster

Depending on the model, you will find one or several compartments to process the food. Some bring a single glass, blender style but inside it you can cook the steamed foods and then crush them to make porridge and purées.

If the child is already more grown and can eat whole vegetables, they are convenient those who bring several compartments because they allow to prepare basic recipes with vegetables and on the other hand beat the fruit juices for a complete meal instantly.

It cleans faster

Of course the pieces are removable and can almost always be put in the dishwasher. Those who have only one glass as they take out they get into the device and that’s it.

You make healthy food

The first meals of a baby should be light of fat and full of its most important nutrients. Steaming is the best way to preserve the vitamins and minerals in your food. This will allow the spoiled of the house to eat healthy.

Help save money

Cooking everything at home, with fresh foods and avoiding the processed, not only improve the child’s diet but also save you a few euros in what they call baby food.

Although some products can be very good, we must recognize that they tend to spend more on them than on natural ingredients to prepare food at home.

You know what each dish contains

It is very important to control the ingredients of each dish you prepare for the child. As he grows he is allowed to eat more food, but some must be introduced little by little into the diet.

If you prepare the food you will have the peace of mind to know what is in it and no concern because possible foods are still prohibited by the pediatrician.

These are the types of processors to make baby food

Comparing these appliances you will have more notions about the benefits of having a kitchen robot.

All in one

These are just the ones we have been talking about. They are a machine that combines steam cooking with a blender, all in a single appliance. It is easy to use and manipulate. There are some who use only one glass to do the whole process and therefore do not have to move food from one compartment to another.

Others have more than one container. In one of them the food is cooked and in the other it can be crushed as with a blender. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages. The first one makes everything very fast and practical, even cleaning it, but it requires preparing only one meal at a time.

The second allows steam cooking in one of their glasses and in the other crush fruits for juice, for example. Of course, it requires washing more separate parts and include a water tank that requires maintenance.

Both are very good utensils, choosing one will depend on your needs.

Only one blender

A blender is always necessary at home, but obviously it is only used to liquefy the food. When preparing purees, compotes and vegetable creams, you must first boil them in boiling water. That may bring you more work and more things to clean later.

Manual shaker

It will only serve to mix powdered drinks such as formula or infant milk or other foods that are easy to combine. Do not help in the preparation of complete meals for the baby so it is not the most convenient option.

What you should consider when choosing a good baby food robot

If you have realized that it is worth it, you have already made the decision and want to get a new kitchen processor, do not forget to carry out an exhaustive verification of its functions and characteristics.

The idea is to have it because it is useful and must have less of the following specifications:

Steam and processor in a single equipment

When the appliance comes all in one, the preparation of the meals becomes ultra easy and fast. The whole process can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Many models bring the automatic shutdown, then you can leave the vegetables cooking while you take a bath and dress the baby. You will not have to worry about burning the carrot or the sweet potato or sweet potato.

When you return you can operate the button without problems to crush the vegetables and make tasty mashed potatoes. Of course, fruits can also be crushed not only to make juices, but also to turn them into a tasty and healthy dessert.

When the child does not need everything in soft textures, you can also use the equipment to cook the vegetables, liquefy the fruits or prepare contours for the whole family.

Easy to use

The easier it is to operate it, the better it will be. A busy mother does not have time to read a super complicated manual of instructions. Tightening a couple of buttons is what you need to have the saucers ready and avoid the cry of a hungry baby.

In addition, if there are few maneuvers it means that the kitchen robot has been well designed for use by modern parents. This guarantees that the manufacturer has been careful in the preparation of their product.

It saves you time to spend pleasant moments with your family.

Good quality

To be a good investment you have to look for baby food maker that keeps its sharp blades in time and that has a durable engine and does not start to smoke soon. Nor will you want one whose plastic parts melt when the steam is activated.

Review the opinion of other users is important and that’s why we have been able to recommend the best based on a proven quality.


Nothing slow. There is no time to lose. The ultimate goal of the robot is to facilitate and advance things in the kitchen. Everything must be well cooked and very well crushed in a few minutes. The machine must process the food quickly and even store it for later in a hermetic way, if you need it. The goal is for everyone, including the youngest in the house, to eat at a regular time, without delays.

Do you have to prepare extra food? Don’t forget to look for that one with a large glass or bowl in which large portions of fruits or vegetables fit.


There are several things to consider in this aspect. The first one we already told you about, the automatic shutdown system. It is necessary to avoid that the meals burn and even worse, also the processor and that can cause major ills at home.

The second is that their parts are resistant and fit correctly to avoid spills or misalignments of the pieces during use.

The third and not least is that it is made without BPA or phthalic acid, both chemical components very common in plastic objects and that are very harmful to health.

Those who come without them are safe to use but you could even prefer those who come with glass glasses.

Portability and storage

If the baby food maker is light and easily portable, you can change it or take it anywhere, even during vacations. So you can go out for a walk with peace of mind and cook your healthy foods.

Do not forget to check the size, not only for your transport but also for your location and storage in the kitchen. If you have a large one, you will not have problems, but if your kitchen is small, you have to find a place on the table or a place to store it when it is not in use.


The task of washing dishes sometimes seems never to finish, is not it? With the robot it does not have to be this way if you have only a few removable parts to put in the dishwasher.

Look for one whose cleaning is very easy and you save that time for other important things at home.

Other functions

In addition to cooking and grinding, which are its basic functions, processors must allow reheating what is already prepared, defrosting food, vacuum packing and even sterilizing bottles and pacifiers.

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