7 Best garment steamers for perfect clothes

They say that “because of the look and the suit, the character is known”, so it is better to always walk around. Having the best garment steamer at home, that is no longer a problem. The practicality, speed and comfort of these appliances to smooth and improve the appearance of the clothes are incredible. Have you tried any garment steamer?

Currently, more and more people have steamer of these, especially those who travel a lot for business and work. And, in addition, there are small models that fit perfectly in the luggage. Even, its benefits are superior to those of conventional plates. They overcome them in the speed of straightening and in the care of the fabrics. No one wants to spoil their clothes, right?

By avoiding the expense of an ironing service and protecting the garments, you save a lot of pounds in the long term. Also, the fact that these models are so quick and easy to use, benefits anyone in terms of punctuality. If you are going late to work, you can not afford to take too long ironing the pants and shirt.

What is the best garment steamer to buy?

They have recommended them before. You have decided to buy one, but you do not know which one. Actually, there are many models of different brands and different types. To choose you must take into account first your needs, then the price (if it is affordable or affordable), also that it is of good quality.

Additionally, an important point is the opinion of other users on a certain plate. If it is well valued after a test, it is worth trying. Taking all these suggestions into consideration, we have taken the time to offer you a comparison with the best upright garment steamer in the market.

With this shortlist at hand, you can know the characteristics that a really good one should have and take your decision. Okay?

1. Tefal Pro Style IT3440 Upright Steamer

Tefal Pro Style Steam IT3440 Upright Garment...
38 Reviews
Tefal Pro Style Steam IT3440 Upright Garment...
  • This garment/clothes steamer allows...
  • The IT3440 has three variable settings...
  • The steamer is ready to use in 45Secs...

The first on the list is this garment steamer with 1.5-litre tank capacity, allowing for longer usage time. One of the good sites is it’s lightweight so anyone who uses it can move it easily and comfortably. Model IT3440 from Tefal has 3 different settings for the safe steaming of different fabrics. Read full review

2. SteamOne H190B Clothes Steamer

With the anti-scale system

STEAMONE H190B Vertical Steam Smoother,...
  • Can be used on all fabric types
  • Ready for use in 60 seconds
  • Integrated anti-limescale system

It is a garment steamer model with a very elegant design. In 60 seconds it is ready to use on any fabric. Includes wheels to move easily and a rack to hang clothes.

It has 2 ironing speeds with a steam flow of 42 g / min. and a power of 1900 watts. Its capacity is 2.5 litres and the manufacturer guarantees unlimited autonomy. It has an anti-cal system.

3. Philips GC535 / 35 Vertical garment steamer

With lid for fragrances

Philips GC535 ClearTouch Essence Upright Garment...
  • You're buying electronic Goods of...
  • Glove for extra protection during...
  • Detachable, transparent water tank with...

This cute garment steamer has a nice look and also has a stainless steel XL plate for faster ironing. It includes a cover for fragrances, ideal to perfume each garment with your favourite aroma.

The essential oils are worth. It is safe to use on silk clothes and other delicate fabrics. Add a protective glove. The removable water tank has a capacity of 1.2 litres.

4. Rowenta Master Precision 360 vertical garment steamer

The multi-position hanger

Rowenta Master Precision 360 – Precision...
  • Power of 1500 W for a steam generator of...
  • Battery life of 80 minutes, thanks to...
  • Multi-position 360º rotating hanger for...

Very practical to store after use by its rotating and adjustable height hanger.

This garment steamer has a power of 1500W and generates 30 gr/min of steam. It heats up in less than a minute to start ironing and includes accessories to smooth folds of a pair of pants, a fabric cleaning brush and a steam concentrator. It has an autonomy of 80 minutes and with the heat disinfects and eliminates odours.

5. Rowenta Access Steam DR8095D1

For home and travel

Rowenta DR8095 steam ironing station - steam...
1 Reviews

Compact and portable, this hand-held steam brush removes wrinkles, odours and disinfects clothes. Perfect for quick touch-ups when you have to leave and there is no time to iron calmly.

