5 Best Baby Bibs to Protect Your Baby’s Clothes

Is there something that you find very difficult? Maybe you have not tried before to give a child to eat without staining his clothes. With the three of mine I went through that, again and again, and as you can imagine, I acquired some experience to always choose the best baby bib and thus avoid getting dirty with porridges and soups.

Honestly, meal after meal, one ends preferring to wash a perky bib than to see a horrendous stain on the outgoing clothes, to visit the grandmother. In the market there are many options and if you are looking for a specialized brand, they are becoming more and more practical, with a variety of designs and at a usually economic price.

If you need some tips to choose the most effective and cool, I can give you some. These accessories are essential in the life of a baby, at least in its first months. While they learn to eat, chew solids and contain the saliva from the teeth, it is inevitable that they will be filled with all that disaster.

That said, it is better to protect them, because even that humidity can lead them to suffer skin irritations and even flu.

What is the best baby bib?

The most convenient is always one that is able to absorb liquids before they get into clothes and that is also easy to clean. Both characteristics are a norm and the rest is an aggregate.

Depending on the level of mischief of your little “angel” you might need more than a traditional bib. There are waterproofs with absorbent or waterproof fabrics in their entirety. The latter are usually rubber, plastic or some smooth material such as neoprene but with a kind of spoon on the bottom to collect spills.

Cleaning is simple with both models. Some simply go to the washing machine and the others, just a damp cloth to remove all the waste. Now, if the chaos is extremely large, it will not be a bad idea to consider a model with sleeves.

These are quite large and serve for the hour of the food. They cover neck, arms, chest and tummy. There should not be any stains on the garments after using those of this kind. Some people find them very practical and other moms find them excessive. Everything is in the taste and preferences of each and in the comfort of the baby, of course.

In fact, it is important that the baby is comfortable so that he can eat without problems and happy. A very tight bib, with a fabric that stings and difficult to put on and take off, will result in a very tearful baby. You do not want that, right?

To my way of thinking, among all the options, these are the 5 best baby bibs you will find.

1. Long Sleeve bib BabyBjörn

Of long sleeve

BABYBJÖRN Long Sleeve Bib, Orange
56 Reviews
BABYBJÖRN Long Sleeve Bib, Orange
  • Soft material that allows child's skin...
  • Bib and smock in one
  • Suitable for children to use from 8...

Ideal for the most restless kids, this model covers almost the entire body to prevent spills to the child’s attire. It is made of soft plastic, breathable and without BPA. Very appropriate for children over 8 months. It can be used for eating or for manual activities such as painting etc. in kindergarten.

2. Waterproof Silicone Bib Easy Clean bib – Happy Healthy Parent

Easy cleaning

Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipes Clean!...
475 Reviews
Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipes Clean!...
  • EASY CLEAN - 100% Food Grade Silicone...

If you do not want to be putting bibs in the washing machine, this model will serve you well. Made of silicone, it has a very practical pocket that collects spills from the front. For baby’s comfort, it includes 4 adjustment buttons for the neck. Just pass them a damp cloth to clean them.

3. Baby Bandana Dribble Bib YOOFOSS

For babies fashion

YOOFOSS Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs and Drool Bibs...
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YOOFOSS Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs and Drool Bibs...
  • Soft Organic and Absorbent Material -...
  • 8 Pack Stylish Modern Design - A variety...
  • Adjustable and High-Quality Plastic...

A baby does not escape fashion. If you want it to look cute, this type of bibs are “carrying”. They are made of 100% natural cotton and have a double layer to prevent moisture from reaching the clothes. It is available for boys and girls in several very nice designs and brings a very comfortable and adjustable closure. It is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years.

4. Cotton Baby bibs pack of 8

Cotton but waterproof

Baby Dribble Bibs Bandana for Girls Boys Unisex...
18 Reviews
Baby Dribble Bibs Bandana for Girls Boys Unisex...
  • ❤ Hypoallergenic and Soft Material ❤...
  • ❤ Big Coverage and Good Absorbency ❤...
  • ❤ Adjustable Nickel-Free Snap Closure...

Better than a bib are 8, right? Not only to alternate while cleaning each other after eating, but also to combine them with the clothes of the child this pack is very convenient. It is even a good gift for a newborn. These have a waterproof plastic coating coated with two cotton and comfortable velcro closure for adjustment.

5. Waterproof Bibs 3-24 mounths

With elastic collar

Ateid Baby Waterproof Bibs Absorbent Bibs Pack of...
23 Reviews
Ateid Baby Waterproof Bibs Absorbent Bibs Pack of...
  • Adorable dribble bibs for babies from...
  • Triple layers fabric, soft organic...
  • Special waterproof interlining prevents...

If you do not like to be opening and closing buttons or tying ties, this bib can serve you. It has a very practical elastic neck to put it on and take it off easily with the baby. Its size is convenient to prevent spills even in the belly, shoulders and chest. It can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

For the health and hygiene of the little one, do not forget to always change the bib after eating. This will prevent moisture from getting on your skin and irritating it. Even for those who go shopping to last longer, clean them immediately after using them.

Fruits, formulas and some vegetables can leave stains that will not be removed if you do not clean them at the time.

Advantages of using a baby bib

When small babies eat, it is normal for them to throw away some slime or leftover food drops. For those moments a bib is necessary as a piece of fabric able to protect the clothes of the parents and the baby’s spots and contacts that can dirty them.

What to look for in a baby bib?

Types of bibs

  • Feeding bibs: They are large and easy to put on and take off with a brooch because they are used only for lunch time. They can also include an open pocket so that the food that falls does not touch the ground and keep everything clean and collected.
  • Baba bibs: They are smaller to be more comfortable because their function is to wear all day to prevent the drool from staining clothes for many hours.
  • Long sleeve bib or blouse: They are very useful for when the child begins to eat alone. This model covers not only the chest but also the arms and a large part of the body.

Space in the neck

The correct fit requires that you do not tighten under the chin or be too short to protect clothing. If your child was born a little overweigt better not go for a newborn but for a larger one.


A large bib style is not only better for large children but also to protect clothing from stains. These can be so large that they cover the entire torso.

Bending ability

It is useful to have a bib that can be folded compactly to carry it in a diaper case when you go out for a walk.

Ease of cleaning

No one wants to hand wash baby drool and vomit so be sure to buy a fabric that is quick-cleaning or machine-washed.


That the bib can fit perfectly is a great help for the time of the meal, which by itself can be full of tears and disasters. Choose an easy model to remove and put and collect all the remains very well.


A tight or irritating bib will only let you out your baby jump in tears, so comfort goes through the fabric and design.


Choosing fun colors or your favorite dolls is a way to put enthusiasm every meal.


To prevent dirt from sticking it is better to go for silicone, plastic or polyester bibs.


The hard pockets serve as small trays that collect leftovers.


The velcro can be easy to put on, but also to remove so to prevent the child from getting the handkerchief better go for a more firm and complex brooch.

Portability and storage

The harder and more firm the bib is, the more difficult it will be to keep it so that better to choose a flexible model and, in the other case, you must have an adequate space to store it without losing shape.

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