If you are new moms or a second child is coming, you know how difficult it is to mix the formula in a bottle at 3:00 am every night. I know it too, I accompany you in sleeplessness and laziness and I confess that when I was recommended the best automatic baby bottle prep machine.

The problem in making this mixture so important for feeding the baby (in case of not being breastfed) is that if you add more water than necessary, the drink remains watered down and with fewer nutrients. On the other hand, if you add more milk powder than you should, you will soon witness the colic and constipation of the poor infant and you will have to calm a lot of tears.

This wonderful machine, which I have called the best assistant for parents, is not only efficient mixing the formula but also heats bottles quickly, to bring them to the correct temperature and also filters the tap water for hygiene and safety. One last!

Since I started using mine, I am always recommending it because I have done very well with it. Maybe it is not the cheapest equipment you buy for the baby but that will depend on the brand you choose.

What is the best auto baby bottle prep machine?

When reviewing several models that could be your dream assistant, you should consider several things, for example, if it is just a prep machine or bring other functions. Some are also heater and sterilizer for baby bottles and are very practical, but not cheaper. That is why you should also check the price, your needs and your budget.

In addition to the performance of the device, check the manufacturing material. Most are plastic but you have to look at the specifications and opinions of other users, and see if they are really resistant. Surely, you do not want to lose the investment after a short time with a prep machine that has been broken.

It is also convenient that it is easy to use. The science of these devices is to save you time and that the child has his bottle in no time, without delays. And not only for the one who will take at night, but also those of the day. If you are moms who work at home or are very busy with other children, a tool like this will help you in quantity.

There are digital or manual versions such as coffee makers, but they should beat the mixture well, avoiding bubbles as much as possible. And the design and size should matter to you. If they are beautiful, the colour combines in the kitchen and if you have enough space to locate them much better.

Do you want some suggestions? I will share this comparison with the best automatic bottle prep machines that are currently on the market. It will serve as a guide to choose.

1. Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

It is a perfect prep machine especially for moms worried about eliminating bacteria and other germs in the water that could contaminate the milk. Bring a 150-litre filter to prepare the healthiest baby bottles. It has a touch button to dispense the right amount of water that is needed in each serving.

It also includes a very convenient disc that rotates manually to indicate the number of ounces you wish to prepare. In less than two minutes you can have the bottle ready with clean, hot water at 37 ° C, such as breast milk.

Once you have your new automatic baby bottle prep machine at home, you should remember the instructions of the child’s paediatrician about the amount of the formula, it is recommended. This way you will be able to program the equipment correctly and the small one will feed more healthily.

2. Beaba Bib’Expresso bottle prep machine

It is perfect for busy moms and busy nannies because it brings several functions in one device. In 30 seconds the water is heated to 37° C. It offers a choice of Marie bath to heat the baby food with porridges and gruel and also the prepared baby bottles.

This function is performed in a removable compartment that is portable and works separately anywhere. So you can take it to any place or walk. Includes a convenient container to store 3 clean baby bottles and protect them from dust and dirt. That same container also serves to sterilize them in the microwave.

3. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night

You can put it in the baby’s room so you will have more room in the kitchen. Although this device is really compact. In less than 120 seconds he is able to prepare and warm up the formula of the child, to start eating fast, without complaints or tears.

Prepare the mix accurately and consistently, thanks to its temperature control and powder dispensing. Its parts are removable for easy cleaning. Virtually no noise when operating, it is quite silent, very convenient for the preparation of the bottle at night.

4. Burabi Wi-Fi Smart Formula maker Machine

Smart bottle prep machine is here to help you to prepare the bottle for the little one with a few clicks on your smartphone.

If you were worried about the size of the bottles, this milk prep machine gives you the solution. Not only is it compatible with any design and size of the baby bottle but also with any type of milk powder for babies. Suggests the revision of a list of formulas on the website of the brand to adjust the doses to the appropriate amount.

Prepares the milk at 37 °C in seconds and has a patented technology to measure, dispense and mix the water and milk with the necessary consistency without the presence of air bubbles. After programming, just press a button and start its operation without complications.

5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

If you are wondering how to prepare baby formula, the answer is very simple, you will do it easily with the new Baby Brezza! It is made of good quality plastic, you no longer have to worry about measuring the amount of formula or mixing it correctly, it heats the water to the optimum temperature to feed the baby and it can prepare up to 20 8-ounce bottles.

