The first Apple Watch was introduced in 2015. After many rumours, it eventually established itself as one of the best smartwatches.

Learn about its intelligent functions and monitor your heart rate, the daily steps you take, the calories burned and much more. It is ideal for everyday use or to combine with your sports team. It will also be beneficial when using your fitness equipment.

Apple Watch models

Those smartwatches are undoubtedly the best on the market today, despite their major disadvantage over the competition, and that is that they only work with the iPhone. Check out some of the models you can find on the market right now.

Apple Watch Series 6

We can say that this is the best smartwatch from Apple because it allows you to take full advantage of features such as water resistance, compass, GPS, microphone, speaker and ECG. It also has a sensor that helps measure oxygen in the blood.

The watchOS 7 firmware includes a sleep monitor and a feature that shows the best time to perform specific tasks.

Apple Watch SE

This is a more affordable model, and also its battery autonomy is the same. Its design and functions are very similar to those of Series 6.

It also includes a gyroscope, altimeter, acceleration sensor, among others.

Apple Watch Nike

The classic or standard version of the latest model of the Apple Watch. The Retina OLED display is 30% larger than previous models. It has a built-in compass, GPS and an app that tracks your heart rate.

It has 32 gigabytes of storage, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a watchOS 7 operating system. It is also waterproof, and you can choose from numerous strap designs.

Apple Watch Series 5

If you were hoping to find an Apple Watch 5 with a white strap, then this section is for you. Yes, we like them, but not only us. Internet users have rated it between 4.7 and 5 stars.

Its Retina Display is always on, but you can turn it off from the settings if you wish. It is suitable for swimming, and its screen is 44 mm. If this is what you are looking for, you will surely fall in love with this model!

Apple Watch Series 4

There are always people who prefer to buy older versions and certainly have good reasons. If you are looking for the 4th series of the watch, which also has a 44 mm case, this article is for you. And it also has a black sports band!

Consumers emphasize its high quality, but also its strength and impressive technology. If you like it, don’t miss it!

Apple Watch Series 3

The 3 Series is an even older model and offers fewer features, but it’s cheap, and if your budget is small, it’s perfect for you. It perfectly performs the basic functions that the manufacturer has developed for this smartwatch.

It has a storage capacity of up to 8 gigabytes, Bluetooth 4.2 and works with watchOS 4.

Why is the Apple watch so popular?

Apple Watch is one of the most expensive and yet the most sought after smartwatches on the market. This is due to several factors. First, the popularity and prestige of Apple as a manufacturer of high-tech products. The price is ultimately offset by the durability and reliability of the device, with long service life.

Second, the watchOS operating system, like iOS on the iPhone or the Macbook and iMac operating system, also has its say. These operating systems make every new development from Apple trust millions of users around the world. In addition, it is compatible with all brand products; welcome to all who use Apple.

How is the Apple Watch different from other smartwatches?

From the point of view of the structure and aesthetics of the watch, it is made of first-class materials and highly stylized coatings. The outer housings of the Edition version in series 5 and 6 are made of titanium and ceramic.

In addition, this watch allows you to customize the straps of almost all its versions and can choose from a wide range of materials and appearance: more sporty, more classic or different colours, for example. Another advantage of the Apple Watch over other smartwatches is the GPS and the Retina screen, which has excellent colours.

Aesthetic smartwatch

If you like to follow the latest fashion, you will probably want to buy a version that allows you to change the straps. In addition, you can take into account other aesthetic criteria: that of the materials used in the design and assembly of the Apple Watch. Although most are made of aluminium, Apple also offers Edition versions with ceramic and titanium finishes, with a much more elegant and careful appearance.

What can you do with the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch allows you to make calls and send and receive messages. You can also use an application such as WhatsApp, check the weather forecast, measure your heart rate, schedule event notifications, listen to music, and use it for its primary function, i.e. to check the time. All this in just a few inches of a device attached to the wrist of your hand.

This smartwatch is also suitable for many other possible applications for practising sports without losing touch with the world. This way, you will be accessible to anyone who wants to find you without carrying your mobile phone with you. What’s new in the latest versions of the Apple Watch is possible thanks to cellular technology.

Can you use the Apple Watch for sports?

One of the main functions of the Apple Watch is to serve as a tool for those who play sports whether it’s walking, jogging, working out in the gym or even swimming.

The watch monitors your heart rate during breathing, walking, exercise, recovery throughout the day and even at night, ideal for those who have heart problems or are undergoing treatment.

Fitness apps also include calorie counting, heart rate, steps are taken, distance travelled and more.

