I’m not a gym enthusiast, but I manage at home with exercise routines and abdominals, the problem is that I spend my time travelling and I almost do not exercise, that’s why I need the best abs stimulator on the market.

I know that this “abs toning belt” is a compliment, but I need you to help me in my working hours and to serve as a lifesaver while working rhythm which, I estimate, will happen at the beginning of spring.

The last time I stopped exercising and did not go to the gym anymore, I ended up with a tummy that took months to disappear, so that even healthy eating would go away, so if this “ab trainer” will help me, with an economic model I will have to make do with them.

What is the best abs stimulator?

Selecting a good fitness machine first takes into account a series of details that you will only see clearly with a comparison, where you can check manufacturer and qualities.

Among the qualities, you can see its compatibility with smart devices and charging systems through a USB port.

A cheap model can get you out of trouble, but it may not be as durable as another of better quality, so you should take into account some details such as:

  • Benefits of abdominal belts: Among the main benefits we can say that strengthen and rehabilitate muscles, are supplemented with diets and a good exercise routine and, definitely, employees correctly will help you lose weight. In addition, they relax and massage.
  • Types of abdominal belts: There are basically two types, those that will provide muscle electrical stimulation and those that will give you nerve stimulation, some serve for exercise and others for rehabilitation
  • Choose the right belt: At the time of purchase, you should take into account a series of details: the first thing is that it is approved by specialists and experts and that it meets the standards. You must also have a strap adapted to any level of intensity with the signalling to program the desired one; It is important that it is easy to use, that it has replaceable pads and a good warranty. Another important point is whether or not you can use this product, in some cardiac conditions it is impossible, but if you are mothers and you are, for example, in a postnatal stage you should consult the doctor.

If you are not yet determined, you can look at this list:

1. Slendertone connected toning belt

You will see the results in four weeks

Made with polyamide and elastane, this toning belt activates the natural movement of your muscles through constant stimulation that will help you reduce weight and fat.

If you spend 30 minutes with this device it will be the equivalent of 200 torso lifts. You can program them with Android 4.4.

2. Abs7 abs toning belt from Slendertone

With 10 toning programs

If you want to have a supplement for your exercise and you are working for the recovery of your muscle tone, the most recommended is this abdominal belt that will be of great help.

With patented EMS technology and clinically proven results, it is ideal for toning biceps, triceps and glutes. It has rechargeable control.

3. Ab Flex abs toning belt

Comes with a fitness program

With the ability to promote circulation in the abdominal area, this muscle electro stimulator is ideal for, after long periods of inactivity, you can have a good muscle reeducation.

This device relieves sore muscles and, through various programs, provides massage and relaxation to your muscles.

4. Globus electronic muscle stimulator

Useful for rehabilitation

The Globus brand offers this abs stimulator suitable for the strengthening of muscles especially in rehabilitation processes and health improvement.

It has 35 programs in which you can vary the intensity of the stimulation, in addition to other 7 programs for fitness, training and performance.

5. Lesong abs electro stimulator

Small and high performance

This abs stimulator is ideal for athletes, athletes and lovers of a healthy life, this portable device relies on electronics to provide you with a uniform stimulation that is complemented by sports activity to tone muscles.

It is a unisex device, simple and easy to use, you will have a firm abdomen in a short time.

What is an abs toning belt?

If you still have no idea what it is, just as the name has given you an idea because it looks like a common belt, although it differs in its functionality.

To achieve tone your abs, you will have to be in direct contact with your skin and should be placed around the abdominal area. Usually, have an adjuster on the back that will allow you to tighten or loosen a bit more depending on your comfort. Otherwise, you can use one of those ab machines.

Most abs toning belts are equipped with two or three electric pads that conduct electrical impulses. They have pre-programmed settings of different intensities to make it better suited to you.

How do the muscle toning belts work?

These use the EMS technology, related to the creation of deep contractions in the abdominal muscles that mimic the natural movements that the body makes while exercising. In this case, the muscle toning belt is designed to target all the major muscle groups.

And if you wonder if it is dangerous, you should know that it is not anything new, the concept of electronic muscle stimulation has been used in physiology for years and today is at the service of those who want an aid to lose weight. Sure, there is no magic formula, so you must maintain a healthy diet and an active life.

Benefits of abs toning belts

It has many more benefits than you think and we will review the most prominent:

  • Effectiveness: Offers a better tone, reinforcement and support of the muscles. Therefore, they can also be used in the rehabilitation of injured muscles.
  • Elimination of toxins: In the case of sauna belts or waist trimmers, you can obtain this additional benefit, in addition to helping you to eliminate excess water and support the muscles of the lower back.
  • Visible results: Burn fat much faster when combined with a healthy diet and regular training.
  • Improves health: When used correctly, it will help increase circulation and metabolism and relieve sore muscles.
  • Better posture: You will also be more upright.
  • Relief of pain in the spine: Thanks to regular use.
  • Instigate intense sweating: Without too much effort.
  • They prevent muscles from getting hurt: The right impact in the right place.

Considerations before buying an abs toning belt

If you want to achieve your goals, you must make a wise choice:

Types of abs belts

Knowing your options in advance will give you a greater advantage, in the market, there are mainly four different types.

  • Electronics: It has integrated gel electrodes that provide electrical stimulation of the muscle and thus contracts it naturally. You can control the intensity of the contraction through the remote control included.
  • Sauna: It has a mechanism based on heat because it raises the temperature around the abdominal region to create a sauna. Your body will be forced to lower the temperature, which improves circulation in this area while releasing toxins.
  • Trimmer: It is usually made of neoprene and works by retaining the heat through an isolation mechanism that triggers an excess of sweating.
  • Abdominal binders: They are elastic and can improve the rehabilitation of injured abdominal muscles.


It should be long enough to fit the size of the waist. If you are not very sure, it is better to go for adaptable options.


This determines how effective the belt will be in muscle contraction. Choose it according to the size of your torso.


If you have sensitive skin, check in detail that you do not have any material to which you are allergic.