If you are one of those who like waffles, you probably know that they represent more than just a meal. For many sweet lovers, waffles are the symbol of a quiet morning that we share with loved ones. And to make good waffles, it’s important to have a good waffle maker. Waffle makers come in different shapes and sizes. And when buying one, you should always remember that a low price does not mean poor performance and that a high price is sometimes the result of an expensive marketing strategy.

Breville VST072

Best waffle maker to buy

Before putting any waffle maker in your kitchen, you must verify all its specifications and make sure that with it, in fact, your waffles will be a pass.

Obviously, it must be electric and preferably made of stainless steel, to prevent corrosion and rust in its parts.

An adjustable thermostat is a necessary function too because this way you can control the temperature and not burn the waffles before bringing them to the table. And speaking of temperature, do not forget to check if it comes with heat insulation. It must be cold to the touch to avoid burns to your hands during preparation.

There will be others who have indicator lights to warn you when your waffles are ready.

In general, its dimensions are not extremely large, which makes any of these devices portable. That is very convenient to take them on any holiday trip and enjoy the tastiest homemade waffles.

On the internet, there are hundreds of recipes that you can find to vary their flavour and if you want something more at hand, you can also buy books with waffle recipes online.

To give you a hand with your choice, here is a small comparative list with which at home we find the best waffles currently available.

Heska – 1600W Belgian Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is ideal for family breakfasts. It allows preparing at the same time 4 Belgian waffles that will not stick and will be perfect because the surface that is heated has a non-stick ceramic coating. So the moms who premiere with this morning meal will do very well.

The housing has a very elegant design to decorate any kitchen and brings closure to control the size of the waffles and a handle to transport and store it. So that you are not going to burn, the machine brings a pair of indicator lights to signal the process and warn when the waffles are ready.

Domo DO 9047 W

Very suitable for waffle-loving couples, this option prepares 2 extra-thick waffles at the same time. They do not stick to the dough because the coating of their plates is non-stick and among its functions, it has 3 adjustable browning levels and a thermostat with which you can control the temperature easily.

It comes with a pair of light indicators, red to indicate that it is in the process of cooking and green to indicate that the waffles are ready. It is made of stainless steel and its power is 1400 W for homogeneous heating.

Tristar WF-2141

Quick preparation

Special for the impatient and hungry, this waffle maker is quick to prepare and brings to make two waffles at a time. They are similar to fair waffles and can be made sweet or savoury. Its structure is made of stainless steel to prevent deterioration.

Its power is 1000 W and has an adjustable thermostat to regulate the temperature. So you can make the waffles at the term you like the most. In terms of safety, its base is non-slip and the handle is cold to the touch to avoid accidents.

It cleans easily because it does not need oil.

VonShef Large Waffle Maker

With non-rigid lid

For those who want perfectly formed waffles, this machine is the most appropriate option because its lid is not rigid and that allows everyone to cook with the same thickness. You can do 4 at the same time so it is convenient for families.

It has 1100 watts of power so it heats really fast and the toast is continuously adjustable. The mould makes waffles with rounded corners which makes it easier to take them out to serve them. In addition, the plates are non-stick and do not need grease or oil.

The waffles are ready in 4 or 6 minutes and the indicator lights indicate the end of the cooking.

Bomann WA 1365 CB


For the most loving mothers who want to give an extra touch of affection to the family at breakfast, this waffle iron is special. The moulds are heart-shaped and they cook 4 at a time. Their plates are non-stick and have a cooking diameter of 19 centimetres.

The waffles do not stick and you do not need to put any fat or butter. Of course, it includes its adjustable thermostat and its housing comes with stainless steel inserts. To prevent burns, the handle is insulated with heat. It also has security against overheating.

After cooking all the waffles for your guests, do not forget to clean your waffle maker very well. If its parts are removable it will be very easy to do so and you will be able to conserve the useful life of the device for a longer time. If not, but their non-stick surfaces are equally easy to clean.