Newer models also have GPS to help you find your location if you get lost and provide reports on distances travelled, time, average speed, and more.

Apple Watch is waterproof, and this allows you to analyze your swimming practice. Of course, to use this feature, you will need to download the required application.

What sensors does the Apple Watch have?

It comes with some sports-oriented sensors. We will explain those present in each model and their functions.

  • A barometric altimeteris an instrument used to measure altitude through changes in pressure.
  • The optical heart rate sensoruses green LEDs connected to photodiodes to analyze the amount of blood flowing through the wrist. The sensors flash hundreds of times a second to calculate the heart rate.
  • An electric heart ECG sensoris built into the back of the device to measure electrical signals that make the heartbeat. You need to place your finger on the Digital Crown and establish a chain between your heart and your hands so that you can measure your heart rate.

Is Apple Watch compatible with Android smartphones?

There is still no application that allows a secure and seamless connection between Android devices and Apple Watch. In addition, the information shared between the iPhone and the watch is encrypted, leading to greater incompatibility.

There are connection options, but you must use iPhone for the initial configuration. In addition to the fact that compatibility is not optimal, the watch’s battery runs out quickly, and the phone may present some error notifications.

On the other hand, the notification system is ineffective, as notifications look different because they do not share the same operating system. Many of them don’t even work.

Although the Apple Watch is compatible with Android, it is not recommended to connect or sync them. As the operation is not adequate and due to the incompatibility between the two operating systems and automatic encryption, there is a risk of damage to both devices.


Which model to choose?

So many questions arise when choosing an Apple Watch: What size to choose? Which model suits you? With what strap and what colour?

Apple offers many combinations, which is good for an accessory that should be practical and useful and adapted to your own taste and style!

We offer you this guide that will help you choose so that the purchase of an Apple smartwatch is completely satisfactory. Given that this smartwatch must be used with an iPhone, if you have a smartphone from another brand, you will need to look for a watch from another manufacturer.


In general, there are no big differences between some models and others. Most versions allow you to choose between two sizes. Usually, the sizes are 40 mm and 44 mm. (In older versions, there are also 38 – 42 mm). Therefore, this criterion is not so important because it does not provide much room for choice. You need to make sure it fits your wrist size well.

Which range to choose?

In addition to the size of the case, the manufacturer has thought about all users and all budgets. Thus, no less than 3 different price ranges are available. The entry-level in terms of price is the sport one, the standard model and Edition version.

It is important to mention that they all use the same operating system and electronics and therefore offer the same capabilities! They also have the same storage space. Therefore, a difference can be found only in the materials used to make the body, possibly the strap, and the glass on the screen!

Choice of strap

Apple has invented an innovative mechanism that allows you to easily separate the strap from the case. Of course, this allows you to change the strap according to your preferences. However, it should be noted that not all ranges are sold with all straps.

As for the classic model, sports bracelets (white, pink and black) are available and a classic metal strap or leather. With these models, we find the codes of traditional watches.

You can choose Nike sporty designs or sleek versions of the Edition. In this way, you can adapt the appearance of the watch to our personality and your tastes.

For the “Edtion” version, the straps correspond to a luxurious design.

There are sports models, classic or modern straps.

Choose a model according to the applications you will use most often

Are we more about calling or texting? Do you prefer to listen to music while running on the treadmill or turning on an exercise bike? Depending on which applications you use most often, this factor will be more or less important. If you want to watch videos, the models with a Retina screen will offer you a clean and high-quality image.

Desktop and watch

Smart features

With this smartwatch, you can put aside your mobile phone and use WhatsApp from its screen. With voice commands using Siri, you will perform various actions. You can also listen to music by connecting it to AirPods, paying with Apple Pay, or downloading almost any app. Of course, to make calls and have more autonomy without depending on the iPhone, you will need to use the 6 Series or SE.

Apple Watch price

In terms of price, the 6 Series is currently the most expensive, the SE is in the middle price range, and the 3 Series is the cheapest at the moment. However, it should be borne in mind that other variables such as size, features, or materials increase the final price.


This article explained what an iWatch or Apple Watch is, how it works, and what it’s for. Through some technical explanations and recommendations, we try to bring this innovative and universal product closer to our readers. All this is in the context of a well-known and prestigious brand.

We also saw what to keep in mind when choosing an Apple Watch model and what advantages this watch offers compared to other brands. Among the most essential purchase criteria you need to consider are:

  • how to use
  • the applications you use the most
  • How important is aesthetics to you

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