Keeping places clean sometimes goes beyond washing the floors and removing the hair of the pets. Sometimes, a healthy environment should start by breathing fresh air and for that, the solution is the best air purifier you can find in the market.

Air purifiers are a true ally for both the home and the office because it helps eliminate harmful substances that are present in the air you breathe.

They are true salvation for allergy sufferers and those who constantly need to breathe air without polluting agents.

What is the best air purifier?

Purifiers now come with any number of qualities. Before buying any you should know which of them is better and you find it cheaper. Making a comparative cost and brand always helps you choose better.

We did a test of what is available in the commercial offer and we elaborated this small guide of suggestions where you will surely find just the right one for you:

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier

Heater and purifier

Made with Air Multiplier technology capable of creating powerful and uninterrupted air currents, this device purifies, heats and refreshes intelligently.

You can put it in night mode with the touch of a button and adjust it to its silent mode if you are sleeping.

It is ideal to eliminate air pollution as it automatically purifies to eliminate 99.95% of allergens, pollutants, toxic substances and bad odours.

It has a high price, but in the opinion of those who already have it, it is a very efficient product with excellent benefits. The manufacturer gives you two years of warranty.

2. Air purifier Philips AC3256 / 10

Eliminates allergens

Designed with Vita Shield IPS technology, it is effective against pollen, pet hair, bad odours, polluting particles, viruses and bacteria, mites and volatile organic compounds, substances that can affect your health and breathing.

It comes with HEPA filter, is certified with CADR of allergens and smoke according to international standards and is capable of purifying rooms of up to 95 square meters.

It is equipped with a function of automatic and silent mode so you can sleep peacefully at night. It also has protective nano filter.

It is not cheap, but those who already have it claim that it is a high-quality device.

3. Delonghi AC230 Air Purifier

Large capacity

It is a small device, designed to keep in the bathrooms and closed places, where it quickly fights air pollution so you can breathe fresh air.

It comes equipped with a washable filter and a lighting system that alerts you when it is necessary to clean the filters or replace them.

It is a small, compact and lightweight device that, according to its users, is extraordinarily silent

It has a very affordable cost and is very portable, you can move it from one place to another inside your home or workplace, it is available in silver colour.

4. Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air Purifier

With four levels of filtration

With four levels of filtration, this device is capable of capturing dust, human and animal hair, retains odours, fumes, volatile organic components and acts as a purifier of the environment against dust and other pollutants.

It is silent, can work in automatic mode and has an LCD screen with an intelligent system that tells you the pollution levels.

It has a low price and because of its good quality, it is recommended by the European Allergy Research Foundation and in addition, automatically detects contamination and speed of adaptation.

5. Klarstein Vita Pure 2G

Elegant and silent

The Klarstein model is the least expensive of the selection, eliminates fumes and dust, fights the smells of food, tobacco residues and has a fivefold filtering system that finishes with polluting agents, keeps the air clean and helps you breathe easily.

It is an ionizing device that guarantees the elimination of large particles of toxic substances present in the air.

It has a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and the best thing is that despite being ionic, it does not represent any danger because active carbon eliminates ozone and other gases harmful to health.

6. Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

The Pro Breeze air purifier has a minimalist design. The airflow vents and the equipment screen are on the top. It measures are 60 x 38 x 22 cm and weighs 6.1kg . A medium-size compared to others and It doesn’t have such advanced features, but one of the features we like the most is the timer on and off automatically. It can be set to turn on or off automatically at intervals of 1, 2 and 4 hours, which is very useful for sleeping and when leaving the house.

The Pro Breeze air purifier emits almost as much noise as a small domestic fan. It has three levels of purification: low, medium and high and also comes with a sleep function that puts it in an ultra-quiet mode to use while sleeping at night.

