Becoming a parent is a wonderful adventure, but getting around with a toddler is sometimes an obstacle course! Light, practical and comfortable for the wearer and the carry, the baby carrier facilitates your daily outings and your walks with baby.

To help you make your choice, our consumer portal has compared the best baby carriers on the market by cross-checking the opinions of hundreds of customers and the results of external tests. Save time by using our comparison to find the baby carrier model that best suits your child and your needs!

The best baby carriers in comparison

Get a baby carrier that serves as a complement to the baby buggy, you may find it hard, however, there are a number of criteria that you should consider before buying.

A good baby carrier should be safe, easy to wash and easy to install, it should also be suitable for your little one.

Comfort is essential, the child should feel at ease, it is a correct and comfortable posture. The parents, for their part, should opt for a safe backpack, with soft harnesses that evenly distribute the weight.

If the child already exceeds 8 months one with footrest will be good, but if you are younger you must choose one that holds your head.

With all these clear points, you may facilitate the selection, however, establishing a comparison between products will always help you.

If you still have trouble moving forward, this brief guide of suggestions can be the salvation to your problems.

1. LILLEbaby All Seasons 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

With the six carrying positions available, the Lillebaby 6-in-1 is ideal so that you and your child always feel comfortable. Whether you prefer blue, yellow, pink or the quiet sobriety of grey, you will find a colour to suit you since there are 10 options for this baby carrier. This changes the black and somewhat sad models that we see everywhere else, and really makes everyday life and small family outings more radiant.

This baby carrier is suitable for children weighing 3.18 to 20.4 kg, i.e. 7 to 45 lb. Concretely, this generally corresponds to toddlers from 0 to 3 years old.
It’s simple: it’s excellent. First, with the breathable microfiber and suede interior, your little one is like in a cocoon. Then, with the six positions offered, you are sure to find one that reassures your child while looking pleasant. You can especially wear it on the back and side.

With a closing pocket, padding, or even a hood, you are never caught off guard: everything has been thought out so that your toddler can accompany you while being systematically well protected. The product is also designed so that its legs systematically keep a position good for growth.

No need to worry about maintenance either, as you only need to put the Lillebaby 6-in-1 in the washer. It is one of the models that gave us the most satisfaction, in particular, because of its completeness, and that we continued to use well after having carried out our test.

Even if the price is far from being at the entry-level, it seems completely honest to us, taking into account the quality of the product offered to you.

2. BabyBjörn One Air baby carrier

Capable of supporting up to 15 kilograms of weight, this baby carrier is ideal for long walks safely and firmly if what you are looking for is your comfort and that of the baby.

Its strong point is in the design. It has a seat of about 32 centimetres that leaves the legs of the baby in a perfect ergonomic position when it goes in front of you.

It has padding, strong and resistant abdominal belt and is designed to adapt to the body shape of the child from birth, in a position that keeps their airways clear. It’s perfect for newborns!

3. All Seasons 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a comfortable baby carrier, suitable for babies up to 15 kg, this is your product.

Its great advantage is the adjustment since it incorporates a novel adapter that will allow you to place in them also the newborns.

It is one-size-fits-all for adults, divides the weight between the hips and the shoulders and keeps the baby’s pelvis and hip aligned with its spine.

Easy to use to use and adjust, comes with pockets, hood and footrest. In addition, it is designed in a fresh, washable and breathable fabric that fits any season

4. Ergobaby 360 Cool Air

Carrying the baby from one place to another and keeping your hands free will not be a problem with this baby carrier that offers you four transport possibilities.

The product is suitable for little ones, even from birth. It has a structured seat that can be controlled by means of side buttons so that you can place the child on the hip, back, back to you or in front of you.

It has padded shoulder straps, extendable back panel, comes with hood and velcro belt extra wide and resistant.

It is recommended if you want to take the child in a comfortable frog position that gives the baby more comfort.

5. Ergobaby Baby Carrier Front and Back

Made with a three-point safety clasp to adjust the belt and prevent possible accidents this backpack-type stroller is a good option for you to hold babies and children a little older.

It comes with integrated backrest centimetres smallest baby will place on his head comfortably. The bigger ones will also hold on better.

Its design allows a natural, appropriate posture that always favours the correct development of the back and the hip of the creature.

It is fresh, washable and breathable, adaptable for any adult who will not weigh too much the transfer thanks to the padded accessories.

6. Chicco Close To You

Chicco brand brings this practical chair with quilted fabric and soft to the touch, ideal for you to take a ride to the kids, from the little newborn and up to three years.

Due to its design, the little one will be safe since with this adjustable support it will be moved in a comfortable way and the correct posture. The backpack adapts to three positions: from back to you, in front and with the child in the back.

It is an economical product, high performance, very resistant, capable of supporting up to 15 kg. It comes with a headrest. It is adjustable and very safe.

What is a baby carrier?