Breville VST072 Deep Fill Waffle Maker

What is a waffle maker?

It is certainly an essential appliance for all homes. Usually running on electricity, the standard waffle maker has two hot plates between which only the waffle dough is baked.

A thermostat allows most of the equipment to adjust the cooking temperature and the browning level appreciated by each. We get from this machine a sweet treat made up of several small square dimples that are the waffle.

Today, there are several versions of this device, including a multi-function waffle maker, which allow in addition to preparing waffles, to make other snacks that are great for young and old, namely crunches, pancakes, paninis, sandwiches or pancakes. All models are also differentiated by their type, size, manufacturing materials and power.

Why buy a waffle maker?

waffle maker for two

Not only can buying a waffle maker seem like an expensive investment, but most of it is only for one thing. Once the waffles are made, store them and forget about them until the next baking. A concern to which the manufacturers brought a solution by giving the possibility of having interchangeable cooking plates. We can now make waffles, but also croque-monsieur, and even wafers in some cases.

Avoid spending a small fortune by buying ready to eat waffles.

On the other hand, having a waffle maker means having the opportunity to cook together. Waffle recipes are generally simple. We can, therefore, choose to make it with the children, and encourage them to experiment with increasingly delicate recipes, by supervising them. A possibility that you will never have unless you have your own waffle maker at home.

Waffle maker buying guide

Whether you plan on using your waffle maker at home for breakfast once in a while or serving customers daily in a tea room, the choice of wattage will not be the same at all. Note that the higher the power, the shorter the cooking time.

This is why a waffle maker of 2000 watts and more will be absolutely necessary if you plan to equip your restaurant with such a device. The latter will be able to prepare waffles very quickly to prevent your customers from queuing and waiting several minutes before being able to eat. Some professional waffle makers even reach 2500 watts for minimum waiting time and to regularly prepare very large quantities without flinching.

belgian waffle maker

In the case of domestic and occasional use, once a week, for example, you can favour a semi-professional waffle maker. This type of equipment will be all the more useful if you have a large family and for this, the power required will be at least 1500 watts. On the other hand, a 1200 watt waffle maker will do the trick to treat a small family or a couple without children. Especially since such a model will cost you significantly less than the others.


Many individuals prefer to bet on versatile equipment so as not to have to buy a few different devices. And they are right, because it could be very expensive to buy, but not only.

Indeed, a 3-in-1 waffle maker will not only save you from spending on three types of the appliance but will also allow you to make various preparations on a single tool without cluttering up in the kitchen. Therefore, if you love to cook, a multifunction waffle maker can only satisfy you. It will offer you the possibility of making beautiful waffles for today and concocting croque-monsieur for the next weekend.

The main thing will be to make sure you choose the equipment that offers the main hobs that you will need most to prepare your favourite treats. Some models only offer two different plates, while others are equipped with up to 4 plates. The latter allows in particular to make waffles, wafers, crunches, pancakes or even paninis and sandwiches on a certain waffle maker.

Different size and shape


Depending on your needs in terms of quantity of waffles, you will need to opt for larger or smaller plates. However, large plates also mean a bulky machine, which does not always go well with a small kitchen.

So do not hesitate to choose a compact model if you do not have a large space for use and store your waffle maker. This can contain at most two waffles in 4 × 4 formats for a single batch. It will be very suitable for preparing waffles for 2 people, even if you have to chain two or three batches to satisfy the appetite of both. For a large family or a house that often receives guests, the ideal will be to favour a waffle maker that cooks 4 waffles simultaneously so as not to waste too much time in cooking.

Otherwise, large machines can also compensate for their bulk by offering you king size waffles. They will offer you either two waffles up to 5 × 8 format for the tiles, or waffles with original shapes, namely round, in the shape of animals, stars, hearts, figurines and many others. For this, we advise you to opt for removable and interchangeable plates to vary the shapes. And to facilitate the cleaning side, the best plates are those with a non-stick coating and which are machine washable.