If you don’t have an oven at home, but you like the delicious taste of freshly baked homemade pizza, this type of pizza maker is for you.

These appliances are perfect for student kitchens, small apartments or even when you are away for weeks.

You will not have to say no to a delicious and well-cooked fast homemade meal with a comfortable and practical pizza maker.

We will only need to top up our favourite dough with its ingredients. Even if we do not have time to prepare our homemade pizza, but we want to enjoy freshly baked, this machine can make frozen or chilled, so we can enjoy its crusty bread and delicious flavour.

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Our Pick for the Best Pizza Makers

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Many people do not know the great advantages of bringing one of these wonderful appliances to your home or business. And we are not talking about increasing sales or getting more money, that is apart. Let’s see what advantages they can bring you:

  • You will save time: As easy as plugging in our pizza maker, introducing it and waiting for the minutes you put in, in a few minutes you will have a freshly made pizza, crispy and ready to be eaten by any guest (or by you). In addition to having a faster cooking speed will increase production, either because you run a business or have to eat fast.
  • A unique flavour: Probably this expression is in all marketing campaigns, but in this case it is true, the high temperatures reached by these ovens will exalt the essences that cannot be found in the normal cooking of conventional ovens. This is what justifies that everyone feels the remarkable difference between a stone baked and a normal pizza.
  • Finishes for crunchy doughs: High temperatures emanate heat from the walls of the ovens, this touch gives the dough a unique crunch, perfect for all tastes. And best of all, it does so at incredible speed. The humidity of the dough will be reduced to zero, making it crispy for any mouth.
  • High temperature: If the oven is made of stone, the heat will be distributed evenly throughout the pizza table, so there will be no more burned parts than others. We are talking about almost 300 degrees Celsius so we do not recommend touching it, just let it cool after use, away from pets and people.
  • Ingredients of higher quality: With the ingredients, something similar to the dough occurs, when you are exposed to constant and uniform heat the humidity of them will also disappear so they will be crispy and with an enhanced flavour. They will also keep the vitamins and nutrients of at least vegetables. It also favours cheese cooking, freely releasing its aroma and flavour throughout the pizza.

1. Judge Electricals 30cm Pizza Maker

Judge Electric Pizza Oven. Energy Efficient Pizza Maker, Perfect Crepe, Pancake and Omelette Maker...
  • HIGH SPEED MULTICOOKER PAN – this versatile low-fuss pizza maker also makes the perfect crepe, tortilla, omelette and pancake...
  • SAVE MONEY ON YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL – consume less energy with this electric multi cooker. At 850 watts it uses half the energy...
  • PERFECT PIZZAS IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES – effortlessly whip up a delicious pizza, with the Judge electric pizza oven that is...
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN – just turn on, wait for the pizza / pancake maker to heat up, listen for the beep that tells you it's ready...
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE BY JUDGE HOMEWARES - Judge has been trusted by families all over the world for its traditional family values,...

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With this model with which we open the list you can prepare pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter, and all in a moment, being able to taste the authentic flavour of its ingredients. One of the keys that we liked most, besides being very compact, is that you can adjust the temperature. Depending on the ingredients you have added or according to the manufacturer, you can make a pizza just the way you like it.

It is a product that has the advantage that it is very easy to clean since it has a non-stick surface and, therefore, you can with a cloth, remove all the remains.

2. Princess Pizza maker 30 cm

Tristar 115001 Pizzera 30 cm Diameter and Adjustable Thermostat, Plastic, 1450 W, Black/White
  • With this Princess 115001 pizza maker you will be a true Italian chef thanks to its adjustable thermostat and 1450W power.

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The first thing to talk about this model is that it is among the best for being one of the main brands of plates and small appliances dedicated to food. Princess, having a quality in each of its finishes and materials, which you can have it for years with good use and without notice that it is deteriorated or that it is falling behind with the models that are coming out.

In this model, we see a product with an intense red colour, very nice for kitchens that have personality. Being able to regulate the cooking temperature with a wheel. It gives you the possibility to heat pizzas that are frozen, as well as those that you have just made yourself.

3. Giles & Posner Italian Stone Baked Bella Pizza Maker

Giles & Posner EK2309 Italian Stone Baked Bella Pizza Maker Oven, 1200 W, Red
  • Impress your friends and family with tasty homemade pizzas up to 12 inches in size using the Bella pizza maker by Giles & Posner.
  • Reaching up to 390 degrees so you can cook your pizza in minutes, there are different temperature settings to suit every type of...
  • A convenient pizza cutter and aluminium pizza paddles are included so you can easily serve your pizzas with a professional finish.
  • The removable stone provides an evenly heated cooking plate, which absorbs moisture within the oven for an irresistibly crispy...
  • Throw a pizza party for your children and guests, let them roll out a base and customise with fresh toppings for a personalised...

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A model with the excellent quality that gives us the possibility to heat the pizzas and have them prepared in a matter of minutes. We find a fairly basic model, although this does not mean that it is of poor quality or that it does not have the acceptance of the clients in their opinions. Although it does not have a very attractive design, it is fully functional, being able to use it both at home and in a professional pizzeria without a problem. Since it has a handle on its top lid to facilitate the opening and subsequent removal of the food. On its side has two wheels to manipulate the temperature and to warn you, in addition, the cooking time.