It has an ergonomic handle and a trigger with two positions. Its capacity is 0.2 litres and the deposit is easy to fill. It includes a hook to hang on doors and a pair of brushes for delicate and thick clothes.

6. Tefal Master Precision Garment Steamer

Compact, efficient and economical

Tefal Master Precision 360 IT6540G0 Upright...
45 Reviews
Tefal Master Precision 360 IT6540G0 Upright...
  • This garment/clothes Steamer has a 360°...
  • The IT6540 master precision delivers a...
  • The master precision has a fast heat-up...

This garment steamer is light and portable, perfect to carry in your luggage. It activates in 45 seconds to use it fast. It charges 260 ml of water and comes with a UK plug. Guarantees the elimination of 99% of bacteria and mites.

It serves to refresh, protect, prolong and take care of the life of garments, curtains and upholstery of furniture. Very practical to have it at home.

7. Blusmart Garment Vertical Clothes Steamer

Blusmart Garment, 2.2L 1450W Vertical Clothes...
116 Reviews
Blusmart Garment, 2.2L 1450W Vertical Clothes...
  • Durable and dependable: Our garment...
  • This vertical garment steamer is...
  • The garment steamer features a...

What are garment steamers used for?

It is household equipment really useful to eliminate wrinkles without mistreating clothes. Unlike conventional plates that crush and heat (about to burn) the fabrics, the garment steamer, as it is also known, uses another, safer method.

If you wonder how it works, here is the answer. By means of the expulsion of steam, the apparatus manages to relax the tissues and soften the strands so that they are free of shrinkage and wrinkles. That same smoke of hot water, disinfects and takes care of clothes and even clears bad odours, bacteria and mites.

For example, the winter coats that spend a few seasons in the wardrobe, with a pass of the vertical plate recover their good appearance and they take away the aroma has saved. The delicate cotton and silk garments will appreciate that you use this type of vaporizers. They will last much longer in good condition.

Of course, not all are equal. They exist of greater or smaller size and different additional characteristics. It is the user who must choose the one that best suits him.

Know the types of garment steamers

Basically there are two kinds of garment steamer, but a third type can almost exist when special features are added.

  • Floor: They are the largest. Its engine goes on the floor and has a hose that conducts the heat to the plate that ejects the steam. They usually include a hanger to hang the clothes that will be ironed, a power cable and a large capacity tank for water. Nowadays they are used a lot at home, but their origin is in the tailors and boutiques where they needed each piece to look in perfect condition.
  • Floor: The handheld steamer is a smaller version of the iron. It is recommended for single people, students or those who travel frequently. Its capacity is much lower than that of the floor models, but it is really practical for quick touch-ups.
  • Accessories: The accessories that are added to these machines can make them even more efficient. Some bring dispensers of aromas so that the user can add to them the fragrances of their preference. This allows to perfume the clothes and to feel it fresher and more pleasant. Brushes can also help clean clothes better.

Advantages of the garment steamer that you do not know

Although you may know basic details about them, like their operation with steam and that most are portable, you may miss some of the following benefits of vertical plates.

