Are you tired after spending hours of researching for smokeless BBQ and still seems unclear to choose the right one? Let’s help you find the best smokeless BBQ for you.

smokeless BBQ

What is the best Smoke-free barbecue?

Do not worry because we already did all the research and we have achieved the 7 best smokeless BBQ models in the market for indoor or outdoor use without problems. We have condensed them in the following comparative list so you can review each one and decide which one is ideal for you. We have included and cheap models, although that does not mean that because they are cheap they have to be of low quality. in fact, they are the best quality today.

Anyway, so you can properly choose the best small and smokeless, it is important that you look for a switch to turn it on to prevent fires and accidents, with power from 1000 to 1500 watts to reach the right temperatures to give the effect of meat barbecue and detachable barbecue so you can easily clean it after each grill you make.

1. LOTUSGRILL tabletop barbecue

Efficient and with a convenient kit

We are talking about an excellent smokeless BBQ that includes firewood ignition kit if it is not so easy to put the coals to heat. The kit contains 2 kg of charcoal and the ignition gel prepared by the same brand. All this will allow you to make a good barbecue in just 3 minutes with the juiciest, delicious and well prepared meats.

On the other hand, it comes equipped with a grill of 34 cm with the necessary capacity to prepare meats for 5 people and the ventilation system with on / off switch and heat control of the whole system so you can properly handle the process of cooking the meat. Finally, this model works with batteries, is easy to use and its parts can be put into the dishwasher. Another advantage is that it comes with a transport bag.

2. Klarstein Micro-Q 3131 Charcoal Grill

With very discreet dimensions of 34 x 34 x 22 cm, this smokeless barbecue can be easily stored in the trunk of the car. However, it has a sufficiently large cooking surface to accommodate the meal of 4 people. It will, therefore, be perfect for excursions or for an improvised barbecue evening at a friend’s house.

Of course, security is at the rendezvous as the fireplace is inside the device, thus avoiding any heat on its hull. This effectively eliminates the risk of accidental burns. If you hope to find a model really intended for gourmet outings in this comparison of the best smokeless barbecues, you now know which one to choose.

On the technical side, this barbecue will not disappoint you by emitting the minimum amount of smoke or even not at all with low-fat foods. To do this, it uses an electric fan system which limits the production of smoke but which also distributes in a better way the heat emitted by the charcoal. It is thus able to offer cooking much faster than a conventional barbecue.

3. Aobosi Smokeless Grill

A barbecue with plenty of added

We speak of an excellent charcoal BBQ ideal for use at home or outdoors because it includes a fine mesh carbon bunker system to prevent the escape of smoke. It will also help you save some money on charcoal since it consumes just 250 grams of charcoal in an interval of between 40 and 100 minutes of cooking.

It is a fairly light model that is convenient and portable because it includes a carrying bag and you can even manipulate it during use because it is made with a surface that cools quickly and is comfortable to touch. It comes equipped with a hook to handle food safely and a cast iron plate in the centre of the appliance that improves the cooking process. It also includes the rotary regulator to control the temperature and the suitable temperature is ready in 5 minutes.

4. Portable grill Smoke Free barbecue from Kbabe

For those looking for something portable

If you are looking for a model that you can transport easily, you have arrived at the right place. This is a product highly recommended for its low weight and compact size, so it is easy to transport anywhere to use both indoors and outdoors. It also comes with a transport bag.

To avoid flooding your floor with the fumes of the embers, this model includes a convenient fan that runs on batteries and makes little noise. Apart from that, the system of the own barbecue is perfect not to have spills of fat and also allows to save energy and consume the coal more slowly without affecting the temperature. In fact, the same fan allows to control the airflow in the coals and thus handle the temperature.

Finally, it has a non-stick plate to facilitate cleaning and give uniform cooking.

5. Bruzzzler Grillerette Classic

Excellent barbecue approved by users

The opinions of other users are always ideal to really know how convenient and effective the products are before going out and buying a device. In this case, we present a smokeless charcoal barbecue, which is highly recommended by users for the way it avoids the excessive production of smoke and also includes a convenient transport bag with the purchase of the product.

