A changing bag is like a handbag but instead of lipstick, cell phone, pretty stylish agenda and perfume, there are diapers, wipes, a blanket, cream, baby bottles, a gourd, a small pot, a small spoon, finally, you will understand. A true organizational tool for mothers, this accessory must be chosen with the greatest care.  Forget the classic shoulder changing bag: what if you opted for a changing bag backpack? It has the obvious advantage of freeing your hands so you can take care of your baby.

Best changing bag backpack comparison

In this comparison, we gather the backpacks that you can buy to meet personal and baby requirements. We recommend you take into account the following elements so that beyond the cheap or economic choose a multifunctional and quality option.

Materials of manufacture: it is important that it is made of resistant fabrics that allow easy hygiene and that in turn protects the delicate articles of the baby, such as bottles and pacifiers.

Easy to transport, use and organize: it is necessary that they be wide and that each compartment provides the possibility of ordering the objects so that it is not chaos to change diapers or prepare a bottle of milk.

Adaptability: It is good that the backpacks can adapt to the stroller in case you have to do a long walk.

In terms of colours and designs, it will be your tastes that will complete the selection.

1. Pipi bear Large Baby Nappy Changing Backpack

A perfect maternity backpack for the youngest mothers, since it has a design that will make it go through a bag completely fashionable. In a black colour will be more difficult to get dirty, preventing milk or water stains thanks to its waterproof surface, it is also elegant and has a great capacity, being able to hook in the car and internal compartments that allow to store different objects.

2. Mommore changigng backpack

Carrying your baby’s nappies has never been so comfortable and simple, as with this youthful design backpack that you can hang from the stroller thanks to its straps, which are included. It is a quick access bag, with front compartments and side pockets to store not only the nappies but other things necessary for your day to day, such as the mobile, baby clothes or even the bottle.

3. Obersee Oslo changing backpack

It is a multifunction changing backpack and versatile style in which you can take the nappies of the child and everything necessary to change it, as it is extremely spacious inside and has different compartments. It includes a special bag for baby bottles that can be separated from the backpack to be completely independent and that, being of insulating material, maintains the perfect temperature.

4. Backpack for Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags

This is a bag that rocks a lot, since it has a nice design and you have the possibility of storing inside cold and hot drinks, which will keep their temperature thanks to their pockets of insulating material. It is a perfect car bag, to be able to locate it in the baby’s stroller while doing your walks.

5. Lekebaby – Nappy Bag

This comfortable bag will be great for carrying baby’s things and your personal items. It has 17 pockets that will allow you to organize everything from clothes to toys and baby bottles. It is made of waterproof and resistant fabric so that in case of a spill there is no chaos.

6. ALLCAMP – Organiser backpack

Its modern design makes it an excellent alternative for mothers who work on their own and must carry the baby’s things in a comfortable and orderly manner. It has a large capacity and includes changer. Being ergonomic is a perfect travel bag.

7. Keababies – Bag for baby care

This baby bag you will love because its appearance is a travel backpack, with the difference that you can take milk cans, food, towels, toys, diapers and other objects. It has a thermal area for baby bottles and is also adjustable to any stroller.

8. Imyth – Waterproof travel changing backpack in different colours

It will be the perfect ally for a modern mom because she will be able to take from her computer all the necessary objects for the care of the baby. It is an excellent organiser, resistant and washable. Recommended by its buyers because it has space for all the needs of the child.

9. Knuddelstuff – Baby changing mat

In sensational because each compartment is designed for essential items in the care of the baby away from home. It has an area for pacifiers, another for wet towels and an isolated but thermal area for boats. It is resistant and very durable.

10. Hap Tim Baby Changing Backpack

Complimented by many users, the Hap Tim changing backpack is designed to accompany occasional trips with baby, but also for everyday travel. If it is basically intended for moms, it is not excluded that dads use it too. Besides, its trendy sportswear design is perfectly unisex.

Available in two shades of grey, this changing backpack seduces with its elegant look that stands out somewhat from what we are used to. Externally, it does not look like a diaper bag and may, therefore, be suitable for other uses. You can, for example, make it a transport solution for your laptop or use it during your trips or hikes, without children.

The Hap Tim is just as suitable for use as a student backpack. We are therefore dealing with a versatile bag which can be used over time.

Designed with waterproof and high-quality materials, it shows remarkable resistance to water, wear or deformation. To the seriousness put into its manufacture is added a great capacity, and a design thought to facilitate the organization.

Equipped with numerous compartments, the Hap Tim gives easy access to stored objects. You can count on the large rear door, which allows you to easily remove any item stored in the lower compartment. Being precisely compartments, this changing backpack has a total of three, which work independently.

At the front and back, there are two separate compartments that lend themselves to the storage of items as diverse as diapers, clothes, snacks or toys. The capacity of the Hap Tim backpack is such that it would be perfect for parents of twins. The multitude of pockets that make it up allows you to find a place every time for baby’s belongings as well as yours (tablet, wallet, mobile phone, etc.)

11. Changing Bag Backpack Homened

If you are a mom living in London, this waterproof fabric backpack could be The good rainproof idea. It is indeed made from high-quality polyester fabric and treated to be waterproof.