Benefits of a purifier

That you have an air purifier at home will always bring you great benefits, especially if you are one of those people who are allergic to everything. You will keep the environment clean and pure and you can be in a cooler place, among other factors of interest that we explain here:

  • Eliminates volatile organic compounds: volatile organic compounds are in our lives without even knowing it, often have incidence in diseases such as cancer and other respiratory diseases. They are common in your environment with high vapour pressure and can be really bad for human health when they accumulate. Air purifiers can eliminate these compounds and keep your life healthier and safer.
  • Eliminates common air pollutants: In the air, you can find any amount of pollutants that affect your breathing and cloud the air you breathe: mites, pet allergens and dust, bacteria, fungi, mould, plant spores, pollen, among other elements that can be neutralized and eliminated with the filters of high efficiency in particle collection: HEPA, which are able to eliminate up to 99.7% of these microscopic particles that do you real damage.
  • Eliminates odours: The carbon filters that bring some air purifiers serve to eliminate odours. They are used a lot for kitchens and in the homes of smokers.
  • Better air circulation: For those very closed or perhaps very humid spaces where you often get the feeling that there is little air and is poorly distributed, the best thing you can do is have a purifier that, according to its ability to supply air, I can circulate it in the room several times per hour. Some may get to do it up to 5 and 6 times.
  • Negative Ions: Ionic air purifiers generate the same negative ions that you find in nature and that are able to clean the air of common pollutants. They also have a relaxing effect and create the feeling of being in the rainforest.

Types of purifiers

If you want to improve the air you breathe in your homes, there is nothing else that you have an air purifier that gives you many benefits. In the market, you can find many of these teams, each one for different tastes and needs. Here we explain the five most popular types:

  • UV air purifier: These take advantage of electromagnetic radiation to eliminate bacteria in the air and some pathogens that can mean a real risk to your health. They are good at eliminating the problems caused by fungus, mould or yeast in your home and dealing with allergens and dust, but it does not eliminate cigarette smoke, gases or chemical fumes. Before buying you must ensure that the filter is of high quality, some of these cheaper models work by producing ozone that can bring you even more problems than benefits.
  • Ionic air purifier: They are built to generate negative charge ions that attract allergen particles and positively charged wastes when this happens the positively charged particles are modified making them very heavy so that they are breathed and fall to the floor that you must sweep or vacuum. They are effective, affordable and get rid of the smoke. With this, you should also be very careful with the brand because some models, like UV, can work producing ozone, which is a danger to inhale.
  • Carbon filters: You need little space to work and often you find yourself in granular form or as a large block of dust that becomes a very porous material. A single gram can have an area of ​​500 square meters or even more, this allows it to absorb large amounts of allergens and pollutants. They are very efficient in capturing lint, dust, pet hair, household chemicals, among other elements. They are highly efficient when used with HEPA filters.
  • Ozone air purifier: The way in which these purifiers work is essentially the pumping of ozone into the air of the house. Whatever the ozone, it basically oxidizes. So what it does is oxidize the contaminants and eliminate them. However, over the years, science has detected some problems related to ozone, since its ability to oxidize things can be a real danger for small animals and even for your health. They are used in case of great emergency, for example, if you flood the house you can eliminate all the mould with an ozone purifier.
  • HEPA air purifier: High-efficiency particle collection filters, known as the High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA), were created in the 50s by the United States Atomic Energy Commission with the intention of the problems that could cause small radioactive particles. At present they are very popular and common because they use three components to catch small particles in the air: the first intercept the particles outside the atmosphere; the second takes slightly larger particles and eliminates them through impaction and the third method is the diffusion that interrupts the flight pattern of the particles, making them easier for impaction. They are very common everywhere and today they are, for many reasons, the best option. They are used in hospitals, residences and even beauty salons. Currently, manufacturers market them as “True HEPA” to avoid confusion with similar technologies that seek to imitate them. Before buying you should investigate the manufacturer very well so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Things to consider when choosing the best air purifier

Before you take home any of these devices you should take into account a series of considerations that will help you to make a better decision about which one is most appropriate for your case and how much it will cost to have it at home. It is necessary that before deciding on anyone, take a look at all these factors:

Operating costs

Having an air purifier filter, although it improves your environment is not exactly cheap. Keeping it operational during the year can bring costs of £190 or even more, replacing the filters and electricity you use to make it work.

