5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers to Keep Your Baby Away from Germs

The bacteria, present everywhere, lead any worried mother to look for the best bottle steriliser to protect her little one. Has it happened to you that you see the child taking the pacifier after it has fallen to the ground? Has someone at home left a bottle badly washed? The germs may have made a home there and then transmit diseases that put the health of any baby at serious risk.

Nowadays, with so many environmental problems and contamination, in addition to the outbreaks of new diseases, the steriliser looks like an indispensable tool. Some people dismiss its use, arguing that when leaving the device, the bacteria will immediately return.

But thinking about it that way, then do not you clean anything and give the baby all dirty? It does not sound very sensible, right? Especially when the child is less than one year old.

The point is that, if you have decided to buy a bottle steriliser, you will run into hundreds of models of different brand, design and price. It may not be easy for you to choose the most appropriate one.

What is the best bottle steriliser?

In the market there is a lot of variety, then, to choose the most suitable one, you must first take into account your needs. Are many bottles that you will clean? Maybe you’re looking to sterilize more than just the bibes. Being that way, you must worry about the size, the design and the features.

But do not mess up the blanket. Here we offer a comparative list with the best bottle sterilisers that currently exist. All have been highly valued by users who have tested with them and ensure their good quality and affordable price.

By taking a look at them, you can have a better idea of ​​what to look for and you can invest in what really meets your expectations.

1. TommeeTippee Closer to Nature Steam Steriliser

Bibes ready for breakfast

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Steriliser, White
442 Reviews
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Steriliser, White
  • Delivers five sterile bottles in 5 minutes
  • Chemical-free sterilising kills 99.9 per cent of...
  • Compact and designed to be easy to use - just push one...
  • Sleek, space-saving design. Sterilizes five bottles...

This bottle steriliser protects the sterilised objects for 24 hours, so you can put the bibes and pacifiers to clean at night and have everything ready and without bacteria in the morning. Just take a little water and press a button that then turns off once the cycle is finished. They fit perfectly bottles of other brands and has a capacity for 6 baby bottles.

2. Philips AVENT Steriliser 3 in 1

Everything ready in 6 minutes

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Steriliser - SCF284/02
1,973 Reviews
Philips Avent 3-in-1 Steriliser - SCF284/02
  • Natural steam sterilisation: 99.9 Percent of harmful...
  • Spacious design: Holds six Avent bottles
  • Flexible 3-in-1 design: Enables you to fit bottles and...
  • Time saving: Products are sterilised in 6 minutes

It has capacity for 6 baby bottles but it occupies little space in the counter of the kitchen. It comes with a basket to put the bottles in the dishwasher first and an automatic closing control that protects the bottles up to 24 hours. Kills germs and bacteria by 99%.

The sterilisation process is very fast, only in 6 minutes is everything ready to use.

3. Chicco Steam Natural 3 in 1 Steriliser

The versatile model

If you leave enough space in the kitchen, you can use it as a complete device to clean what is required. He gets 6 bottles and has compartments for teats and pacifiers.

Its size is adjustable according to what you want to sterilise and you can put a part in the microwave. Warm up in 5 minutes. They fit bibes of other marks if you incline them a little.

4. Dr. Brown’s electric bottle steriliser

With compartment to disinfect teats

Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Steriliser, Sterilise 6 Baby Bottles at...
102 Reviews
Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Steriliser, Sterilise 6 Baby Bottles at...
  • FITS 6 BOTTLES. Sterilise up to six bottles at once,...
  • EASY TO USE. Electronic controls with cycle indicators...
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF. Auto shut off lets you set it and forget...
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN. A removable tray positions the bottles...

It has two different compartments. The one on top is ideal for sterilising teats and pacifiers. In addition, it fits 6 bottles and is silent compared to models of other brands.

Includes automatic shut-off and tweezers to remove things with more caution and hygiene. Its design is beautiful and modern and the working time is 12 minutes.

5. Katze-Tatze Electric Steam bottle steriliser

Wide for many bottles

Katze-Tatze 3-in-1 Bottle Steriliser Steam Sterilisers Baby Electric...
20 Reviews
Katze-Tatze 3-in-1 Bottle Steriliser Steam Sterilisers Baby Electric...
  • 【Practical & Large Capacity】This bottle sterilier...
  • 【Steamed Food Function】In addition to the steaming...
  • 【Natural Steam Sterilization】 The 3-in-1 electric...
  • 【Durable and Environmental-friendly Material】 High...

It can fit bottles of different brands and designs, even those with a wide neck. The sterilisation cycle is completed in 6 minutes with energy savings.

Its price is economic without detracting from the quality of its services. Its dimensions reach 25 mm x 29 mm so you may need space in the kitchen. You have to place it with nothing on it because it expels steam upwards.

Why sterilise bottles?

You have to be clear that germs and bacteria are everywhere. It is impossible to live in a normal environment without coming into contact with them. We are all vulnerable, but babies are even more so. They are at greater risk of contracting diseases that put their lives in danger.

If there was a way to minimize that risk a little, would not you want to try? That’s why sterilisers were invented. They are a very efficient way to reduce the threats a little and protect the health of the little ones.

There is no need to increase the chances of any disease, by offering your little bottles that can be contaminated with milk residues. Neither with dirty pacifiers, because even if we wash them with soap and water, bacteria can remain.

Care should be taken that things that are brought to the mouth (is inevitable) are as clean as possible.

What methods can I use to sterilise a bottle?

To leave bottles, pacifiers and teats totally sterile there are three ways you can use and that are equally effective:

In a saucepan with boiling water

To sterilise at home without any device, this is the most common way. The heat and steam of boiling water for a few minutes kills germs and bacteria very well. The problem with this method is that you have to put the bibes inside the water and that strong temperature can melt the plastic or deteriorate it more quickly.

