The practice of sport today is evolving very quickly, as a growing population is more and more aware of its benefits. Stimulated among other things by athletes, or convinced of the benefits of sport, people regularly engage in physical education and sports sessions which can be carried out using a good elliptical trainer or even a vibrating platform and oscillating for example. It is important to note that the achievement of a satisfactory result requires the use of adequate equipment. One of these tools is the agility ladder. It is widely used and present in several sports and physical education fields. Discover in this guide how you can buy this accessory at the best price.

What is the best training agility ladder?

As you want to achieve a fitness body and improve your athletic performance, I am going to recommend the 5 best agility ladders in my comparative list below. You will find economic, resistant, high-quality stairs with good adjustment capacity so that you can choose the exact intensity level you need.

They are also easy models to carry all your workouts, good brands and you can even find one or another complete speed and agility training kit with included accessories.

1. Sport Speed ​​and agility training kit

FOOTBALL TEAM SPEED AGILITY & QUICKNESS Training Kit with English Instructional DVD, Free Carry Bag,...
  • (1) Downloadable Instructional Training DVD English & Spanish (1) Free Layout Diagram and Jump Rope
  • (1) Lateral Resistor Ankle Resistance Stepper
  • (1) Round Rung Agility Ladder & (1) Resistance Harness
  • (5) 8" to 12” Adjustable Speed Hurdles & (10) Agility Disc Cones
  • (1) Speed Resistance Training Parachute & (1) Heavy Duty All In One Carrying Bag

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If you are a footballer, this will be perfect for you. It has a staircase, as well as an exercise DVD, reflex ball, lateral resistance trainer, resistance harness, cones, rope and more.

2. Ladder for sports training Quick Ladder by Sklz

SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro Tangle-Free Agility and Footwork Trainer
  • Tangle-free fold means no time spent untangling and more time training
  • Ends and sides are extensible for attaching more ladders
  • Low profile edges minimize chance of catching cleats
  • Rigid, hinged side rails for easy set-up and breakdown
  • Durable construction with professional grade materials

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Staircase with 11 flat steps made of sturdy plastic, 4 fixing posts to the floor and nylon straps. It is super easy to store and recommended for amateurs.

3. VGEBY agility and speed training kit

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Another complete kit that will give you incredible control and agility in the feet. Ideal for football, rugby, athletics and other similar sports. Includes 12 steps, cones and is very portable.

4. Ohudu agility ladder

Agility Ladder Football Training Equipment Set, Football Ladder Training with 12 Cones 4 Stakes,...
  • Agility Ladder with 12 Cones 4 Stakes: The speed ladder is made of high quality PP material, which is very durable and can...
  • Agility Ladder is Suitable for All: For athletes, it is an agile training device. For children, it can be used to set up...
  • 12 Adjustable Rungs: All rungs can be moved up and down along the nylon band. You can adjust the gap between the rungs at any time...
  • Maximize Athletic Performance: With this speed agility ladder, you’ll be able to maximize your acceleration, rhythm, balance,...
  • Item Size: This football training equipment set for kids and youth is the optimal size for efficient workouts. The ladder is...

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Do all your quick feet drill exercises with this ladder of 12 adjustable rungs, several speed cones and more for all sports.

5. Speed ​​and agility ladder QUICKPLAY PRO by LAX11NG

QUICKPLAY PRO Agility Ladder | No Tangle | 11-Rungs | Quick Lock Adjustable Rungs
  • SPEED & AGILITY LADDER, 11 RUNGS | Improving footwork, speed and agility is essential in most sports, including including...
  • QUICK-SNAP ADJUSTABLE RUNG TECHNOLOGY | The only ladder that allows you to quickly change distance between rungs and then lock...
  • NO-TWIST NYLON PARACORD SIDE RAILS | Webbing ladders get twisted easily, the Quick-Snap Ladder uses 550lb break force, Type III, 7...
  • ULTRA PORTABLE NO TANGLE CARRY SYSTEM | The QUICKPLAY PRO ladder features a unique closable carrying & storage ring. This makes it...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 2 YEAR WARRANTY | From a company that prides itself in providing the absolute best customer service in the sports...

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What is agility ladder?

As a reminder, an agility ladder is made of bars at regular intervals which are put on the ground to allow working speed and agility in complete safety via chased, crossed steps, jumps on one foot or on two feet.

