The anti bedsore mattress is an essential element in terms of medical equipment. It is involved in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. Static mattress, dynamic mattress, air mattress. Among the different mattress models, individuals and healthcare professionals generally find it difficult to choose the anti bedsore mattress that suits them.

When you have to stay in bed for long periods of time, due to illness or accident, it is not just illness or surgery that can be problematic, prolonged bed rest itself can be dangerous because it can cause the appearance of lesions called pressure ulcers.

To combat this, there are different prevention methods such as applying creams and ointments, changing position quite frequently, but also using special anti bedsore mattresses.

These mattresses can cost a small fortune but above all, we do not know how to choose them. Of course, advice from your doctor would be welcome, but there are also other fairly simple criteria that will help you make the right choice. These include the type of mattress, its composition and its dimensions.

What is the best anti bedsore mattress?

Now that you know all the health benefits of anti bedsore mattresses, you want to run to the market and buy the perfect product for you.

Enthusiasm is good and we share it, but our duty is to help you make a timely and beneficial investment, that is why we advise you to take into account certain factors before spending your money, consider: Mattress size, ergonomic designs and orthopaedic, the brand of the model, the materials of manufacture, the cost of the product and of course, the general opinion of the user community.

Thinking of you, we prepared a comparative list to present you 5 reviews on the products best valued by users, check it out and find the ideal therapeutic mattress.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Vive

We present a super mattress suitable for disabled or sick individuals. The mattress is equipped with a digital compressor that allows the user to adjust the pressure levels according to the weight of each patient.

It is a therapeutic tool easy to clean and install. It tolerates a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It has been manufactured with durable and resistant materials, a combination of nylon and PVC.

Lxn Alternating Pressure Mattress

It is an inflatable cushion for the prevention of ulcers and injuries, giving the user silent operation with a motor. The design features 18 ergonomic air chambers, made of PVC.

The included air hoses are flexible and easy to install. It is water-resistant and versatile equipment since it gives the user the option of decoupling a section of the mattress to function according to the physiological needs of the patients.

Domus 2 Apex mattress

This anti bedsore mattress stands out from other models due to its therapeutic efficacy since it improves the circulatory system by reducing pressure levels on the body in a resting state.

The design presents 18 air chambers with 10.2 cm of height. The equipment includes a pressure regulator and a hypoallergenic nylon sheath that does not irritate the skin.

Each alternating cycle has a duration of 9.6 minutes. In addition, the equipment includes a 2-year warranty.

Bedsore Inflatable Mattress

If you are looking for an economical, light and resistant equipment you have found a perfect model! This alternating pressure mattress offers you excellent quality for its durability and performance.

The design has 17 cells and airflow of 5 litres per minute. It is easy to clean and handle equipment since it weighs only 3.6 kg, nevertheless, it offers the user a great load capacity, tolerating a maximum weight of 130 kg.

In addition, it has a coating of fire retardant material to prevent accidents.

Alternating Pressure Mattress with Compressor

It is the cheapest model of our selection and the perfect alternative for those with a tight budget. The design of this quilt allows you to hold it easily on the mattress of your bed, it is very light and manageable since it only weighs 2.4 kg.

It comes accompanied by a silent compressor. The equipment is antibacterial and tolerates a maximum weight of 100 kg. It does not have the function of adjustable cycles but compensates with its hexagonal cells and various pressure levels.

inflatable bed sore mattress

What is an anti bedsore mattress?

Anti bedsore mattresses are medical devices designed to provide patients with an alternative pressure support system, that is, these mattresses have air chambers that inflate and deflate slightly after completing a cycle of several minutes.

The purpose of this equipment is to release the tension that accumulates in the body to be many hours in the same position, alternating support points.

These mattresses are a preventive and beneficial tool for patients at risk of developing decubitus ulcers, these conditions afflict people with various mobility problems, appearing more frequently in the bony areas of the body, such as the legs, hips, back and the back of the head.

There are 3 main types of anti bedsore mattress, static designs made with foam, alternating pressure and hybrid models that combine the two systems.

How to choose an anti bedsore mattress?

The great versatility that anti bedsore mattresses offer is wonderful because it allows you to adapt it easily to both the stretchers of a hospital and your personal bed at home.

Before you choose the perfect model, we recommend you consider the following guidelines.


The vast majority of anti bedsore mattresses come in a standard size to easily adapt to hospital beds. However, if you plan to buy a therapeutic mattress to use in the comfort of your home, we recommend choosing a model compatible with the dimensions of your bed.

Health and security

Taking care of your health is a task of vital importance, as well as taking care of the investment when it is intended to improve the well-being and quality of your life, that is why we recommend you choose a mattress with certifications and security credentials, choose a reliable brand and consults with the user community to check the long-term performance and performance of the product.

Other features

Some designs offer special features and functions to provide users with optimal performance and comfort, such as pressure cycles adjustable to the patient’s weight, a static function for moments requiring firmness or systems resistant to electrical faults or power outages.


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