The price of the filters can be from £8 to £90 depending on their performance and capacity, even some units use prefilters that capture larger particles before they reach, for example, HEPA filters, making the life of these be more prolonged.

Depending on what you use, the filters can be replaced up to every three months, especially in the case of carbon filters and the main one has at least one annual replacement. If you want to reduce costs you can buy models qualified as Energy Star which means they are energy efficient, compared to standard models. Some have washable filters that you can reuse.

Noise level

The air purifiers are not at all silent. If you have the purifier, for example, in your room at the time of sleep, the noise level becomes a very important factor. The same happens if you place this device in your workplace or in the space where the children are.

To avoid problems, what we can recommend is to buy a large unit and have it running at a low speed, instead of running a small one.


Most of these devices use a fan that sucks and filters the air. Those who do not have a fan run more quietly and circulate the air naturally throughout the house, but its operation is less efficient than that of those who have a fan.

Maintenance indicator

This function alerts you when you should remove a filter and replace or clean it. A clogged filter makes the operation of the purifier inefficient, so some offer this function that notifies you of the changes you should make in the filters.

Programmable timer

They allow you to configure your filter to turn off automatically or to work a few hours before the time you will use the room.

Transport handle

It will help you to move the air purifier from one side to the other, facilitating its movement and movement inside the place where it is placed.

Number of speeds

The filters usually have several speeds according to the manufacturer, the issue here is that you can adjust to a lower cleaning needs if you are asleep or working so that the noise is lower, and then place it at higher speeds to work more efficiently.


Here you should verify that your ionizer does not produce ozone since it is a lung irritant, in addition to causing damage to your small animals.

Remote control

This option will allow you to make all the adjustments you require without stopping your furniture or bed.

Dirt sensor

A great advantage offered by some models of these devices used in the room, is that the unit automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to the level of dirt or dust in the air to make a complete purification of the environment you breathe.

Washable pre-filter

These are manufactured to collect large particles. They are washable and will help you reduce overall costs. However, many of our models do not have this option.

Capacities and cleaning modes

You should check how many cleaning cycles and filters your machine has because the more it has, the greater the chance it will have of capturing air pollutants. It is also useful to look at the specifications for the CADR because these numbers indicate the efficiency that this unit provides you in cleaning smoke, dust and air pollen, the higher the CADR classification of a specific particle, the better your filter can act in the elimination of that element of the air that you breathe.

It is also not a bad idea to take a look at the air changes per hour since with this you can determine how quickly the purifier is able to clean the air of a certain place.

In these cases, it is also important that you pay attention to the filters. We already explained how HEPA filters work, so, on that basis, it is useful to have them in your filter or if not, at least one equivalent. Other models use large carbon filters that are a perfect complement to HEPA and others use ionizers or UV. In the case of the first ones you must always verify that it does not produce ozone, or at least that it does so in safe and certified quantities, in any case, a model where you can turn off the ionizer, and with it the ozone emissions, it will also solve you many problems.

Fixing yourself in a purifier that comes with sleep mode is also an option because they make less noise. Some even have automatic quality settings to work according to air pollution and adjust the cleanliness accordingly.


You must pay attention to the dimensions of the product. If you will be moving around the house or workspaces you should be sure that it is light and easy to transport.

You should also make sure to place it in a wide space because in places where the walls or furniture do not obstruct its performance. Taking a look at other design features such as operation timers or on-off programming will make things much easier.

Energy and certifications

Costs will be reduced significantly if you decide between your choices for a purifier that is able to save energy in the long term.

You must look for one that does not consume so much energy and if you really want to reduce costs you can look for certificates by Energy Star that are 20 or 30 per cent more energy-efficient which will save you lots of money.

There are also certifications that show that the products meet certain safety standards, such as the UL and CARB designations. For cost savings and better efficiency, it is useful that at the time of purchase you choose a purifier that has them.

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