Some muscle pains can be quite painful to manage every day. It is therefore urgent when one finds oneself in this kind of situation, to find a solution capable of relieving one’s daily life.

The acupressure mat turns out to be very effective to accompany you and provide you with real well-being. They are true of great use to considerably reduce the pain felt.

Several brands offer this type of equipment, some models much more effective than others. It is precisely to facilitate and optimize your choice that we present you the best acupressure matsthat you can find on the market.

What is the best acupressure mat?

If you are looking for an acupressure mat to relieve the tension of everyday life, you have to know what are the advantages and disadvantages offered by each brand, as well as the details regarding materials, size and comfort.

Make a comparison with the qualities of each will help you choose the best option, so you can lie in the comfort of your living room or your office at those times of the day when you need to reactivate your vitality or combine with breathing to keep relaxed.

The advantages can be felt in your own body.

It takes 15 minutes each time to notice the result of this innovative fakir bed that redistributes energy and improves blood circulation.

1. Acupressure mat – Pranamat Eco

Quality in all its strength

Although not the cheapest, the Pranamat mat is the pioneer and most famous in its style. It combines ecological materials, modern technologies and top quality finishes during manufacturing, to offer a functional and effective product against muscular tensions.

2. Acupressure mat – Shatki Mat

Infallible to improve the night rest

If you need to put an end to insomnia and relieve pain with a natural and guaranteed method, you will love this acupressure mat, designed under the principles of acupuncture to eliminate discomfort in muscles and joints, back pain, cellulitis and sciatica.

3. Acupressure mat Jimuta #DoYourFitness

Good quality and low price

It is the most economical option and it does not stop being among the best. The ergonomic pad offers head support that can also be used under the knees or lower back, to enhance the overall effect of the mat.

4. Acupressure mat – Belmalia

Stimulates circulation

This carpet comes inside your suit bag made of vinyl to facilitate transport during travel and storage at home. With more than six thousand acupressure needles, you can use it under your back and head or stand on it.

5. Acupressure mat A-TH-V1 Mysa

Without foam rubber and 100% natural

Effective to relax the muscles and receive a comforting massage. This mat is very effective to distance aches and circulation problems.

6. White Lotus Anti Aging acupressure mat

It covers the entire back

With its 6534 food-grade plastic nails, this mat is able to regulate circulation and endorphins, while increasing energy. You can say goodbye to stress, sleep difficulties, tense muscles and headaches and neck pain.

7. Acupressure mat Jimuta from #DoYourFitness

With cushion and transport bag

Both the mat and the acupressure cushion are based on holistic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Stimulates the key pressure points on the skin with its 230 circles containing 6210 barbs.

8. Fitem acupressure mat

Respectful with the environment

This massage and acupressure mat comes with cushion and massage ball. Its plastic pins have been adhered with heat, without glue. All its materials are respectful with the environment and it is proven that it alleviates back and neck pains.

9. Acupressure mat by GUARD & REVIVAL TREAT

With travel bag

A back massage or a homemade acupressure session on this mat is ideal for relieving muscle pain, reactivating energy and improving sleep and stress problems.

10. Supportiback acupressure mat

Less stress, more energy

It has the perfect size to attack the main areas of your body, is hypoallergenic and includes a comfortable cushion to assemble the most complete set of acupressure at home. It adapts to the contour of your body, being much more effective.

What are the benefits of the acupressure mat?

Already, the acupressure mat allows a simple and carefree practice at home! An undeniable advantage, and totally economical for those who prefer moments of relaxation at home. But far beyond that, this technique is known for its many benefits to the human body.

Antistress and painkillers

The acupressure mat helps fight against stress, thanks to its secretion of endorphins, and relaxes even tense muscles to allow optimal relaxation. Moreover, stimulate the acupressure point on the shoulder can quickly relieve the problems of fatigue or lack of sleep. As you can see, acupressure reduces insomnia and improves the quality of your sleep. Better yet, the specialists speak of “natural remedy” against certain evils including headaches, cervical, or multiple sclerosis. Thanks to all its advantages, the acupressure mat promises relaxation, while preventing and relieving certain pains.

How to choose acupressure mat?

Although its popularity has spread throughout the world and several brands crammed the market with different models, the best mat should even stimulate your fitness training, but do not forget to take care of hydration.


Verify your purchase so that you have a product made of non-toxic materials, remember that you will put your bare skin on the stimulation mat and the skin can absorb what is in the air.

Quality and adhesives used

Choose a mat of good quality, made with natural materials and adhesive closures that are capable of holding for several years without giving off chemical or toxic odours.

Foam quality

There are mats filled with polyurethane rubbers or non-toxic foams, and also coconut fibres. In addition to comfort, consider that the quality of the filling foam will influence the final result of using the mat.


Size matters because it is a therapeutic tool. Before making your purchase, check the measurements of the mat so you can choose the most appropriate alternative to the size of your body.

Pressure points

Another feature to consider is the number of needles or pressure points that a mat presents. This variable defines the quality and effectiveness of the massage to restore the degree of pressure and increase the body’s ability to repair the affected area.


Although the first experiences are somewhat strange, and we must warn, comfort should also be taken care of, another key to choosing assertively. The carpet should be comfortable to be able to spend at least 15 minutes on it.

Tips for using the acupressure mat

To relieve pain, tension, contractures and blockages; buy a good massage mat because it will be an economical and effective solution to relieve stress.


To reduce the intensity of a migraine, the mat can be placed on a firm surface and on a pillow to recline the head and move it gently from side to side.

Treatment of the back and neck

If the feeling of the needle is very strong, lie with clothes or put a thin layer of cloth on the carpet that should rest on your bed or on the floor as you go feeling relief in a span of 35-45 minutes.

Deep sleep treatment

If you need more rest, place the mat on the bed and when you lie down breathe deeply for 5 minutes, soon you will be ready to sleep and you will only have to remove the mat.

Abdominal relaxation

Use the mat under the abdomen for 25 minutes and combine with a facial massage, for which you can use the cushion or pad.

Facial massage treatment

Cover your ear and place half of the face on the acupressure pad for 5 minutes. Stimulation will increase circulation and collagen production.

How to use acupressure mat?

Use it to improve your well-being. The usual practices for lying on are before going to bed or after the sport either after a long day of work or in the first hour of the morning.

Although you can experience it in many ways, the most common way is to lie down.

Lower yourself slowly on the mat so that the points are well supported in the back. For optimal effect, use direct skin contact, but you can use a thin t-shirt if the feeling is too strong. Concentrate on the deep and relaxed breathing of the belly and avoid sudden movements. Watch the sensations and try to relax.

Although you can use your rug while watching TV or reading a book, remember why you are using it! Also, take some time to focus on your activity without distraction. Listening to meditation music or binaural beats can help. We recommend doing a session of 20 to 40 minutes, but you can do longer without danger.

How to clean the acupressure mat?

First of all, if your mat has a carrying case, use it to store it after each session. This will prevent UV from damaging the plastic pins and your mattress will not accumulate dust for anything.

If your acupressure mat is removable, remove the cover before cleaning. If possible, hand wash with lukewarm water and no detergent or with a very mild detergent. I advise you to avoid to the maximum to pass to the machine because the pins could deteriorate.

However, if you want to switch to the machine respecting the temperature on the washing instructions. I invite you to wash it apart because the tip of the pins may alter other clothes. Don’t use tumble dryers, extend and dry in the open air