The adjustable dumbbells are essential fitness equipment that very accessible, even if you are a beginner. You can work out with adjustable dumbbells at home or in the gym, and they have the advantage of being easy to store. Although dumbbells are mostly used to exercise the upper body, it is quite possible to work your legs and especially your thighs and hamstrings, only with a pair of dumbbells!

If there is bodybuilding equipment to have at home, it is the adjustable dumbbells. Their effectiveness and ease of use are well established. There are a wide variety of dumbbell models, adjustable with discs or not, plastic, cast iron or covered concrete, in different shapes.

To help you find your way around and help you make the best choice that suits you, we have selected a few models for you with different characteristics. Beforehand, we give you more information about adjustable dumbbells: how to use them effectively, why to use adjustable dumbbells, where to buy them, etc.

using adjustable dumbbells

What is the best adjustable dumbbell?

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This is a very complex question that you are surely doing at this moment. However, it is not as simple as naming a single model because it requires you to review many variables that can be very personal such as your age and the capacity you have to support a certain range of weight, the amount you have available to invest or even how skilled you are with the different weight adjustment systems of adjustable dumbbells.

In any case, this guide is completely complete and offers you the necessary information to fall into errors that both novices and exercise enthusiasts can commit regularly. In addition, we include a very complete comparative list with the five best adjustable dumbbells that have an ideal price.

Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand

Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 4 to 45 pounds, in 5 pound increments, allowing you to rapidly switch from one exercise to the next
  • Great space and money saver; the Universal Power Pak replaces 9 sets or 18 individual dumbbells
  • Includes an ergonomically designed dumbbell stand to neatly store your dumbbells
  • Durable thermoplastic rubber handle for a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Workout guide

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One of the best adjustable dumbbells available on the market. Bowflex weights allow you to change your resistance from 1.8 to 20.4kg. So it optimizes the space of your home since this single model can meet the requirements of 18 dumbbells.

Made from premium materials makes that luxury feeling when using the dumbbells, believe me, or not that is motivating you to keep using the product every day.

Very fast to adjust makes the dumbbells favourite for many people around the world. Imagine, you are a busy person, right? You have only two hours free after work and you are positive about getting fit quickly. Your option is training at home.

To have a pair of those adjustable dumbbells Universal by Nautilus definitely worth it. It is a good choice, but only if you can afford to buy the products at this price.

PROIRON Adjustable Dumbbell Weights Set 20kg

PROIRON Steel Dumbbell with Walnut Handle - 20kg Adjustable Dumbellsweights Set for Men Women, Hand...
  • Innovative adjustable dumbbell set made of solid steel and walnut wood.
  • Solid steel handle with solid walnut wood grip.
  • Solid steel spinlock collar with our unique double anti-loose design.
  • Walnut dumbbell trays are perfect combination for the dumbbell set wherever home or office gym.
  • Remember to add the trays to shopping cart and you get a pair of walnut dumbbell trays £5 off!

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This Adjustable dumbbell provides you with a complete workout that is felt in every muscle of your body. It offers conical handles and wrist supports that feature a more open design that provides a larger cavity in the handle.

In addition, it has the dial lock system that is embedded in the handle.

Nomad Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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It is a very versatile design with which you will feel that you have 10 dumbbells in a single model. It allows the increase or decrease of weight through a click system that is a quick and easy way that supplants the most annoying and complicated systems we have seen so far.

Selectflex Bowflex 560i Halters

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It has a very innovative system that through an electronic sensor integrated to the dumbbells shows you your training data on the screen on the weights and through an application for your mobile device, you will have videos of various training sessions.

Body Revolution 20kg adjustable dumbbells

Body Revolution - Adjustable Vinyl Weights 10kg Dumbbells Set - Adjustable Dumbbells with Barbell...
  • ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS - The set includes dumbbells, plates and a barbell link. It’s essential equipment for fitness training as...
  • 2-IN-1 BARBELL LINK - This dynamic and versatile set is the ideal personal training companion. Quickly and easily convert from...
  • THE DUMBELL SET - The weight set is compatible with 1 inch/25mm bars. The set includes weight plates, 2 x barbells, 4 x spin-lock...
  • STRENGTH AND SCULPT - Build your home gym with a wide range of dumbbell sizes, each one consisting of a stable concrete core. This...
  • BODY REVOLUTION - We are determined to de-stigmatise strength training and make it accessible to everyone. Gyms can be...

