6 Best Baking Mats that Every Baker wants to have

If you are looking for the best baking mat do not hesitate to review this selection, because it contains good quality products that you can use very well at home to look like a bakery.

They are help accessories for experts and beginners. As I was in search of a healthy choice in food preparation, I did not hesitate to take these placemats to make fat-free recipes.

The best of all is that they allow us a great saving by serving as a substitute for non-stick paper or aluminum.

Take advantage of your creativity and easily prepare delicious desserts.

What is the best baking mat?

Undoubtedly the best mat to use in the oven will be one that stands out for its ability to cook with a good distribution of heat and that is non-stick, so that the mixtures of sweets do not stick or burn.

It is also important that they are easy to store and clean so you do not have any complications when baking. Some are made with robust materials so that you can use them to knead, prepare and present.

There are many sizes and colors, but to specify both characteristics you must take into account the capacity of the oven and your tastes.

1. Silicone baking mat The Simple Baker

Practical and resistant

Simple Baker Premium Silicone Baking Mat for Macarons - Half Sheet...
  • Simple Baker Premium Silicone Baking Mat for Macarons -...
  • Half Sheet Size
  • Blue

It is a good mat that can be used by beginners and experts in the kitchen. It is made of strong and resistant silicone so that you can look at the preparation of your recipes. Your buyers have recommended it because it is easy to use and clean. You can also work circular shapes very well.

2. Kurtzy Silchef baking mat

Healthy alternative

Silicone Rolling Mat - Non Stick Pastry Mat (50cm x 40 cm) – Blue...
378 Reviews
Silicone Rolling Mat - Non Stick Pastry Mat (50cm x 40 cm) – Blue...
  • SUPER SILICONE: Our silicone mat (measuring 40cm /...
  • GUIDE RINGS AND RULER: Our mat features guide rings...
  • COOK, FREEZE AND WASH: This great, non-stick kitchen...
  • EASY STORAGE: As our reusable silicone mat is flexible...

If you want to show off with your dishes you can choose this fabulous option. The brand has a set of three rugs in which you can bake sweet or salty recipes without the worry of burns, because you will get even distribution of heat. Your material is BPA free to prepare healthier meals.

3. Cooking Mat with guide of flat and round sizes Joseph Joseph

To knead and bake

Joseph Joseph Roll-Up Baking Mat - Green
175 Reviews
Joseph Joseph Roll-Up Baking Mat - Green
  • Hygienic, non slip surface for rolling pastry or icing
  • Integrated strap keeps mat rolled for convenient...
  • Large rolling area: 74 × 37 cm
  • Printed rolling size guide for preparing pastry on the...

This silicone tablecloth will allow you to prepare great desserts because it is non-stick, robust and very resistant. It allows the preparation of the food to be done in a precise and simple way. It offers a good heat management with which you will get results from professionals. It is easy to clean and store.

4. Italian oven mat Demarle

Satisfaction guaranteed

DeMarle 47680 – 53 Cooking Non-Stick Baking Sheet 52x31.5 cm
198 Reviews
DeMarle 47680 – 53 Cooking Non-Stick Baking Sheet 52x31.5 cm
  • Original Demarle baking sheets.
  • Silicon-coated fibreglass fabrics.
  • For baking on the tray/grate, for rolling out, for...
  • The non-stick baking sheet for professionals and TV...

With this silicone baking mat you will not have any complications when preparing cookie mix or any other type of dough, because they do not stick and the heating is uniform. Also, you will not need to measure cooking or turning. It is one of the most economical in the market.

5. Lékué double use carpet

Very cool

Lékué 600 x 400 mm Baking Mat, White
27 Reviews
Lékué 600 x 400 mm Baking Mat, White
  • Ideal to use in the oven and as a work surface
  • Fibreglass mat covered by liquid platinum silicone
  • Structure of mat allows for optimum distribution of...
  • Ideal for kneading because its non stick properties

If you want to make a good purchase take into account this double-function rug because it is perfect for kneading and baking desserts. It is made of glass fiber and covered with silicone. You can use a dishwasher for cleaning. I assure you that it will be a good choice that will offer you satisfaction.

6.UOON Silicone Baking Mat Sheet Set

Simple and functional

UOON Silicone Baking Mat Sheet Set/Tray Liner Sheet Set (2) Half...
241 Reviews
UOON Silicone Baking Mat Sheet Set/Tray Liner Sheet Set (2) Half...
  • ♨️ 2 non-stick silicone baking mats for easy and...
  • ♨️Thanks to the non-stick surface of our mats,...
  • ♨️Washable and Reusable: You can just wipe food...

This baking tray will be a perfect ally in your kitchen for the preparation of baked or au gratin recipes. You will not need oils to avoid sticking or burning the mixture. It is the cheapest of the comparison and also includes a complete cookbook to innovate in baking.

What is a silicone baking mat?

It is a rectangular or circular shape that is used in the kitchen and contains similarities with parchment paper. It can be placed on top of a tray or it is also used directly in the oven.

It is widely used in the preparation of cakes and small sweets. Salty snacks are also prepared on this mat. This product has been positioned because it has largely replaced aluminum foil. For this reason, it has become the best tool to bring prepared to the oven. Many use it to knead, prepare and then bake.

Advantages of using a baking mats

There are many benefits you can obtain, which we summarize in the following way:

  • It can be reused for more than two thousand times
  • The food does not stick even when you do not put oils on it.
  • There is little chance that the preparation will burn without cooking properly.
  • They are used easily and are cleaned quickly
  • The heat is guaranteed to spread evenly

What to look for when choosing oven mats?


It is important that you know the size of the tray of your oven so that you can buy one that you can enter. There are many products of different shapes and sizes. There are standard models that are worth having at home.

Safe and non-toxic food

Since most are made of silicone plastics, make sure it does not contain any chemicals that can be toxic. It is recommended to read the labels to verify their materials.

Heat resistance

Depending on the type of mat, the heat tolerance capacity varies. However there are many that are high strength. Some presentations can also be used in the microwave.

Easy to clean

Select one that only requires water and soap for cleaning. Some mats are so robust that they are placed in the dishwasher in a safe and practical way.

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