Becoming a parent is a moment of joy that directly immerses the parents in great responsibility. This is all the more true in the car where the constraints are great and the risks high for the little ones when travelling. Choosing your baby car seat is, therefore, a priority even before the baby is born. You should know that the car seat is an obligation to transport your child in the car.

So at each age, you will have to choose a model adapted to the morphology of your child. There is no question of going on a trip or simply shopping with the little one sitting in the back with the simple seat belt.

We must go further and buy equipment suitable for the age and weight of the child. This can avoid serious injury in the event of an accident and even simple rapid braking. The child’s body is fragile, it should be protected as much as possible to avoid any problem during your travels.

The best baby car seat in comparison

If you already decided to buy, then now what you should do is a test of your needs, your baby and the adaptability to your car.

It is essential that you review the available offer, make a comparison between products and decide on the one that finally suits your requirements.

Having a guide is never over, here is a list of suggestions, where you will surely find exactly what you are looking for.

1. Chicco Trio-System Sprint Black with Car Kit

Chicco Trio-System Sprint Black with Car Kit, Sandshell
  • Sprint is a lightweight sports car with a large, comfortable seat / bed
  • With baby shell synthesis 0+ incl. 5-point-belt, kiva with 3-point-belt incl. kit car, rain cover
  • Incl. exit bag with changing mat, footmuff, comfort handles (360 ° ergonomic twist-push handles), hanging basket
  • Thanks to foldable handles compact collapsible and free standing.
  • Large and comfortable sitting / lying area with 4-way adjustable backrest

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Configured as a complete solution to transport your baby, practically from the moment of birt to 3 years, the manufacturer Chicco brings you this group of two seats and stroller belonging to group 0.

It is a closed, compact, safe system, adjusted to the legal safety standard, which has two ways of positioning: facing the road and facing parents, all with a practical one-handed adjustment.

The Oasys baby car seat for the first months has a fastening system to pick up the stroller’s chassis, it comes with a base to place it in the car with great stability and you can also use it as a transportable stroller.

It is equipped with adjustable headrest that adapts to the baby’s waist and a reducer cushion for greater comfort of the child.

On the other hand, the growth seat has safety harnesses and head restraints that adapt to the growth of your child.

Includes, apart from the two seats and the stroller, changing bag, rotating handles, three-point belts, car base, integral waterproof, removable reducer and hood sunshade.

It is an affordable package if all the elements that make it up and its benefits are taken into account. It is available in dark brown and beige. If it’s in your budget, it’s an investment worth analyzing.

2. MyCarSit Group 0 /+1

Nania Revo Group 0+/1 360 Degree Rotating Car Seat, Storm
  • Revo 360° swivel car seat group 0+/1 for children from birth to 18kg, approved according to ece r44/04, made and tested in France
  • The revo car seat has a 360° swivel function that allows you to position the car seat facing you, making it easier to put your...
  • The revo car seat is secured with the belt and can be positioned rearward facing for babies from 0-10kg, then forward facing from...
  • For added comfort, the revo car seat has 4 recline positions and also features padded head and bottom restraints

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If you are looking for the best swivel car seat for your child, this model may well meet all your requirements. It is solid, safe and very practical in everyday life. It belongs to the group 0 + / 1 and is therefore suitable for newborns but also for older children, up to 18 kg. To check if its size is appropriate for your automobile, its dimensions are as follows: 55 x 42 x 61.5 cm.

This car seat has very interesting strengths, so we have listed it in our top 5:

  • The baby’s comfort is at the heart of the concerns of its builder. This car seat is reclining in 4 positions, you can adjust it according to the needs of your little one. For example, if the baby is sleeping you can put him in a lying position or if he is awake while sitting.
  • Very robust side protections guarantee maximum safety for your child in the event of an impact on the sides, it is also one of the best swivelling car seats in terms of safety.
  • The swivel shell function of this model is very practical to install baby without hurting his back and to make all the necessary adjustments before pivoting him back or facing the road, depending on the age of the child.
  • This car seat has a great design and its well-padded pads are really great so that baby can travel in great comfort too
  • An excellent quality/price ratio: it is within everyone’s reach!

3. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Baby Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Baby Car Seat, Group 0+, 0 - 12 Months, 0 - 13 kg, ISOFIX Car Seat, Suitable...
  • Baby car seat, suitable from birth to 12 months, up to 13 kg
  • Side Protection System for optimal protection against side impact
  • Extra comfortable head support thanks to extra padding
  • Click & Go installation: quick and easy ISOFIX installation with the FamilyFix or EasyFix bases (base separately sold)
  • The CabrioFix car seat is compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs, transforming it into a complete travel system - car...

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The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is ​​an approved baby car seat group 0+. It can carry children from newborn to 13 kg in the car. Which is approximately equivalent to 18 months and from 45 cm to 75 cm.

