6 Best Argan Oils and Their Benefits

As far as natural products are concerned, the best argan oil, the one of high purity and quality gives us spectacular benefits so that we look bright and radiant.

Very exclusive for the great technicality with which it is extracted, argan oil is one of the most demanded and recommended substances for the natural care of the face, body and hair.

This wonderful product will provide great benefits for you and your family.

What is the best argan oil?

Getting a good argan oil will no longer be exclusive for a few, now from the comfort of your home you can buy an excellent product, with proven quality and with thousands of users that guarantee its great benefits.

There are brands with presentations of argan oil at affordable prices. Look at the following comparative list and make a successful purchase.

1. The Body Source Pure Organic Argan Oil

Quality and good price

Argan Oil - 100% Pure and Organic - Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin and...
1499 Reviews
Argan Oil - 100% Pure and Organic - Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin and...
  • 100% Organic, Multi-Purpose, Cold-Pressed Argan Oil....
  • Deeply Moisturising For Beautiful, Silky Hair &...
  • High levels of Omega 6, Effectively Reduce Skin...
  • Our Oil is Rich in Phenols & Carotenes to Soothe,...

A wonderful argan oil with 100% purity. Its smell is almost imperceptible, it is not very liquid and its colour is slightly golden, which means that the nut was not toasted during its preparation.

The presentation is from a bottle of amber glass and equipped with a pipette dropper for easy use.

This product is rich in Omega 6, vitamin E, phenols and carotenes, essential nutrients to reduce skin defects, relieve, restore and repair scars and stretch marks.

2. SatinNaturel Argan Oil 100ml

Special packaging

Organic Argan Oil Vegan of the Highest Quality - 100ml Violet Glass...
57 Reviews
Organic Argan Oil Vegan of the Highest Quality - 100ml Violet Glass...

Oil certified 100% organic purity. Packed in violet bottles to keep its contents protected from the sun and extend the shelf life of all its nutrients and vitamins.

Includes spray and pipette dispensers for a more comfortable application.

3. Pure Organic Argan Oil -Al Hoor

Low price

Pure Organic Argan Oil - Virgin Cold Pressed Premium Quality -...
184 Reviews
Pure Organic Argan Oil - Virgin Cold Pressed Premium Quality -...
  • ✅ ALL-IN-ONE TREATMENT - Promotes Healthy Looking...
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - Ecocert Certified Pure & Organic...
  • ✅ ELEGANT PACKAGING - High-Quality Amber Glass Bottle...
  • ✅ CERTIFICATION - Ecocert Certified - Do The Fridge...

Excellent quality product with 100% purity, extra virgin. The cold pressing of the argan nuts makes it worth its quality.

It provides great benefits for the skin, face, body and hair. It has a low price, but still, it is of excellent quality.

4. The Ordinary Argan Oil Co Cold Pressed


The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml
12 Reviews
The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml
  • Totally organic Argan oil
  • For healthy skin and to reduce the appearance of...
  • Adds a soft sheen and strength to hair
  • Lightweight texture that combats dryness by providing...

Argan oil with total purity proven with an international certificate. Revitalizes and stimulates cell renewal. It has wonderful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for all types of affectation.

It is an economic product, totally ecological, for cosmetic use.

5. Naissance Moroccan Argan Oil

Powerful antioxidant

Naissance Moroccan Argan Oil (no. 228) 250ml - Pure & Natural,...
158 Reviews
Naissance Moroccan Argan Oil (no. 228) 250ml - Pure & Natural,...
  • 🍃100% PURE - refined Argan Oil (Argania...
  • 🍃SKINCARE - This luxuriously rich oil contains...
  • 🍃HAIRCARE - Argan Oil is renowned for its...
  • 🍃BEAUTY - May be used on your body, face,...

High-quality product, totally organic with purity certification. It is ideal to attack diseases in the hair and scalp.

It also helps against skin problems and regenerates skin tone for an ideal nighttime appearance.

The argan oil in this presentation is handmade by women’s cooperatives in Morocco.

6. Simon & Tom Argan organic pure Moroccan 100 ml

Organic and efficient

Simon & Tom Organic Argan Oil – Cold-Pressed 100% Pure EcoCert...
19 Reviews
Simon & Tom Organic Argan Oil – Cold-Pressed 100% Pure EcoCert...
  • MOISTURIZES & NOURISHES SKIN and protects it from...
  • HYDRATES & REPAIRS HAIR FIBER for smoother, shinier...
  • CONDITIONS & RESTORES BRITTLE NAILS and dry cuticles,...

Recommended 100% organic argan oil. Produced in Morocco, it has an international quality certificate.

This product is free of parabens and phthalates. Excellent option for the use of the whole family.

What is argan oil?

This wonderful natural resource is extracted from the seeds present in the nut of the argan tree fruit and possesses incredible moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerative nutrients, to rejuvenate the skin, give it the anti-ageing effect, strengthen the hair, the nails, and it is even edible.

The Argan tree, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998, has its largest plantation in Morocco but is also located in Algeria and Israel. It is in danger of extinction in the long term, due to the high demand of oil and the growth of the world population.

One characteristic of this tree is that it has large deep roots to absorb and retain water, making it resistant to drought and almost desert climates. You can live for more than 200 years.

