If you need to exercise the muscles of your legs and do not have time to go outside, the pedal exerciser may help you. As all the models are not the same, I’ll show you a list with the best static pedals so you can acquire the one that interests you the most.

1. Pedal Exerciser DeskCycle2


    Although at first glance it may seem like a very simple model, I can assure you that it will give you very good results when it comes to exercising your legs. The model has 8 calibrated resistance settings and 5 functions that will be shown to you through its screen. That is, you can see the calories you have consumed during the exercise, pedalling done after the beginning of the exercise, the total and the time you have used to pedal during the last exercise and online calorie calculator.

    It has anti-slip feet and especially has the option to regulate the intensity so that the exercise is more or less strong. Do not forget that it is very easy to assemble, so in a few minutes, you can use them.

    2. Pedal Exerciser TECNOVITA

    If you want a model to use at home with the convenience of being able to move quickly when you are not using it, with this model you will surely be more than enough. Keep in mind that it is quite light, so it can be an interesting option even for seniors.

    And remember, you can not only exercise with your legs, but you can also exercise with your hands. You only have to put it on a table where you arrive without problems and exercise. For the quality-price ratio, it is a great option.

    I do not want to forget that you can pedal forward as well as backward.

    3. Pedal Exercise ECO 800

    With this small machine, you will be able to pedal while you are sitting with total ease. Keep in mind that its weight is light and you can move it without problems. Do not forget that the machine has 12 levels so you can choose the one that suits you best. If it is true that the first levels are too soft, but as you can level it then you can choose the level that most interests you in any case. Moreover, it is so simple to use that it can be used by all family members.

    It also includes an engine with different speeds, with a maximum of 6 km / h. At the same time, it includes a time programmer so you do not have to watch the clock. The machine will notify you when the exercise is over.

    It also includes an engine with different speeds, with a maximum of 6 km / h. At the same time, it includes a time programmer so you do not have to watch the clock. The machine will notify you when the exercise is over.

    4. Static Foot and arm Pedal Exerciser Ultrasport

    This small bicycle will allow you to get fit through its different levels of intensity. Keep in mind that the bike will come slightly disassembled, but from now I can assure you that it is very easy to assemble so in a few minutes you will have it ready to use. Its operation is very simple, although it has an instruction book that will explain everything step by step so you do not have any problems.

    Keep in mind that the resistance you can regulate, so you can perform the type of exercise that interests you most.

    5. Static Folding Pedal Exerciser

    If you have little space in your home and want a small model to exercise without occupying just space, this folding model will adapt very well to your needs.

    When buying it you will have to choose whether to acquire it with a small team that will show you information through its screen or without equipment. For the difference in price, I recommend buying it with a screen, but this decision should be made by you.

    As usual, you can regulate the intensity so that you can do more or less exercise, without forgetting that it has anti-slip foot function to prevent your feet from slipping out and you have to re-insert them.

    6. Silent Exerciser

    This model stands out for being really silent, that is, you can exercise and watch TV. As it does not make noise, it will not bother you and for that reason, you will feel much more comfortable with the machine. Keep in mind that this machine will allow you to exercise with your feet and hands, that is, it is a 2 × 1 machine that you will find in few options.

    Among other things, it includes a monitor and a speed controller so you can do an exercise adapted to your physical needs. And is that as you know, not everyone has the same needs when exercising at home.

    7. FINETHER Static

    This model is perfect for people who for different reasons need to strengthen their legs and can not leave home. With this machine

    With the machine, you can perform low impact and soft exercises. It has a stable frame and some pads for people who have problems with mobility.

    It also has a small LCD screen through which you can register your exercises or those of the person who needs to strengthen their muscles for lack of exercise. This screen will turn off automatically when you see that it is not being used. It really is a very interesting option

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    Tips For Buying Pedal Exerciser

    Before showing you some tips to buy your static pedals, it is important that you take into account a series of guidelines so that you can make an adequate purchase. And you must know that not all models are the same, so choosing the first model you find is a big mistake.

    To start you will have to be clear about what the use of the machine will be. Keep in mind that if the machine is intended for a person with little mobility and with little strength in the legs it is important that it has little or no resistance. That way you’ll make sure you can use it without hurting yourself.

    On the other hand, if the machine is intended for other people, the best thing you can do is buy a model that allows regulating the level of intensity. This way you will be able to start with a low level and depending on how you are getting in shape, increase in intensity. You will see how you will appreciate having purchased it with the option to level the intensity.

    The pedals are another point to consider. They should be of good quality and above all, they should allow you to do the exercise without getting your feet off. I recommend you to be non-slip and if you might have a strip that fits the foot. This way you can perform the exercise more easily.

    On the other hand, you should know that if the machine includes a screen, it should show you the best possible information. Keep in mind that some models will only show you the time and speed, while other models will give you more information such as the number of calories burned, the distance travelled the important thing is that you buy a model that allows you to get the information you really get interested.

    The size and weight are factors to be taken into account, especially if you walk badly space and I will move continuously. There are lightweight models that you can easily transport, while others will be more complicated to move.

    Normally the design is another of the points that we always look at when buying a model or another. But you must bear in mind that the design should be one of the last things to take into account. Moreover, the design should only be evaluated if you doubt between two models. That way you would leave doubts.

    Finally, you should know that you can buy some cheap pedal exerciser online. Keep in mind that through this means you will always get the best price, while you have many options to choose from. But be clear that if you want to hit 100% on your purchase, the best thing you can do is acquire one of the machines that I have recommended at the top.

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