Its main qualities are its lightness and ease of handling. Especially if you add the EasyFix or FamilyFix bases that are purchased separately and that add the Isofix anchors and the support leg. If not, they are still available, it can be fixed to the car seats with the seat belt. Although it will always be safer and more comfortable with one of those bases.

Another advantage of this baby car seat is that it is compatible with various strollers such as those of the brands Bebe Confort, Quinny and of course Maxi-Cosi. So it can be removed from the car and mounted directly on one of them, thereby saving space and greater comfort.

In terms of safety systems, this baby seat has 3-point safety harness, reducing cushion, Side Protection System to keep the child safe in the event of a side-impact, especially his head and neck, and the possibility of placing it in reverse or in favour of the march (remember that it is mandatory up to 15 months).

In terms of baby comfort, the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix has extra padding, adjustable height to adapt to its growth and five-position recline (only if it is placed on the FamilyFix base). For the convenience of parents, it includes: carrying handle, and easily removable upholstery because it does not require disassembling the harness and machine washable up to 30ºC.

4. Baby car seat Britax – Römer DUALFIX

Britax Römer DUALFIX Group 0+/1 (Birth-18kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black
  • 360-degree rotation providing a choice of rearward Facing travel from birth-18kg or forward facing from 9-18kg (Birth - 4 years )
  • Superior side impact protection, performance chest pads and pivot link system
  • Newborn insert included - providing additional comfort and support
  • Height adjustable headrest and single-handed adjustable harness
  • Multi-Position recline and quick removabale cover

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The baby car seat from the manufacturer Britax offers you an integrated system of security components carefully designed for the care and stability of your baby. This includes a shock absorber base, steel frames and shock systems on the sides.

It has a stabilizing structure that provides resistance at the points where it is most needed and is provided with a spatial foam cover that provides protection against side impacts.

Those who already have it, assure that it is comfortable, ergonomic and easy to transport, in addition, it is compatible with Britax strollers through the click & Go system.

Does not need adapters and is adapted to the safety standards required in Europe for this type of seating

Its price is considered the highest of our list, but the good quality of the product, according to the opinion of its users, make this seat one of the most interesting options of the selection.

5. Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Kit

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Ideal for children from birth to the end of the year, the seat of the Maxi-Cosi brand is equipped with a set of harnesses and covers that guarantee your safety.

It is a team that is designed specifically for the comfort of the baby without neglecting its safety

It is a resistant, lightweight product and, the best thing is that it is equipped with interchangeable covers and pads that make it very easy to clean, providing the device with a deep cleaning, uncommon this type of equipment.

It does not have an exactly low price, but its cost is reasonable compared to similar ones, even more so considering its qualities.

The package includes padded fabrics, hood with removable visor, adapter for proper fit and covers. It is available in bright, neutral tones and even in different colours.

6. Graco SnugRide Infant car seat – Group 0+

Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, Group 0 Plus, Midnight Black
  • Rear facing from birth to 15 months (up to 13 kg)
  • Ultra-lightweight design is easy to carry
  • Cushioning newborn body support
  • Front-adjust harness holds baby securely
  • Travel system compatible with graco click connect strollers. Product dimensions (H X W X D): 67 X 44 X 65cms

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Equipped with a five-point harness that fits in front to make your baby more comfortable and safe, this seat is ideal for carrying children sitting back, from birth to complete the weight of about 13 kg.

It has a portable design, lightweight, easy to carry and is composed of washable covers that keep it clean and pleasant.

It comes with a removable ultra-padded headrest to perfectly fit the head of newborns and its adjustment system makes it easy to place and lift it from the seat.

Absorbs impacts very well, is made with absorbent ergo foam and meets the standards of the British and European legal safety standard for baby seats.

The Graco baby seat is the least expensive model of our selection and is compatible with the carts of this manufacturer, under the click connect system.

7. Ickle Bubba Moon 3-in-1 Baby Travel System

Ickle Bubba Moon 3-in-1 Baby Travel System | Bundle incl Rear and Forward-Facing Pushchair, Car...
  • ALL-IN-ONE TRAVEL SYSTEM: Features carrycot, reversible pushchair, and Galaxy Group 0+ car seat with Isofix base. Easy-click...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, QUICK FOLD RELEASE WITH SAFETY LATCH: 6kg chassis with wheels STYLE AND COMFORT: Leatherette handle and breathable...
  • LOCKABLE FRONT SWIVEL WHEELS: easy to press back brake pedal for safety
  • FORWARD AND PARENT FACING TODDLER SEAT: Multi-position recline allows your child to lie comfortable for naps or sit upright to...
  • NEWBORN CARRYCOT: Suitable for infants from birth to 6 mos. Easily converts to pushchair for children 6 mos to 15kg (approx. 3...

