Like all baby equipment, the purchase of a baby bottle set should not be taken lightly. Poor selection could have catastrophic consequences for your baby’s well-being. It remains better to focus on a few parameters before deciding on a particular model. A question then arises: how to choose the best bottle set?

You will find answers by browsing the guides on the internet. The latter generally recommend that you look into the material used to manufacture the equipment, the capacity and the characteristics of the teat. To simplify your procedures, you can also turn to reputable brands in the field. You do not know which bottle to acquire?

The structure of the MAM easy active baby bottle will facilitate your interviews. It does not retain stains or odours and does not tarnish over time. It also resists thermal shock. He is off to accompany you for a moment. The Philips Avent Natural, on the other hand, has a pacifier designed to simplify the passage from the breast to the bottle. Its design includes alveoli and anti-colic valves imitating the nipple.

What is the best bottle set?

The simplest way to decide which baby bottles to buy is to ask your friends which brands they recommend and also review the reviews online.

To make the search easier, we will show you a comparative list of favourite and best-commented bottle sets on Amazon, so you will not have to make many balls to select one, and you will not have to spend a lot of money because they are all affordable.

Dr. Brown’s baby bottle set

This baby bottle set is everything you need for your newborn. Equipped with a sterilizer that you can put in the microwave.

Includes 3 bottles of 240 ml, 2 bottles of 120 ml, bottle brush, 2 levels 2 teats, 2 levels 3 teats and 2 travel capsules.

They are the most recommended bottles on the market thanks for being anti-colic. Bring teats of all sizes for baby bottles. This very complete, well packed and takes up little space.

Baby bottle set Philips Avent SCD290 / 01

These bottles have a natural hook, they are ergonomic. They have an advanced anti-colic system and are clinically tested with hygiene tests.

A very useful bottle set that includes 2 bottles of 125 ml, 2 bottles of 260 ml, 1 curved brush to clean the bottle and the nipple, silicone teats and 1 lollipop 0-6 months translucent.

For better comfort of your baby, teats are extra-soft, flexible, wider with the shape of the chest for a natural hook.

They also include an advanced anti-colic system with a double valve so that the air is introduced into the bottle and not into the baby’s tummy.

Playtex Baby Nurser

Bottles and accessories clinically treated to help reduce gas, colic and other discomforts. After each feeding, the coating is discarded, so there is one less thing to clean.

You can choose the colour that you like, there are sets in green, yellow, purple, blue or pink. You will not have to wash the bottles every night, only the teats.

These bottles have no indication of the amount of food. This baby bottle set is low price, but still very efficient.

Baby bottle set Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Known brand of baby bottles with an exclusive tube and valve system that provides optimal aeration during feeding, and thus prevents colic.

The nipple has an easy-grip shape that allows continuous suction and is slow-flowing; The bottle is easy to hold.

This bottle is very accessible because it is compatible only with the Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Plus teats. It is an ideal set for newborns.

Munchkin Latch

These bottles were made, according to the manufacturer, to mimic the experience of breastfeeding, because it facilitates the transition from the breast to the bottle.

The set includes 2 bottles of 120 ml 2 bottles of 240 ml, teats, bottle brush, all elements of BPA-free material, nothing toxic. It is less expensive than other models.

It also has a ventilation base, a one-piece valve that prevents air bubbles from travelling through the milk, which reduces the possibility of colic.

Twist Kiinde

An innovative model consisting of special bags with threads to adapt the teats.

They will allow you to collect, store, prepare and feed your baby with a single bag. Eliminates the transfer of messy and risky milk.

Its universal design of teats adapts to breast milk storage bags of all brands and sizes.

Eliminates colic and the need to transfer milk from bags to bottles. By requiring suction and nipple massage, they are designed to discourage fixation and to ease the transition between the bottle and chest.

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

This baby bottle set is quite ingenious, it includes a bright coloured silicone sheath, which helps protect the bottle from breakage and provides a large grip surface during feeding.

For cleaning, the bottle and sleeve can be boiled or put together in the dishwasher.

The sleeve and the silicone teats are not toxic, without plastics, without latex. The set includes 2 bottles of 9 ounces, 2 bottles of 4 ounces, 1 pack of nipples of Stage 2, 1 pack of white caps.

Medela Breastmilk

A wonderful bottle set, safe to preserve breast milk and ideal to feed your baby.

It facilitates the storage of breast milk, so you can use it from the first stage of your baby until you want to maintain breastfeeding.

The kit includes 1 calm teat, 2 bottle-bottles of 150 ml, 2 bottle-bottles of 250 ml, 5 bags for milk freezing.

Its price is not exactly economical, but it is worth the expense.

MAM Anti-Colic

The bottles in this kit have an exclusive surface of extra soft silicone with which the baby will feel familiar.

Each bottle has a ventilated base that prevents the baby from swallowing air. You can clean them easily, thanks to the wide openings.

Its ergonomic design and self-sterilization will help the stable support of the baby’s hands.

You only need 3 minutes in the microwave to sterilize them, without using huge appliances or anything, just unscrewing the bottom.

