You don’t have peace of mind when you drive because you can’t see your baby? This is a very common feeling that all parents have when driving. We do not know how our little one is and we cannot turn around, since it is very dangerous. To solve this problem, you have to buy a baby car mirror.

To choose the best baby car mirrors, you must take into account a number of factors that ensure quality and safety. For example, they must be of a good size, with easy and fast installation, and in case the safety mirror breaks will not hurt your baby.

Our choice for best baby car mirrors

We invite you to join us in this buying guide, where we will evaluate the most recommended models on the market, analyzing their pros and cons.

1. Baby Back Seat Mirror

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The MyHappyRide baby car mirror is one of the smallest in our list (24 x 17 cm), which allows you to keep an eye on your baby without losing a field of rear vision. Unlike other models, you will not have to clip this one to a bracket to be able to attach it to the headrest from your back seat.

Indeed, all the parts of this model are already assembled to each other, to gain in strength, but also in comfort.

No more annoying little clicking because of a binding that is a little too flexible! Quick to set up, thanks to its two adjustable straps, this baby car mirror offers a clear and undistorted image of your child’s little hands when their back is to you.

2. Venture Baby Car Mirror Shatterproof

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This baby car mirror for the car is one of the greatest models on the market. This one will always allow you to have the little one in the house in sight with complete peace of mind and guaranteeing the greatest safety at all times. The plastic cover offers very high quality, good finishes and high resistance.

This shatterproof mirror has been designed with a scratch and shockproof acrylic glass surface so that it can withstand any impact at any time. It allows a perfect fit since it can be easily adjusted and can rotate up to 360º thanks to its articulated arm. It offers a very easy and safe attachment to the seat.

This model has dimensions of 24.5 x 5 x 17.5 cm and a weight of 299 grams. It offers a perfect view of the baby to keep it under control at all times and avoid the typical worries when driving. The model is completely stable and firm so that it does not move with the movement of the vehicle.

3. ROYAL RASCALS Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

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With dimensions of 24.5 x 5 x 17.5 cm and a weight of 343 grams, this product is presented as one of the best baby car mirrors. Made up of a soft, resistant, durable rubber frame with perfect finishes. It is a product that can be tilted and turned.

The anti-vibration mount guarantees total stability and firmness during the movement of the vehicle, avoiding tremors in the reflection. It allows you to achieve the appropriate angle to see the baby without having to turn your head and lose sight of the road, ensuring greater safety and tranquillity.

A safe and elegant model that will provide the necessary angle without moving from its location site. It is not a too small or too large mirror. A convex, light and unbreakable mirror with an original design in yellow. The reflection it provides is very clear and sharp.

4. Akapola Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

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The Akapola baby car Mirror for back seat features an adjustable double buckle strap that adjusts to all types of head restraints regardless of size and shape, providing added fixation and safety.

With a large convex mirror screen, you can see your baby perfectly in a comfortable way. Furthermore, the model is made of highly impact-resistant acrylic material. Includes cleaning cloth.

Very easy to install and ot has a swivel base with a 360º rotation system, being able to adjust it to the perfect viewing angle at all times.

5. OMORC Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

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We appreciate it first of all for its beautiful size. With 35 cm long and almost 20 cm wide, this slightly curved mirror gives us a global view of the child.

It is acrylic, there is no glass and therefore no chance that it will break and hurt the baby. The reflection is impeccable, without apparent defect and the surface is anti-scratch. The overall build quality is quite satisfactory for the price. It’s pretty sturdy plastic, with nylon attachment straps. The rubber frame is soft so that the car seats will not be damaged during improper handling.

Installation only takes a few seconds, and the adjustable straps allow this baby car mirror to be adapted to any car seat. Finally, it rotates in all directions to adjust it perfectly and not have to make any effort to see our child. A knock in the baby car mirror, and we see baby making his living while we drive. In short, it is a very good product, solid, easy to set up and effective. For the price, it’s perfect!

6. Onco baby car seat mirror

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The Onco brand has made a baby car mirror specially designed for the peace of mind of parents when driving with their children in the car. These are convex mirrors with a great angle, made with flexible and unbreakable materials, their creators decided to use plastic and acrylic.

Its vertical and horizontal straps allow it to be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. These fit on the headrests of the seats and are absolutely necessary for all large families.