Adapted to any type of sportsman, it brings a playful aspect to your sessions, particularly interesting during the warm-up, while promoting coordination and concentration work.

Indeed, an athlete whether he is a beginner or a confirmed one loses speed considerably due to a lack of coordination of movements. The agility ladder is therefore interesting for advancing in terms of agility or gaining speed, and in sport to learn to dodge an opponent, defend his goal, etc.

There is no sport that does not offer specific exercises: football, basketball, tennis, rugby, table tennis, judo, karate, handball, American football and of course athletics.

It is possible to carry out intensive and rhythmic work with two scales placed one next to the other.

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Advantages of agility ladder

An agility ladder is first characterized by its remarkable multifunctional character. It allows you to engage in a variety of exercises with variations in leg movements. You can, for example, take chased, crossed steps, jumps on a foot or two, long or transverse. This scale is also used in several sports categories: athletics, combat sport, team or individual sport. In addition, it is as easy to use as a cheap stepper or a foldable weight bench. Everyone can benefit from it: children, adolescents and adults. So it is very practical. It is not bulky, because it folds easily and can be stored in a sports bag. You can easily carry it wherever you want. Thanks to its many functions, the agility ladder allows you to exercise in relaxation and contributes to improving our physical condition.

The background work here is highly profitable. With an agility ladder, you give a playful side to training. The children and neophytes are then relaxed and work in peace. The accessory is also effective during warm-up. It helps very easily activate the nervous system which prepares the body for the mental and physical effort required. It also allows you to work on your speed, your agility, your precision. With this tool, the work of coordinating body movements is much easier, oriented and cadenced. It should be remembered that the lower limbs of the human body constitute its support; at least half of the body’s strength is there. The agility ladder is adapted to a series of exercises that allow you to work well on your support.

What do you need to know before start training with the agility ladder?

First of all, and as in any other sports, it is advisable to warm up the muscles before starting. A five-minute run at a slow or moderate pace may suffice for this warm-up. This will aim to keep the muscles fresh, and thus ensure good quality of movement over a wide range of effort. These types of exercises are not intended to leave you exhausted, but to prepare you physically, and to adjust your body to the development of new goals.

At what point in the training should the agility ladder exercises be performed?

The ideal moment is at the beginning of the training, that’s why its relationship with the warm-up. The agility ladder will make our body adapt to the new challenges that we will face during training. Even, it has been proven that starting a routine with agility ladder exercises makes our mood change for the better, remember that much of the success in any sports discipline is in our attitude.

It is important to go from less to more with the agility ladder

Any start can be difficult, as this does not escape training with the agility ladder. It is therefore important not to push ourselves beyond what we can give at a specific time. Many times the difficulties in training with the agility ladder will not come from our motor capacity, but from ignorance of the way the exercises are carried out. In a few days, that difficulty will be a thing of the past.

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What to look for when buying an agility ladder?

It does not matter if you are a professional athlete or if you simply want to have a good training device at home, the truth is that you will need to look for a number of things to ensure that you are buying the best training ladder in the market:

Number of steps

Although all agility ladders have a length of about 4.7 meters, they differ in the number of rungs. They are so varied that they can have 8, 11, 12 or even 15 divisions.

Now, what you need to know about this is that the more divisions you have, the spacing between each part will be smaller, which is more demanding and demands more resistance and coordination. The ones with the least treads are perfect for beginners.


A good agility ladder must allow modifying the separation between rungs, that is, it must be adjustable to have different levels of intensity.


Always look for durable materials that resist continuous wear and tear. Steps made of hard plastic and very strong laces.


It is not essential but it is great if the model can be fastened to the ground. That way it will not move while you train.


The instructions are necessary especially for those who start. If you already know what you are doing and do not require instructions, it does not matter if the product does not include them.

Where to buy agility ladder?

We don’t always know where to get an agility ladder. I think they sell it in department stores like Decathlon or sports direct, but as I often say I advise you to look online. On the Internet, you will find many models (especially on Amazon) at a better quality/price ratio than what you will find in supermarkets. Also, the big advantage is that if the product is not suitable you can always return it at no cost and they will refund you without question.


When looking for the best agility ​​ladder, the models in our comparison are a good recommendation worth considering. Due to a large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend reading several testimonials before making your purchase. In most cases, you can also find reviews by specialized magazines and websites. If you find multiple test reports, it makes sense to make a comparison of the best agility ladders.