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It is a 100% safe adjustable dumbbell model and made entirely of solid iron. As you progress, you have the option to increase the weight through a gradual system of discs that do not increase the size of the dumbbell.

XinC Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

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I must tell you that modern adjustable dumbbells are for me the must-have in terms of dumbbells. I took great pleasure in working my body with the XinC adjustable dumbbells.

It is by far the best dumbbells I have tested. As 15-in-1 dumbbells, they are capable of delivering heavyweight using bell pieces ranging from 2.5 kg to 24 kg. Impossible to get tired, even I am not yet going to the maximum load. Besides, with such a carrying capacity, you immediately imagine equipment that takes up a lot of space. Well, it’s not even the case. The XinC adjustable dumbbells fit on less than a square meter. An asset for people living in apartments.

It is, therefore, an investment in the very long term that here is there but one thing is certain, it is that quality is also at the rendezvous. The design of these dumbbells is simply magnificent and its ergonomics I don’t even talk about. The training sessions change completely thanks to the automatic settings and fixings.

The only problem that can be encountered is when the bar is misplaced. The weights do not attach properly and suddenly it can be quite dangerous, especially if the load is very heavy.

I, therefore, recommend this model to all fans of bodybuilding. You will be more than satisfied. For beginners, you can also get started but be determined. Do not buy such a device to leave it lying around. It would be a waste!

What exactly are adjustable dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells are devices intended for free weight training or, in other words, weight training. Typically, a dumbbell is made up of two equal weights attached to an axle, with disks of equal weight at each end. In the case of adjustable discs, you can select the discs according to the weight with which you want to train.

What materials are adjustable dumbbells made of?

Not all adjustable dumbbells are made from the same materials. They usually change depending on the audience they are intended for. Depending on your experience and your level of training, you will choose one or the other. Although cast iron is the most common material, there are different options on the market:

  • Cast iron: They are the most traditional and are generally aimed at professionals. Usually, gloves are required to train with them, but the best models have the grip covered with other materials – like neoprene – to make it easier to grip.
  • Plastic: This is the most economical material and these dumbbells are intended for beginners. In these cases, the filling material is usually sand.
  • Chromium: They are very similar to iron dumbbells and are usually lined with synthetic rubber to make them easier to grip.

Types of dumbbells and weights

The weights to be fixed on the bar can be with disc weights, hexagonal or with a more flattened side, thus allowing good stability when the dumbbell is placed on the ground.

There are also automatically adjustable dumbbells. Certainly, this represents a certain cost, but these dumbbells have a resolutely futuristic design and their very innovative technologies will make your workouts even more enjoyable. Indeed, thanks to this type of dumbbells, weight adjustment is done automatically. 

They are placed on a base and thanks to a selector, you just have to choose the load you want to have on the bar. The weights are fixed automatically, so you can change the loads very easily, but especially very quickly. If you often vary the weights during the same session, the automatically adjustable dumbbells are ideal for an undeniable saving of time!

Why use dumbbells?

Adjustable Dumbbells

Space-saving, you can easily store adjustable dumbbells under a piece of furniture or under your bed. Depending on the models, the prices of the dumbbells are affordable and, whatever your level, you can use the adjustable dumbbells without any difficulty. The advantage of being able to adjust the load to be lifted helps you to adapt the weight according to your capacities, but also according to your objectives. In addition, they are easier to handle than a weight bar. Thanks to adjustable dumbbells, you can progress quickly and safely, without needing to be constantly followed by a professional. A minimum of mastery to position yourself well, and off you go for an effective workout! The best thing to do before you start using adjustable dumbbells is to assess the maximum load for you. It is better to start with lighter weights and increase them over the sessions, rather than forcing too much from the start at the risk of injuring or discouraging you.

Here is an overview of the different exercises you can do with a pair of adjustable dumbbells:

  • On the arms, you can use the biceps and triceps thanks to the “curl” movements or vertical extensions.
  • For the shoulders, there are several possibilities between the lateral or frontal elevations or even the military bench.
  • The bench press or the incline bench press is very effective exercises for working the pectoral muscles.
  • You can also work your thighs with lunges or squats, or even solicit your calves by placing the tips of the feet on a wedge or a stair step, holding a dumbbell on each side.
  • For the back, the movements are a little more limited, because it is necessary to make pulling movements to make the back muscles work well.

