Do you know aerial yoga? Neither do I, until I have tried. It’s a mixture of yoga, Pilates and aerial yoga hammock. There are alternating postures of relaxation, stretching, flexibility and some gentle acrobatics.

All this, using aerial yoga hammocks. Objectives: relax, relieve your back, stretch and strengthen your muscles.

What is the best aerial yoga hammock?

The aerial yoga hammock is also popularly known as swing, its design consists of a pendant strip of soft and flexible fabric provided with different points of support.

Choosing the perfect swing to start practising yoga does not have to become a complicated task, you just need to read our shopping guide, where we prepare a comparative selection with the 5 best options you currently find in the market.

Remember that it is never time to consult the opinion of the user community before buying, the internet forums are full of stories and personal experiences that can give you clues about the model, brand, design and characteristics of the perfect product for your needs.

Dark Blue yoga hammock by Grovatonics

We present you a swing of great training, ideal to practice aerial yoga or the investment for Pilates.

Includes carabiners, ropes, foam handles and an elastic and flexible seat that will help you in strengthening the strength of the upper body.

Yoga hammock Body Naturals LLC

It is a swing for yoga and wonderful back extension, made in high-quality nylon taffeta. Compatible for indoor and outdoor use.

Its design is resistant, in addition, it gives users 6 points of support and an optimal balance during training.

Yoga Swing YLJS48 by Pellor

It is a yoga hammock made of parachute fabric, the package is accompanied by steel carabiners, straps, handles and a storage case.

It tolerates a maximum weight of 200 kg. It is durable and easy to install. Ideal for investment therapies and intense stretching.

INTEY Yoga Swing

If you are looking for an economical and highly resistant option, you will love this swing! Perfect for practising exercises, meditation and fitness routines.

It is made of nylon taffeta and tolerates a maximum load of 200kg. Includes screws, rings and carabiners for installation.

Yoga Swing 001 by QUBABOBO

It is the cheapest product of our selection and an excellent yoga hammock for the practice of antigravity exercises.

It is available in a wide variety of colours and includes a satisfaction guarantee. The mounting accessories are not included in the package.

What is Aerial Yoga

Aerial yogais practised with a hammock. It becomes a swing that can support the hips in the front and back turns. It combines traditional yogawith movements inspired by pilates, dance.

You don’t have to be an acrobat – far from it – to learn and enjoy aerial yoga sessions. Aerial yoga is considered particularly beneficial for people who sit for a long time or have back problems because it has a decompression effect on the body.

For many people, difficult yoga postures on the ground can be performed more easily and with less strain on the body.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

The various exercises, in particular those practised in weightlessness, put the body in imbalance and thus make work all the muscles without brutalizing the articulations. As all the muscles are used, the benefits are multiple. Especially for people with back problems.

Aerial Yoga will sheath the muscles close to the spine and therefore strengthen the abs. But the benefits do not stop there. As the sessions progress, psychic well-being is also felt. Aerial Yoga gives pride of place to meditation and relaxation, thereby relieving tension and stress.

Who can practice Aerial Yoga?

The aerial yoga courses welcome a very eclectic mixed audience but there are some contraindications. “Aerial yoga is not recommended for pregnant women unless the course is really suitable and above all without reversing. You should also not have heart problems, have eye strain, have glaucoma, have had botox injections in the past six hours or be dizzy. Aside from that, it’s a sport open to everyone. Aerial yoga allows mothers, even if they are not very athletic, to have a totally different relationship with the body. It also relaxes and above all, it is very aesthetic.

Aerial Yoga Hammock- Buying Guide

There are certain guidelines that you should not overlook when browsing the websites in search of the perfect aerial yoga hammock. Keeping these factors in mind will help you get a high-quality product home.


The size of the swing is equivalent to the comfort levels offered by the product. Also, make sure you choose a compatible model with the space you have available for installation.

Load limit

Before buying you should check the maximum load that the product tolerates, in this way you will avoid suffering falls and accidents.


It is important to choose a product that is easy to install, store and transport. With a portable device, you can take your aerial yoga routine to any destination.


You get great benefits when choosing a product with a guarantee and although it is true that aerial yoga hammock is relatively inexpensive equipment, it is always good to take care of our investment.