This is how the money you saved by not buying a steriliser, goes overboard when you have to invest in new bottles and teats frequently.

With steam

It is the technique used by most sterilisers. The utensils are placed inside and are subjected to that hot steam that kills the germs. Although the temperature also rises, this procedure is much less aggressive for the plastic material.

With the microwave

Currently, many sterilising devices use this route to clean baby’s utensils. The reason is that the mixture of radiation with heat eliminates more microbes that may be around.

With cold water and pills

If you do not like using heat to sterilise, this is the option. A solution with special disinfectant tablets is prepared in a plastic container with a lid. The bibes should be soaked there for about 30 minutes to come out properly sterile. If your baby is anxious about your milk, waiting will not be pleasant.

In addition, after soaking the bottles should be rinsed with boiled water to remove waste liquid from the tablets.

The 3 most used types of sterilisers

For reasons of speed, economy, practicality and tranquility, many mothers use these equipment to protect the health of the children. Some are large and although they are more practical to sterilize more things at once, they take up some space. Others are efficient to clean only the necessary parts such as teats and pacifiers. There are also very practical portable options for traveling.

The choice depends on each mother and the use that needs to be given to the team. There are three main classes:

Electric steriliser

It is connected to the electrical network and is usually large so that several bottles enter at the same time, in addition to pacifiers and teats. It leaves them sterile when subjected to hot steam. It is safe and very easy to use. As there is a variety of brands, dimensions and functions, it is possible to find different prices, so anyone can adapt to your budget. It is highly recommended by mothers in general.

Sophisticated models of this type can also deodorize and dry items.

Microwave bottle steriliser

The cleaning process of a small microwave steriliser is very similar to that of its electric pairs. The difference is that they do not work alone but must be placed inside the microwave to generate heat and steam.

They are very practical because, after use, they can be saved until the next time. Its size is smaller than the previous ones. They are usually cheaper.

Portable Ultraviolet Bottle Steriliser

It is a version with recent technology. It is compact and easy to transport. Its method to disinfect is with ultraviolet light capable of effectively killing germs.

Being small, usually only one bottle with its parts disassembled, but since it works without a network (it does with batteries), it is very convenient when you go out for a walk.

How does a bottle steriliser work?

There are no major complications. Although there are certain variations according to the model you use, basically it is:

  • Place bottles, pacifiers and teats inside the compartments of the container.
  • Fill the tank with water in the amount required to generate the steam (this in case it is not an ultraviolet sterilizer)
  • Place the lid, tightly closed.
  • Put it into operation, either with the power button or by activating the microwave for a few minutes.
  • Wait for the disinfection process.
  • Wait for everything to cool down and ready.

What to look for in the best steriliser?

To not spend more on a device that will not work, for reasons of space or because you do not have a microwave, etc. The most advisable thing is to take into account these recommendations to get the most suitable steriliser:

Nothing of giant sizes

With capacity for many bottles but compact so that it does not make much space on the countertop … this is the steriliser dreamed of all parents.

That is what you should look for. Those that are too big are very bulky and the smallest will not reach you for the amount of things you want to disinfect.

A medium size would be good, especially because it would allow introducing bottles of different brands, shapes and designs without major inconveniences.

Make it easy to use

Imagine this scene: you get up at 3:00 am because the child is hungry and there are no clean bottles. What are you doing? You have to sterilise one at lightning speed. A difficult-to-use equipment will give you a big headache at that time. It is better to find a model whose assembly allows easy use, without complications.

Speed ​​is important

The faster a bottle steriliser can act, the less anguish you as parents and the smaller you eat. This depends on several factors. First, the mechanism of some forces you to wait for 12 minutes until the cycle is completed and then you have to wait, at least 10 minutes more, until everything cools down.

If you have enough order and put everything to heat at night to have several bottles ready during the day, this will not be a problem.

If, on the other hand, the 3:00 am scene happens to you often, with the hungry baby and no clean bottles, consider the option of one that only takes 5 minutes to disinfect. The total wait will be much shorter.

More than just baby bottles

Ideally, everything sterilisable can be included inside the device. Some tend to allow only the bottles, leaving out the pacifiers. A compartment with capacity for nipples, pacifiers and other things like the nebuliser mask is great.


The best thing is a team that is robust, resistant and yet easy to clean for simple and proper maintenance.

Number of bottles that can be inserted

When you feed your baby with formulas you see the need to have several clean bottles during the day. You will not have time to be cleaning and sterilising so often or you just do not want to. It can be very tiring if you do not have a large capacity team that accepts at least 5 or 6 bottles.

Of course, that is in the case of being at home. To travel will be difficult to load with such a large machine and microwave or ultraviolet models are preferable.

Does it have drying function?

Super practical are those that also dry things. There is greater ease to store them and less risk of burning with the hot water when picking them up for use.

An affordable price

The option of good quality but cheaper will be wonderful. On our list, everyone agrees on both qualities. It is important for the economy of parents, always have a few extra pounds for emergencies and other expenses. It will not be worth buying something expensive that sooner or later you will stop using.

When to start and when to stop sterilising bottles?

Before the first use of a bottle you have to sterilise it, so you will be calm because no improper microbe will make your little one sick. When to start giving sterilized bottles? From the first day of life. If you have decided to feed it with formula, it must be like that.

The recommendation of the pediatricians is to comply with this rule until the child begins to sit, crawl or walk because they can take things to their mouths. At that time, no sterilizer will protect the baby anymore. That will be between 6 and 12 months of age. While later in that period, well better.

Of course, since you will continue to use bottles and learning cups, they should always be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

Disinfection with an electric or microwave device may not be necessary, but good hygiene will be required to prevent disease.

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