There are a wide variety of movements that you can exercise with simple dumbbells, and by gradually increasing the weights, the results will be felt for a very short time and you will gain strength and power quickly.

How to choose the best adjustable dumbbells

choosing adjustable dumbbells

Weights or dumbbells are not just a matter of man, women also benefit from exercises and routines that integrate this tool. Above all, to strengthen the muscles and their resistance. These routines offer total body results.

In the market, there are several types of adjustable dumbbells that are excellent for silent training both in the gym and at home. One of the main differences between them has to do with the way in which the weight plates are connected to the lifting unit. You can choose between rotating locks, dials or plugs. As well as there are other differences such as styles of plate-to-bar weights, and different storage systems.

But since the differences are quite observable, it will not be a problem to identify one model of the other and thus select a regulable weight of good quality in line with what you need and economic. This is important because it will have an effect on your routine.


You are benefited with the adjustable weights that have a comfortable grip to make it pleasant to use.

But the grip must not only be comfortable, but it also has to be with support and strong enough to support the weight of the plates. You should know that styles with the cheapest prices tend to be the most likely to bend and break in the short term.

Spectrum of weight

This is very important to know in advance before adding an adjustable dumbbell type to your routine because it refers to the different weights that it can reach. Most of these have a maximum of between 22 to 45 kg. The important thing is that you do not acquire a model that has a lower weight spectrum than what you need.

Adjustment margin

training adjustable dumbbells

Maybe, if you are starting in the training with dumbbells or if you are a person who is going through a process of rehabilitation of muscles or old age, you need to start with very low weight and to increase the weight in a very subtle way.

In this case, what is required are adjustable dumbbells with a very low weight gain, so a set that allows fractions of increases or decreases in weight through a wide range of adjustment can be very useful.

Ease of adjustment

Having a very complicated team to use and adjust can make your training very frustrating. Imagine having to unscrew a lock or make any other system unfriendly to you, it can be a serious problem during your routine. Above all, because it can hinder it and because it can disrupt your time in case you have a tight schedule.

So it is best to have an adjustable weight system that automatically increases or decreases the weight levels with a system as simple as through a dial or a switch. And a good brand is able to offer this benefit.

Adjustment margin

In addition to being easy to use and adjust, good models also have a back-up from their own manufacturer through a broad warranty. This is quite desirable since we all know that the investment made to obtain or improve the training equipment necessary to convert a space of the house into a domestic gym, are quite high.

Adjustable dumbbells are not usually the exception to the rule, so make sure, when buying this product, that it has a broad and fair warranty, it is excellent because it means that you will have a backup when you need help when it comes to solving disadvantages that may arise with the equipment.


Adjustable Dumbbells Price

The truth is that saving and taking care of finances is not only important when it comes to acquiring your training equipment to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but also when buying any other product.

While cost perhaps should not be your biggest factor in the choice, it is desirable to get adjustable dumbbell models that are not of excellent quality, but also have an affordable price.

You must ensure that the expense of this article is justified to the quality and benefits offered by it. It is worth buying very expensive dumbbells that offer the same or less than a less expensive model.


There are different styles of adjustable dumbbells, all with different prices and with conflicting opinions from users who prioritize one style over another. You should know that the specific style you select will come with its own range of affordability and convenience.

This means that the decision is very personal that lies in many variables such as your budget available, the type of training you plan to carry out and many more. However, it is advisable to know and understand what each model is about so that you will rush to make the wrong choice.

  • Dial: you willget that some models of dumbbell will be designed with a dial that can be rotated in one way or another to regulate and modify the amount of weight that you need or require in your training. This type of weight selection system is one of the most convenient, but it is good to take into account in advance the fact that you are likely to invest a lot more money to obtain a model that has it.
  • Spinlock:in case you are looking for low prices, it is best to select an adjustable weight model with a spinlock. It does not mean that it is the most convenient system but it is one of the most popular. The design is a bar that comes with a variety of circular weights that can be added progressively and adjusted through a rotating lock. When you want to remove or add plates, you will need to unlock the block first before starting the process explained above.
  • Pin Selector: The other model available in the market has pin sets. It is a little more affordable in terms of cost, compared to the dial and is somewhat more convenient than the turn lock. However, it must be clarified that the bolt mechanism is not always as reliable as the dial.