Ankle support is now available from many manufacturers. Therefore, it is not always easy to make agood purchase decision. Based on the objective purchase criteria presented on this page, product selection can be systematic.

This simplifies the general process of buying ankle support. An essential component in test reports in the product category. The results of the Ankle Support tests should always be considered to find agood product.

In addition, we offer constantly updated leaderboards in many product categories. So it makes sense to have a look at our list of ankle supports. In addition to the lists, in most cases, you can also find useful information, rating and current price.

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What is the best ankle support?

When selecting the best ankle support, you should take into account a series of considerations that will facilitate your purchase and with which you will be sure to take the right accessory.

Thinking about a cheap item is not necessarily the first thing you should consider, although it is not worth spending a fortune.

You should consider the type according to your needs. There are straps, hose clamps, hybrids and cord support, and each will help you in an individual thing.

The sleeves are comfortable and lightweight, those with slightly stiffer laces and those with stirrups guarantee stability. A comparison will help you decide which of these suits you best.

Before taking one home, it is also essential that you look at the materials and the form to guarantee durability.

You should also look at the compression, the type of support and design of the strap because this will give you greater stability.

This little list could give you a small light of what you need:

Ankle support Aircast brace

Great support

If you are in search of an ankle brace that provides stability, support and avoids injuries in the practice of sports, you have reached the appropriate model.

This manufacturer Aircast is the most recommended for football, as well as for the practice of other sports disciplines where you must take care of your feet.

Active Ankle T1 – Stabilizer ankle

Solid design

With a bilateral hinge that allows freedom of movement, this design will provide superior protection because it will relieve pressure at the ankle joint.

It is ideal for the practice of some sports where you must jump and expose your ankles to risky movements, has a stabilising effect. Ideal for volleyball and basketball.

Mueller Strapped – Ankle protection

Stable and with good subjection

The Muller brand ankle strap is equipped with tension tapes for more significant support and compression.

It has a figure of 8 straps, is light and will provide greater stability in jumps or during games and training. Those who have it praise its lightness and elasticity that gives you more security with less weight.

McDavid 199 – Light Anklet

Improve mobility

When you have already injured yourself, you will need an accessory that gives you good mobility. Therefore, this ankle brace is ideal for sprains.

It incorporates aluminium rods and layers of nylon and vinyl that will give you great support. Its padded lining using moisture control technology makes it one of the best on the market.

Vulkan ankle support

How and adjustable

This ankle is appropriate if you are in the process of recovery after the injury, but you must return to the courts and courts to continue training.

It is specially designed for left ankle and you cross it in a figure of 8 to give you more support. Commonly used for prophylactic purposes.

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Three types of ankle sprains

Sprains cause pain and inflammation, especially at first and can affect mobility. Depending on the severity of the injury, three types of sprains are established:

Grade 1 sprain

It is the mildest type of sprain and consists of partial distention of the ligaments. The recovery is complete and without sequelae and, although there is pain and inflammation, the mobility of the ankle is not usually affected.

Grade 2 sprain

In this type of sprain, there is a total or partial rupture of the ligament. The pain is intense and mobility is affected. Recovery is usually complete, but it takes more time and care.

Grade 3 sprain

It is the most severe type of sprain, with total ligament rupture and bone injury. The grade 3 sprain produces great instability and pain and requires surgery for a full recovery.

The best way to treat a sprain is to first apply ice to the area to prevent swelling. To make the ligation heal it is recommended to alternate cold and heat and, above all, use a sprained ankle brace that presses the ankle and prevents it from moving too much.