  • Portability: The large floor and bring wheels so you can locate them where it suits you. In addition, your hanger is sometimes foldable to reduce its size and then it is easier to store them when they are not in use. On the other hand, the small hand-held ones are lightweight and fit perfectly in the luggage. In this way, travellers can guarantee their clothes without wrinkles anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to use: No major complications. If you can fill the water tank and press the power button, the rest will start to pass the steam on the clothes. Extremely easy.
  • Efficient and thrifty: After making the initial investment, the savings in euros that you will achieve by avoiding ironing services will be important in the long term. Also, as the process is faster than with a conventional iron, you will also save time.
  • Multipurpose: The system used by these vertical steaming plates allows to refresh, disinfect and smooth any kind of fabrics. Therefore, in addition to improving the appearance of your clothes, you can use them to clean the upholstery of furniture and curtains.
  • Restore clothes: There are fabrics so delicate that they wrinkle easily and cannot be ironed with a traditional iron. If you did, you would see them stuck to the steel and burned with no other choice. The clothes steamer prevents you from going through that bad time. In addition, garments that tend to shrink with washing and lose shape, you can return them to their initial state, relaxing the fibres with the vertical plate.
  • No more torn and worn clothing: There are some clothes and fabrics that can not be immersed in the washing machine. They should be cleaned by hand or dry because if they do not tear or wear. To prevent these problems, fabric vaporizer is perfect.
  • Forget about dry cleaning: Those clothes, cushions, pillows and stuffed animals that cannot be submerged in water, you can clean them with the steam brush. You will forever forget the dry cleaning services and the pounds you spent on it.
  • No chemicals are needed to iron: Neither to iron nor to clean certain fabrics. The furniture is easily cleaned using these appliances, as are the curtains. You will not need additional detergents or chemicals to clean them.

What to look for in a good vertical clothes steamer?

With so many models, brands and prices it can be confusing to choose the most appropriate one. For this, we leave you this list of functions and characteristics that the best must meet.

Size and weight

Everything depends on the use you are going to give your iron. If you think you have it at home, in a place near the washing machine and you have enough space you can get one of the largest. Greater dimensions guarantee more power, more capacity in the water tank and greater autonomy. You can have long ironing sessions with all the clothes that require it.

On the contrary, if you need to take it with you on a trip, to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, you will need a smaller one. That implies less capacity, power and autonomy but will guarantee you presentable clothes while you are not at home. Of course, you would have to refill the tank more often.


The power and quantity of steam expelled per minute point to consider. A weak spray may not be very efficient. Also, if you do not like to wait too long and you can only be in a hurry, you will need a hot iron to start working. The best can do it in just a minute or less.

Comfort to use

If it is hand-held, it should be light enough to be able to last the necessary time of ironing without getting tired. For both models, hand or floor is also preferable an ergonomic handle that allows to hold it comfortably.

A swivel and a folding hanger are also an advantage not to fight with the device while you move to straighten the clothes. A long cable will allow you to plug it in anywhere.

Let it come with wheels

Floor models, although they do not weigh tons, tend to be heavier than hand ones. In order to move them and store them when you stop ironing, it is best to bring wheels. Notice that they are good and resistant. The idea is not to get stuck when you turn the device.

Hangers or racks

For all the hangers or racks are important. The floors use both to hang the clothes that are going to be ironed. The handles include hangers to stick on vertical surfaces such as doors and thus be able to straighten clothes more easily.

Water tank capacity

Its size will depend on the kind of garment steamer you buy. The greater the autonomy to iron for more time, without the need to fill it in at all times. Of course, that will make the equipment heavier and less “portable”. At least, it will not serve to travel if it is too big.

On the other hand, if it is removable, you can clean it without complications and thus lengthen the life of the device.

Temperature and power

Not always the temperature and power go hand in hand. A truly efficient iron will be the one that heats more using less energy. So take into account those that offer more heat.

When this is the case, it is easier to smooth the folds and wrinkles that occur in complicated fabrics. Let’s go! that there are difficult fabrics. Also, the heat ensures better cleaning and more effectively fights mites and bacteria that may be lodged in the fibres. That, in turn, will eliminate bad odours faster.

Auto power off garment steamer

This is a very important function that you should not overlook. When we are in a hurry to leave, we iron in a hurry, we dress and to the street … and if we forget to turn off the iron? What a problem! If the tank were to dry with the machine on, the engine would be damaged. So better look for a model that shuts off automatically.

Power cord length

It is very uncomfortable that the iron has too short a power cord. At home, you can find an extension cord to reach the outlet. But how would you do in a hotel room whose only outlet is the bathroom?

It would not be easy to iron there inside. Always make sure that the vaporizer you buy has a long cable.

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