7. Parnerme baby backseat mirror

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The Parnerme baby back seat mirror is an 11 x 20.32 x 7.62 cm wide-angle convex mirror that allows you to see your baby when he is sitting in the opposite direction to the march.

The difference between this model and the ones we have seen so far is that it has 6 LED lights, 3 on each side, which light up gradually to avoid discomfort to the eyes.

In addition, it has a remote control that, apart from working as a mini flashlight, allows you to turn the light on and off. To use it as a flashlight, simply focus on the mirror from the front seat. Thus, we can see the baby without turning on the light.

8. TedGem Baby Safety Car Mirror

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It is a slightly different model since it does not come to be fixed on the back seat to reflect a child positioned in the back seat, back to the road, but quite simply to see our child in the back, facing the road. It is, therefore, a model which is positioned on the windshield, and therefore becomes your second mirror. The one in your car lets you see the road behind you, and the baby mirror gives you the option of always keeping an eye on the little one in the back.

It is very compact, so as not to impair the driver’s visibility, but it reflects a slightly enlarged image. We can, therefore, see our child correctly, without any particular effort. It is still an acrylic mirror, shatterproof and scratch-resistant. The build quality is very decent for the price, at less than £10, you couldn’t ask for better.

You will have two installation possibilities. The first is done using a suction cup. I read some comments assuring that it peeled off very easily, it was not the case for me during my test. Anyway, if the suction cup really does not hold, there is a clip to fix the baby car mirror between the windshield and the inside of the roof of your car, it is compatible on the vast majority of cars. Compact, practical, solid and above all inexpensive, this little baby monitor is an excellent product.

9. Baby safety mirror Streetwize SWBM2

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Benefits of having a baby car mirror

A baby car mirror will give you greater peace of mind, since it will allow you to have your little one watched at all times, without losing sight of the road.

Most baby car mirrors have adjustable strap systems, which allows them to adapt to all car models comfortably, guaranteeing a perfect vision of the little ones, since they will be perfectly fixed even at high speeds.

In this way, you can be attentive and act fast in case your little one suffers any kind of problem during the journey. A baby safety mirror for the back seat will be your best ally on the road.

baby car mirror

How to choose the right baby car mirror?

What criteria do you usually use to make your choice of accessories? Price, usefulness, ease of use, or some other criteria? Choosing a baby car mirror is not as complicated as you might think. But choosing an object that suits your needs requires a little more care.

Here are the things you need to consider to make a wise choice.


As we said above, there are different models of baby car mirrors. You have one model that attaches to the windshield of the car and another that you mount to the headrest in the back seat of the vehicle.

To monitor the child whose seat is placed rearward facing, arear-facing baby car mirror would be more appropriate. It is also this position that is the most suitable and the most secure for baby. But otherwise, if the baby seat is facing the road, an additional rearview mirror would be fine. It all depends of course on your needs.


For the rear seat baby car mirror, we usually have to do with a system of adjustable double straps. The installation is very simple, and the material adapts to all headrests. It will have to be tightened so that the mirror does not move with each imperfection of the road. If you don’t have headrests, be aware that some manufacturers offer a clamp system that adapts fairly well to most vehicles. The stability is, however, a little less good than with straps.

For the baby car mirror in the windshield, we obviously find the traditional suction cup. Once in place, it does not move (if the suction cup is of quality). Installation only takes 5 seconds without rushing, it’s convenient to put on and take off. There is also a clip system to clip the mirror between the windshield and the inside of the roof of your car. Here again, setting up is quick and easy.

The maintenance process

In order for your baby car mirror to be functional as long as possible, you must maintain it well. Before choosing one model over another, take the time to compare the maintenance procedures.

Additional futures

Your choice may be based on other criteria which may make the difference. It is:

  • Baby car mirror with an unbreakable glass for more durability;
  • Adjustable mirrors for better malleability;
  • Baby car mirror with light to see baby even at night.

Now that all is said, all you have to do is make your choice. But to make it even easier for you, we offer you our comparison of the best baby mirrors of the year.

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If you are concerned about the safety of your child and you want to be able to have it controlled at all times while travelling in the car, with the baby car mirrors for babies you will enjoy that tranquillity that will allow you to drive without having to worry about anything.

Take note of the different models that we have shown you and get the best baby car mirror. Since all the baby car mirrors that we have shared stand out for their excellent value for money, showing themselves as very safe options when it comes to monitoring the little ones in the car.


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