Baby pillow for flat head is designed for newborns, up to 4 or 6 months of age, which is when their head adapts firmly. This pillow will prevent pressure on the skull when lying down.

This type of pillow is usually made with high-quality materials because the baby’s skin is extremely delicate. And as for the price, you should not worry, because they are affordable, much more than the expensive special helmets that some specialists usually recommend.

The best baby pillow for flat head will be very useful for the development of your baby, as long as you follow some recommendations and suggestions. It is recommended that you think about this option during the prenatal stage, so that, once your baby is born, you can use it.

The best baby pillows for flat head in comparison

Now it’s time to choose the right product to meet the needs of your child, however, this task can be more complex than it seems, the current market bombards us with information and hundreds of products.

Before buying the ultimate pillow, take a moment to research and evaluate the available options.

We recommend that you consider the following factors: The right size, effective distribution of pressure, free mobility, hygienic level and ease of cleaning. Remember to also take into account the brand, design and cost of the product.

To help you make the best decision we prepare our comparative selection with the best models available in the market, read our informative reviews and wisely choose the perfect product for the well-being of your baby.

1. Koala Babycare Orthopedic Baby Pillow

It is a pillow for the care of the head, an orthopaedic pad to treat and prevent plagiocephaly.

It is made with excellent materials, cotton and memory foam that adapts perfectly to the cranial shape of your baby. It has 2 washable covers and breathable holes to avoid SIDS syndrome.

You can choose the design you prefer in 3 different colors. When you buy it, you take home a product with a warranty for 2 years.

2. Babymoov Baby Pillow Lovenest A050214

It is the ideal pillow to accompany your little one during the first months of life. This baby pillow for flat head is super versatile, as it is perfect for the child’s stroller, bed and crib.

Made of ultra-soft cotton to give your child maximum comfort, also has a breathable fabric and a washable cover.

The design redistributes the pressure levels to ensure the normal development of your baby’s skull.

3. Baby Pillow for Plagiocephaly Mipies

It is an economical and great pillow, effective in the treatment and prevention of plagiocephaly, thanks to its ergonomic design and its manufacturing materials.

This pillow is made of premium cotton and hypo-allergenic memory foam that respects the natural shape of your child’s skull.

You can use it perfectly on the crib, the seat for the car, the seesaw or the stroller to carry your little one.

4. Plagiocephaly Baby Pillow with Two Removable Covers

This baby pillow is super practical and useful to prevent the flat head syndrome, thanks to its ergonomic design that guarantees the healthy growth of your child.

It is made with excellent quality cotton and memory foam, has an altitude of 1.5 cm suitable to adapt to the cervical of your child, to achieve a comfortable resting.

In addition, it is provided with a removable cover and machine washable. Its use is recommended from the first day of life to 12 months of age.

5. Anti-flow Pillow Little Tree

This cute pillow is the cheapest model of our selection. It is made with memory foam, which respects and adapts to the natural shape of your baby’s skull, allowing an integral and harmonious development.

In addition, it is provided with a hypo-allergenic cotton cover, removable and washable. The manufacturers offer a guarantee of satisfaction, if you are not pleased with the product, they will reimburse all your investment.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best material for a baby pillow?

We must pay attention to the material of the pillow on which the baby will lay his little head.

While 100% organic cotton is the best padding, 100% viscoelastic memory foam, the same material used for pregnancy pillows and most other adult pillows, is more popular.

Do the pillows help with the baby’s flat head?

Yes, the pillows help with your baby’s flat head since they are aesthetically designed to cure plagiocephaly.

However, it only takes a little research to find the best baby pillow that offers immense comfort and solves the problem of the flatness of the head.

Does a baby’s flat head correct itself?

The baby’s flat head can usually correct and adjust in about six weeks.

However, if you first notice that your baby’s head is still flat or has a flat spot on the skull even after the age of six weeks, it is probably positional plagiocephaly.

Premature babies are particularly prone to torticollis.

How can I fix my baby’s flat head?

Try adjusting the position of your baby’s head while he sleeps, or try repositioning your baby’s head when he sleeps on his back.

  • Alternate positions in the crib. Think about how you lay your baby in the crib.
  • Hold your baby more often in your arms.

How can I help my baby’s flat head?

Just change your baby’s posture frequently. Lay his face several times while he is awake.

In addition to preventing the head from warping, it allows babies to strengthen their back and neck muscles when they try to lift their head and turn them to the other side.

While the baby is sleeping, you should pay close attention to the position in which he is lying and how long he sleeps.

Does flat head affect mental handicap?

No, because in the first few months, the bones that make up the skull are soft and separate from each other to allow the brain to grow.

Therefore, the skull can change shape during the period.

However, you need to be careful, so that the shape of the skull turns out to be perfect.

However, flat head syndrome can be avoided by using specialized pillows, which stabilize the baby’s head and distribute pressure evenly.

Can you prevent flat head syndrome?

However, there are times when this malformation can affect the alignment of the ears, eyes or jaw.

It is therefore necessary to take care of the child before the skull bones develop fully.

Sometimes the syndrome can also cause delayed maturation.

Children who suffer from this disorder are ten times more likely to suffer from developmental delays than children who do not.

How can I cure my baby’s flat head?

  • Put the toys on the side so that baby changes position.
  • Lay the baby alternately at the head and at the foot of the crib.
  • Slightly lift the mattress with a towel or sheet underneath to force the head to rest on the unflattened side.
  • Let him rest in your arms, then manage the position.

What is brachycephaly in babies?

Brachycephaly is the cranial deformation that occurs during the first months of the baby’s birth and which results in a short, broad, flattened occipital level.

This happens if the baby is still sleeping on its back.

A baby is considered to have brachycephaly when the width (from ear to ear) of his skull exceeds 81% of the length (in front of the neck).

Are the flat areas on babies disappearing?

Infants like to hold their heads to one side, so that most newborns improve at six months of age.

Repositioning should have been undertaken to start treatment. Typically, flat areas leave when a child begins to sit on their own.

Can newborn babies use pillows?

In general, infants do not need pillows for sleeping. If you wish, you can use the pillow on both sides for safety reasons.

And to make sure the baby is positioned in the same place. This can be done when your baby is one year old or when he is no longer using the crib.

When choosing your baby pillow, it is therefore important to favour a flat anti-head pillow, with memory foam and a hole in the middle. Be careful with newborns, they cannot yet move their heads correctly. They must, therefore, be constantly monitored to prevent them from finding their heads against the pillow and suffocating.

What to look for when choosing a baby pillow for flat head?

  • It consists of memory foam
  • There is a slight hollow in the middle of the pillow
  • It is not too thick, to avoid hampering your baby’s neck
  • Choose well-known brands like Koala or Babymoov
  • If it comes with a pillowcase, it’s even better

These are the tips to know before choosing a flat headrest pillow. This is the kind of object that you can multiple times. If you have a second or third child, you can reuse it. Very practical and inexpensive, it’s an investment worth it! You know your baby will now be safe and will avoid flat head syndrome and reduce the risk of choking.