This kit brings bottles in various sizes, so you can change it as the baby’s needs increase.

baby bottle

Why buy a baby bottle set?

A newborn has to eat, and the options are breast, bottle, or a combination of the two.

Buying a bottle may seem obvious if you plan to use the formula, but it may not be the first thought you have if you are breastfeeding and worried about the confusion of teats and nipples, or that the baby may get stuck.

However, no matter how you plan to feed your baby, a bottle is a special item for your diet, and here’s why:

  • Provide mom with much-needed breaks: even if mom is planning to breastfeed, she will have to take time away from the baby sometimes either for her rest or for the sake of real-world responsibilities.

Once the baby has established a feeding routine (3-6 weeks), then the parents can introduce a bottle so that mom can sleep or do other activities.

  • Help dad and other caregivers maintain a bond with the baby:the bottle is a great opportunity for parents to interact with their baby and appropriate some of the workloads of the mother, so she can rest.
  • Caressingthe baby and making eye contact while holding a bottle causes the baby and his dad to be together in a way that is similar to a breastfeeding mom, allowing their relationship to grow.
  • Convenience and portability: being able to feed the baby when the mother is not around will be a necessity at some point, and having a bottle will be very useful so that the parents can have freedom of movement.
  • Provides skill development time for the baby: being able to hold a bottle and learning to lean and turn as needed for feeding, helps the baby learn hand-eye coordination, grip strength and independence in a way which is self-motivating.
  • The formula only:if you have decided to feed the baby with formula from the beginning or the baby did not accept breast milk, you will need a bottle. It is much easier to have some on hand to test, just in case your child does not accept one in particular.

Finding the bottle that the baby likes is probably a more complicated process than you initially thought because babies also have their tastes and preferences.

Types of baby bottles

All bottle models vary in shape, materials used, nipple design, vents and valves.

Bottle material

  • Plastic:plastic bottles are light, economical and easy to transport. These bottles generally have volume markings on the outside or line drawing and have silicone nipples.

Some offer internal ventilation systems with plastic components.

  • Glass: glassbottles are usually heavier than plastic bottles and easier to break, but they are also often easier to clean, harder to scrape, have a longer shelf life and are ecologically healthy.

These bottles often cost more, sometimes they are harder for the baby to hold, and they usually have a narrower nipple.

They have silicone sleeves and nipples, plastic collars and silicone or plastic ventilation systems.

  • Stainless steel: it is an eco-healthy option that is easy to clean, recyclable and has a long service life. While bottles can be heavier than plastic, they are often lighter than glass, and some come with silicone sleeves similar to those found in some glass bottles.
  • Silicone:although it is rare, there is at least one bottle of silicone bottle. This material is lightweight, easy to clean, scratch-resistant and flexible. The silicone does not break if it falls, it can be washed in the dishwasher, and heated in a bottle warmer.

Bottle types can come in a variety of contouring forms for easier holding. Some baby bottles have wide openings that facilitate food transfer and cleaning, while others have narrow openings that are difficult to clean, even with a bottle brush and can easily spill.

dr brown's baby bottle

Teats, nipples or nipples

They come in two basic types, but their ventilation and valve systems come in almost as many options as there are bottles.

Most of the nipples are silicone, and the main differences are that some are relatively narrow in shape, and others are larger and with a more pronounced mound, to more closely mimic a real breast.

  • Narrow: You can often find smaller nipples in bottles with narrow necks, and this makes the bottle difficult to clean.

These nipples may be more difficult for the baby, but most are able to use a narrow nipple and return to the breast easily. Narrow nipples usually do not have vents, as some of the larger options.

  • Wide:these nipples are wider at the base, and therefore connect only in bottles with a wide neck.

Real breast-like teats seem to be more friendly to the baby and easier for them to like, especially for those struggling to learn or have breastfeeding problems in general.

Valves and vents

Needed by the ingestion of air. Whether it’s simple vents on the nipple or a multi-part system inside the bottle, they all say they help decrease colic, gas, and the urge to spit.

In an ideal world, it would be a perfect glass bottle, with a silicone sleeve, few parts, and a wide mouth opening. A simple design with a valve or vent is also preferable without the plastic components that sit on the baby’s food, and a nipple that is more like a real breast.

Benefits of using a baby bottle

If you and your husband are new parents and still have doubts about the effectiveness, benefits and uses of bottles, here are some tips that will surely make you feel confident and decide to buy one:

  • Baby bottles are usually easier for mothers to learn to feed and babies learn to eat.
  • It’s comforting to see how much your baby is taking in each feeding.
  • Any trusted person of your choice can feed your baby.
  • New mothers can take a break to feed the baby and relax.
  • Bottle feeding in public is accepted.
  • Bottle-feeding mothers can take the medications they need without worrying about passing unwanted chemicals to their baby.
  • Bottle-feeding mothers can wear clothes unrelated to the baby, ready to get dirty and dirty.
  • Bottle-feeding mothers can take oral contraceptives containing estrogen, as they do not have to worry about the decrease in the volume of breast milk.