It has areally affordable price, it must be cleaned correctly for efficient performance, the bottles will come out with perfect consistency and no air bubbles. The water and powder in the formula are stored in airtight compartments inside the machine, so it is always ready for when your baby is hungry.

It works with all bottle sizes and most brands and types of formula, you can choose the amount of milk you want to make, either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces. Without a doubt, the easiest way to prepare bottles for your baby is now at hand.

6. Tommee Tippee Prep Day and Night

Is it worth to buy bottle prep machine?

One of those purchases that amortize itself. Dads and moms who have a bottle prep machine at home save time and have comfort when preparing the perfect bottle for their baby.

As easy as filling the water tank and the dispenser with the formulamilk and the bottle preparation, prepare the bottle in 10 seconds, evenly and at the right temperature.

The bottle prep machine is hygienic because it is washed without problems. In addition, the tight seal of the milk container ensures hygiene and quality. Baby bottles work with almost any type of formula and bottle milk we have at home.

The parents who make the bottle with the bottle preparation, ensure that the final result, in addition to being fast and very comfortable, has aperfect consistency.

Its patented technology measures distribute and mix milk powder and water in a homogeneous manner and at a perfect temperature. This makes us save time, it will no longer be necessary to test the temperature of the milk or wait for it to cool while our baby is hungry. It is to prepare and that’s it!

Customers who have bought a bottle prep machine recommend the purchase 100% as it is widely used and quickly amortized. The parents with twins or who have discovered the prepare bottles with the second and third child, define it as a blessing and an essential in the list of a newborn baby.

perfect prep machine

Things to consider when buying prep machine

For those who like to make a little coffee in the morning using an espresso machine, you won’t be bothered to use a bottle maker. Its use is simple and basically boils down to handling similar to conventional machines. But what more does it offer and what are its daily benefits?

Instant preparation

The bottle preparer is a very practical device that allows instant preparation of the bottle. It’s a guaranteed time saver! Most models promise full preparation in less than a minute. Some who do the milk dosage may take up to two or three minutes maximum. So we say goodbye to the preparation and warm-up times that last while baby cries and wakes the whole family!

Manual or automatic milk dosage

The majority of bottle prep machine models don’t have a milk dosage option. You just have to pour the usual dose into the bottle before placing it under the spout of water at temperature. But filling the powdered milk is sometimes painful when you have to do this task at night without turning on the light.

Models that feature a milk dosing option are rarer and somewhat more expensive, but if you’re worried about going wrong with powdered milk dosing or just want to take that task off yourself, there are models for you. The Babybrezza brand bottle prep machine has 9 dosage setting options that you can choose according to your baby’s needs. He brews the milk himself for a mixture without lumps.

The time saving is real with this model, especially if you have several bottles to carry out at the same time because its milk and water tank can carry up to 20 bottles of 30 ml in a row. Perfect if you have multiple babies in care.

A single or variable temperature setting

The majority of bottle prep machine models have an option of adjusting the temperature which is similar to that of the body, namely 37 °. It is the assurance of a perfect temperature for baby and which allows you to avoid any risk of burns.

If you want to have several temperature options, go for the Babybrezza model or the Beaba Milk Prep models which have a little advantage as they have 3 different setting options.

baby bottle prep machine

A bain marie mode

In order to avoid the clutter of several baby meal preparation devices, some models of bottle preparer are multifunctional. They allow you to heat sweet and savoury preparations in their small pot by placing them in the heating water tank.

An integrated sterilizer

Few of these models, but if you wish, some bottle prep machines have a built-in bottle sterilizer. It is the removable water tank that acts as a sterilization box that you can then place in the microwave for a sterilization step. This obviously does not replace an independent bottle sterilizer which has a more efficient cleaning system and a larger capacity.

A bottle warmer option

Some models of bottle prep machine offer a bottle of warmer function. This is a significant option when you want to avoid the purchase of duplicating devices.

Where to buy a Baby Bottle Maker

We recommend safe shopping through online baby stores. Receive your bottle prep machine at home with fast shipping and all exchange and return guarantees free.

We are convinced that when you use it you will wonder how you have been able to live without preparing bottles until that moment. An indispensable for comfort at home and caring for our baby.

Water filter

If you want to provide your baby with clean water consumption while limiting the purchase of plastic bottles, you can opt for a bottle preparer model that has a water filter. Before any preparation, it begins by filtering the water to remove all its impurities.