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Made with a system that is only used back to the road, the baby car seat of the manufacturer Ickle Bubba is suitable for your baby both from birth and those belonging to group 1.

It is a combination of a stroller with a car seat. The seat comes with a three-position inclination that can condition the backrest according to the comfort of the baby.

It is equipped with a 5-point harness, hood with retractable hood and control window with storage basket.

For its part, the seat is used in a single click with Isofix which is the safest anchor base for baby seats, regulated by law. It is sold separately.

It has a clean, simple design, easily washable and completely foldable.

It is economic if its qualities and characteristics are taken into account. You get it exclusively in black.

baby car seat

Different types of child car seats

As your baby gets older, a transition from one type of seat to another is also necessary, each has different characteristics and responds to certain types of needs, so it is necessary to choose the right one for each age and need. Among the most common and popular types of seats are:

Infant car seat

It is the first seat for new parents, provides a good fit for newborns and small babies and is used for children from 2 to 18 kilograms, depending on the model. It is placed looking back and has a removable charger that connects to a base installed in the car.

Convertible car seat

Can be installed backwards and forwards and is usually purchased for the child from one year of age. Although it is placed in both ways, it is usually recommended to place it looking back because it has a higher weight limit. For example, in the case of children under one year of age and weighing less than 10 kilograms, it is useful to place them looking back, until at least the child’s two years.

Booster seat

When your child exceeds the weight and height limit for the harness of a forward-facing seat, it’s time for an elevator that uses the seat belt of a car that will lift the child in the car so that the seat belt fits correctly-over the sternum and the centre of the collarbone (not the neck) and down through the upper thighs (instead of the abdomen). They come in two main styles, high-back and bareback. The backless versions are quite portable and easy to install, but the high back models position the shoulder belt and provide protection against side impacts.

Car seats all in one

They are often large and heavy, lack the practicality of a removable and sometimes uncomfortable in small vehicles. It is good if you do not use it as often, they are of the most economical range and are suitable for children from 2 to 30 kilograms.

Reinforcement seat

These can only be used by children who meet the requirements of weight, age and height appropriate to sit facing forward, as its design is only oriented in that direction. They are equipped with a harness that are removed when the child is growing and the transition of height and weight is made to a pressure system. Suitable for children who weigh 10 to 40 kilograms. They are a cheaper alternative to convertible seats.

What you should know before buying

To make a good purchase you must know exactly what you need, not only you but also your baby, remember that your comfort and protection is the most important, so you must be clear about the characteristics of your car and what kind of equipment suits them.

  • Know your child:Considering the weight, height and age of your baby, it is easier to determine the size of the seat that suits you best.
  • Know the stores:It is important that you know where to buy. If you decide to buy the product through online stores you must first make sure to try the seat in real stores and verify if it is the one that fits your requirements. Some retailers allow you to try the product and it is the right time to check if the seat is compatible with your car in terms of cushion angles and seat belts. It is also useful to choose a store that accepts returns.
  • Know your car:Check the child safety sections of your vehicle owner’s manual and study the relevant features such as belts and seats.

How to choose a child car seat?

There are a number of factors that are essential to take into account when buying a baby car seat in which you will place your baby. You must take care of all these details because your safety and well-being come first.

Which group for a car seat?

  • Group 0 baby seat: from birth to 10 kg, ie after about 15 months your baby will be installed in a cradle bed or in a rear-facing shell seat (beware, however, with the cradle if you are travelling abroad, some European countries refuse this system, finding it little safe).
  • Baby seat Group 0+: From birth to 13 kg, weight generally reached after 2 years the baby is comfortably installed in a rear-facing shell seat.
  • Babyseat group 1baby seat of the “shell” type for babies of 75 or 85 cm.
  • Childseat group 2child seat with a minimum size of 75 cm and a maximum size of 1 m 05.
  • Childseat group 3large seat of the booster type for children of 1-meter minimum and 1 meter 50 maximum.


One of the main reasons why you decide to get a good car seat for your baby is precisely the safety of the child, that’s why you should take into account a series of essential features to look for when the time comes to choose one for your baby.

5 point harness

This is two shoulder straps, two straps at the waist and one strap between the legs, all of them are joined in a middle buckle. Five-point harnesses are safer because they hold your baby in place and, in the event of an impact, disperse shock forces over more areas of the body.

Easy adjustment of the harness

Having a good harness adjustment makes the seat safer. If you get one that is “easy to adjust” it is likely that you have to be adjusting it every time. You must analyze this and opt for the safe option.

