Nowadays, space is very valuable good. A vacuum storage bag is an excellent choice to save space. Thanks to this technology, luggage space can be reduced by up to 80%. 

In this article, you can find the best models available on the market as well as the complete and practical buying guide to help you choose the best vacuum storage bag.

These bags are also ideal to save space at home or for travel since you can store everything in a hermetic way and you will have a more available place.

What are the best space bags to buy?

A good vacuum bag should allow you to comfortably store your clothes and other clothes to gain space, either in your closets or in the luggage that you take on a trip, so you should look for models made of resistant materials that, once they have been sealed in vacuum, do not allow the passage of air.

It is important that the bags that you choose are well sealed, in this way you can prevent odours and dirt from staining it and even damaging them over time.

Vacuum bags – Viridescent

Different sizes

So that you can transport your clothes in your luggage or store them during seasons when you do not use them, these bags of the brand Viridescent will be ideal, as well as being the best in the market.

They have a very strong closure, which will prevent them from filling up with air.

Travel Roll Up Compression Bags for Travelling

Pack of 12 units

An ideal option if you are looking for vacuum storage bags without a vacuum cleaner since you will not need a machine to seal them and your clothes are protected.

It is a very complete package since it has 12 units of different sizes to cover your needs.

Ziploc Space saver vacuum storage bags

Totally reusable!

Thanks to the manual pump that includes this vacuum storage bag, you will be able to store all your clothes very easily, since in seconds you will have them free of air and protected.

These bags reduce up to 80% the volume of the garments and is a water-resistant model.

Vacuum Storage bags by Smart Storage

Works with any vacuum cleaner

A great way to keep your clothes protected from insects that may end up damaging it is with these bags of Gorilla Bag, which, moreover, are the most economical of the comparison.

You can use your vacuum to remove all the air inside.

Kurrty vacuum storage bags

With jumbo-sized bags

You can keep your clothes well protected with this model since they have multiple security systems that prevent the passage of air once they are sealed.

And to leave them empty, you should only use the pump that includes the package.

Vacuum bags for clothes Space Saver

Includes manual pump

These bags are not only the cheapest that you will find when it comes to vacuum models, but they will guarantee you a space-saving of up to 75% of use.

They are also very safe as they have a double zipper and first-class finishes.

What is a vacuum storage bag?

Built with a small valve, a vacuum storage bag can be easily sealed with a hand pump or vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cover is designed to release air. By squeezing the air out of these containers, you compress everything in it. This technology is useful when travelling, especially when trying to store a lot of items in a small suitcase. Whether you want to bring extra clothes, blankets or stuffed toys, you can put them in vacuum bags to put everything in your bag.

Even when you are not travelling, you can use a vacuum cover or vacuum storage bag to store your clothes. They can also be used to store seasonal items such as winter jackets and thermal blankets. There are different models of vacuum storage bags, each of them comes with its own combination of small and large bags. However, the smaller sizes are not sold separately. In addition, not all vacuum storage bags come with a free manual pump.

Reasons to use vacuum storage bags

There are several reasons why buying these vacuum bags is an excellent idea, especially if you are planning a vacation or want to organize the space at home efficiently, among them are:

They save space

By using these vacuum bags, you reduce the volume of garments normally, which will save you a lot of space to store more things in one place.


Your clothes will be very protected from external agents, as they protect against mould and others that can end up damaging our clothes, in addition, when using these bags to carry the clothes in your luggage when travelling, you can protect it from liquids that may spill in the suitcase, like shampoo or lotion.

They keep clean and dirty clothes separate

With these bags, you can have much more organization since they are an ideal way to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones, especially if you are travelling.


By keeping the clothes in these vacuum bags it will be much easier to find a specific garment since you will not spend hours searching the entire closet.

Prevents wrinkles in clothes

If you have taken the time to iron your clothes, you will not have to worry about it getting wrinkled, since in these bags you will keep them in the same way in which you have packed them.

vacuum storage bags

What should you look for when choosing the best vacuum storage bag?

To choose the best vacuum bag for your clothes, you should look at certain factors:


This will depend on what you want to keep in the bags since it will not be the same size for a bag destined to store shirts than to keep your winter coats.


A good bag should be able to retain its shape even when it has time stored, so you should look at the quality of its materials is good.


It is important that you choose bags that you can use more than once, in this way you will save money.


Better materials will last longer, so you should look for bags that are authentic and very strong.


Like the materials, the quality of the bags should be the best, in this way you can guarantee that they last with the years and can be used again.


The closures are the most important when it comes to these bags, since it is what will prevent the air from passing through and with it, other agents that can damage the clothes, so it is recommended that you choose models with double closure or with an extra resistant closure.

Do vacuum storage bags really work?

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