5 Best Locks for Luggage that Will Make You Feel Safe in Your Trips

It’s 2:00 am and we’re waiting for our bags to appear on the airport’s conveyor belt. The minute’s pass and nothing that we see ours. Until, finally, they come out one after the other. Surprise: both have arrived open. By taking them and looking at them in greater detail, we realise that our combination locks had been forced.

And we were not the only ones, but a couple of more passengers also received their open luggage. The issue is that they came from a flight from the United States and did not have padlocks accepted by the TSA, so they were violated to inspect the contents of the luggage and then left open.

If you have already lived similar stories and want to stop being scared because of cheap and little resistant padlocks or lacking essential features to travel safely, you are part of our team.

The best luggage locks

What is the best suitcase lock?

And our team is dedicated to researching the best market models to talk to you not only about the safest and recommended, but also the most economical so you can save some money. But before looking at our comparative list, we’re going to show you a couple of things you should know before buying one:

  • There are keys, which do not require keys that can be lost but are not so cheap. There are also keys, which are quite safe and work in almost any type of suitcase.
  • Functionality: apart from the type of padlock, you must make sure that you can protect your luggage correctly against hammering or thief grabs.
  • Durability is essential, especially if you travel a lot for work or fun.
  • Remember that handling a complicated lock in the hustle and bustle of an airport is uncomfortable. That’s why it should be convenient and easy to manipulate.


Lewis N. Clark Travelsentry 3-Dial

Very trustful

Travelsentry 3-Dial Combo Lock With 48 Inch Cable,...
4 Reviews
Travelsentry 3-Dial Combo Lock With 48 Inch Cable,...
  • 40 inch flexible, coated steel cable
  • Resettable three-dial combination
  • Double security, 1 secure bags to fixed...

We are talking about an excellent combo with combination padlock approved by the TSA and with three dials, which also includes a 1-meter stainless steel cable. It makes it very versatile because you can secure your bags to fixed objects or other luggage.


Padlock for Luggage TSA TravelMore

High resistance

4 Pack TravelMore TSA Luggage Padlocks – 3 Digit...
361 Reviews
4 Pack TravelMore TSA Luggage Padlocks – 3 Digit...
  • MANY DIFFERENT USES: TravelMore...

This multifunction model is available in a package of 4 units, and all are with a key. Apart from that, they are accepted by the TSA and have search alert, so if an agent came to inspect your luggage, the red dot would be visible. It is compact.


Master Lock 4688d luggage lock

Versatile and robust

Cable Lock, Combination, 1-1/8', Blue
1 Reviews
Cable Lock, Combination, 1-1/8", Blue
  • TSA-accepted cable lock lets you to set...
  • Cable lock allows TSA inspectors to...
  • Unique flexible cable resists abuse from...

This brand specialises in high-quality padlocks, such as this model accepted by the TSA, available in blue or red and with a 3-dial combination lock system. It is resistant because it is made of steel and the bolt is made of cable, making it versatile.


Pacsafe 750 Padlock


Pacsafe ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock
31 Reviews
Pacsafe ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock
  • Travel Sentry Approved
  • Key Card Lock
  • Zinc alloy

They do not work with a key or a key but come with a magnetic security card for blocking. They are sold in double presentation and are approved by the TSA. The users indicate that they are easy to use and, despite being small, they are robust and resistant.


Numerical padlock for suitcases TRIXES

For more peace of mind

TRIXES 4 x TSA Combination Padlocks - Family Value...
164 Reviews
TRIXES 4 x TSA Combination Padlocks - Family Value...
  • TSA APPROVED; Transportation Security...
  • 4 DIGIT COMBINATION; 4-dial combination...
  • CUSTOMISE; Each padlock can be set to...

It is a multifunction model that serves both for luggage when flying, as for your school locker or gym, so forget the massive and annoying chains. They are approved by the TSA, difficult to violate by its system of 4 dials and come in various colours.