The grill has a diameter of 35 cm and the integrated fan that serves with batteries allows to control the internal heat of the appliance without problems. On the other hand, if you are concerned about safety, keep in mind that this model has good insurance on the sides that allow you to keep the whole structure well secured to prevent the meat from falling or being burned. That’s why it’s also easy to transport anywhere.

6.  LotusGrill Charcoal Grill Series 435 XL

There is nothing like spending a family weekend around a good barbecue, is there? If you have not been able to enjoy a good barbecue because you do not have a spacious garden, the LOTUSGRILL Series 435 XL will now change everything.

This new generation of barbecue has the distinction of grilling your food without producing any smoke or smell. This means that you can consider using it as a balcony barbecue or even indoors without risking smoking the whole house. A point which has aroused the best opinions of users wishing to enjoy convivial meals with family or friends in their apartment.

To make use of it, it is then enough to preheat it by burning the charcoal for only 3 minutes. But as the smoke is cleverly dissipated by its ingenious ventilation system, this barbecue is perfectly capable of letting you enjoy succulent foods that are neither blackened nor charred.

7. Cool Gr 2.0 Smokeless charcoal barbecue

For those who look for the best materials

This is an excellent smokeless BBQ made of stainless steel and non-stick parts of excellent quality and the endorsement of its consumers. Apart from that, it also comes with the transport case, which is adjustable, and fairly lightweight that makes it an ideal portable model to take anywhere. You can use it at home or outdoors comfortably.

It also has the switch to turn it on, which allows you to have additional security. The internal fan can also be controlled by a switch with which you can adjust the cooking temperature so that you bring your meats to the indicated point. On the other hand, the outer cover is made of steel and powder coated so it does not overheat, so you can manipulate it even when in use.

The brand includes a 1-year warranty and the integrated fan serves batteries.

Remember that, in general, most accidents usually happen at home. This is because we usually trust and believe that everything is safe inside the house. The truth is that that confidence leads us to be careless, so be sure to buy a barbecue that includes good functions such as safe, switches to turn it on internal temperature regulators. It is also good to consider those barbecues that come with coatings that cool quickly, so you will prevent children or pets from burning if they touch it by accident.

Choosing the best Smokeless BBQ

Did you just discover this great invention and you’re dying to have your own at home to cook the most succulent meats? I invite you to review this section in which I will tell you all those aspects that you should not overlook when choosing your own smokeless BBQ. Regardless of whether it is a Bruzzzler Grillerette or any other model of other brands, this is what you should always keep in mind:

Surface capacity

If you live alone or just plan to cook delicious meats for a few friends and family, then any small model will do you good enough. In general, these smaller barbecues allow you to grill food for about 4 people at the same time, while the larger ones can cook for up to 6.



Now, although this feature is related to the previous one, the total size of the barbecue is very important. Is that, if you decide to buy a very large but do not have the size at home to save or use it, it will be better to find another model. There will always be one of the perfect sizes for you.


The body of the apparatus should be made of metal since it withstands very high or very low temperatures without problems. Make sure you also come with silicone or hard plastic parts that protect your hands from accidental burns. For its part, the cooking surface must be non-stick.

Heating element

This part, which gives life to the barbecue, should reach 230 ° C and have a wide design that allows to heat the entire cooking surface evenly from the moment of ignition.

Grease collection tray

All the meats, chickens, fish and even vegetables and vegetables that you make can spill fats or liquids when cooked. So, to make it easier for you to clean up after a good barbecue, look for a model with a collection tray to quickly get rid of this waste.

smokess grill

Anti-slip feet

Fundamental in any appliance and even more in barbecues. You do not want the device to slip that burns you or someone you love by accident.

Removable parts

Just as bread toasters and other appliances have removable parts to make cleaning easier, it’s important that your next smokeless BBQ also has them. A tray for grease and removable surfaces will make your life much easier.