Protection against side impacts

This is a hot topic, many manufacturers announce this quality, but there is still no established standard on this type of protection so, although it is not uncommon to buy a seat with this indication, you must maintain scepticism when they announce it with much pomp because there is little that has been advanced in this respect. Remember also that in a quarter of the impacts the car is hit by the sides rather than the front.

Easy for installation

These seats can be installed using safety belts or the so-called LATCH system. If you will use the belts as a way of installation, it is useful to find a safety point to place the seat and select one that has a built-in lock-off device that keeps the belt in place so that it does not loosen. In case you install it with the LATCH system you should look for a tensor and a bubble level indicator that will help you determine if the seat is located at the appropriate level. It is appropriate that you practice the installation several times before leaving to do it safely.

Ease of adjustment and use

Part of the safety is to verify that the harness is just and adapted to the body of your baby. This means that as the baby grows you will have to change the default settings of the harness. It is essential that you make sure that the harness is easy to reach and easy to use. As far as the harness button and the buckles are concerned, the ideal thing is that you get something rigid enough so that the baby is not letting go of it all the time, but you can handle it. If the button is uncomfortable for your thumbs it may be the right one for what you want.

Ease of cleaning

Seats made with smooth and water-resistant fabrics will be cleaned more easily than seats with a textured or absorbent fabric. It is nice to have a removable cover, which can be easily washable in the washing machine, but these covers are not so common.

Make sure the seat fits in your car

Not all seats fit in all cars, so you must ensure that, where you buy yours, accept returns in case you are presented with this contingency. Make sure the car physically fits into your back seat, the angle of your seat and the positioning of the seat belts can also affect if it does not fit properly. Take the manual if necessary. If you have a small car do not choose a large base seat test by measuring the back seat of your car and comparing those measurements with those of the base of the seat.

Choose a seat that suits your favourite stroller

Not all baby car seats can be placed in the child’s stroller, even trying to get one that fits is a difficult task, but there is always the option of buying the complete set or an adapter that allows you to fit. Search the stores for the option “Travel Systems” and you will find what you are looking for.

Choose a seat that is easy to carry

In the case of a baby car seat, the lightest you can find is one weighing 3.5 kilograms, however, those weighing more than 4.5 kilograms are already considered heavy. You must take this into account because the weight will make it easier or more difficult to transport it, especially if you are also carrying a baby that weighs at least 3 kilograms.

Awning:Ideally, have an awning that protects your baby from the sun in those moments when you fit the seat in the stroller. In addition, it must be strong and stable to withstand the pulls of children.

baby in Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat
Image credit Maxi Cosi

How much you should spend?

Spending more on baby car seat doesn’t mean your baby will be safer since many models of medium or low cost are equal or even better than the most expensive. The average prices range between 110 and 450 pounds, but of course, you can always get the ones that are sold cheaper than the lowest price and more expensive than the highest price. However, convertible cars tend to be more expensive. Those on our list range from 150 to 790 pounds and the full range of baby car seats have prices ranging from 35 to 940 pounds.

How to use a baby car seat?

Generally, baby car seats are a safe ally for all parents when travelling with their baby. Well, thanks to this accessory you can give the little one complete comfort and safety. The different models are classified by groups between 0 months and up to 12 years of age, so when using one of these products, you will need to carefully review the specifications. Here, we teach you a series of steps on how to use a baby car seat correctly.

Read the instruction manual

Before starting to use the car seat, it is essential that you carefully read the instructions, so you can get used to the product and know the correct way to use it. Also, you will find some tips on cleaning the upholstery, which is essential to do properly to make this accessory more durable.

Place the reducer

The reducer is an element used for the baby’s first months, which provides greater comfort and security to his delicate body. Fixing this piece is quite easy, requiring you to place it on the seat and secure it at the appropriate points. Do not forget to check that it does not slide with the movement.

Assemble the car seat

The assembly of the seat is very simple, you only have to place it on the back seat of your vehicle and crisscross the seat belt at the back of the structure to secure. Besides, if the model includes an ISOFIX type anchorage system and this is compatible with the car, do not hesitate to implement it, as it will offer you greater stability.

Regulate the seat

Mostly, this type of baby car seat offers certain adjustment points such as the height of the headrest and its corresponding recline, so it is necessary that you know the respective buttons included in the structure to fulfil these functions. So you can press them and at the same time adjust it to the desired position.

Adjust the safety harness

To make the adjustment, first, you have to position the baby in the seat. Then carefully slide the belt over the child’s chest, crotch, waist, or shoulders. Remember that this may vary depending on the model chosen. Finally, it hooks each of the prepared closure systems between the harness and the structure.

Clean the seat

This point will depend on the design of the model. If it has a removable lining, you can wash it with water and neutral soap, as recommended by the manufacturer. On the other hand, if the cover is not removed, you must clean the surface using a dry cloth with a specialized product or use a hand vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.