The Sit-Up is a bodybuilding exercise during which the shoulders move closer to the knees. It is a delicate exercise because, according to the instructions and the proposed development, it may as well apply the surface layer of the abs and well strengthen the rectus and oblique abdominals. For ease training, you need ab mat to support the lower back.

What is the best Ab mat?  

To choose a good mat there are a number of things that you must take into account. The first is the form, you must ensure that it has the proper shape that will protect your lower back.

The following is the material, if it is an instrument that you will place on the floor it should be firm, comfortable, padded and that does not slide to guarantee a good exercise and to avoid injuries, with which you make a comparison between the available models you will have an idea.

The manufacturer and the model is also important, there is a huge variety of these products on the market so it is recommended to try first.

If you are determined to buy, but still do not have clear that you need, here we leave a list that will surely help you select the most appropriate.

Ab mat Nayoya Wellness

Providing firm support for the back and lumbar spine while challenging the core muscles, this pad isolates the abs and gives you a complete workout.

It is ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain, since it protects your lower back and coccyx.

AB Mat Abdominal Cushion Capital Sports

With an ergonomic design and firm padding of foam that allows you to exercise without damaging your lower back, the mat of the brand Capital Sports is for professional use and suitable for gym, home or any other space to train.

It is compact, lightweight, very durable and you can take it wherever you want.

Fitness Mats PROIRON

Made with non-toxic and non-slip polyurethane that adheres to the surface providing comfortable support, this one is ideal for practising exercises without injuries.

It is waterproof and very easy to clean after exercise. The best thing is that by its design and low weight, you can take it wherever you want.

Ab Mat with Extra Resistance Band. Elite Sports Equipment

If you are in search of an instrument that provides stability when making the “crunches”, to ensure the correct movements of the trunk, this is the mat you are needing.

It provides complete isolation of the muscles of the abdomen, it is a resistant and high-quality accessory.

Ab Mat – Exercise mat. Power Guidance

To sculpt the rectus abdominal and other muscles of the area, this ab mat will come to you from pearls. It is a firm, safe and stable accessory.

It is of quality and will provide comfort during the sit-ups and sit-ups, the best thing is that it is light, safe and portable, you can take it wherever you want.

Best abs machines for the dream six pack

What is it for?

It is a specific device to work the core which is a nucleus that encompasses the entire abdominal region and lower back.

Core’s work is very important because it is the pillar of our body. The centre of gravity where the main (vital) organs are, which helps us stay erect and stable.