4K technology, available for a few years, is gradually gaining ground in households. Indeed, it did not stimulate the craze of consumers because of questions of incompatibility with content. Today, this question is resolved and technology is democratizing. However, with the multitude of 4K TVs that are currently on the market, making a choice can prove to be an obstacle course. In reality, you have to choose the 4K TV that will perfectly meet your needs (Blu-ray, Netflix or video games for example). In addition, for models of the same size, prices can vary widely. In this guide, find a comparison of the best 4K TVs on the market to make an optimal choice, whatever your budget.

Top 5 4K TVs

What is the best 4K TV?

The contrast. Bright whites should not have any sign of green, pink or blue in it, in addition, black should look solid and not as a kind of washing; or a grey, green or blue apathetic. The sound must be truly immersive with a good bass that gives your room the appeal of a movie theatre. The voices should be clear, and rich. Take a look at the fine details and the texture provided by the unit.

1. Samsung QE65Q80R QLED 4K Smart TV

Do you dream that your living room will finally turn into a full-fledged cinema? Are you a big fan of the seventh art or video games, and you demand your next TV to be perfect in every way? Then the Samsung QE65Q80R 4K QLED TV is definitely the equipment you need.

Even if, at first glance, its price may seem high, in reality, it is perfectly justified since, in terms of technology, this QLED TV is exceptional. It offers, for example, aQLED display technology 100% 4K UHD which, in combination with a screen diagonal of 165 centimetres, or 65 inches, offer you images of breathtaking precision.

Another very interesting point about the QLED Samsung QE65Q80R TV, its S-UHD Dimming backlight as well as its Q HDR 1000 technology which will allow you to be able to enjoy all your media while being certain of one thing, these will be really sublimated.

The Samsung QE65Q80R 4K QLED Smart TV obviously has built-in wifi and an Internet browser, which will allow you to surf the web or watch your favourite series without needing to use any device. To conclude, if our opinion on the QLED Samsung QE65Q80R TV is also positive, it is simply because it is currently one of the most exceptional 4K TVs of the year!

2. Samsung 75 inch HDR Smart 4K TV

Samsung 4K TV is one of the most beautiful models you can offer, but also one of the best. By itself, this high-end 4K TVcan boast of illustrating all the know-how of the brand which makes you enjoy here exceptional equipment that you will never tire of. First of all, it’s a 75 inch 4K TV that will be able to transform your living room into a real home theatre. In addition, its 4K UHD display technology of 3840 x 2160 pixels will allow you to benefit from a visual quality that could well leave you speechless, especially since it is associated with an LED Edge Micro Dimming Pro backlight.

To give you the benefit of unprecedented user experience, the Samsung 4K TV is equipped with a UHD Engine processor which ensures exceptional responsiveness, whatever the task you wish to perform. And at this level, this device is incredibly generous since, because it is a Samsung Smart TV, you can enjoy an integrated internet browser or applications such as Youtube or Netflix for example. Finally, and this is also an ultra-satisfying point, Samsung incorporates a Dolby Digital Plus sound system that will further optimize your general audiovisual experience.

3. 4K TV LG OLED55B7V 55″

LG has always stood out in the manufacture of high-quality products. This time it gives us a television with no backlighting, applying the highest OLED technology that gives a unique brightness to black, making even the rest of the colours have an incredible brightness. The contrasts are unchangeable even under a 180-degree field of view.

It has versatile ports that allow you to connect your mobile phone, or your traditional recorder through the incorporation of 3 USB connectors, as well as integral HDMI. Enjoy all the HDR content you can, thanks to Dolby Vision.

4. Samsung 49″ Ultra HD TV

Samsung always introduces itself in the trends of the moment showing a high capacity for development. This time, its integrated LED screen with HDR technology and a resolution of 4K maximum definition will allow you to see the finest details of any multimedia file, game or TV series. Imagine a soccer game with this resolution!

Its Quad-Core processor allows your multimedia centre to have a high speed, and also includes unique features in the area, such as voice control, and also, we can also be connected to the internet thanks to its Wi-Fi antenna. It is made with the active glass colour system.

5. Sony KD43XF8096BU 43 “4K TV

This time the Sony brand gives us a screen with Triluminos technology, where you can have the ability to observe even the most hidden detail thanks to its 4K X-Reality PRO. Its sharpness is something that could not be easily overcome, with a fantastic improvement in the visualisation of each pixel.

It has been designed with a database that analyses each figure frame to give it a unique texture. Also, you can quickly notice its contrast, colour, and even edges. It includes a system that provides a high level of reality. Do not stay behind in any scene thanks to its Motionflow XR, no matter how fast the movie is.

6. HISENSE H50N6800 4K TV

Surprise yourself with its super compact and lightweight design in which you will hardly notice its thickness. It is made of a strong metal that will provide a long durability. Besides, the control is often enough to give you comfort and take away the worry of having to be inches away to ponder change distance.