For the arrival of the baby, mom and dad will need to draw up a birth list. In this list should be all the childcare articles and accessories that will be necessary for the development of the baby. Between the changing bag, the diaper bin, the bottle warmer, the pacifiers, the baby’s nest and the sleeping bag or the sleeping bag, young parents should not forget the baby carrier, to find out more on our guide page.

This equipment is dedicated for carrying babies. Generally, it consists of harnesses with quality padding to ensure baby’s comfort, but also to adapt it to its back morphology. It is also provided with adjustable straps which will be used for fixing and adapting the carrying as the baby develops. Even if the cane stroller is practical for installing baby and transporting it everywhere, the baby carrier is less bulky.

With the multitude of baby carrier models offered on the market, we offer young parents our selection criteria, advice and baby carrier advice in order to opt for a perfect model.

Different types of baby carriers?

The comfort is one of the main criteria for choosing a baby carrier. This is one reason why it is essential to be among the different types offered on the market.

If the baby carrier allows you to carry the baby against you, it improves mothering, especially during the first months. During the first 3 months of your toddlers elsewhere, it is advisable to wear their head facing your chest for a more secure carry. The baby carrier kangaroo is a perfect choice in this case. From the fourth month, the baby becomes more curious, a portage with baby’s head turned outwards will allow it to flourish better.

When he is 9 months old, the baby backpack becomes the ideal model. Indeed, this model considerably reduces the effort of parents to carry their toddlers who have become heavier. It should be chosen with straps much more solid and perfectly padded to offer optimal support and portage in comfort. This is the case with the hiking baby carrier.

With the physiological baby carrier, carrying is easier and ergonomic. It adapts to the baby’s morphology and can support up to 20 kg. The baby wrap, on the other hand, looks like a more original baby carrier. Designed with elastic textile, it is best suited for infants. On the other hand, in cotton or more rigid fabric, it is used with older babies.

All the advantages of a baby carrier are however found in the Mei Tai baby carrier model, a traditional Chinese baby carrier allows you to take baby against you in different positions, suitable for newborns as well as children up to 4 years old.

Things to consider when buying baby carrier

You know your needs, you have taken the time to write down the baby’s weight and size, and you know how you are going to use your baby carrier day by day. Now, you will have to immerse yourself in the comparison of the different products. Here is the information that is essential to know in order not to be tricked.

Supported weight

There is a minimum weight and a maximum weight for baby carriers.

  • Very often, the minimum weight is 3.18 kg.
  • The maximum weight is generally close to 18.14 kg.

In practice, this often corresponds to babies from 3 months to 3 years old. The maximum weight may be lower on entry-level products.

Note that for newborns, the upper part of some baby carriers is detachable. You can thus use the seat, but without a strap, which eliminates the minimum weight limit: it is then imperative to hold your toddler well.

The weight

Beyond the weight supported, you must also take into account the weight of the baby carrier itself, because you will feel it on your back for a long time. As soon as possible, choose something rather light.

Note that dimensions are a less important issue, the vast majority of baby carriers being adaptable. However, if the manufacturer specifies a waist size in particular, check that it is to your liking.


The current positions are:

  • Baby on your stomach facing you
  • Baby on your stomach back to you
  • Baby in fetal position
  • Baby on your back
  • Baby on the side

A baby carrier that can be used in many positions offers many advantages. First, it greatly lightens the load on your muscles. Then, when your child is restless or seems to be uncomfortable, changing the way they wear it can fix the problem. Finally, this can be useful, for example, for breastfeeding.


There are two main components involved in the manufacture of baby carriers, these are:

  • The cotton.
  • The polyester.

We encourage you, when possible, to favor 100% cotton fabric that is softer and sometimes stronger. Some baby carriers are also equipped with breathable fabrics to ventilate the baby and moderate the heat felt, a very good point.

When it comes to strength, it’s fairly simple: entry-level products tend to be easier to tear or damage, while high-end models generally resist shocks well.


In our selection, we knowingly eliminated all the baby carriers that we did not seem to offer satisfactory conditions to the little ones. Without asking questions, avoid models in which parents say they have experienced discomfort on the part of their children.

But beware, do not think only of baby, but also of you!

In particular, prefer a baby carrier that is easy to put on and take off, for example, fitted with velcro straps. This ends up being a huge saving of time on a daily basis and avoids annoying frustrations.

We also advise you to favour a model that can be cleaned in a washer, it is much more pleasant. On the other hand, note that due to their composition, a certain number of baby carriers do not go to the dryer.


Choosing a baby carrier that is pretty and radiant is quite normal. We want positivity when we start to raise a child! Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes get a bit stuck in grey and black tones, but that changes gradually and there are more fun products. To find, you have to snoop around!

Additional features

Most baby carriers come with detachable or integrated accessories, for example:

  • One zipped pocket.
  • A detachable bag.
  • An anti-UV hood.

Do not hesitate to determine which ones you think would be useful and to simply remove from your list references that are not equipped with them.


As a rule, they are distinguished by differences in strength, the comfort of use and supported weight. Note that although high-end baby carriers may seem a bit expensive, they are real long-term investments, which can be used for 3 to 4 years. This can be profitable.