Activated charcoal is a natural product used since the dawn of time against digestive discomfort, poisoning or tooth whitening. Nowadays, its use has also become a trend in cosmetics, for purifying face masks or in makeup. You can use it in the kitchen to cook an impressive meal. Then as a detox cure to eliminate and drain all the toxins accumulated! Yes, activated charcoal is versatile thanks to its strong adsorbing power. 

What is the best activated charcoal powder?

During the last years, activated charcoal has gained popularity, even more in the vegan community, as it is a natural and pure compound that helps eliminate toxins, has properties like exfoliating and all this without chemical additives, where, to choose the best, you must see that it is a quality product.

In the market, you will find endless options based on activated charcoal, which will adapt perfectly to the use you want to give it.

Arnais Beautyactivated charcoal powder

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If you want to have a spa evening at home and make a facial mask that leaves you rejuvenated, this activated charcoal powder will be perfect, plus it can be used as a toothpaste that will help to whiten.

Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder

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For a deep pore cleaning like the one you get in a professional beauty home, this Belle Chemical brand powder will leave you impressed with the results.

Obtained naturally from the coconut, it will perfectly fulfil its function of cleaning teeth and face.

Active charcoal powder Sfb Laboratoires

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If you want an active charcoal powder that is economical and offers all its benefits, this option will delight you, since you can help digestion and eliminate the gases that certain foods can cause, in addition to other uses in which it will also work.

Isabella’s Clearly GLOW activated charcoal powder

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One of the great options that you can find in this comparison is this activated charcoal powder with incredible properties that will give you the best results in teeth whitening, facial cleansing, treating acne and even helping the digestive system.

Solaray activated charcoal powder

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In addition to a great nutritional supplement and dietary supplement that will help with your health, you will also be able to help with the care of your appearance, as it is able to perform deep cleanings of face and teeth with a very little amount.

SNOWW WHITE activated charcoal powder

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A vegan product extracted from the coconut shells, free of chemical compounds and with a cheap price that will give you the best results from the first use.

By using a little on your toothbrush, you will achieve a radiant smile and healthier gums.

Nabür activated charcoal powder

Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder 60 Gr Natural Teeth Whitening NABÜR Peppermint Detoxifier 3-in-1
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For an immediate whitening of teeth, this Nabür activated charcoal powder will delight you, as it will help to naturally remove the dirt and debris left by food and beverages such as coffee, wine and spices.

What is activated charcoal powder?

The activated charcoal is a substance having the appearance of a black powder that comes from a dual heating process called “carbonization” or “roasting”. It is this process which makes it possible to endow it with benefits or, to put it another way, to really activate its benefits. The treatment undergone makes it possible, in fact, to develop its porosity, thus giving it an adsorption capacity. 
The adsorption capacity is opposite to that of absorption : 

– Adsorption is a phenomenon by which pulverulent or porous solids retain molecules, gases or liquids on their surface.

– Absorption, on the contrary, is a phenomenon by which liquids or gases enter a living organism through a wall which is permeable for them.

Activated charcoal is thus characterized by the capacity to store the substances which it intercepts in the pores located on its surface and does not allow them to penetrate in its centre. 

This product is obtained from natural compounds, such as bamboo, wood or coconut husk. It is created from the oxygen-free burning of these materials, resulting in a powder that will be exposed to high temperatures to activate it and make it porous.

activated charcoal for tooth whitening

How does activated charcoal work?

The active ingredient

The ingredients usually used to produce activated charcoal are:

  • Wood;
  • Barks;
  • Coconut and peanut shells;
  • Olive pits.

In general, whatever the ingredient used, activated charcoal has the active principle pure carbon and has a large specific surface, the result of its activation method.

Action mechanism

Thanks to its active principle, pure carbon, and to its exceptional contact surface which gives it a great absorption capacity, vegetable charcoal absorbs the impurities produced by the organism and those coming from outside. In addition, it purifies the body by capturing toxins that may be found in the cells and organs of the body.

The most famous vegetable charcoal is powdered charcoal made from coconut shells. Indeed, its pores are the finest, which allows it to absorb the smallest molecules, gases and toxins much more efficiently. Experience has shown that its absorption capacity is 25 times greater than that of vegetable coals made from other ingredients.

For whom and how?

Activated charcoal can be taken by everyone, children, adults and even animals.
It is recommended to mix the charcoal with cold water. The method of preparation is simple: it is enough to dilute the necessary quantity of active vegetable charcoal powder well in a glass of water (about 250 ml), to mix well, then to drink. It is recommended to drink a second glass of pure water afterwards. In order to avoid temporary staining of the teeth, a straw can be used to drink the charcoal cocktail. Another possibility is that vegetable charcoal can be incorporated into a vegetable soy yoghurt, for example.

As for when to take it, it is best to choose in the morning, when the body is fasting. Ingested in the evening, activated charcoal can cause imbalances in the intestinal sphere, such as constipation.

It is necessary to take care to dilute the charcoal in 250 ml of water minimum in order to avoid suffocation. On the other hand, vegetable charcoal gives a black colour to the stool: you have to know it and not be alarmed. Finally, it is better to avoid taking charcoal over the long term and drink lots of water in order to limit the risk of constipation.

activated charcoal

Benefits of using activated charcoal powder

Active charcoal is known for the number of benefits it has to offer and among the most outstanding are:

For teeth whitening

It absorbs impurities and plaque that stain the teeth, leaving them much whiter.

Relieves swelling and flatulence

By taking activated charcoal diluted in water, you can help relieve the symptoms of heaviness, bloating and flatulence that generates different foods.

Help with alcohol poisoning

It also helps eliminate toxins from the blood generated by excessive alcohol consumption.

Eliminates mould

Exposure to mould can cause headaches, breathing difficulties and even cause depression, which can be avoided with the use of this charcoal.

Water filtering

Often is used to eliminate toxins, dirt, chemicals and pesticides found in water that has not been treated.

It helps to detoxify the body

Another great benefit of activated charcoal is that it helps eliminate toxins caused by indigestion.

For healthy skin

The benefits of activated charcoal for skin health are multiple, helping to treat conditions such as acne, body odour, irritations and even insect bites.

Cleanses the digestive system

Helps promote the functioning of the digestive system, as it is responsible for reducing toxins that cause food poisoning and, in turn, improves the immune system.

Anti-age factors

By functioning as an antioxidant and eliminating toxins, activated charcoal prevents cell damage that leads to premature ageing.

Reduces high cholesterol

Several studies have shown that activated charcoal not only helps reduce bad cholesterol but also promotes and increases the production of good or HDL cholesterol.

Where to buy activated charcoal?

If you want to get activated charcoal, make sure it is from a reliable source. You can buy them online. In this case, make sure that the site chosen is serious and recognized. You can also find them in pharmacies and drug stores physical, the organic shops and those specializing in the sale of natural cosmetics.