Enjoy its four HDMI ports, with two 2.0 speed, and take a 4K signal of 60HZ. It also has an Ethernet cable connector, and digital optical output and RCA components. Your multimedia centre will allow you to use applications on the internet, such as Netflix, Google, the BBC player and YouTube. Unit highly recommended.

7. Sony KD55XF8096 55″ 4K HDR TV

With a high rating in the market, this Smart TV is shaping up to be the favourite of many. And its maximum realism will allow you to play multimedia content surprisingly. The control can be activated through your turn for optimum comfort.

It also includes Triluminos technology for greater efficiency in the resolution of sharper colours; its contrast is regulated through its Backlight Master Drive TM system. It has a real viewing angle of nothing more and nothing less than 178 degrees. What are you waiting for to get him? You can not stop buying.


What is 4K TV?

A 4k TV is a model of TV that incorporates the latest technology in image resolution. Indeed, this type of screen displays a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, a value 4 times higher than HD resolution.

We thus obtain on such a TV, generally in very large dimensions, a very clear and bright image that it is no longer necessary to take as much perspective in front of the screen to enjoy optimal image quality.

Reasons to buy 4K TV

To enjoy a very good quality image

The whole point of buying a 4K TV lies in the fact that you want to watch high-quality image in the best possible way, namely those offered today by 4K technology.

Sharper, brighter and with an excellent contrast ratio, the images produced by screens incorporating 4K are very close to reality. The screen definition is also very large that we no longer have to go back several meters to avoid seeing all the pixel imperfections on the images. It should even be noted that 4K UHD HDR TVs are more suitable for close viewing than a full HD TV of the same size.

Enjoy richer content

Today, a lot of content is already compatible with 4k technology, which pushes viewers to buy a large 4K TV. In fact, many people use their 4K TVs to connect media such as the Xbox One, the PS4 or even to watch blu-ray or Netflix movies and series. This is simply due to the fact that the image quality obtained on the screen is better since these digital contents integrate a very high resolution. So you might as well have the latest generation TV to prepare for the evolution of all content, even that transmitted on television channels, which will surely be available in UHD within a few years.

LG Ultra HD TV

What to take into account when choosing a 4K TV?

Size is not the only criteria to consider when buying a 4K television. To enjoy a unique experience, it is important to check the brand, the backlight technology and many other characteristics.

4K TV screen

The screen is the first factor to look for when looking for a 4K TV. This is a criterion that determines in particular:

  • The quality of the video
  • Viewing comfort

You can choose between an OLED TV, a QLED, an LED screen or an LCD screen since the majority of them have an LED panel. When you consider the backlight, this type of panel offers a better result than that of LCD technology. So, for such a choice, you benefit from numerous advantages in terms of:

  • Colours
  • Contrast
  • Energy consumption
  • The angle of vision

OLED represents the latest innovation that allows for a fairly slim TV. The latter offers a better refresh rate and a firmer contrast. However, with all the technology it embeds, it is extremely expensive. If the price is not an issue for you, you can afford it to take advantage of its unique strengths.

The scanning frequency

Also called the refresh rate, the scanning frequency is a selection criterion that should not be overlooked. Measured in Hertz, it allows knowing the number of images that a television can display in one second. In practice, for a video watched on a 4K 60 Hz television, 60 images will be displayed per second. As the human eye is programmed to perceive only 24 in a second, you will simply be amazed by the fluidity of the videos on such a TV.

TV audio inputs / outputs

For those who already have equipment in place (home cinema for example), it is important to check the connection of the televisions before making a choice. If this is the case, compatibility between the different materials could be a problem. We generally find on 4K televisions:

  • Two (2) HDMI sockets
  • One (1) analogue output
  • One (1) optical output


You can watch a 3D Blu-ray today from your living room. Although the technology is not yet perfect, you will find it on all brands of 4k TVs with passive or active glasses. Note, however, that this feature strongly influences the price of the device.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is generally one of the characteristics that manufacturers provide. It indicates the number of watts that the television will consume whether it is on or in standby. Thus, you will know from the purchase, the annual cost that will be added to your electricity bill.

4K smart TV

When we talk about smart TV, we are referring to connected televisions. Most UHD TVs have this feature. It is very convenient for browsing the internet via Wifi or using an Ethernet cable. You can therefore access:

  • Youtube
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Google Chromecast

Price and warranty

There is a big gap between the prices of 4K TVs. While the cheapest are accessible from £500, it takes a couple of thousand pounds to have a high-end device. However, the plunge in prices over the years is paradoxically evident with the introduction of new technologies. So,  you can find quality TV for less than £1000 nowadays. In addition, with 4K TV price, it is recommended to always check the product warranty before purchasing it. You can even ask for those with an extendable warranty. The larger it is, the better.

How to clean 4K TV?

To clean your 4k TV, always first unplug its power cord. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe the surfaces of the screen to remove dust and fingerprints. For large tasks, spray a little detergent and very little water on a wipe before wiping the screen. Then take a dry cloth to finish. It is strongly advised not to rub the stains with your nails or with your hand under to damage your screen.