Spacious, the bag has a capacity of 23 litres and has no less than 19 pockets, including 2 milk compartments at the front. In addition, a waterproof EVA pocket on the back allows you to safely store wet diapers or clothes. This bag can be carried on the back, of course, but also hand-held thanks to its handle, or hung on a stroller.

In addition, to facilitate baby changing even in the most unusual places, the bag is delivered with a changing mat. It is in an average price range. Many parents say they are satisfied with this changing bag; it has a nice unisex design, and can, therefore, be used by both dad and mom.

More importantly, its storage capacity is quite large, even if the front insulated pockets are too small for large bottles. In addition, some parents who tested it in snow or rain confirmed that it was waterproof. Very few parents have found the zipper in the main pocket too rigid.

12. Multifunction Nappy Changing Bag Backpack

When opening this top, the Copark100 presents itself as a practical solution, which adapts to many occasions ranging from shopping to trips, passing city walks and going out to restaurants or parks. Perfectly unisex, so it can be used by both mom and dad, this diaper bag features a sober and universal design.

Its design has been studied so that it can be used as well as a backpack as a handbag. But beyond its double functionality, the Copark100 is appreciated above all for its very good choice of materials and its great practicality, which make it suitable for daily use, on many occasions.

With a polyester interior and an exterior made of Oxford 600D fabric, this changing backpack has good resistance to water, wear and oil. Robust, the materials used resist tears and physical aggressions of everyday life such as splashes. Better, you can count on the reinforcement of the strap by rivets in case of fall of the bag.

Easy to clean, the Copark100 gives you a lot of room for manoeuvre in organizing children’s affairs, not only thanks to its dimensions of 27.7 x 39.6 x 17.5 cm (W x H x D ) but above all to its ingenious compartmentalisation to say the least. This changing bag with two stroller fasteners thus has a large main compartment with four separate pockets, and a multitude of storage spaces for effects such as cream, wet wipes, diapers, pacifier, and other accessories.

There are also three insulated pockets for milk bottles and a towel compartment. Easy to access, these spaces are arranged in separate places: on the side, the front or even at the rear. The back pocket with a zipper will be perfect for storing your wallet, smartphone, charger or passport.

Types of changing bags

Changing handbag

If you want to stay young, feminine and elegant then I can only advise you the changing handbag. The various manufacturers have designed complete models that are adapted to the needs of mothers and children. The models are all the more available in several colours, shapes and designs for everyone’s pleasure.

Changing backpack

The future mother of twins, or already a mother of babies of close age, the changing backpack will make you happy. Indeed, it is able to support a greater weight load and is often equipped with several compartments to optimize your organization.

Diaper bag with shoulder strap

The shoulder strap design is surely the most common form of diaper bags. What makes its advantage is its lightness, its practicality and its “unisex” character to involve the father. The icing on the cake, you will only need one hand to access your accessories!

changing bag backpack

What to consider when choosing a changing bag?

Before buying a diaper bag, it is necessary to take the time to choose it according to your needs. It is important that it is adapted to your tastes, in size and colour that suits us, according to your budget.

The type of bag

The transport bags for your baby’s and yours’ belongings vary greatly from one model to another. If you are more ecological, an organic cotton bag will do the trick. For those who prefer the luxury side, their choice will be more on leather materials and more sophisticated designs. Moms who are used to being equipped with all the necessary equipment for their baby in all circumstances will opt for the multifunctional bag with many storage covers. This will allow the mom to store everything, from the diaper to the comforter, through the heated meal to the mobile phone and makeup.

Size and capacity

It is important to choose a bag that is large enough to hold all of the baby’s belongings needed for transportation. There must be enough built-in pockets to store the essentials. Basic items include diapers, wipes, bottles, meals and change of clothes.


The concept of weight weighs in the balance when choosing your bag model. It is variable depending on the options chosen and your type of trip. If you mainly carry your baby in a stroller, the weight is less important as your bag will often be hung on the stroller. If you prefer to carry your baby in a scarf, it is better to choose a lighter bag to spare your back.


You can choose the colour of your bag, according to your preferences. A wide range of colours is available, ranging from solid colours to multicoloured bags, including patterns of all kinds, according to your tastes and desires of the moment. The colour of your bag can be matched to your jacket.


The wide variety of changing bag models allows you to choose from a variety of functions. The parent who has to move and stay outside will opt for a model with an integrated travel cot. The mother who likes to simplify life will opt for a bag with pockets for baby effects and mom’s belongings. This type of model will include a cover for the wheel and a cover for the mobile phone. The mom who eats regularly outside will choose the model with an insulated cover to keep meals at room temperature. The choice of features will vary depending on your lifestyle with the baby.


The varieties of diaper bags are multiple and suitable for all budgets. From the simplest to the most complex model, it is important that you can choose a bag that suits your tastes, your needs and your financial means.


With the changing backpack, you will have the possibility of better organizing your outings or your walks with your baby. It is a useful material which will allow you to anticipate the needs of your child. Washable, large enough to carry a lot of things, these baby bags are generally unisex. In addition, they are accessible to almost all budgets. Easy to transport, they have a multitude of utility functions and can serve you for at least 36 months for the most solid models. You can also combine some accessories to make your task easier.