Its fruits are shaped like olives, and the extract of the oil is found inside the seeds of the nut. Not all nuts are used to extract the oil. The best ones are those that have reached a time of optimum maturity, they have to be elongated, greasy to the touch, light in colour, completely whole and above all freshly extracted.

In the market, you will find many products that claim to be argan oil of excellent quality and others that will have it as one of its components, but in fact, if we can know when it is 100% pure to know with a little detail the extraction methods.

  • Traditional: a manual method in which the nuts are crushed with a rotating stone wheel. A dough is formed to which water is then poured to knead it manually until a paste is obtained. This is pressed with the hands to extract the liquid.

This liquid is left to settle to make decantation and collect the oil. Then it is filtered through fabrics, it is packaged and sold promptly because it is not long-lasting. This presentation is usually less expensive.

  • Semi-industrial: it consists of the use of mechanical presses that work with electricity. The nuts are crushed with wheels that rotate at low speed, to prevent the temperature of the mass from increasing because of friction. This ensures cold extraction.

The excellent thing about this method is that it does not require water or any other liquid during the process, and a large quantity of good quality oil is obtained.

  • With solvents: that act on the mass of crushed nuts. Cosmetic producers often use hexane to extract almost completely the oil. Then the mixture is heated to 100 ° C to completely remove the solvent by evaporation, so the oil is complete to be recovered, filtered and packaged.

The yield of this process is high, however, it produces a considerable loss of the properties of argan oil

With this knowledge, you will ask yourself, then, what is the most recommended method?

There are conflicting opinions, because the traditional method has been widely publicized, however, it is necessary to consider the hygienic deficiencies of the process, such as the use of water (in a land where there is a deficit of drinking water), as well as optimal habits of healthiness This process only extracts 60% of the oil from the raw material.

In the opinion of experts and based on quality tests, the most appropriate is the semi-industrial hygienic control, and because it does not require additional substances for extraction, in addition to ensuring the highest purity of the product.

The high quality argan oil has:

  • A soft, barely perceptible smell. This happens when the nut has not been roasted since the pressing to which it is subjected has been carried out slowly and in the cold so as not to increase the temperature during the process.
  • Its colour is golden: hence it is known as the Liquid Gold of Morocco.
  • The indication of 100% purity: the label of the container must say that it is 100% Argania Spinosa, the scientific name of argan oil. It may include some preservative such as vitamin E or almond oil.

Given the limited areas where this tree grows, there are few suppliers of argan oil, but it has a large commercial demand.

The complexity of the extraction is emphasized in the duration of this rich liquid, which is only 3 to 6 months, so its price in high purity is usually high.

Benefits of argan oil

Argan oil is one of the great treasures of nature and is very versatile. Its range of benefits makes it one of the favorite ingredients of cosmetology, and more and more people are adding their trust in its many benefits.

Let’s see in detail how beneficial this oil is for the face, hair, skin, nails and many other parts of the body.

  • For the skin: excellent for its exquisite properties with antioxidants and moisturizers, which provide elasticity, while avoiding the loss of natural moisture. This effectively reduces skin defects and stretch marks, bags under the eyes, restores burns and wrinkles, even acts on the lines caused by smoking, and penetrates correctly without clogging the pores, that is, it will not affect the secretion of sebum.
  • For the hair: the argan oil will make your hair look healthier because it prevents frizz and split ends. Makes the hair look brighter and eliminates loose tresses strengthening the root, making it more manageable.

Your hair will be protected from damage by the sun, the wind, or by exposing it to appliances such as dryers, irons, curling irons. Argan oil has fatty acids that cause brittle hair to strengthen and increase protein structures.

  • For the body: the high content of antioxidants in argan oil helps increase immunity to certain diseases in the endometrium, prostate, breast or rectal colon cancer.

Brittle nails are also restored. It protects against arthritis and rheumatism, as well as insulin resistance. Men have found that the use of argan oil can improve triglyceride levels, to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Your feet will also be favored if you apply the argan oil, because it is ideal to remove dryness and cracked heels.

You can also nourish and moisturize the lips with a small portion of the oil. One or two droplets will be more than enough to restore chapped and cracked lips.

And if you want more virtues, you can use it after shaving your legs. Heat two drops of oil with your hands and apply after shaving, this will prevent the growth of red hair, and it will relieve the irritation of the leaves.

A plus to hydrate much more your skin is to add argan oil to your favourite cream. You will see results in the first application.

*** Fun fact: in ancient times the goats were used to obtain the almond of the argan fruit. This happened because the goats, faced with the drought in the desert, needed to feed and for that, they had to climb the argan tree.

At the top of the tree, the goats ate the fruits and, returning to the corral, regurgitated and expelled the nuts.

This collection practice was left behind due to quality, safety and health issues. Now argon trees are pruned to prevent goats from climbing on them. Who would have imagined it?

Dosage and uses of argan oil

Argan oil can also be consumed. Its properties help regulate blood pressure, reduce levels of bad cholesterol and increase good, liver function, suppress appetite, among other benefits.

You can consume 1 or 2 tablespoons daily of argan oil to nourish your therapeutic and preventive properties. Do not cook with this oil, so it does not lose its properties. Instead, add it to cooked foods or as a dressing for delicious salads.