4. SMART Rotating Stone & Grill Pizza Maker

SMART Rotating Stone & Grill Pizza Maker (Red)
  • Rotational Cooking
  • Viewing Window
  • Twin Cooking Elements
  • 12” Round Cooking Stone & 12” Round Grill Base
  • 12 Months Warranty

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A product like this should not be left without a thorough in the review since it has everything you need to make a tasty pizza like the one you can appreciate in the image, but in addition to this, and if you are a real cook, you can get all the juice to this model, since, in the first place, you will have a recipe book with which you can make different types of pizzas, but this oven will work very well to make cakes and other dishes that have a circular shape, saving on electrical consumption and obtaining results that will leave you stone.

3. Quest 35500

Quest 35500 40cm Multi-Function Electric Cooker Pan with Lid/Adjustable Thermostatic...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION ELECTRIC PAN – This Electric Multi Cooker Pan allows you to cook all different kinds of meals! You can use the...
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTATIC CONTROL – The pan offers full control over the cooking temperature, with a temperature range between...
  • STRONG GLASS LID – A toughened glass lid is included with the pan, safely keeping any food inside while allowing you to easily...
  • NON-STICK SURFACE – The electric frying pan’s surface measures 40 x 40cm, giving plenty of cooking space, and is also...
  • QUEST APPLIANCES - Quest are the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen....

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This product has several uses, but the main one is that you can enjoy some homemade pizzas as you have never eaten, even better than those that can be presented in many pizzerias in your city.

One of the characteristics that differentiate this electric skillet is that it has a glass lid, so that, while it is cooking, you will be able to see exactly how much time it has left to extract it exactly at the point that you like. It also has a non-stick coating so that its cleaning is much faster, in addition to that, if you touch the product when it is on, you will not get burned.

6. G3Ferrari Electric Delight

G3 Ferrari G10032 1200 W Black Red Pizza and Oven Maker – Pizza Oven (1 Pizza(s), 31 cm, 480 °C,...
  • Cooks homemade pizza in just 5 minutes
  • Very high cooking temperature up to 390 Degrees with 1200 watts of cooking power
  • Two Refractory cooking stone ( 31cm ) and Two steel heating elements
  • Built in timer , adjustable thermostat and working light indicator . Suitable for indoor use only .
  • Power supply : AC 230V ~ 50Hz , Power Watts : 1200 , Dimensions : ( L x H x D ) cm 34 x 19 , 5 x 37 , Weight Kg : 5 , 9

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You will love this one so much for its design, very modern and daring, with handles on the sides so you can lift the lid and see how is the pizza that you are cooking, as well as because it has a temperature that you can modify very high, perfect when you want to make a very hot dish so that the cheese melts like they do in pizzerias.

Its power is much lower than that of many models, so you’ll have to wait a bit for it to warm up, but this will not be a problem since, in addition to the traditional pizza, you can also make other foods such as cakes or even pies.

7. CEXPRESS – Presto!

CEXPRESS - Presto! Pizza Maker
CEXPRESS - Presto! Pizza Maker
  • ✅ Perfect for cooking homemade pizza quickly and conveniently, obtaining a professional result with healthier and more natural...
  • ✅ Made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • ✅ Modern and functional design
  • ✅ Timer: up to 30 min
  • ✅ Temperature regulator

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One of the most original gifts or products you should buy if you want to impress your friends with a delicious pizza, but also has a unique and fun model, is this model of electric pizza maker that has a very fun box shape.

Regarding the functions that you can enjoy with this model, we have on the one hand an acceptable power of 1200W together with a temperature regulator so that you can place it in the temperature that you like the most. It also has a handle to open the top lid and see if your pizza is already made. It has a 30-minute timer so you can do something else while cooking.

electric pizza maker

Buying guide

The electric pizza makers are the best appliances if you want a pizza to turn out delicious without you having to spend a lot of money on energy consumption. By the fact of making them in one of these machines with conventional ovens, the latter will consume a lot of electricity, something that in the long run and especially if you are an Italian food lover, will wreak havoc on your electricity bill. On the other hand, its use is much simpler than you can expect and give you the opportunity to make new recipes that make you enjoy healthy food. In this guide, we are going to talk about the tips and how to choose the best model so you can experience a unique purchase.

Among the features we most appreciate is that they have a compact body, small in size so that you can get anywhere without occupying too much space. In today’s kitchens there may be few corners and having one more device may seem crazy, for this reason, we should buy those smaller models, but have, dimensions for conventional pizzas, being this about 30 cm diameter, something that will be appreciated. If we continue talking about the structure and design, it must be very important to have handles or grips to lift the top lid, since we have found before selecting the best electric maker some that did not have this part and when opening to see how the pizza was, you had or that, touch a hot part, having to use a cloth, or simply the process was quite complicated. For this reason, we advise you to take a look at the catalogue to discover the one you like most.

Electric pizza makers with lid

stonebaked pizza maker oven

Another essential point when you want to have a pizza maker is that it has a temperature regulator. This may seem unhelpful, but not all pizzas will need the same heat, or even if you want to use the product for another type of food or recipe, you will have to know that it is not the same, so a regulator will make it possible for you to use the heat you prefer, perfect for example if you want to create a layer of cheese in your crunchy pizza, or instead prefer the very melted cheese, as seen in television ads, or even mix the two with changes of temperature in cooking.

The timer is going to be another of those functions that are appreciated, although some people do not see it with good eyes when you’re used to cooking. I’m sure it will help you a lot. When, for example, you know the exact time and temperature you need for a margarine pizza, you will know that you can set the timer and do other tasks, like setting the table, talking with friends or just relaxing, because you know that in the At the moment when the doorbell rings, you only have to open the lid, take out the pizza and enjoy it.

For those who want to have an electric pizza maker like the first day, they have to opt for models that help you clean them. Like for example those that have a non-stick sole, with which you can just pass a cloth, have everything clean as if it were a brand new product.